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Fluffy Tsundere

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You heard some noises out your door, you raised a brow, pausing with your reading and opening the sliding door to see Ookurikara resting against Shokudaikiri's shoulder and Tsurumaru just grinned at you sheepishly.


"Okay, what the heck happened?" You asked, crossing your arms and Shokudaikiri sighed, "He drank too much and passed out."


You raised a brow, Kara-chan, drinking alcohol? I find that hard to believe.


"You can put him on the sofa, I can watch him."


"Uhh...Are you sure Master? Ookurikara's a handful when he's drunk..."


"Are you doubting my abilities to look after my lover?" You ask, to which Tsurumaru quickly shook his head 'no',


"Good, like I said. Put him on the sofa." The swords nodded.



You were on your laptop, Tsurumaru and Shokudaikiri helped your boyfriend In on the couch before they left, It shouldn't be so hard to watch over the tanned male, right?






You turned your head and your boyfriend was right beside you.




"Give me a hug."


"I gave you one a few minutes ago, I have to work."


"You're always working and spending time with the other swords...You're making me upset here."


You rolled your eyes.


"Give me love."


"Later, I'm busy- Hey!"


Your boyfriend closed your laptop, and went back on the sofa, patting his chest.


"Work later, give me love, now."


You couldn't help but smile softly, Maybe Ookurikara needs to get drunk more often.


"Pfft, fine." You say walking to the couch, your boyfriend pulled you up and rested you on his chest with his arms around you.


"I love you."


I could get used to this...



Ookurikara let out a yawn, before eyes widening.


"What the hell...? Get off me." He grumbled, but you stayed glued to his chest.


"Five more minutes."


"No, off now-"


You kissed his cheek and plopped your head back on his chest.


"Ugh, fine."


"You should get drunk more, you're friendlier."


"...What did I do...?"


"Not telling~"


"Y/N L/N, you're telling me this Instant."