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Charm And Chains

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The enforcer rolled his red optics as he patiently waited in line at the grocery store. Mornings were the worst when it came to such necessary shopping trips, because the stores where full and the lines long. But after Jazz had organized his three free days on sick leave and Barricade had showered at the mech's club to get rid of the keeper’s transfluid, the dark Praxian had been treated with a transport back home, where he had fallen into recharge shortly after he had arrived.

When Barricade woke up in the morning he felt strange. Not really hurting or hung over but… off. He wondered if it was due to the little accident or the unlabeled highgrade he drank at the club, but decided after some musing, to not waste too much time think it over; it wouldn't do him any good anyways since he was no medic and would not consult any for it.

Shortly after he had checked his small kitchenette and realized that he didn't have anything to counter his low energy levels with. Well, besides some flavoring-agents and toppings and highgrade. His stock of plain energon had been completely depleted.

What had brought him into the nearest grocery store and into this absolutely unmoving line. Of course the one he had chosen was the slowest, like always. Having so much time just standing around, he started to think and reconsider his chosen products. Maybe he should put the more expensive energon back away?

Usually he went for the cheaper 'buy 5 get one for free' energon six-packs. Today he had grabbed two of those, when he had spotted the premium triple filtered double-packs, innocently sitting just a little further down the shelves. Those two where as expensive as his usual six-packs, and really not that much better… he always thought. But after tasting them at Jazz' he grabbed a double pack of those as well. To treat himself after a nasty shift or if he should ever have Jazz over.

It was a stupid and irrational thought, really. But he liked to be prepared. And even if he had them himself, why not? At least Jazz seemed to see something in him that was worth the busy mech’s time and credits. Sure, their first times together haven't been perfect, but it seemed that Jazz at least tried. He was just… weirder than Barricade's lover were so far.

Or maybe he was just eccentric? Mechs with credits mostly were, at least from what he grasped from his roommates telenovelas back at the academy, but in the shows deep down in their spark, the rich and famous were always just mechs, looking for the true love, their destined sparkmate. Maybe Jazz was like that as well? Misunderstood and wary of mechs only wanting to be with him for his credits? Just looking for someone special? Something -

"Uhm… Sir? Officer, it's your turn" Barricade reset his optics surprised, realizing that he had been daydreaming long enough, to nearly miss that it was his turn in the line. Hurriedly and still with as much dignity as possible he placed his energon on the counter and waited for it to be scanned before he paid and left.

One thing was clear, whatever Jazz wanted with or from him, making scenarios up and contemplating how likely they were going to happen, won’t get him anywhere. But a call, later today or maybe tomorrow, might get him closer to an answer. Jazz did give him his comm frequency after all. But before he would do anything, he decided to do a little web search about the proper timing for a call. He wanted to see the mech again but didn't want to look too eager or desperate, neither.