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Cooking Classes

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The next morning, Vera sat in her office going through Franky’s file. Bridget had told her some of what had happened with Franky and Kim Chang, and the events that had landed her in Wentworth, but the governor had to admit that the file was thicker than she had been expecting, and dated back to when Franky was still a teenager. There were a handful of cautions for possession of illegal drugs and one charge for trafficking of illegal drugs, which had been dropped. She continued down the list and saw a handful of minor assault and petty theft charges that had resulted either in probation or community service.

At the very bottom was a note about a serious assault charge that had been filed by a man named Michael Pennisi that had resulted in only a fine and community service. That was the type of charge that Vera knew should have amounted to more than it had. The name of the man listed also made something click in the governor’s mind, but she couldn’t quite place it.

She sat the file aside and turned to her computer, opened up her web browser and typed in “Michael Pennisi”. The search immediately returned thousands of results. He was a celebrity chef who dealt mostly in reality-type tv shows, which would explain why the name had seemed vaguely familiar. Vera scrolled until she came to an article titled “Network Cancels Reality Cooking Show After Contestant Brutally Assaults Host”.

She clicked on the article and began to read. It appeared that about halfway through filming the show, Franky had had enough of Pennisi insulting her and her cooking skills, and had beaten the man after he made some particularly harsh comments towards her. There was a video on the page as well, and Vera clicked play. It showed Pennisi tasting the dish Franky had prepared and then promptly spitting it out on the floor. “I wouldn’t feed this to my dog Francesca! Even if I did, he’d probably have enough sense not to eat it!”. She watched as Franky punched the man once, then again, before he fell to the floor. She then dropped to her knees and punched him twice more before she was hauled away by two security guards. It appeared he had lost consciousness somewhere between the third and fourth punches.

Vera continued reading. The network had decided, that since so many people on the show, both contestants and crew members, were coming forward with stories about verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of Pennisi, to cancel the show and offer a payout to everyone to keep them quiet. The exception to this was Franky. She hadn’t been given a payout, of course, instead they had decided to file a lesser charge that would allow her to avoid a prison sentence.

The governor watched the video once more then sat back in her desk chair with her arms folded. This was not the Franky she knew. She could clearly see from the video that it was indeed the brunette who had assaulted that man, but it was at odds with the woman her best friend had fallen in love with. This version of Franky, on the monitor in front of her, was not the same one who she had watched patiently teach a five year old how to make omelettes and cookies, or who had excitedly planned a surprise party with her for her girlfriend, or who had danced with her just a couple of weeks earlier.

That was Vera’s emotional side talking, but she knew she was supposed to put that aside if she was going to do her job properly. If she only had the file and this video to go on, she would have said that Franky was a dangerous person who shouldn’t be trusted. She had worked in corrections long enough to know that people, especially criminals, could put up a good front and show you only what they wanted you to see. As the governor, she would be expected to treat her as she would with any other prisoner. The problem was, she wasn’t just any other prisoner. She was her best friend’s girlfriend, and someone that she would probably call a friend herself. Vera had never before experienced a conflict between her professional and personal lives, and she found it unnerving. For now, she decided it was best to keep Bridget and Franky apart, for their own safety, to give her time to talk to her friend, and make sure she knew what she had gotten herself into.


Bridget had a couple of appointments first thing that morning, so she wasn’t able to get to her computer until an hour or so after work had started. She opened up her scheduling program and clicked on a slot she had open for 11am that day. She looked at Franky’s file sitting on her desk. She hadn’t read it, and she wouldn’t. The brunette had shared a lot of things with her about her past, but she knew there was more that she was yet to open up and talk about. Bridget felt that reading her file would be a form of betrayal. She wanted to experience getting to know Franky with Franky, and not from some sterile, clinical file. People were so much deeper than what was written in those types of reports. She typed in Franky’s name and assigned her to the empty slot.

Whenever Bridget, or any other staff member, scheduled an appointment with an inmate, a notification was sent to Vera’s computer. Today, when Franky’s name popped up saying she had been scheduled for a psych session, Vera quickly cancelled it. She felt bad; she knew Bridget would be worried about how her girlfriend was settling in.

Bridget saw Franky’s name appear in the empty box on her screen, and then disappear seconds later. She thought maybe there had been a glitch with the system so she tried again. The result was the same. She made a note to mention it to Vera later, and decided that she’d leave that slot open and head to H-block to see if she could find Franky herself.


Franky had woken up early that morning and decided to head out to the exercise yard. When she was younger, she found that working out was an effective way to burn off some of the anger she had inside her. Now, she rarely went to the gym unless something big was bothering her. Today, it wasn’t so much that she was angry, but that she had too much energy to just sit around in her cell and wait for something to happen. She wouldn’t be given a work assignment since she was on remand, so she’d have to find something to fill her days.

She started out doing some curls with the free weights and it wasn’t long before one of the other inmates came up to her. She thought she recognized the girl from H2, but she wasn’t sure. She’d decided that the best way to get through her time there was to keep to herself and not make enemies, or friends.

The girl was young, Franky guessed maybe twenty, and was a bit shorter than her. She had long dark brown hair and brown eyes and was, in Franky’s opinion, attractive. She was someone she would have hooked up with had she met her before Bridget.

“Hey, you must work out a lot. It really looks like you know what you’re doing there,” the young woman said, looking Franky up and down.

Franky internally rolled her eyes. This so wasn’t what she needed right now. “Well, it’s not exactly complicated. You pick them up then put them down.” The brunette wasn’t usually so rude to people, but in here, she knew she needed to establish her boundaries right away.

The young woman didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that Franky was trying to blow her off. “I’m Hannah, by the way.”


“Franky.” Hannah liked the way the name sounded in her mouth. “You know, if you ever need a spotter, I’m more than happy to help.”

“Yeah thanks, but I work out solo.” Her exercise time was supposed to clear her head, and she couldn’t do that with someone else around.

“Or, you know, if you need someone to hold the bag while you practice your punches, I’m up for that too.”

“Solo means alone.” Franky walked over to the rack and put the weights back, and Hannah followed. She clearly wasn’t going to get any more time to herself out here this morning.

“Yeah, sorry, I just thought-” She was cut off mid-sentence as the tall brunette turned and walked away from her.

“See ya around.” Franky raised her arm for the guard to unlock the gate and headed back to her cell. She needed to shower then find a way to kill the rest of the day. She hoped that Hannah would have work duty, so she wouldn’t have to deal with her again until much later.


Bridget was on her way to H-block when she met Will in the hallway.

“Hey, Bridget. Where are you headed?” Will always offered to escort her to wherever she was going, especially if things were tense in the prison. Bridget suspected now, however, that Vera had also told him to keep an eye on her and Franky to make sure that nothing happened to either of them.

“Oh, I’m just headed to see some of the new inmates,” She patted the stack of files she’d brought with her. “See how they’re all settling in. There’s a few I haven’t been able to schedule in yet for a one on one session.”

“Ah, I see.” Will looked at her for a moment. “So, you want me to walk you to H-block?”

Bridget smiled. “I think I’ll be okay, but thank you.” Will nodded and continued on.

She arrived at the unit just as Franky was returning from her shower, wrapped in a towel.

The brunette quickly scanned the unit when she saw Bridget approaching. “Gidge, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. I tried to schedule a session with you this morning but it wouldn’t go through the system for some reason.” Bridget talked as she followed Franky to the door of her cell, and was about to walk in with her when the brunette stopped and turned around suddenly.

“Gidge, you can’t come in with me.”

The blonde just looked at her girlfriend for a minute. “What? Why?” She couldn’t figure out why the other woman would be shy all of a sudden.

“Because there’s cameras everywhere. If we both walk in here with me in a towel and then I walk out completely dressed, how do you think that’ll look?” Franky raised her eyebrows, waiting for the older woman to process what she’d said. “Just give me a minute, then you can come in, okay?” Bridget nodded.

When Franky opened the door, the blonde carefully checked to make sure there was no one around who would see her enter the cell. Seeing no one, she slipped inside the door, and quickly closed it behind her. Franky’s arms were around her within seconds.

“I miss you so much, Gidge,” she whispered.

“I miss you too, baby.” Bridget held the brunette’s face and gave her a slow, deep kiss. “I can’t stay long.”

“I just want to hold you,” Franky tightened her grip around Bridget as the older woman nuzzled into her neck. She felt the blonde’s hands move under the back of her sweater to rest on the bare skin of her back. “No funny business, babe.”

She felt Bridget chuckle and place soft kisses at the base of her neck. “I just miss touching you. I miss having you next to me at night,” she murmured.

“I know. I’ll be home soon, I promise.” Franky kissed the side of Bridget’s head.

There was a knock on the door of Franky’s cell and the two women quickly separated. The brunette put her finger to her lips, signalling Bridget to be quiet, and pointed for her to stand in a corner of the room behind the door, where she wouldn’t be seen.

Franky opened the door just enough to put her head out and talk to whoever was outside.

“Hey, Franky,” Hannah said sweetly.

“What’s up?” She didn’t want to seem rude but she also didn’t want to invite anything from the young girl.

“I just thought I’d drop by and see how you’re doing. You were working out pretty hard earlier, I thought you might be sore.” She reached out and put a hand on the brunette’s shoulder.

Franky took a step back. “Nah, I’m fine. I’m just kind of busy, so I’ll catch you later, alright?” She didn’t give the girl a chance to answer, just closed the door and turned back to Bridget.

“Who was that?” Franky could tell that the blonde was trying to play it cool but there was an underlying tone to her question.

“Just some girl who was trying to talk to me while I was out in the exercise yard earlier.” The brunette shrugged. She knew that it was obvious that the girl was hitting on her, but she wasn’t interested and she needed Bridget to know that.

“I didn’t know you worked out and I’ve never seen you go to a gym.” The blonde had never once seen her girlfriend do any kind of exercise.

“I’ve been getting my exercise in a different way lately.” She winked at the blonde and saw her expression soften a little bit as she took her into her arms. “I love you, Gidge,” she said, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“I love you too, baby. Just remember, I’m the only one who gets to help you with your workouts.” She moved her hand up into Franky’s hair and pulled her down for a smoldering kiss, only breaking away when she needed air. She lightly bit the brunette’s bottom lip. “I should go.” She broke away from the younger woman.

“Oof, Gidge, you can’t just start something you don’t plan to finish.” Franky held her arms out to either side.

Bridget gave her a wink and a coy smile. “I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself. Now, check and make sure there’s no one out there who’s going to see me leave.”

Franky stuck her head out the door and looked around the unit then, seeing no one, opened the door so Bridget could exit.


Later that night, Franky laid in her cell thinking back over the day. It was too warm in there, and she was already wearing as few clothes as she dared. She couldn’t get comfortable; the mattress was too hard and the pillow was too lumpy. She missed Bridget’s bed that she could just sink into. She closed her eyes and thought of Bridget. She thought of the feeling of the blonde’s hands and mouth on her body. She thought of the kiss that she had left her with earlier in the day, and a shiver ran through her body. Had they been home, they would have ended up on the nearest surface making love. As it was though, she was alone in a small cell, on a single bed, and Bridget was at her house, in her bed, their bed, also alone.

She had on only a pair of shorts and a singlet. She let her hand trail down over her right breast, feeling her nipple harden as her fingers brushed over it. When she reached the spot where her top met her shorts, she let her hand slip underneath. She traced slow patterns on her skin, remembering the night when Bridget had taken the time to map all her tattoos with her lips. Her breath hitched as she passed over a particularly sensitive spot.

The brunette moved her left hand to the waistband of her shorts and flattened it against her stomach, letting it slide inside them. She let her fingers brush over her clit, a small whimper coming from her mouth, and moved farther down until they met the wetness that had begun to gather between her folds. As she pushed two fingers inside herself, she thought back to the night of Bridget’s birthday when the blonde had commanded her to lie down, and then proceeded to fuck her into speechlessness. She moved her hips, meeting her own thrusting fingers, and letting the base of her palm come into contact with her clit, causing friction there.

Franky could feel her orgasm quickly building and she moved her free hand back up to her breast, massaging it, and then pinching her nipple. Every pinch sent a jolt of electricity straight to her clit and she threw her head back, mouth open, and eyes shut tightly. She knew it would only take a few more thrusts of her fingers for her to finish and she took her bottom lip between her teeth, biting down, in an effort to keep quiet. It took one, two, three more thrusts until she felt her muscles clamp down on her fingers and the waves of pleasure washed over her.

As she brought herself down, she realized just how much she was missing her girlfriend. It had felt good, but it wasn’t the same. There was no one to hold after, or talk to, or fall asleep with. She turned on her side, determined to sleep for at least a few hours, and in the morning she’d ask about scheduling a session with Bridget.


Hannah let the corner of the curtain fall back over the window of the cell door. She had only intended to watch the brunette sleep for a few minutes, but when she arrived, she’d been witness to much more. She wondered who Franky was thinking about while she touched herself. The young woman thought that maybe the brunette was thinking of her, and the offer of the massage she had suggested earlier. Having seen the other woman settle in for the night, Hannah made her way back to her cell. With this new love blossoming, she’d definitely have something to talk about in her counseling session tomorrow.