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Chicken and Cupcakes

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Izuku enjoyed his childhood. He really did. He treasured it with all his might. When his dad took him with him he was broken. He no longer played with his best friend. He didn’t see his mom anymore. He couldn’t even visit or call her.

Whenever he mentioned hero’s he would be told to hate them. He was born quirkless. That quickly changed after his dad gave him a special quirk. He gave him his own quirk. He let him get other quirks from people he killed, tortured or experimented on.

Izuku didn’t like that. He hated seeing people suffer. It made him sick. If Izuku didn’t do what his Dad told him he would be punished. If he was punished he wouldn’t play. He wouldn’t go outside. He couldn’t go anywhere. He would be stuck in his room with only a water bottle and sometimes he wouldn’t get food.

He later met a boy named Tomura. His real name was Tenko but he didn’t like being called that. Izuku and Tomura quickly became friends. They were different and Izuku noticed that quickly. Izuku was forced to be a villain while Tomura joined on his own terms.

Training was hard but it wasn’t learning what to do. No, the hard part was a actually doing what they told you to do. Izuku had to kill actual people. He had to torture them. Murder them. Brake them.

Midoriya would have dreams of their scream, their pain, their blood on his hands. The nightmares wouldn’t go away. The only thing he had to keep him sane was notebook with a picture attached to it. The picture was of him and his mom posing in the blooming cherry blossoms. 

He used the notebook to take notes on hero’s quirks. He did want to become one after all. Right now he couldn’t, if his dad found out-

Remember. This is the only way you’ll learn. Even if you have to learn it the hard way you will learn how to behave.

Just thinking about the punishment made him sick and anxious. A 4-year-old learning to murder at such a young age isn’t right. Midoriya knew that he wasn’t normal anymore.

Life wasn’t fair and it may never be but he couldn’t complain. He just wanted to see his mom. He wanted to go home and play with Kacchan. He wants to hear his mom laughing while she chats with the Bakugou’s. He wants everything to go back to normal.

Izuku went outside to take a walk, of course he didn’t go alone. Tomura was with him just in case anything happen. Or in case Izuku tried to escape. His dad already threatened him by telling him that he’ll murder his mom (Mind that being the mans wife).

When he was walking he saw a boy older than him. He had bruises and burns all over him. He had visible cuts on him and some were still bleeding. Izuku (being the concerned kid he is) went to help him. When he was close to him he could see that he was almost as old as Tomura.

He looked at Tomura with the ‘Can we help him? Can we help him? Please~!!!’. Tomura nodded knowing that he couldn’t stop the boy at this point. Izuku had some bandages at hand and he knew how to heal those cuts and burns.

Izuku had some of the same injuries that still haven’t healed. He went up to the person and grabbed their hand with absolutely no permission. He started to put an ointment on his burns and covered them with bandages. Perfect way to greet a person right?