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Cooking Classes

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“Hey, baby,” Bridget walked out onto the patio to join Franky in the warm afternoon sun. The brunette had taken to spending most afternoons outside. If the weather was good, she’d sit in one of the lounge chairs out back. If it was rainy, she’d usually sit under the covered seating area around the side. “Tim just called, he has to work late tonight, and he wants us to pick Em up from school this afternoon.”

“Ay, sounds great!” Franky’s face lit up. She’d been out of Wentworth for almost a week, but she hadn’t seen the little girl yet. Bridget had suggested that they not tell Emily that Franky was out right away. She reasoned that the brunette needed her rest, and even though Emily was a great kid, all kids take energy to entertain and look after, and she didn’t want Franky to overdo it, and set back her recovery. The brunette had to agree that her girlfriend was probably right, but fate had thrown her an opportunity today. “I’ll walk down and pick her up when it’s time. It’s just down the road, and I need to get out and move around for a bit.”

About an hour later, Bridget helped Franky change into a clean shirt and trackies, and she left for the school. Her shoulder was healing nicely but she still had trouble lifting her arm very high, and her ribs were feeling much better, only really hurting when she coughed or sneezed. Bridget had tied her hair back for her as well. She hated not being able to look after herself, but she was thankful that Bridget was the one helping her. The blonde never made her feel like she was helpless or weak, and she was good at anticipating what Franky needed, and just doing it rather than making the brunette ask for everything.

It took her less than ten minutes to reach the school, and when she got there, she joined the group of parents waiting for their kids. Most of them were the typical upper middle class moms and dads, all dressed nicely, and most of the women had their hair and makeup done. Bridget lived in a nice neighbourhood, and Franky felt a bit out of place. She could feel some eyes on her and she tried to tell herself that it was just because she was new to them, and not because they were judging her. Thankfully, she only had to wait a few minutes before she saw the kids start to come out of the building.

As soon as Emily saw her she started running towards her. Franky crouched down, and put out her good arm to give her a hug. When the young girl noticed that the brunette’s arm was in a sling, she stopped running, and slowly walked up to her.

“You’re hurt,” she said, looking at Franky’s arm from her hand up to her shoulder.

“Yeah, bub. I had an accident, but I’m okay. I’m feeling better now except my shoulder is sore.” Franky watched Emily as she took it all in. After a moment, the young girl stepped forward and put her arms around the brunette’s neck. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” Emily said.

“Your Dad has to work late, so he asked if you could come to our place for supper. How does that sound?” Emily gave an enthusiastic nod.

While she had been talking with the young girl, Franky had seen one of the other kid’s mothers coming towards them. She greeted her as she stood up, “Hey.”

The woman looked at her, then at the tattoos on both of her arms. Franky could feel the judgmental vibe coming off of her the second she’d laid eyes on her. The woman ignored the brunette’s greeting and turned to Emily instead.

“Emily, darling, who’s this?” She asked in a sweet voice.

“Franky.” Emily stated simply.

“Yes, but who is ‘Franky’? The woman asked her, taking another glance in the brunette’s direction. Emily shrugged.

Franky figured that Emily didn’t really know what to call her. To her she was simply ‘Franky’. Of course the child knew that she was her aunt’s girlfriend, but that didn’t give her a specific title in her life.

“Is she a friend of your aunt?” The woman asked. The brunette knew exactly what this woman was getting at. If she had come here dressed up like them, no one would have looked at her twice.

Emily started to nod her head when Franky jumped in, “Yeah, I am. I’m banging her actually,” the brunette said with a wink.

The woman’s jaw dropped open, and Emily just had a blank look on her face. Franky had guessed, and was glad she was right, that the child didn’t know what that meant.

The brunette looked down at the young girl. “You ready to go home?” Emily nodded and took Franky’s hand, and they began their walk home.

After a minute Emily spoke, “She didn’t like you.”

“She just didn’t know me and she wanted to make sure you weren’t leaving with a stranger.” Franky was constantly amazed at how perceptive the young girl was. Emily was right in her statement about her classmate’s mother, but the brunette wasn’t ready to have a conversation with her about stereotypes and prejudices, so she opted for a half truth.

When they arrived at the house, Emily ran in and greeted Bridget with a hug. “Hey, love, how was school?”

“We learned about volcanoes!” She took off her school bag and produced a piece of paper, handing it to Bridget.

The blonde looked over it quickly. It was instructions for making a paper mâché volcano that erupted with lava made from mixing baking soda and vinegar. Bridget remembered when Tim had made one of these as a kid. He had miscalculated the amount of both ingredients for the lava and ended up covering the entire kitchen table with foam that then spilled onto the floor. Their mother was not impressed. “You going to ask your Dad to help you with this? I remember he made one when he wasn’t much older than you.”

Emily nodded. “Yeah, we each have to make one and take it to school in two weeks.”

“Make sure you let your Dad know soon, okay? So that you have lots of time.” Bridget put the paper back in her bag.

“Can I show Franky the pictures from the aquarium?” Emily had picked up Bridget’s iPad from the coffee table.

“If she feels up to it. Ask her though, okay?” The young girl nodded. Bridget hoped that Franky would say ‘no’ if she needed to rest.

“Franky!” Emily ran up to the tall brunette who was pouring them drinks in the kitchen. “Can I show you the pictures from when me and Auntie Bridge went to the aquarium?”

“Sure, bub. Here, this is for you.” She handed her a glass of water. “We’ll sit on the couch.”

Franky made sure that Emily sat on her right side. She knew the child would try to be careful, but she could also see that she was excited to talk about their day trip, and she didn’t want her to accidentally bump into her shoulder.

Once they had been through all the pictures, it was time to make supper.

“What do you want for supper, Em?” Bridget was standing, looking into the fridge, hoping that a meal idea would jump out at her.

“Omelettes with Franky!”

“Omelettes wi-“ The blonde was confused for a second. “Ohhh, you want to make them with Franky?” Emily nodded her head enthusiastically.

Franky still wasn’t doing very much of the cooking aside from talking Bridget through the recipes. “How about the three of us make them together?” the brunette asked.

Bridget and Emily gathered all the ingredients while Franky turned on the stove and got the pans warming up. Bridget chopped up some vegetables and leftover ham she had from making sandwiches and the brunette was having Emily crack open the eggs, beat them, and add the salt and pepper.

They worked in relative quiet until Emily asked a question. “Auntie Bridge?”

“Yes, love?”

“Is Franky your girlfriend?” She cracked another egg into the bowl.

“She is. Remember we had a talk about that awhile ago?” Bridget moved on from chopping up the veggies and ham to shredding some cheese.

“But that’s not what she told Owen’s mother today.”

Warning bells started going off in Franky’s head. She tried to say calm, but she knew what was coming. She willed anything to happen right now to stop Emily from finishing her story.

“What did she tell Owen’s mother?” Bridget thought that maybe Franky wasn’t sure how accepting the other parents would be of a lesbian couple, so she just said she was a friend or something like that.

“She said she was banging you.”

Bridget sat down the grater and the piece of cheese and gave Franky a look that the brunette was pretty sure was meant to kill her.

“Gid-” The blonde held up her hand, signalling Franky to stop talking.

“Auntie Bridge?” The girl was still waiting for an answer.

Bridget had to think about how she was going to answer, but not answer, her niece’s question. “The way that Franky used that word isn’t right, okay? A bang means a loud sound, and that’s how you use it. She made a mistake. Understand?” Emily nodded. “And from now on if someone asks who Franky is, she’s my girlfriend.”

Emily thought for a moment then shrugged. “Everyone makes mistakes, it’s okay, Franky.” She went back to adding the salt and pepper to the eggs.

Franky gave Bridget a ‘see, it’s all good’ look, but the blonde didn’t crack a smile. She walked past Franky to put the cheese back in the fridge. “We’ll talk later,” she said quietly as she passed.

The conversation at the supper table was uncharacteristically sparse. Franky knew she had fucked up. As much as she loved having Emily around, tonight, she just wanted to clear the air with Bridget, and that couldn’t happen while the child was still there. She was glad Tim had said he’d be there right after supper to pick her up.


Emily had left and Franky was helping to put away the last of the dishes from their meal when she decided that they might as well get this over with.


“Franky, you can’t just say stuff like that in front of her!” Bridget interrupted.

“I know, I’m sorry. You should have seen the way that snotty bitch was looking at me though. Like I was trash. She was questioning Em like I was some stranger coming to take her away!”

“Okay, but Franky, to them, you are a stranger. It doesn’t excuse her other behaviour though, and trust me, I know what they can be like.” Bridget had no doubt that what Franky was saying was exactly what had happened. She’d seen them do it to other parents who didn’t fit their expectations.

“I just wanted to get a reaction out of her. I figured Em wouldn’t know what it meant, so no harm done.”

“She didn’t! That’s why she asked.” Bridget took a deep breath. “From now on, just don’t say stuff like that in front of her, alright? If she doesn’t already know what it means, she’s going to ask. She’s too curious to just let it drop. She doesn’t need to know, and I don’t want to explain it to her.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, Gidge. I really am.” Franky was truly upset. She had reacted without thinking.

The blonde’s expression softened. “I would have loved to see her face though.” She gave a small chuckle.

“Ah Gidge, it was the best! Her mouth just dropped open! Shut her right up!” Franky laughed remembering the scene.


It was the first night that Franky decided to try laying down to sleep since she had injured her shoulder. She’d forgotten how much she had missed sleeping like a normal person. Her and Bridget had talked more that evening, and had worked things out.

The blonde was currently changing out of her clothes, and into her sleepwear. She had chosen a pair of underwear, and an old t-shirt that belonged to Franky. The brunette had always loved it when girls wore her clothes. Bridget lifted the covers and climbed in. She moved in next to Franky as close as she could. The blonde leaned on her elbow and looked down at her girlfriend. She lowered her head and gave Franky a long, slow kiss, gently biting the other woman’s bottom lip as she pulled back. The brunette smiled, and Bridget laid her head on her chest and hooked a leg over Franky’s right one.

The brunette let her right hand trail up and down the older woman’s back. She could feel Bridget shift against her every once in a while. “You’re turned on tonight babe, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” the blonde gave a small laugh. “Yeah. It’s been a long month, other than the night Vera gave us a room.”

Franky laughed. “You can’t tell me you didn’t do anything all those nights you were lying here alone.”

Bridget picked her head up to look at the brunette. “Well, yeah, of course I did, but it’s not the same.”

Franky smirked. “Wish I could have seen that.”

The blonde raised herself up on her elbow again then dipped her head, leaving small kisses along Franky’s jaw until she reached her ear. “Well…” she whispered. “You could see it now.” Franky was right, Bridget was turned on, but she also knew that the brunette wasn’t feeling physically up to doing their usual activities yet. She thought maybe this could be a fun compromise.

Franky turned her head to look at her girlfriend. “You want to show me?” Her eyes trailed down the blonde’s body.

Bridget sat up so she was kneeling on her side of the bed. She reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head, discarding it on the bed behind her. “Sure.” She gave a mischievous smile. “I have one rule though.”

Franky reached up and ran her fingers down the blonde’s side, letting her hand come to rest on her girlfriend’s hip. “And what’s that?”

Bridget took the brunette’s hand and moved it off her hip and back onto the bed. “You don’t get to touch me.”

The blonde flattened her hand against her own stomach and slid it into her underwear. She saw Franky’s gaze follow her fingers, watching them move under the thin fabric. Her eyes fluttered closed as she brushed over a particularly sensitive spot. When she opened them, she saw the brunette was still fixated on her.

“Is this punishment for me saying I was banging you today?” Franky gave a small smirk.

Bridget leaned forward and placed her free hand on the pillow beside the brunette’s head for support. “No, baby,” she said, lowering her head to brush her lips ever so slightly against Franky’s. She let out a small moan as her fingers continued their slow movement on her. She heard the brunette draw in a deep breath and hold it for a second before letting it out slowly. Bridget knew her girlfriend was trying to calm herself. Not being able to touch the blonde would be torture for her.

Bridget raised herself up, removing her hand from inside her underwear. She turned and laid down on her back a couple of inches away from Franky as the brunette carefully re-positioned herself onto her side, so she could fully see her. The blonde locked eyes with her girlfriend and hooked her thumbs on each side of her underwear, pulling them down and off over her feet. She tossed them towards Franky, hitting her in the chest and breaking her out of her stare. The brunette gave a small giggle.

Franky watched as Bridget closed her eyes and lazily trailed her left hand down her body. She saw the blonde run her fingers over her clit before letting them dip in between her folds. The brunette smiled to herself, as she thought back to the day in Bridget’s office when she had her handcuffed against the door. That exact same movement had elicited a very nice response from the blonde, and now Franky knew that it was because she had discovered something that Bridget liked to do to herself.

The blonde moved her right hand to squeeze her own breast and lightly pinch her nipple. She had her eyes closed but she could hear Franky breathing beside her, and felt her inch closer. Bridget let her mind replay their night in the conjugal room at Wentworth, the night of her birthday, the time when Franky had sat her on the counter and made her confess one of her fantasies. She could feel the muscles in her body start to tighten, and she focused on the subtle sounds that were coming from the brunette beside her. She knew that if she opened her eyes, she would probably see that there was less than an inch of space between them on the bed now.

Franky watched Bridget’s body. She knew how to read her by now and she could tell that it wouldn’t be much longer before the blonde reached her release. Franky saw her hips rising slightly to meet her fingers and heard the hitches in her breath as she moved them in and out of herself. The brunette felt like her body was on fire, but she felt no pain at the moment, probably too distracted and driven by hormones for her brain to register any other sensations.

The brunette needed to touch her. Not necessarily with her hand, but she needed to feel some kind of connection to her. She dipped her head and placed a light kiss on Bridget’s shoulder. The blonde opened her eyes slightly and looked at her girlfriend.

Franky wore a small grin on her face. “Couldn’t help it.”

Bridget gave a small shake of her head. She moved the hand that was currently massaging her breast, and reached up to place it behind Franky’s head, tangling her fingers through the brunette’s hair. She pulled her in for a kiss and quickly got lost in the feeling of Franky’s lips on hers. The blonde sped up her fingers.

Franky broke the kiss, wanting to see the visual of Bridget making herself come, and she knew the blonde was close. It only took a few seconds for the first wave of pleasure to wash over the older woman’s body. The brunette watched as she rode out her orgasm, and began to slowly come down. Franky placed another kiss on her shoulder. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Bridget opened her eyes, and looked at her girlfriend. It was the last thing she had expected to hear as Franky’s response to what she had just witnessed, and it made a huge smile break out across her face. The blonde turned onto her side and gently placed a hand on the brunette’s shoulder, forcing her to lay on her back.

“How are you feeling, baby?” Bridget gave her a small kiss.

Franky gave a small laugh. “About as expected after witnessing that.”

“Mmm, but how’s your shoulder?” The blonde placed a kiss on the side of Franky’s neck.

“It’s alright.” The brunette felt Bridget grin against her skin.

The older woman positioned herself lower on the bed, between Franky’s legs. She pushed up the material of the brunette’s shirt so that it gathered under her breasts, exposing her stomach. Franky closed her eyes as she felt Bridget’s lips on her skin, moving down until they reached her shorts. The blonde hooked her fingers on each side and Franky raised her hips, allowing the other woman to remove her shorts and underwear in one movement. Bridget continued kissing across both of Franky’s hip bones, and she could feel that the brunette was getting impatient.

The blonde dipped her head and ran her tongue up along Franky’s folds, ending with a large circle around her clit. Bridget wasn’t about to tease her girlfriend any longer. Forcing her to sit back and watch had been enough, and she could tell the brunette was more than ready.

Franky felt her girlfriend’s lips wrap around her clit, and her tongue gently moving back and forth. She reached down, burying her hand in Bridget’s hair, keeping her where she wanted her. She knew she wouldn’t last long. Watching the blonde had been one of the hottest things she’d seen, and it had taken every ounce of her willpower not to jump in and take over. As Bridget pushed her closer to her release, Franky moved against her mouth. Every time she lifted her hips even the slightest bit, it put pressure on her shoulders, and the brunette was starting to feel the pain coming back a bit. She pushed it out of her mind. There was no way she was telling Bridget to stop now, not when she was this close.

After a few more flicks of the blonde’s tongue Franky felt her back arch, and a shot of pain ran through her shoulder. She gasped, and she knew if Bridget thought she was in pain then she would stop, so the brunette quickly followed with a ‘Keep going’. One more flick and Franky’s body released all the tension that had been building up. Each contraction of muscles brought both pain and pleasure, but when her body came down she just felt relaxed and good.

Bridget kissed her way back up Franky’s stomach, and then connected their lips. The blonde pulled back to look at her. “That hurt your shoulder, didn’t it? Are you okay?”

“There’s pleasure in pain, Gidge.” Franky tried to laugh it off, but she winced as she tried to move herself up further on the pillows.

“I’m going to go get you something for it.” The blonde got up out of bed and headed toward the kitchen.

Franky heard the microwave beep and a couple minutes later, Bridget returned with a heat pack wrapped in a towel. She helped the brunette sit forward and draped it over her shoulder, holding it in place while she laid back again on the bed. The blonde crawled in again beside her and cuddled into her side.

“Thanks, babe.” The brunette said quietly.

Bridget gave her a quick kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”