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Chicken and Cupcakes

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Izuku enjoyed his childhood. He really did. He treasured it with all his might. When his dad took him with him he was broken. He no longer played with his best friend. He didn’t see his mom anymore. He couldn’t even visit or call her.

Whenever he mentioned hero’s he would be told to hate them. He was born quirkless. That quickly changed after his dad gave him a special quirk. He gave him his own quirk. He let him get other quirks from people he killed, tortured or experimented on.

Izuku didn’t like that. He hated seeing people suffer. It made him sick. If Izuku didn’t do what his Dad told him he would be punished. If he was punished he wouldn’t play. He wouldn’t go outside. He couldn’t go anywhere. He would be stuck in his room with only a water bottle and sometimes he wouldn’t get food.

He later met a boy named Tomura. His real name was Tenko but he didn’t like being called that. Izuku and Tomura quickly became friends. They were different and Izuku noticed that quickly. Izuku was forced to be a villain while Tomura joined on his own terms.

Training was hard but it wasn’t learning what to do. No, the hard part was a actually doing what they told you to do. Izuku had to kill actual people. He had to torture them. Murder them. Brake them.

Midoriya would have dreams of their scream, their pain, their blood on his hands. The nightmares wouldn’t go away. The only thing he had to keep him sane was notebook with a picture attached to it. The picture was of him and his mom posing in the blooming cherry blossoms. 

He used the notebook to take notes on hero’s quirks. He did want to become one after all. Right now he couldn’t, if his dad found out-

Remember. This is the only way you’ll learn. Even if you have to learn it the hard way you will learn how to behave.

Just thinking about the punishment made him sick and anxious. A 4-year-old learning to murder at such a young age isn’t right. Midoriya knew that he wasn’t normal anymore.

Life wasn’t fair and it may never be but he couldn’t complain. He just wanted to see his mom. He wanted to go home and play with Kacchan. He wants to hear his mom laughing while she chats with the Bakugou’s. He wants everything to go back to normal.

Izuku went outside to take a walk, of course he didn’t go alone. Tomura was with him just in case anything happen. Or in case Izuku tried to escape. His dad already threatened him by telling him that he’ll murder his mom (Mind that being the mans wife).

When he was walking he saw a boy older than him. He had bruises and burns all over him. He had visible cuts on him and some were still bleeding. Izuku (being the concerned kid he is) went to help him. When he was close to him he could see that he was almost as old as Tomura.

He looked at Tomura with the ‘Can we help him? Can we help him? Please~!!!’. Tomura nodded knowing that he couldn’t stop the boy at this point. Izuku had some bandages at hand and he knew how to heal those cuts and burns.

Izuku had some of the same injuries that still haven’t healed. He went up to the person and grabbed their hand with absolutely no permission. He started to put an ointment on his burns and covered them with bandages. Perfect way to greet a person right?


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Inko had been patient and now all that patience had ran out. She went to the police station and broke down the door. Rip door. She didn’t do it on purpose though.

She did it cuz she was pissed and an angry Midoriya is never a pleasant Midoriya.

While the police was prepared for a villain to appear Inko went up to the front desk and asked for the chief. Once he came she explained the situation. ”My husband said he had gone on a business trip and took my son without my permission.”

Funny part was that the trip had taken 3 months and they still weren’t back.

They questioned her and made her fill out the missing child’s paper. The only people accompanying her were the Bakugou’s. Mitsuki went to support her friend (or just to be proud of this new mood), Masaru went so no one would get murdered, and Katsuki went because he wanted Izuku back. Katsuki missed having a kid who would treat him like a normal friend. Izuku was also a fanboy and enjoyed watching hero’s (Katsuki wouldn’t admit it though but he does miss Izuku. He’s his best friend. ;з)

After interrogating Inko they decided to interrogate Katsuki. He was his friend and he did spend most of his time with him anyways. ”Katsuki-Chan, did you notice Izuku acting strange by any chance? Did he mention anything about him leaving or going on vacation by any chance?” Katsuki was trying to remember if anything did happen.

He remembers Izuku acting weird though. He was less cheerful and seemed like all the energy had been drained out of him. His usual fanboy self had lost it’s rush and he seemed to have lost all his action figures.

”Yeah, Deku seemed less fan-boyish ever since he came back from his first vacation with his dad. He didn’t even have his stupid notebook or hero action figures with him.”

They got all the information and started to form it into a case. Who was assigned to it you ask? No other than the detective Naomasa Tsukauchi! He was with All Might having some tea and eating treats. He got a call from the office saying that he had gotten a new case.

”Sorry Toshinori I have to go back to the office. We can continue talking about this later-“

He was interrupted by the skinny man shouting, “DONT WORRY!!! ILL ACCOMPANY YOU!!!” He poofed into his muscular form and walked with Tsukauchi back to the police department.

~~~~~Meanwhile with Izuku~~~~~~~~

Dabi had been frightened and tried to pull away but couldn’t. He looked up to see that it was just another kid about a few years younger than him. The curly haired greenette had been trying to heal his burn so let him.

He examined the boy to see that he had shiny green eyes. He could also see a few bruises on his face but even more on his hands. He looked behind him to see another boy with pale blue hair who seemed to be almost his age if not a little older.

Once the boy finished putting the ointment and covering the burns he put his hand out. “My name is Izuku and his name is Tomura! Nice to meet you-?”

”Touya. Touya Todoroki...”

”Nice to meet you Touya! If you don’t mind me asking... how did you get those burns?” 

Touya looked at his arms to see the covered burns. ‘This is a stranger why would I ever tell him anything-‘

He looked back to see Izuku giving his signature pure cinnamon smile. Suddenly he had the urge to tell this kid his whole life story. So he does.

”My dad keeps on training me to become a hero. He only trains me and my brother so I decided to run away. I wanna go back and get him but first I have to find a place safe for all of us. My dad abuses us and puts us into harsh training. It doesn’t matter if he hurts us as long as we get stronger.”

It felt good to get that off his chest. He looked at Tomura to only get a pity look. Izuku however, hugged him and suddenly he felt like he was in heaven. He had only met this boy a few minutes ago and even told him his life story. He hugged back as he mentally promised to protect this boy with all his life.

The hug ended with a jealous Tomura wanting to through a tantrum but thankfully Izuku realized what was wrong. He turned around and gave Tomura a hug as well. Izuku really just wanted to make both boys smile (which he accomplished) and made everyone feel better.

”Izuku we have to go now or else we won’t be able to get the snacks.”

”Your right! But we can’t leave Touya here! He did run away from home after all.”

 Izuku turned back to face Touya and than looked at Tomura. Tomura was gonna decline but knew what look Izuku would give him. He sighed than said a low “Okay” as they ended up walking together. And that’s how Touya ended up joining the league.

He trained hard and was passionate about beating anyone. He really just wanted to get strong to keep his promise. To be able to protect Izuku, the person he treasures most after helping him. He also needs to get strong to beat Endeavor and help his siblings and mother leave.

Especially Shoto who is now suffering the most due to his powerful quirk. He’s gonna become a villain to help the people he cares about.

~~~~~~~~Meanwhile in UA~~~~~~~~

Principal Nezu drinks he usual cup of tea as he reads the student reports. All Might was back in Japan so he should expect to hear about him in the news soon. He looks at the newspaper to see the first page be about a young boy going missing.

He looks at the picture of him, his mother, and his father only to accidentally spit out his tea. The man looked strangely familiar. He almost looked like One For All, a little too familiar to him. Nezu isn’t naive and he’s sure that the police isn’t either. 

He flips through other pages to see many disappearances of suspected murder suspects and criminals going missing. He flips back to quickly scan the article. Midoriya Izuku.

If he was his real son than what were the odds that he was training him to become his successor. ‘This is an interesting case’

Nezu waisted no time in calling the police department and telling them that he wanted to collaborate in the case. This truly was going to be interesting and was also gonna be a big case if his hypothesis was correct. If Midoriya Izuku is All For One’s son than what will happen to Izuku?

Will he even live to become his successor? Or will he chose a different path to and move on from the path that his father chose for him?

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Katsuki was just done with it. He was sick of adults not telling him where his best friend was. He was tired of worrying about him. He was done of lies.

Katsuki decided to go find Deku himself without any adults. He grabbed a wallet and went to the store where he and Deku got hero merch. He bought some hero action figures (mostly All Might’s) and an All Might keychain.

He went to the grocery store and bought some tea, candy, chips, cookies, map, magnifier, binoculars, a T-shirt, and a knife. How they allowed a kid to buy a sharp knife is just the employees being too lazy to notice it.

Katsuki has already gotten his quirk so he knew that he could take care of himself. He just grabbed the knife in case anything happened or if Deku needed it.

The next step was to go too the Midoriya household. Katsuki knocked on the door and waited until Inko opened it. She greeted the kid and allowed him to enter.

Katsuki opened his backpack and handed Inko the tea. Inko thanked him and started to prepare it. Katsuki sat on the couch and brought a notebook he brought from home.

Izuku had given it to him as a birthday gift(Along with the limited addition All Might collectors card). He grabbed a pen and looked over his notes. It was everything recorded from what he heard and saw.

”Auntie Inko.”

”Yes Katsuki?”

”What happened to Deku? Where is he?”

The curious child was answered with silence and the tea pot steaming. Inko was scared but didn’t think that Hisashi would harm Izuku. At least, not now.

“Well, no one really knows right now. I only know that his dad took him at night. No one saw him or Izuku. They just disappeared and the police... they’re looking for them...”

If you payed close attention you could hear the worry in her voice. If you listened closely the distress and mistrust was carved in every word. Katsuki listened and payed attention to all her words. Inko started to pour the tea and walked back to Katsuki.

”Auntie Inko, do you think that they will find De- Izuku?” 

Inko’s hands were violently shaking that she had to put her cup down before it spilled. She wasn’t sure that they would find him soon but her heart told her that one day she will see her son again.

”I hope that they will, I really do. But I can’t do anything until it’s time.”

Katsuki nodded and after another chat he left. He was gonna find Izuku and he was gonna find him alive. He traveled through almost every neighborhood until he saw a familiar figure.

He was wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants. He was chatting with a taller figure wearing almost the same thing and the other one was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Katsuki wasn’t sure it was Izuku until he heard his laugh. 

He went up to him and grabbed his shoulder. “Deku?” When the boy turned around he turned to face his friend. Katsuki’s grip tightened as he saw his face. 

His glossy emerald eyes seemed to have darkened a bit and he had bags under them. He could see some visible cuts and bruises on his face. His freckles were still their and his hair had grown a bit. He had a bandage on his nose and an eye patch covering his left eye.


They looked at each other until Tomura nodded that they were gonna be late. Izuku tried to let go but Kacchan’s grip never loosened. “Kacchan I have to go please...”

”Deku everyone’s worried, come back home.”

‘Yeah, if I go home I can see mom again. I can see her and stay with her-‘

“`Zuku we have to go.”


“Sorry Kacchan, I can’t.”

’They’ll hurt you!”


Izuku looked at Tomura and Dabi. He knew he couldn’t go back as long as his dad was alive. But he didn’t wanna leave Katsuki. He went up to him and whispered in his ear.

Meet me at Hosu city tomorrow night.” He walked away from Katsuki and went back to Tomura and Dabi. He walked away from his friend knowing that he would see him soon. Right now he had to deal with his dad and training. At least he had something else to look forward tomorrow.


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Bakugo went back home and before he knew it he was running to his room. He was crying. Nothing could stop him and soon his mom and dad had heard him He hated them watching him cry but he couldn’t stop.

When his cries were only reduced to light- but still painful sobs his mom started to talk. She really didn’t know what to say but Masaru put a hand on her shoulder. He nodded knowing that she could give an encouraging talk.

She ruffled Katsuki’s hair but that only made him cry more. She gave Masaru the ‘FUCK I JUST MADE IT WORSE, ITS YOUR TURN TO PARENT NOW!’.

Masaru rubbed Katsuki’s back already thinking about what happened. “What’s wrong Katsuki? Did something happen at school or is it about Izuku-“


”Yes Katsuki?”

Katsuki wanted to sit up but couldn’t find the strength for it. He wiped his eyes from his tears which reminded him of a certain someone.

”Do you think that Deku has changed? I mean- If anyone ever finds him... Will he even want to come back? What if he finds a new family or friend?”

This time Mitsuki did the parenting by smaking Katsuki in the head. 

“BRAT! Do you really think little Izu doesn’t miss everyone! He always seemed so excited to see you. He loves his mom and who knows if he’s hurt! Didn’t you think that he’s gonna stay with disgusting people because he doesn’t want anyone hurt! He’s that pure for some reason! Unlike other people...”

’Doesn’t want anyone hurt’

Thats it!

He’s being held by his own good, that’s why he was so hurt! Katsuki needed a plan for tomorrow. A plan for them to get back home safely. No matter what!

~~~Meanwhile with Izuku~~~

Izuku hadn’t expected to run into his friend. He was scared and nervous since he knew his friend wasn’t dumb. He was probably gonna try to take him if he saw him. He had to think quick before Kacchan realize his opportunity.

His first thought was ‘run before he gets hurt’. He was gonna run but Katsuki wouldn’t let go. Instead he tightened his grip on his shoulder not letting go. Izuku heard Kacchan talk about him going back but he couldn’t.

‘Not now. Not yet.’

He talked to him before he actually convinced himself to go back. He wished that he could back to living his normal life. He thought of the only thing he could.

Tomura reminded him that he was still there and so did Dabi, Touya’s  new name. He had to go back until at least he could find them a safe place. Izuku did the only thing he could think of.

”Meet me at Hosu city tomorrow night.”

He ran back to Tomura and Dabi and kept walking hoping that Kacchan wouldn’t follow him. His words seemed to have made Kacchan freeze.

”Are you really gonna visit him tomorrow?” Dabi asked looking around for anyone who seemed like trouble. “Yeah! He’s my best friend and I always keep my promises! I miss Kacchan maybe I really do need to see him-“



Tomura sighed and looked at Dabi having a telekinetic conversation. It ended with a nod and a handshake. Izuku was confused but decided that this was just them becoming better friends.

It was actually them just agreeing to protect Izuku from other competitor friends. They decided to sneakily follow Izuku without him realizing. Oh walp.


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One punch and the man was down. He stopped moving after the hit. Izuku checked for a pulse that wasn’t there. He wanted to cry. He wanted to scream. But he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t. His dad had been watching him.

He still had to meet Katsuki at night. Hosu was a big place and he didn’t want Kacchan getting lost so he would wait for him at the train station.

Izuku’s dad chuckled as he saw Izuku improving in his training. Izuku’s fist were bloodied and bruised. The bruise was from the punch but the blood wasn’t his.

He received applauses from his father that sent chills off his spine. His father put his hand on Izuku’s shoulder. He looked at him the eye that wasn’t damaged. He directed him to walk with him.

It wasn’t much to make him panic but he was still shivering. While they walked they talked.

”Izuku, tomorrow I have an important meeting and I think you should be a part of it. You have shown a lot of improvement and cooperation. Do you want to come?”

Did he have a choice? If he said no than it would affect his family and friends. He took the only option left.

”I would love to go!”

He put on a fake smile which just seemed like his usual happy one. Apparently his dad is also affected by this move. He clenched his chest and thought what he did to deserve such a pure child.

Seriously this man is a murderer, traitor, and a villain. How the fuck did he get this pure cinnamon roll.  His only explanation was that Inko was a literal angel. Just don’t make her angry or she will become the devil herself. Maybe even worse.

Izuku didn’t even know that this smile was his killing move. His father nodded wiping a tear from his eye.

”Kurogiri will give you the suit you need and you must be ready by 6. We will have a meeting with the yakuza. Be on your best behavior and you won’t be punished. Understand ?”

Izuku felt the hand on his shoulder tighten as he knew the consequences. When he nodded all he could think about was that room. His fear had gotten the best of him though. All he was looking forward to was meeting Kacchan.


Katsuki was a smart boy for his age. The kid had a strong quirk and a smart brain as well. He already had his plan ready. It took him all day and after his parents talk. He used all the stuff left from the last encounter (yes, Mr. Knaifu was there as well).

Meh, this was the only thing that Mr. Knaifu is cooking and stabbing. And many more talented things that I am not allowed to say here and will not say for the purpose of something.

While Katsuki got everything planned Mitsuki’s motherly instincts was kicking in. Masaru also felt it and was proud of his son.

’My son is doing something responsible for once. And it’s also the right thing.’

Katsuki was going to the train station and once he got off he already could spot the mop of curly hair floating above. He ran to it and grab his arm. The boy jumped but calmed down once he saw who it was. 

They walked together away from the station. Neither one of them noticed the two shadows following them. 


Izuku and Katsuki walked and started to talk. It wasn’t long until they reached a park. They sat down in the swings and looked at the city. The lights surrounded them and people swarmed the area.


”Yes, Kacchan?”

”Why are you hurt? Why won’t you go home? Is it your dad?”

Izuku took a deep breath as his fears started to take over. What should he tell Kacchan? Better yet- how would he react? Izuku knows that Katsuki isn’t dumb and knows when someone lies. 

Should he just be honest?

Tell him the truth?


Run from him again?


He’s just gonna tell him the truth, the half-full truth.

”Kacchan, I-I-I have to stay. They-They’ll hurt you, my mom, everyone. My Dad did take me but I can’t go back. Not yet at least.”

He started to have light sobs as Katsuki’s suspicions were proven correct. He looked inside his backpack and took out the action figures.

”Wanna play than?”

He handed the toy to Izuku and the boy started to cry. He missed these parts. The ones were he and his friend could play. Without a care in the world. Katsuki took out the candy and snacks as they played hero’s. 

Katsuki still had one question though.



”Did you get your quirk yet? Your birthday already passed and your already 4...”

Izuku shivered as he remembered what he had to go through in order to get his quirk. It hurt. It still hurts. Now to make Kacchan understand...

”Excuse me... Do you know where this hospital is?”

A boy with half white half red hair asked. He gave the paper to Izuku and Katsuki. Katsuki was gonna answer but Izuku took this as the distraction he needed.

”Yeah! It’s actually a few miles away. Wanna go help him Kacchan?”

Katsuki was gonna disagree but he felt as if someone was staring at him.


They made their way to the hospital where this kid wanted to go. The kid had a bandage covering his left eye. Almost like Izuku had one over his.

In the background you could hear Dabi say “Holy shit!” as he dragged Tomura back to headquarters. 

There was no way he was gonna confront his brother. Especially in the state he was in. Meanwhile Tomura feels offended that he’s being dragged around without any consent.

What a night.

Chapter Text

They walked quietly as they traveled to the hospital. The boy-Shoto, was his name, didn’t want to talk. He seemed not want to interact but unfortunately Izuku wasn’t gonna leave the boy alone.

”Shoto, how did you get that scar?”


”How old are you?”


”Why aren’t you with anyone?”


Katsuki was pissed that Izuku would even consider wanting to help this kid. He had everything perfectly planned so no one would suspect anything.

He had a perfect plan to bring Izuku back safely. After they  brought Shoto to the hospital, Izuku was going directly home with Katsuki. 

Shoto was kind of tired of Izuku trying to pry into his life. He decided that he should ask some questions as well.

”Hey, Midoriya?”

”Yes Shoto?”

”Why is your eye covered? Did your Dad hit you or did he try to train you to become a hero?”

Izuku was quiet, Katsuki wouldn’t deny that he wanted to hear an answer.

”Deku, half ‘n half asked you something. Why aren’t you answering-?”

He couldn’t see it or hear it but he knew Midoriya was crying. He tried to talk but when he did his throat was dry. He talked with a knot on his throat and in pain.

”Was it that obvious?”

Shoto felt guilt and regret pass through him as he heard the answer. Katsuki was mad at Izuku’s Dad for putting him through that. He was mad before but now he feels furious.

Now there was no way in hell that Deku was going back with that man. Izuku was silent and he was crying silently. After a while Katsuki noticed he was holding back tears. He never started crying since he was holding it in.

”Midoriya, my dad also hits me. He wants me to be a hero that is greater than All Might. He was mean and he made everyone in my family suffer. It was his fault that my mom is gone and I have this.”

He pointed at his left eye where the bandages were. He took a deep breath in and let it out.

”Whatever happens, know your not alone. I don’t know why your Dad hit you but I hope he doesn’t do it again. You seem like a good person.”

 Izuku didn’t say anything and he was looking down. He avoided eye contact and stayed like that until they reached their destination.

~~~~~~~Short Stop~~~~~~~

It was already 10 and Katsuki still wasn’t back. Masaru has begun to worry but Mitsuki didn’t mind. She knew that Katsuki was doing something to find Midoriya.

She knew that he had already found him. When Masaru asked her how she knew she said

”It’s motherly instincts or whatever Inko says this feeling is. Now quit worrying and help me make this ‘welcome home’ card for Izuku!”

~~~~~~This Kid Smart~~~~~~

All Might got a call from the UA principal. Apparently he had already known that All Might was probably involved with he case and called him. He also happened to know All Might’s phone number but never mind that-

Apparently this missing kid- Midoriya, Izuku, his Dad was someone very dangerous. All Might decided to take a closer look at the kids profile. His face definitely reminded him of someone but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

When he looked at his Dads picture he turned skinny and spit out blood. This was not one of the most wanted man in Japan. This was not All Might’s enemy. 


It was. 

All Might felt a chill pass his spine as he went back to the police station and went to Tsukauchi. There was no way they would overlook a clue like this.

~~~~Inko, Stay Strong!!!~~~~

Inko drank some tea as she looked at the window. She went upstairs to her son’s bedroom. His bed was made without a wrinkle and everything was like he left it. A present remained on the bed with an All Might themed bag.

’What do you want for your birthday Izuku?’

Izuku ran around the bedroom wearing an All Might onesie.

’I want the new All Might action figure! I also want a really strong quirk to help me when I become a hero!’

Inko laughed as the boy crashed into her and she pulled him into a tight hug.

’You’ll be an amazing strong hero Izuku! You may even be stronger than All Might!”

Izuku smiled as Inko tulles his hair and placed him down. The doorbell rang and Izuku ran to the door.


The man came in and hugged Izuku than he placed a kiss on Inko’s cheek.This was a perfect family. Inko smiled as the three of them hugged and went to prepare dinner.

Inko sat on the bed and looked inside the bag. Inside was a picture frame with the three of them posed in front of a shrine, the All Might figurine, and a notebook.

In the first page it said, “To a great future Prohero.”

Inko started crying as she thought of the worst things that could happen to her son. She knew Hisashi had taken Izuku. She would never forgive him for that.

She was strong enough to continue living. She just wanted her son back. She wanted to see his cheerful bright smile. Izuku was alive and her heart told her so.

One day, she was going to get her son back.