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Harry was awestruck as he stared at the large castle he had just portkeyed to. He had never imagined Sanguini living in a place like this. He knew the other was vampire royalty of sorts, but a full castle to live in? He took Teddy’s hand and slowly began walking up the path, past the beautiful immaculate garden. A statue of a beautiful woman kneeling over a man sat in the center of the garden. He pointed to the statue, “Look, that's Sanguini and his maker. You remember what a maker is right?”

Teddy nodded smiling, “uhh a papa?”

The wizard nodded and smiled, “That’s right. But it doesn’t mean they have to turn you. Sanguini considers himself my maker, I am his childe. But I am not a vampire.”

“Am I yours?”

Harry paused a moment and closed his eyes before slowly kneeling before him, “I can never take the position of your papa and mama. They loved you so very much. They will always be your parents. But if you see me as your dad then I will never deny it. You are very much like a son to me Teddy.”

Teddy smiled and hugged him tightly.

A smile spread across his lips and he held the toddler in his arms, “I love you to Teddy.” then kissed his cheek, “Now, are you ready to meet Sanguini?”

A nod and Harry lifted him up into his arms and walked up the stairs to the large door. Taking a deep breath he pushed open the door and stepped in their bags floating behind him. The door shut with a soft sound behind him, most likely a sound buffering spell on it.

The hall was just as extravagant as it looked from the outside. Black marble pillars on each side of the hall and a thick red rug covered the floor. Pillars with busts of men and women along each side of the hall, each had a plaque to explain who it was. He could see another door up further and a hall breaking off on each side. He wondered where everyone was and stepped a little further into the home holding Teddy on his hip who was looking around with wide eyes.

“Master Harry?”, a soft voice called.

Harry looked up and noticed a young man standing at the door who had not been there before. He looked no older than 16 or 17 with pale skin and soft blonde hair. His eyes were a bright blue with a touch of red on the edges.

“Yes I am Harry, and this is my son Teddy. We are here to see Sanguini.”

The young man smiled and gave a polite bow, “It is an honor to meet you sir. I am Julian. I am here to take you to your rooms and get you settled in. My Lord has only just risen and is still getting ready. He apologizes for not being able to meet you.”

Harry smiled and nodded, “Oh no, its alright. I knew we were getting here a little early. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

“No inconvenience sir. Please follow me, I will take your things.” Then despite the weight, he lifted them with ease and began leading him down the right hall, the entire castle seemed to just open up. It was all lit with glowing orbs that floated about instead of electricity or torches. He had never seen such a thing before. He did notice that instead of going up, they were going down. “You are a guest of honor and our Lord’s childe. He has requested that you be given a room closer to him. Normally the human servants and feeders live in the upper part of the castle. While the coven sleeps below. Though most of the coven sleeps in the left wing. You are in the right with Lord Sanguini and the other hierarchy of the coven.”

Harry nodded, “That is very kind of him. I am afraid I don’t know much about the rest of his coven.”

Julian smiled softly and nodded, “Well, he is of course our Lord, leader of our coven. Then beneath him are his three elites. The three vampires that he considers his most trustworthy. They are Cassidy, Cornelius, and Albert. Then there are the elders they are also in the right wing. We only have two but you will rarely see them, and most likely will not meet them. They do not leave their rooms often.” They were now walking down a corridor with four doors, “The elders are a level below you. This is our Lord’s room, you will be in the one next to his. It has a joining door. It is customary for a sire to have a joined room with their childe.” He opened the door and let them in.

Harry stepped in and gasped at the beautiful room. It was well lit with a small greeting room, couch, fireplace, and even a small table with a couple of placements. Then another door led to the main bedroom were a large king sized bed sat. The room had everything one could need. He did notice two doors and Julian smiled softly, “Yes normally this room would have a built in powder room but we had it converted into a small room for your son Teddy. And of course the other door is the bathroom.”

Julian walked to the fireplace and started the fire after he set down the bags, “Cassidy and Albert have the room across from yours. Then Cornelius is caddy corner.” He looked to him, “Also my lord has also asked me to tell you that… Teressa will not be a problem during your stay, she has been… dealt with.”

Harry set the toddler on the bed and looked to him, “Ah that was her name. Well, I suppose it is not any of business what her punishment was. I hope it was not harsh.”

Julian grinned softly, “Well, she is not dead. Lord Sanguini had her buried, she will remain so for 12 years. It is not too harsh a punishment. It was also not entirely because of her rudeness towards you. She had it coming for awhile. She was feeding out of turn, we also caught her harming one of the feeders. Lord Sanguini is very strict about how treatment of the humans in these halls goes.”

Harry found himself both relieved and accepting of everything he had been told and helped Teddy with his shoes, “Thank you for everything. We really do appreciate it.”

Teddy giggled and squirmed when Harry tickled his belly and kissed his cheek, “Alright you little rascal. Take your bag to your room and unpack.” The toddler slid off the bed and proceeded to run to his bag and then to his new room, that judging by the squeal of excitement was very much to his liking.

Harry laughed softly, “I am guessing Sanguini put everything a growing boy would think he wants.”

Julian laughed and nodded, “He had help from one of the women here at the castle, she raised three boys so if anyone knew about what a human boy would want. Though… he does not smell entirely human.” He glanced at Harry who could practically hear the unspoken neither do you.

“His father was a bitten werewolf, so we are still unsure if he will come into that heritage. He is also a metamorphmagus, so don’t be surprised if he has a random animal nose… or ears.”

The vampire nodded and smiled, “Is there anything else I can get you sir?”

“Nonsense Julian, I am here now, your dismissed,” a firm cool voice spoke and the young lad jumped slightly before quickly hightailing it out of the room.

Harry frowned and turned to meet Sanguini’s gaze and shook his head, “You scared him off.”

The older man laughed, “Yes I suppose I did. You will see him again. He will be your man servant while you are here. He will tend to both yours and Teddy’s needs. And before you say you don’t need one, it is more for appearance. And he volunteered. He is one of our hopefuls.”

The wizard walked over and hugged Sanguini tightly, “I wasn’t going to argue. I am in your home, surrounded by your culture and way of life and I respect that. What is a hopeful?”

“Ah, he is one of the feeders here in the castle. But he is also wanting to become a vampire. A member of our coven. It is not common for a feeder to become one of the coven. So him volunteering to help you during your stay was a way for him to prove his worth so to speak.”

Harry laughed and broke the hug, “So, your telling me to give him a run?”
“I would never, but if you happen to feel obliged,” the vampire broke off grinning and shook his head, what had he done to the poor boy.

Teddy came flying out of the room his hair a bright neon pink and eyes almost glowing with joy, “is a ‘room!”, then he saw sanguini and slowed his hair darkening a little as he stared at the man curiously.

Harry smiled and walked over taking his hand, “Teddy its alright. This is Sanguini, my maker.” He led the boy closer.

Sanguini slowly lowered down to a knee to meet the boys eyes better, “Hello Teddy. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

The toddler looked at him and stepped a little closer looking into the others eyes before slowly smiling and waving shyly, “‘lo.”

The vampire smiled, “Hello indeed.”, then stood and looked to them, “Are you hungry? I had a meal prepared incase you were. I know you both are probably a little tired and it may take a little while to adjust to the schedule here. So if you need a nap or rest just ask.”

Harry laughed, “We both took a nap earlier today to make sure we could try to stay up a little tonight. Food sounds wonderful.”

“nanas?” a soft whisper came from his hip and Harry laughed.

“We can have bananas, sure” Sanguini responded, “Come on, I will take you to the dining room. Then after if you like a tour!”, the older vampire seemed to be excited to have them both there.