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Franky wasn’t sure how long they had been standing there when Will came around the corner and saw them in the airlock. He rushed over and quickly swiped his card, opening the door.

“What the hell happened?” He looked down at Vera, seeing her bruised face, and then back up to Franky.

“She saved me.” Vera’s voice was small. “Three inmates had me in the showers.” She closed her eyes.

“Well that would explain the one laying back there with her face smashed up.”

“Let me guess,” Franky spoke. “One of Juice’s crew?”

Will nodded, “Looks like it, yeah.”

“She was pissed about the cell toss. Her betting books and money got confiscated. Said people were looking for their money back and she didn’t have any way to pay them.” Franky knew that in prison you didn’t lag, but Will had pretty much figured it out anyway, and she couldn’t get in much more trouble with the inmates than she already was. Helping an officer was pretty much the worst thing an inmate could do.

“Do you need to go to Medical? Either of you?” Franky and Vera both shook their heads.

“I’d just like to go home, I think.” Vera finally let go of the tall brunette, and swiped her card to open the other door so she could go back to her office then leave for the night.

“Hey, wait, you shouldn’t go alone. I’ll walk with you.” Will had rushed through the airlock to catch up with Vera.

“I’ll be fine. It’s lockdown now anyway. You go with Franky, and I want someone with her 24/7 until we get things settled down again. Understand?”

Will nodded and motioned for Franky to follow him. After a minute he spoke, “I know why you did it, but fuck.”

“I know. I’m in shit. I couldn’t leave her there. Bridget’s told me what she’s seen them do to people.”

“I know, Franky. We’ll do our best to keep you safe, but you need to watch your back now too, okay?” They had stopped just before they got to her unit.

Franky glanced around to make sure they were alone, then lowered her voice. “Why didn’t you take the phone you found today in my cell?”

“You use it to call Bridget, yeah?” he asked. Franky nodded. “That’s why. She’s different since you’ve been in here. Just not quite herself most days, you know? If extra phone calls help you guys get through this, then I’m not going to take that away. We’re worried about drug dealers and people trying to hire contract killers, things like that. Not someone who just misses her girlfriend.”

“Thanks, Will. Really.” Franky didn’t often get emotional, but after the day she’d had, she was starting to. Knowing that her being in there was causing Bridget enough pain that other people noticed, made her heart break.

“Just find a better hiding spot. In case it’s not me next time.” He gave her a small smile, and swiped his card, unlocking the gate. “I’ll be out here tonight. Don’t leave here without myself or another officer from now on.” Franky nodded and waited while he opened the gate, then locked her inside for the night.

She closed the door to her cell behind her and retrieved her phone from under the mattress. She wanted to call Bridget, to see how her and Emily’s day at the aquarium had gone. It was getting late though and Emily would probably already be in bed, most likely Bridget was as well. She remembered how the blonde had almost fallen asleep while sitting on the counter leaning against her after their day at the park. She was like a kid in that way; the excitement of big days like that got to her and she tended to crash after. It was something about her that Franky found adorable.

She decided on a text for tonight. She didn’t want to wake them if they were asleep, and she didn’t want to ruin what had probably been a fun day by telling Bridget what had happened with Vera.

To: 61 3 9642 0440
I hope you guys had a great day and saw some awesome stuff at the aquarium! It’s a bit late and I figured you’d both be exhausted. Didn’t want to wake you with a phone call. I’ll talk to you tomorrow though. Love ya. X


Bridget woke the next morning, and realized she’d spent the night on the couch. She’d put Emily to bed not long after they had gotten home, and then laid down to watch a show on TV before she went to bed herself. She squinted against the sunlight coming in through the window as she sat up. She picked up her phone and saw that Franky hadn’t called, but had sent a text instead. The blonde smiled at how thoughtful the brunette was to be concerned about not disturbing them. She got up and set about making breakfast for her and Emily so they could eat before Tim arrived to pick her up.

Emily walked out into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes, just as Bridget was getting ready to serve breakfast.

“Good morning, love,” Bridget sat their plates down on the table. “Did you sleep well?” Emily nodded as she sat down at the table.

They chatted while they ate. Bridget found out that Emily had made some new friends at school, and that she was excited about a trip her class would be taking to a local museum. She never asked about Franky, and Bridget figured it was because she understood that it might be awhile before she was around again. They finished up, and Bridget sent her to pack her things while she cleared the table.

When Tim arrived, Emily ran to meet him, Bridget’s iPad in her hand so she could show him all the pictures they’d taken at the aquarium. “Hey, darling,” He knelt down beside her and kissed the side of her head while she started telling a story about each picture.

Bridget smiled at the sight of her niece so excited to share everything with her dad. She walked down to Emily’s room to bring her bag out for her. When she got to the bed, she noticed that Emily had forgotten to pack her teddy bear. Bridget unzipped the bag to put it in for her, and noticed there were a few granola bars tucked away inside. She smiled to herself, thinking how she had bought them knowing that they were one of Emily’s favourite snacks. She carried the bag out and set it beside the door.

“You going to stay for a minute? Have some coffee?” Bridget hadn’t really had a chance to catch up with her brother since he’d moved here a couple of weeks ago.

“Thanks, Bridge, but I’ve got to get back home. There’s a big presentation tomorrow and I need to finish up a few things.” He kissed her cheek goodbye. “And thanks for looking after Em.

“Aw, she’s a pleasure to have here. I’ll drop by sometime this week with printouts of those photos for her, okay?”

“Yep, thanks.” Tim and Emily were out the door, and Bridget once again looked around her empty house.


It was shortly after lunch when Vera showed up at Bridget’s door.

“Oh my god, Vera, what happened?!” The blonde took in the sight of her friend. Her face was bruised, and she was obviously favouring one of her legs.

“That’s actually what I came here to talk to you about. Something happened at work last night.” Vera hesitated. “Franky was involved.”

Bridget felt her stomach drop. She was hoping the Governor didn’t mean that Franky was responsible for her injuries, but Bridget knew how manipulative and threatening some of the women could be. She knew the brunette would never do something like this on her own, but she worried that Franky had maybe had no choice. “Come in, please.”

They sat in the living room, and Vera began to tell her friend what had taken place the night before. “First of all, Franky didn’t do this. I realized after I said she was involved, and saw the look on your face that you were worried about that.” Vera gave a weak, apologetic smile. “I was doing my final round for the night, and an inmate pulled me into the H-block showers. There were two more of them waiting for me in there, all wearing masks. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the cell toss I’d ordered earlier in the day. Anyway, one of them restrained me while the other beat on me, and the third stood watch outside. I heard the guard tell someone that the showers were occupied, and it seemed like they had left. I felt like my hope of maybe being rescued was gone. Then a minute or so later, I heard the guard talking to someone again. Then Franky burst through the door and took out both of the other inmates. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t walk, so she carried me, and ran until we got to an airlock and got in between the doors.” Bridget could see the tears in Vera’s eyes. “After everything I said about her, and did to keep you apart, she didn’t even hesitate. And when I was too scared to let go of her, she just held on to me, and made sure I was okay. She could have just walked away, Bridget. She could have left me there, but she didn’t, and now she’s a target. You know what happens when an inmate sides with an officer.”

“Oh, Vera.” Bridget didn’t know what to say. She was glad her friend was okay, but she was concerned for her girlfriend. “It’s just what she does. That’s Franky.”

“I’ve put her under 24/7 guard. When Will is on duty, it will be him. When he’s off, I’ll have to assign someone else. I’m going to put a call through to the police too and see where they are with her case. We need to get her out of Wentworth. The sooner the better.” Vera took a deep breath. “I have a favour to ask you. I have something I need help with there tonight. Can you come by, say around seven? I’ll meet you in your office?”

Bridget was a little confused by Vera’s request, but if she needed her help then she’d be there. “Yeah, of course.”

“Right. I’ve got something to do before that, so I’m going to take off, but I’ll see you later on.” Vera got up and made her way to the door.


“Franky,” Linda walked into her cell, closing the door behind her. “I’ve got a message from Vera for you.”

“Don’t get my arse kicked? Yeah, I got that one.” Franky smiled at her. The brunette appreciated Vera’s concern. The officers had told her she’d called several times throughout the night and morning, making sure that nothing had happened to Franky.

“No,” Linda said, “She’s just concerned, yeah?” Franky gave a small nod. “She wants you to complain about not feeling well after you eat dinner. At seven, ask to go to Medical, alright?”

“Yeah, sure. Should be believable. The food here is usually a bit dodgy.” She went back to reading her book, and Linda resumed her post just outside the unit.


Seven o’clock came, and Bridget was waiting patiently in her office for Vera to show up. She only had to wait a few minutes before there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Vera entered, followed by Franky.

Vera spoke quickly. “I need you both to come with me. There’s not a lot of time, so I’ll explain when we get there.” She led them down a couple of hallways until they came to a stop outside of a room. Bridget and Franky both looked at each other, unsure. Vera opened the door marked ‘Conjugal Room 1’, and motioned for the couple to go inside. She stepped in behind them and closed the door.

The only light in the room was from the strings of fairy lights that had been put up, giving it a warm glow. There was an oil diffuser sitting on one of the small tables, giving off the aroma of sandalwood. The bed linen looked much more luxurious and soft than anything prison issued. The two stared around the room, taking it all in.

Vera cleared her throat. “So, I, uh, haven’t expressed my gratitude for what you did last night.” the Governor looked at Franky. “I haven’t really known how. You saved me from, at the very least, being badly beaten, and maybe even saved my life. I can’t do much to help your situation in here, but I thought maybe there was something I could do to say thank you. So, this room is yours for the night. I’ve assigned myself the night shift in this section, and Will is here tonight too. The CCTV was turned off while I brought you both up here, which was why we had to be quick.” She sat a radio down on the bedside table. “So how this has to work, is that neither of you leave this room without myself, or Will, accompanying you. We’ll need to turn off the cameras to get you out of here. So if you need us, use the radio. Click the button twice, don’t say anything, we’ll know it’s you. Otherwise, I’ll be back just before morning count to take you to Medical, then you’ll go back to your unit from there. Okay?”

Franky just stared at her, “Are you fucking serious?”

Vera nodded, “I am. I know this has been hard on both of you, so I hope this helps a bit, even if it’s only for one night.”

She turned to leave when Franky grabbed her arm, “Hey.” She waited until Vera met her eyes. “Thank you.”

Vera gave a final nod, then left.

Bridget walked over and locked the door. Of course, it could be opened by the officers, but it would stop any inmates from walking in on them. She felt Franky come up behind her, putting a hand against the wall on each side of her, and gently pressing her body against the blonde’s.

“You know what I hate the most about being in here?” Franky whispered, her lips next to Bridget’s ear. The blonde shook her head. “I hate seeing you walk down the hall, and knowing just from the look on your face that you’re hurting, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s made me realize something though. That I’m absolutely, totally, completely, in love with you.” She placed a kiss on the back of Bridget’s neck, and the blonde let out a shaky breath.

Bridget started to turn, and Franky eased back enough that she was able to, before pressing her body against her again. The blonde looked into green eyes, “I’m so in love with you too, baby.”

She wrapped a hand around the back of Franky’s neck, and pulled her down to meet her lips. The kiss was slow, and deep. As Bridget gently sucked and nipped on the brunette’s bottom lip, she felt a hand slide down each side of her neck and under her jacket, pushing it off over her shoulders. She removed her hand from the back of Franky’s neck, and let the garment slide down her arms to drop on the floor. She reached down and grabbed the hem of Franky’s t-shirt, pulling it up, and forcing their lips to part while she pulled it off over the brunette’s head, and discarded it somewhere to her left. Franky quickly reached down and rid Bridget of her v-neck shirt as well.

Franky watched as Bridget ran her eyes down over her torso, much the same way she had done that day in her office. The blonde ran her fingertips over the branches of Franky’s cherry blossom tattoo and the younger woman felt goosebumps erupt over her body. Bridget moved her hand around to the clasp of the brunette’s bra, and undid it. Franky let the straps slide down her arms, and discarded it to the side.

Bridget brought their lips together again, then slowly began kissing her way down Franky’s neck, taking her time to feel the pulse quicken beneath her lips. She bit down gently on the sensitive skin and heard the brunette suck in a sharp breath. The blonde ran her tongue from the base of Franky’s neck to the hollow between her collarbones, then continued kissing down her chest until she reached her breasts. She wasted no time capturing one of the brunette’s nipples between her lips and rolling her tongue back and forth across the tip of it. Franky let out a breathy ‘fuck’, and once again placed her hands against the wall behind Bridget for support. The blonde worked her way down Franky’s stomach, coming to the top of her pants. She undid the button, tucked one hand into each side, and slid them down the brunette’s long legs. Franky toed off her shoes and socks and stepped out of her pants so she was now standing in front of Bridget wearing only her underwear.

The blonde, now on her knees, ran her hands up the back of Franky’s thighs. She let her hands slide under the brunette’s underwear, and cupped her butt. Bridget held her in place while she let her lips brush gently over the fabric covering Franky’s clit and breathed out, letting the brunette feel her warm breath.

Franky was beyond turned on, but she forced her mind to focus. She wanted to lavish Bridget with her attention first. The brunette had been on the receiving end of Bridget’s affection since she’d been in here, but she hadn’t been able to return the favour, until now. She reached down and tangled her fingers in the blonde’s hair, gently pulling, signalling for her to come back up.

“Everything okay, baby?” Bridget looked into Franky’s eyes.

The brunette nodded, “I first.” She leaned in for a long, slow kiss.

Bridget smiled as she reached up and cupped Franky’s face with her hand, brushing her thumb over her cheek. “Take me to bed.”

Franky backed Bridget towards the bed, unclasping and discarding her bra as they went. She reached down with one hand and pulled back the sheets, then picked up the blonde, and laid her on the bed. In the back of Bridget’s mind it registered that her observation the other day had indeed been right; Franky had been working out a lot since she’d been in here. The brunette reached down, unbuttoned Bridget’s pants, and slid them down and off her legs, taking her sandals with them. She took off her own underwear, then settled herself on top of the blonde.

“I’ve missed this,” Bridget gasped as Franky’s lips were finding all the right spots on her journey down the blonde’s neck and chest.

The brunette paused to swirl her tongue around each nipple, sending jolts down between Bridget’s legs. Franky moved down, placing kisses across the blonde’s ribcage. When she got to the sensitive spot on her side, she gave a small nip, causing Bridget to dig her nails lightly into the back of her shoulder. The younger woman moved down to the blonde’s stomach, leaving kisses and soft bites along the way.

She parted Bridget’s legs and settled herself between them. She turned her head, and kissed along the inside of the blonde’s thigh. At one spot, about midway up, she paused for a few seconds and applied some suction to a small patch of skin. Her and Bridget had an agreement never to intentionally leave marks on each other anywhere that would normally be visible, but everywhere else was fair game, and she wanted Bridget to remember this for the next few days when she saw it.

When she reached the top, Franky stopped and looked up at Bridget. Her normally bright blue eyes had turned dark and intense. The brunette lowered her head and ran her tongue along her girlfriend’s slick folds.

“Fuck, baby. Yes.” Bridget’s hand shot down to gently hold Franky’s head in place.

The brunette ran her tongue over Bridget a couple more times before wrapping her lips around the other woman’s clit and sucking gently, while slowly tonguing the small bundle of nerves. It only took a couple of minutes before Franky could tell that Bridget was nearing her orgasm. She looked up and saw the blonde’s eyes open, looking down at her, then snap shut as she threw her head back into the pillow. A steady stream of moans was coming from the older woman’s mouth and Franky could feel the tremors under her hand that was resting on Bridget’s thigh.

“Baby, oh god,” Bridget was close. “Oh fuck, wait, wait baby.”

Franky stopped her movements and picked her head up. “You okay, Gidge?”

“Yeah, I just, I don’t….” She was having trouble forming sentences. “I want to make this last.”

Franky gave a cocky grin, understanding now what the blonde’s issue was. She was doing her job too well, and Bridget was going to come faster than she herself wanted. “Babe,” Franky spoke, and waited until Bridget looked down at her, “there’s no rule that says you only get one tonight.” She lowered her head again and continued where she left off. It was only about a minute before the blonde was writhing again, grabbing at the sheets, and Franky’s hair. With a few final flicks of her girlfriend’s tongue, Bridget’s body shook as her fingers grasped the sheets until her knuckles were white. Franky stayed with her, slowing her movements, and prolonging the blonde’s orgasm as long as possible.

As soon as Bridget’s body stilled, the brunette brought two fingers to her entrance, and dipped them in slightly. The older woman let out a soft moan and pushed her hips forward, causing Franky’s fingers to move in a bit further. She knew the blonde’s clit would be overly sensitive for a few minutes, so she kissed the area where Bridget’s leg met her hip, another one of her ‘spots’.

“Please, baby,” Bridget whined, as she tried again to push herself fully onto Franky’s fingers.

The brunette gave in, buried both fingers into Bridget’s wet heat, and set a steady pace. She moved up the blonde’s body until she reached her breasts. She took a nipple between her lips, and gently scraped her teeth over it as she curled her fingers inside Bridget.

“Fucking hell,” the blonde arched her back, placing her hand on the back of Franky’s head , and pushing herself harder into the brunette’s mouth.

Franky lingered there, then switched to the other nipple until she felt Bridget’s muscles start to tighten and flutter around her fingers. She started to go back down the blonde’s body until she felt the hand, still on the back of her head, gently signal for her to move up to be face to face with her girlfriend.

She kept up her pace with her fingers, the blonde meeting her each time, as she looked into Bridget’s eyes, and watched the subtle changes in her expression when she hit a particularly good spot. “You like that?” Franky asked softly. The blonde gave a small smile, and a barely audible ‘yeah’.

Franky leaned down, capturing the other woman’s lips. She swiped her tongue along the blonde’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, which was immediately granted, and massaged the blonde’s tongue with her own. The kiss got sloppy as it became harder and harder for Bridget to concentrate on anything other than what Franky’s fingers were doing to her. The brunette felt Bridget clamp down hard on her fingers, as she moved her lips along the blonde’s jawline. With one final curl of Franky’s fingers, Bridget wrapped her arms tightly around her girlfriend, pulling her close, and felt the waves of pleasure wash over her for the second time.

When the blonde’s body had calmed once more, Franky picked her head up from the crook of her girlfriend’s neck and placed a featherlight kiss on her slightly parted lips. She pulled her fingers out slowly and the blonde whimpered at the loss of contact. Franky’s face hovered above Bridget’s and she reached up, tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear. The blonde looked into her girlfriend’s dark green eyes.

“What are you thinking, babe?” Franky asked quietly.

Bridget shook her head. “I just want to make you feel good, too.”

“You always do.”

Franky was already straddling one of Bridget’s legs, so the blonde bent her knee, and placed her foot flat against the mattress. The brunette immediately pressed into it, causing her clit to come into contact with Bridget’s soft skin. The blonde could feel Franky’s warmth and wetness on her leg. The younger woman lifted herself up, supporting herself with her arms as she began to move against her.

Bridget let her hands trail down Franky’s back, then placed them on her hips, slowing the brunette’s motions down a bit. Once Franky had adopted the pace that her girlfriend wanted, Bridget let her hands wander over her back, paying special attention to the sensitive area in the middle. The brunette lowered herself down onto her elbows so that she was able to meet the other woman’s lips. They kissed lazily and Bridget could feel the vibrations of the small moans Franky was making when their lips met. The blonde snaked her hand in between their chests, and gently squeezed one of Franky’s breasts. She took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and pinched as the brunette ground down against her. She did it again, matching Franky’s pace.

“Gidge…” Franky broke contact with the blonde’s lips just enough to whisper her name.

“Mmm?” Bridget continued her ministrations on Franky’s breast.

“Ah, fuck…” Franky couldn’t concentrate anymore on anything other than the feeling building quickly in her stomach. She moved her head back a fraction of an inch, only enough to be able to catch her breath, and she could still feel Bridget’s lips brush against hers as she moved. “I’m gonna come.”

Franky felt Bridget’s lips stretch into a small smile. “I’ve got you, baby,” the blonde cooed.

The brunette ground down one more time, and her body shook as her orgasm went through her. Bridget pulled her close, and held her tightly.

After a moment, Bridget flipped them over in one swift movement, so that Franky was now under her. The surprised brunette laughed, and Bridget gave her one of the sexiest smiles she’d ever seen. “I’m not done with you yet, baby,” the blonde husked as she lowered her head, and captured one of Franky’s still sensitive nipples in her mouth.

“Shit,” Franky arched her back.

Bridget worked her way down Franky’s body. She knew that the brunette loved having her tattoos touched and kissed. The psychologist part of her mind thought at one point that maybe it was a pleasure in pain thing, but she had quickly pushed that aside and accepted that it was just something her girlfriend liked. She kissed along the branches of the tattoo that wound from the brunette’s ribcage just under her breast, to her hip. When her lips had traveled about halfway down her stomach, Bridget reached down and ran her fingers along Franky’s slit. She smiled, feeling how much wetness had gathered there. Franky lifted her hips to meet the blonde’s touch, and Bridget let two fingers sink deep inside. She easily found the small, rough patch on the brunette’s upper wall, and applied a bit of extra pressure each time she passed over it. Franky’s mouth dropped open, and she let out a low moan.

When Bridget’s lips reached Franky’s centre, she slowed her fingers, but applied a bit more pressure. She laid herself down between her girlfriend’s legs, and placed one of them over her shoulder to give her more access. She reached up with her free hand to intertwine her fingers with Franky’s. She traced around the brunette’s clit slowly with the tip of her tongue, taking note of which areas made Franky involuntarily squeeze her hand a bit. She made sure to give those extra attention. After a few moments, she gave in, and wrapped her lips around the brunette’s clit. She let her tongue match the same, slow, steady rhythm as her fingers. With each thrust and lick, Franky’s grip on her hand tightened. It wasn’t long before she could feel shivers running through the brunette’s body.

“Holy fuck, Gidge.” Franky lifted her head and looked down at her as Bridget picked up her pace slightly. “Oh my god…” Her head fell back against the pillows.

Bridget watched as every muscle in the brunette’s toned body tightened. With a final swipe of her tongue, Franky went rigid and her back arched, mouth open in a silent scream before a wave ran over her, then another, and another, until she laid on the bed feeling like all her limbs had turned to jelly.

The blonde kissed her way up Franky’s stomach and chest until she was finally able to look the brunette in the eye. She wore a grin that told Franky she was very pleased with herself.

“What the fuck, Gidge? Where did you learn that move?” Franky laughed and Bridget just shrugged and gave her a small kiss.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too.” Franky rolled to lay on her side, and Bridget turned and moved her back against her, taking up their usual spooning position. The brunette placed small kisses along the back of the blonde’s shoulder.

“Promise me once you’re out of here that you’ll never leave me again.”

Franky reached behind her and pulled the blankets over them. She wrapped her arms around the blonde and took hold of her hand. “I promise, Gidge.”

They laid there in comfortable silence for a few minutes then Franky could tell from Bridget’s breathing that she had fallen asleep.

“I’m not going anywhere, Gidge, because I promise I’m going to marry you someday.” She said softly, wrapping her arms around the older woman a little tighter and closing her eyes, knowing that sleep would come soon.

The blonde was somewhere between wake and sleep when Franky’s words drifted to her ears. ‘…I promise I’m going to marry you someday…’. She willed herself to be able to remember it in the morning.


It was just before six in the morning, and Vera was on her way to get Franky and Bridget so she could get them out of there before anyone else arrived for work. She arrived at the door and gave a light knock, not wanting to frighten them. She waited a few seconds, and heard nothing, so she knocked a bit louder. Still nothing.

“Seriously?” She mumbled. She began searching for the key on the ring attached to her belt. She did not want to go in there and wake them up. Vera didn’t do awkward well.

She finally found the key she was looking for and slid it into the lock. She entered the room using her hand as a shield to block her view of the bed, not wanting to catch her friend in a potentially embarrassing situation.

When she stepped into the room, straight in front of her she saw Bridget’s discarded jacket, a bra, Franky’s jeans and boots, and a t-shirt.

“Great. Wonderful.” Vera muttered sarcastically.

She slowly turned her head until the foot of the bed came into view around the edge of her hand. She continued, prepared to snap her eyes closed if she started to see something she shouldn’t. As she scanned up the bed, she realized they were both covered up to their shoulders, and she let out a sigh of relief.

She walked toward the bed, intending to wake them gently, when her foot hit one of Bridget’s sandals, knocking it against the wall. The blonde stirred at the noise. Vera watched as it seemed that Franky could sense Bridget’s movement, as she pulled her closer and placed a small kiss on the back of her shoulder. The Governor saw a small smile flicker on her friend’s face.

“Bridget.” Vera whispered. “Bridget.” She repeated, a bit louder this time.

The blonde stirred, and slowly opened her eyes. “Vera! What-“ It took her a minute to realize that she wasn’t in her own bed at home, but in Wentworth.

“I’m so sorry, but it’s time to get up. I have to get Franky back to Medical.” Vera saw Bridget give a small nod. “I’ll wait outside while you two, uh, get dressed.”

After she’d left, Bridget turned to Franky. “Baby.”

“Mmm.” Franky groaned.

“Baby, you need to wake up.” The blonde brushed the backs of her fingers over Franky’s cheek.

“Aw, Gidge, come on, we can sleep in for one day.” She tucked her head further into the pillow.

“Franky, look at me,” Bridget spoke softly, and Franky opened her eyes slowly, looking around and realizing where they were. “It’s time for you to go back to Medical. Vera’s waiting outside.”

The brunette nodded, and moved in to give Bridget a kiss before getting out of bed. The blonde followed her lead as they gathered their clothes from around the room and got dressed.

Just before they stepped out the door to head their separate ways, Bridget wrapped her arms around Franky. “Please be safe in there. Please.”

“I promise. I’m gonna be fine, Gidge. Got my own personal guard, remember?” Franky smiled.

The blonde still remembered Franky’s last words from the night before. “I know, baby. You always do follow through on your promises.” She smiled and gave Franky one last kiss before they went out to meet Vera.

The Governor gave them a small smile, “Bridget, I’ve cleared your morning schedule as well, so you can head home if you’d like. I wasn’t sure how uh, rested, you’d feel.”

A smirk came across Franky’s face, and she noticed a slight blush creep into Vera’s cheeks when she saw her expression.

“Oh, Vera, thanks. Yeah I think I’ll head home and change. I’ll see you this afternoon though. Both of you.” She knew Franky had a session scheduled every afternoon so she’d be sure to be back in time for that. She turned and headed toward her office to get her bag.

Vera started back toward Medical and Franky followed her. “Vera?”

The Governor glanced over her shoulder. “Yeah?”

“Thanks again. That was a really nice thing to do for us.”

“Don’t mention it. I owe you way more than that.” They stopped at the door to the Medical unit and Vera swiped her card. “Linda will be along to pick you up soon, and you can go back to your cell. She’s with you for the day.”

“Awesome.” Franky said unenthusiastically, and flopped down on one of the stretchers. She had a long day of nothing ahead of her.