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Cooking Classes

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Monday morning came far too early for both Franky and Bridget. Friday night had been a complete write off as far as anything sleep-related was concerned. Saturday night had seen some protest from the young girl at bedtime, and one attempt to sneak into their room in the middle of the night. Last night went pretty well, but after two nights of being woken up, then laying awake listening to see if Emily was doing okay, had left them both groggy, and dreading the early morning and their return to work.

Franky heard the alarm go off, and felt Bridget stir beside her. As soon as the alarm was quiet, she pulled Bridget back in close to her.

“Let’s call in sick today,” the brunette mumbled against the back of her girlfriend’s neck.

“Baby, we can’t.” The blonde let out a small laugh. “Besides, we have the career day thing at Em’s school.”

“That’s not until the afternoon. We can have like a four-hour flu,” Franky said, finally opening her eyes as Bridget turned over to face her.

In one swift movement, the blonde pushed Franky onto her back, and moved to straddle her. She grabbed both of the brunette’s hands, and pinned them above her head on the pillow as she leaned forward and captured her mouth in a deep kiss. She nipped lightly at Franky’s bottom lip as she pulled back.

“You awake now, baby?” she whispered beside the brunette’s ear.

“Yep, I’m awake. Very, very awake.” Franky exhaled slowly as Bridget got off the bed, and went to wake up her niece to get ready for school.


“How are you feeling about going back to school today?” Franky asked Emily as they were all sitting around the table having breakfast.

“A little nervous.”

“That’s understandable. Today is a bit of a special day though, right?” The brunette had to admit that she was a bit excited herself about career day. She loved talking about her passion, and she always hoped that at least one person in the group might be inspired.

“Yeah, it’s job day.” Emily ate another spoonful of cereal.

Bridget gave a small smile. “Yeah, so we’ll both be there for the afternoon.”

“The whole afternoon?” the young girl asked, still eating.

“I think so.” Bridget got up to look at the notice she had hung on the fridge door. “It just says ‘afternoon’, so I assume…” she scanned further down the page. “Oh, Franky, it says you should wear any uniforms or job-related items if you’re able, so don’t forget to bring your chef’s jacket with you.”

“Are we all coming home after?” Emily looked between the two women.

“I have one more class to teach after that, one that you usually come to. Gidge?” Franky wasn’t sure what Bridget had arranged as far as work went.

“I’ll need to go back for a couple of hours. I did some stuff from home last week that couldn’t wait, but I imagine there’s a mountain of paperwork, and a backlog of appointments to get through.”

“So we won’t be coming home, but you’ll be coming to class with me like you usually do after school.” Franky gathered up the dishes.

“Go get your things, love, and I’ll drop you off at school on my way to work.” Bridget was putting the last few items into hers and Emily’s lunch bags.

“Still time for that sick day.” Franky stood behind her girlfriend, and her lips easily found all the right spots on Bridget’s neck.

“Mmm, stop using your powers for evil,” the blonde laughed as she turned to face the younger woman. “Be patient, baby. I promise you’ll get what you want.”

Franky smiled, and gave her one last kiss before she went to make sure that she had everything in her bag that she needed for the day. She didn’t have her first class for over an hour, but she wanted to make something to take in for Emily’s class and the other parents who were going to be there.

Emily returned to the kitchen, and took her lunch bag from Bridget. On the way to the door, she stopped in front of Franky. The brunette could tell that the young girl was a bit hesitant to leave her. She’d done well with sleeping on her own, but this was the first time she hadn’t been with both of them since the morning they’d left her with Vera to visit the school.

Franky knelt down in front of her, and Emily immediately put her arms around her neck. “I know you’re nervous, but you’ve been very brave so far,” the brunette said, rubbing her back. “You can do this, and I’ll see you in a few hours, I promise.”

“I love you,” Emily said softly.

“I love you too, bub,” Franky said, as she gave the young girl a kiss on the cheek, and stood up.

Emily continued on to get into Bridget’s car, and the blonde came to stand beside Franky. “I’ll see you this afternoon, baby. I love you.” The blonde gave her girlfriend a kiss.

“I love you too.”

The brunette watched the silver car disappear around the corner before she locked the front door and headed for her own car. It felt weird not to be around anyone, and she thought for a moment that maybe it wouldn’t just be Emily who would be having a hard time today.


Bridget pulled up to the curb, and parked the car.

“Can you walk me to my classroom?” Emily asked, as Bridget held the car door open for her.

“Just for today because I want to talk to Ms. Williams and let Ms. Johns know that you’re back.” The blonde reached down, and took Emily’s hand as they walked into the school.

“Good morning, Bridget, Emily.” Ms Johns happened to be not far inside of the main doors, and greeted them both. “How is everything?”

“Oh, good morning, everything’s good, I think.” Bridget looked down at the small girl, who was now leaning against her leg. “I said I’d walk her to her classroom today. I’d like to talk to her teacher for a minute.”

“Of course. Good to see you back Emily.” She smiled warmly at the girl.

Bridget felt Emily hold her hand a bit tighter as they approached the classroom. When they got to the door, she crouched down to talk to her. “I know this seems a bit scary right now, but remember what Franky told you this morning. I think she gave some pretty good advice, yeah?” Emily gave a small smile and a nod. “Okay, I’ll be back this afternoon. I love you.” She gave the girl a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you, too.” Emily said before she let go, and went into the classroom.

“Ah, Bridget, good to see you again.” Ms. Williams reached out to shake hands with the blonde. “I’m so sorry to hear about your brother.”

“Thank you, it was….unexpected.” Bridget cleared her throat.

“I’m so glad to see Emily back. How has she been doing?”

“She’s doing okay right now. She’s had some anxiety about being away from me and Franky. It’s understandable given what she’s been through in the last year. Today is going to be a big test though in that way. She stayed with a friend of mine for about an hour a few days ago but that’s all. If there’s any problem, just let me or Franky know. We’ll both be here for career day this afternoon, so I think that kind of made her feel better about coming back today.” Bridget watched as Emily took her seat, and looked around quietly.

“I’m sure everything will be fine.” Ms Williams gave her a reassuring smile. “It’ll be great to have you guys here this afternoon. I think it’ll be fun for the kids.”

“Definitely. I’ll see you this afternoon then.” Bridget waved goodbye to Emily and made her way back out to her car.


Franky had set to work as soon as she got to the Centre making the first part of the treats she was planning to take to the school. It wasn’t long before she heard Liz come into the classroom.

“Hey, love, good to see you back. What’s this you’re making?” Liz sat a stack of papers down on the end of the counter.

“Just something to take to Em’s school for Career Day this afternoon. Lemon tarts with a cookie crust. Nothing complicated, I just need to get these baked so they can cool before I put the filling in.” She glanced over at the papers Liz had brought with her. “What are those?”

“Oh, most of that is just stuff for me. I do have something I wanted to talk to you about though. I got a media request.” Liz looked at Franky, trying to gauge her reaction.

“A media request?” The brunette shook her head. She wasn’t quite sure why that would be something Liz needed to talk to her about.

“Someone from the paper where I advertised the summer classes. I guess they do profiles on figures in the community, and they thought that some of your class offerings were unique, so they wanted to feature you in an issue…” Liz trailed off, seeing the look she was getting from Franky.

“I told you that picture was a bad idea.” The brunette finished measuring out the ingredients, and turned on the mixer.

“I mean, we can’t say for sure that’s the reason…” Liz caught Franky’s look again. “Just think about it, love. It would be good for you, and for the Centre. I know you love your job, but you don’t want to be here forever, right? You’ve got your restaurant dreams, and you’re good enough to do that. They just want to do a short interview, and I can fill them in on the details of what you do here. They’ll snap a picture or two and that’s all. It’ll only take an hour.” Franky was quiet. “Just think about it. They don’t need an answer right away.”

Franky sighed. “Okay.”

“Oh, and love, I wouldn’t mind if a couple of those ended up on my desk on your way out later.” The older woman winked, gathered her papers, and headed back to her work.


The afternoon had arrived, and Franky carefully carried her tray of tarts into the school. When she got in the main doors, she realized that she didn’t know where Emily’s classroom was.

“Hey, baby, this way.” Bridget put a hand on her back, and guided her down the hall.

“Thanks, Gidge, I didn’t see you out there.”

“I saw you coming in just as I pulled up, and I hurried because I knew you didn’t know where to go in here.” Bridget smiled up at Franky, and wiggled her fingers against her back. “Right here,” the blonde said as they approached Emily’s classroom.

“Hi Bridget, and…..Franky.” Ms. Williams hesitated slightly, but the smile never left her face. Bridget tried to read her and decided she sounded more surprised than anything.

“Hey.” The brunette smiled at the teacher. “I brought these for everyone. I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, yes, of course. I can just set them aside until it’s your turn if you’d like,” she said, reaching for the tray. “You can both have a seat by Emily’s spot there, I’ve put out chairs for everyone. The kids are just outside finishing their lunch break.”

Bridget looked around the room. “And we’re early,” she said, seeing that they were the first ones there.

“Oh, it’s fine,” Ms. Williams smiled again.

After they sat down, Franky subconsciously reached over and took Bridget’s hand. It wasn’t even something she realized she did anymore. “How was your morning?” she asked the blonde.

“It was good, baby. Just really busy.” Bridget sighed, and Franky gave her a quick kiss on the temple.

“I’ll, uh, be back in just a minute.” The teacher gave them a quick smile as she left the room.

“Do you know her?” Bridget asked, giving Franky a playful nudge with her elbow.

“I slept with her,” the brunette said in a quiet voice. She glanced over at Bridget, unable to tell if the blonde was upset or about to laugh. “It was just once. Over a year ago. We kept running into each other at the coffee shop by my apartment. One night we got talking and ended up at her place. That was all.”

“Baby, you don’t have to tell me everyone you’ve slept with,” Bridget said with a small laugh.

“You asked.” Franky looked at her, confused.

“No.” The blonde shook her head, still smiling. “I only asked if you knew her.”

“Oh. Right. She won’t cause any problems. She’s a nice girl.” The brunette knew Bridget didn’t ask this either, but after what had happened with Kim, she felt like she needed to reassure her.

“Baby, just stop, it’s okay.” The blonde gave her a quick kiss. “You look good in the jacket by the way.” Franky smiled at her.

A few parents had started to come in, and they heard the kids coming down the hall. Franky saw some parents that she recognized from the times she’d picked up Emily, and of course, Cynthia was there. The brunette smiled politely at her when she caught her eye, hoping to annoy her by not giving her any kind of reaction. It only took Emily a second to spot them both, and she came running over. She gave Bridget a hug, then Franky.

“Hey, bub. Did you have a good morning?” the brunette asked the young girl.

“Yeah! We went on a nature walk.” Emily went on to explain everything she’d seen and learned about on the walk.

“Okay, everyone here?” Ms. Williams looked around the room, to make sure all the kids and adults had settled in. “Good, alright, so we’ll start on this side,” she said, motioning to the first seat in Emily’s row. “The kids can get up and introduce the people they’ve brought with them, if they’d like. Let’s get started.”

Emily sat beside Bridget, and listened while the other parents talked. The man before Bridget was just on his way back to his seat.

“Do you want to say who we are, or do you want us to introduce ourselves?” the blonde whispered quietly in Emily’s ear.

“I can do it.”

“Okay.” Bridget gave her a small squeeze on the shoulder.

“Emily, would you like to tell us about the first person you’ve brought?” Ms. Williams prompted from her seat at the side of the room.

Emily walked up to the front of the room. “This is my Auntie Bridge, Bridget. She talks to people in prison.”

The young girl returned to her seat with Franky while Bridget got up and talked about her work at Wentworth. The kids all seemed interested and even the parents had some questions for her. Franky admired the ease with which Bridget handled herself in front of a group of mostly strangers. The brunette had to admit to herself that she was nervous. Even though she was used to talking in front of her classes, she didn’t have her demos to fall back on, or to distract the attention away from herself. At least in her classes, she could convince herself that her students were watching what she was doing, and not watching her.

“Thank you, Bridget.” Ms. Williams said when the blonde had finished answering the last question. “Emily, you’ve brought someone else with you?”

Emily walked up to the front of the classroom once again. “This is my…” She trailed off. “My…” She stopped again, and Franky and Bridget exchanged a glance. “This is my Franky. She’s a chef.”

Franky walked up to the front. Bridget pointed to the tray of food she’d brought, and the brunette gave a small nod, indicating that she wanted Bridget to hand them out while she talked. Maybe she did unknowingly bring a distraction after all.

She talked about how she met her mentor, Liz, as a teenager, and how the older woman inspired her to learn as much as she could. She talked about her jobs in diners while she worked her way through culinary school, and eventually her job teaching at the Centre. When she was done she answered questions. A couple of the parents seemed interested in which classes she taught, and she thought she may have recruited some students for the Summer.

The brunette took her seat again with Emily and Bridget. The blonde gave her hand a quick squeeze. She knew Franky had been nervous, but she’d done really well, and gotten through it.

“Can I sit on your lap?” Emily asked quietly.

“Sure, bub.” Franky moved back in her chair to make room for the young girl. “You alright?” She felt Emily nod against her shoulder where she had rested her head. “Do you want your tart?” She had just noticed the two tarts that Bridget had sat on the desk for them. She felt Emily nod again, and handed her one. They listened to the rest of the parents speak.

When it was over, Bridget said goodbye to her niece and Franky. “I’m sorry I have to take off right away, but the sooner I get back, the sooner I can come home tonight and spend time with you guys.”

“It’s okay, babe. I’ll see you tonight.” Franky gave her a quick kiss as she hurried out the door then waited while Emily packed up her things.

“Here’s your tray back.” Ms. Williams came up beside the brunette and handed her the empty tray.

“Thanks.” Franky smiled at her, not really knowing what else to say.

“It’s good to see you again. I was kind of worried when I stopped running into you at the shop.” She sat down on the small desk beside the brunette.

“Yeah, I, uh, moved.” Franky motioned towards Emily as if that explained everything.

The teacher let out a small laugh. “Yeah I figured that out now. I’m glad you’re happy.”

Franky looked over and gave her a nod. “Thanks. I am.”

“I’m ready.” Emily had finished gathering her stuff, and came to find Franky.

“Alright, bub, let’s go.” The brunette reached down, and took the young girl’s hand as they walked out to her car.


Franky laid in bed. She could hear the water running in the bathroom; Bridget was getting ready for bed. They had put Emily to bed that night with relative ease, and she hadn't woken up yet at all.

The brunette heard the water turn off, then a few seconds later their bedroom door shut. When she heard the lock click, she picked up her head and looked at Bridget.

The blonde walked to the bed, and slipped in under the covers next to Franky. She moved to straddle her again like she had done that morning. The brunette smiled up at her. Bridget lowered herself to meet her girlfriend's lips, and kissed her slowly.

"I believe I promised you something this morning." The blonde pulled back and looked into Franky's green eyes. "If you're still up for it." She smiled, knowing full well that the brunette wasn't going to say no.

"Mmhmm." Franky stretched up to meet her lips once more.

Bridget nipped at the brunette's lip as she felt the younger woman's hands working their way down her sides, searching for the hem of her t-shirt. Franky quickly found what she was looking for, and let her hands glide under the fabric and up the blonde's back. Bridget pushed her hips into the brunette, needing to feel more contact.

Franky quickly moved them to a sitting position with Bridget in her lap, and rid the blonde of her shirt. Bridget watched quietly as Franky's eyes slid up and down her body. She felt the brunette's hands once more moving down her sides, thumbs trailing over her few freckles.

Franky's lips found Bridget's neck, and the blonde let her head fall back as Franky worked her way from just below her jaw, down her neck, and then started down her chest. Bridget tangled her fingers in the brunette's hair, and gently pulled her head back, so she could lean down and capture Franky's lips again.

She felt the brunette's fingers trail down her stomach then brush lightly over her clit through the thin layer of fabric. The blonde separated their lips, and held Franky's gaze as the younger woman let her fingers move farther, and felt the wetness that had soaked through her underwear. A small smile appeared on Franky's lips, as she let her finger brush over the blonde's clit one more time. Bridget let out a shaky breath, never breaking their eye contact.

"What?" the blonde asked, matching Franky's grin. The brunette shook her head. "Tell me, baby. What are you thinking?"

"That I want to fuck you."

Bridget had to admit to herself that the brunette's flat out admission wasn't something that she was expecting, and it turned her on even more. She reminded herself though that she had started this, and she couldn't give in to Franky just yet, no matter how much she wanted to.

"Not yet, baby." The blonde reached down and rid Franky of her shirt before pushing her back down on the bed.

Bridget moved herself off the brunette and reached down, hooking her fingers on her girlfriend's underwear, pulling them off over her feet, and discarding them somewhere in the dark behind her. She placed small kisses on the cherry blossoms that ran over Franky's hip as she ran two fingers over the brunette's wet folds. The younger woman raised her hips slightly and pushed herself forward, causing Bridget's fingers to barely dip inside her.

The blonde wasn't in a teasing mood tonight. She might be making Franky wait to fuck her, but she wasn't going to make her wait for her orgasm. Bridget let her fingers slide inside the brunette and set a slow, steady pace.

She continued her way up Franky's stomach, feeling the muscles move under her lips. When she got to the brunette's left nipple, she took it in her mouth, and let her tongue swirl around it. She looked up to see Franky watching her through half-closed eyes. The blonde let her teeth graze lightly over the younger woman's nipple as she pulled away, and felt the muscles around her fingers flutter.

"Fuck." Franky sighed, and let her head fall back on the pillow.

Bridget repeated her actions again, and again felt a flutter around her fingers. She continued her way up, nipping at Franky's neck. She felt the brunette's hand on the back of her head, halting her progress, and keeping her exactly where she wanted her. She curled her fingers inside of Franky, as she sucked gently on her neck. She heard the brunette let out a small moan. The blonde tried to continue towards Franky's jaw, but the other woman's hand held her in place.

"Do that again," Franky said, meeting Bridget's fingers with a bit more force each time now.

The blonde nipped and sucked at the sensitive skin again. When she tried to move this time, Franky let out a small whimper.

"Baby, if I keep doing that, it's going to leave a mark," Bridget said, leaving a small kiss just under the brunette's jaw.

"I don't care," Franky said quietly.

The blonde went back to the spot, as she sped up the pace a bit with her fingers. She knew Franky would probably regret it in the morning when she was trying to cover the hickey with makeup before she went to work, but she wasn't going to deny the brunette something she asked for and was enjoying.

When Franky untangled her fingers from Bridget's hair, the blonde left a trail of kisses along her jaw, ending with a small one on her lips. Bridget saw the brunette open her eyes for a second then snap them shut again as she felt another flutter around her fingers.

"Does that feel good, baby?" she whispered next to Franky's ear.

"Mmm, yes."

Bridget could tell that the brunette was getting close, so she started her way back down her body. This time she kissed straight down her stomach, and settled herself between the brunette's legs. She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around Franky's clit, as she picked up the pace with her fingers once again.

"Oh fuck," Franky reached down, and Bridget took the brunette's hand in hers, feeling her muscles start to tighen.

It only took a few more seconds, and a final flick of Bridget's tongue to make Franky clamp down as the waves of pleasure washed over her. The brunette drew in a breath as the second wave hit, and Bridget gradually slowed her pace to bring her down.

"Shit, Gidge." When Bridget made her way back up, Franky was still catching her breath with her arm resting over her eyes.

The blonde reached up and took Franky's hand, making the brunette move her arm so she could see her face. When she turned to face Bridget, and opened her eyes, she looked up and down the blonde's body once again like she had done earlier in the night, and Bridget knew that she wasn't going to wait any longer.

Franky reached out and pulled her close, kissing her hard and slow. She turned the blonde onto her back and began to work her way down the older woman's body. She let her hand slide down Bridget's side, and inside her underwear.

"These need to go," the brunette murmured against her girlfriend's skin, and the blonde raised her hips slightly to let Franky pull them down and off over her feet.

Franky was about to lower her head again and resume her path down Bridget's body when the blonde reached out for her.

"Come here," Bridget said, pulling her into a kiss.

When they broke apart, Franky pulled back and looked into the blonde's eyes. She felt Bridget move her hips against her. She let her fingers trail down the older woman's side, and felt her shiver. The brunette lowered her head again and brushed her lips over the sensitive spot below Bridget's ear.

The blonde pushed her hips against her again. "I want you to fuck me with the strap-on."

Franky pulled back and gave Bridget one of those cocky smirks that would be annoying to her if it was anyone except the brunette. She didn't say anything, just gave the blonde another kiss, got up off the bed, and retrieved the harness. Bridget watched as Franky tightened the straps around her hips and crawled back into bed.

"Tell me what you like," she said, settling herself between the blonde's legs, and giving her a small kiss. They had only used this the night of Bridget's birthday, and the blonde, not Franky, had been very much in control then.

"Just start slow. I trust you." Bridget wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck and connected their lips.

Franky reached down between them, and ran her fingers over the blonde's wet folds. She let her thumb brush back and forth over Bridget's clit, as the older woman whimpered into her mouth.

After a minute or two, Franky wrapped her hand around the dildo, and guided it to Bridget's entrance. She held it there, and pushed slowly forward with her hips, watching the blonde's face for any indication of discomfort. She continued until she was all the way in. The brunette stilled for a moment, letting Bridget get used to the feeling.

She placed a kiss on the blonde's jaw. "You okay, babe?"

"Yeah," Bridget breathed out.

Franky reached down and hooked the blonde's left leg around her hip, and Bridget quickly did the same with her right one. The brunette started to move, and Bridget easily matched her rhythm.

Franky ran her right hand over Bridget's body, over where she knew the kite tattoo was, and down her side. Everytime the brunette pushed forward, the older woman let out a quiet moan.

"Faster, baby." Bridget urged the brunette.

Franky sped up, as she took note of what made the blonde's breath hitch a bit. She could tell Bridget was getting wetter by the second, and the brunette loved knowing the effect she was having on the other woman. Franky raised herself up on her elbows a bit to get more leverage, and felt Bridget's nails dig into her back.

"That feels good, doesn't it, babe?" Franky lowered her head and placed a kiss on the side of the blonde's neck.

"Yes, fuck." Bridget's hand flew to the back of Franky's head and gently pulled at her hair, as the brunette's lips continued their work on her neck. "Don't stop."

Franky could feel the blonde's legs start to tighten around her hips, and the muscles tremor. "You're close aren't you?"

"Y-....ah! Yes."

The brunette smiled against Bridget's neck. She picked her head up. "Look at me, babe." When the blonde didn't open her eyes, Franky brushed the other woman's cheek with the tip of her nose. "Babe." The blonde forced her eyes open. "I love you."

"Ah...fuck...I lo-...I love you too." Bridget pulled Franky in for a kiss, but after a few seconds she couldn't concentrate on anything besides the feeling building in her stomach.

The blonde felt Franky's lips beside her ear. "I've got you."

The brunette always knew exactly what Bridget needed to hear. With a few final thrusts from the younger woman, the blonde's orgasm came over her, and Franky held on to her tightly.

As Bridget's body calmed, the brunette loosened her arms from around her, and placed a kiss next to her ear, then on her cheek, and finally, her lips. Franky slowly pulled the strap-on out of the blonde, and moved to lay by her side. She quickly unfastened the buckles and dropped it over the side of the bed onto the floor.

When Bridget opened her eyes again, Franky was looking at her with a look on her face that said she was very pleased with herself.

"You're pretty good at that, you know." Bridget gave a small laugh.

"Mmm, I don't know. I might need more practice," Franky said as she pulled the blonde close.

Bridget smiled and shook her head, then buried her face against the brunette's chest. Franky was about to suggest that they should put some clothes back on before they fell asleep, then remembered that the bedroom door was locked. She traced patterns with her fingertips on the blonde's back until she felt her breathing even out. It wasn't long before she felt herself slipping away into sleep as well.