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Cooking Classes

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Things had been going well for Franky and Bridget since the incident with Kim. Bridget could tell that Franky felt as though a weight had been lifted off her and she was starting to trust the blonde with some of the details of her past. The brunette had told her one night, when Bridget was lazily tracing the outline of her cherry blossom tattoo with her fingers, that she had gotten it to cover up the scars left on her by her mother when she was a child. She hadn’t gone into much detail about it, but Bridget knew that even sharing bits and pieces was a start.

The chef that Franky was filling in for at her friend’s restaurant had been able to return to work as planned and the brunette was back to being able to spend more time with her girlfriend and Emily. She had missed being there and hearing about their days and cooking meals with Emily.

The only thing not going well was the amount of stress that Bridget’s job was putting on her at the moment. Things had clearly gotten out of hand at the prison and the board was trying desperately to bring it back to something that resembled normal, or at least as normal as a prison could get. Derrick Channing had demanded that all the prisoners who’d been involved in the recent incidents have another psych evaluation done to see if their course of treatment needed to be altered to avoid future problems. This, along with the normal evaluations and reports on the new arrivals, had Bridget staying late most evenings and putting in a couple extra hours of her own time at home to type up her reports.

Franky did what she could to make things easier for the blonde. She looked after most of what needed doing around the house and spent time with Emily while Bridget worked in her home office. Bridget was trying to put up a strong front and say that she was doing okay but the brunette knew the difference. One night, the blonde had asked her to take her to bed, which Franky happily obliged, but by the time Franky had gotten undressed and under the covers, Bridget was already fast asleep.


The following week, the workload had eased up for the psychologist, but she was still feeling the effects of the previous few days. She’d worked through most of the weekend in order to get ahead, and that was probably the only reason why her desk wasn’t still piled high with case files. Franky had tried to get her to take some time for herself. The brunette was always good at sensing what Bridget needed, but the blonde had ignored her and pushed ahead through her work.

Bridget leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms over her head, trying to loosen the tension in her back and shoulder muscles. Her thoughts drifted to when she’d be working at home, and Franky would periodically come into the office to see if she needed anything. Even though most of the time her answer was ‘no’, the brunette would always stay for a couple of minutes to rub the knots out of her shoulders and give her a small kiss on the back of her neck before quietly leaving again. She knew that right now, Franky was probably busy going about her day, but she also knew that she didn’t teach any classes until late afternoon today, so she decided to pick up her phone and call her. Even hearing the brunette’s voice was comforting to the older woman.

“Hey, Gidge.”

“Mmm, hey, baby.” The blonde sighed. She could feel herself already relaxing.

“How’s your day going? Everything alright?” Franky knew that phone calls from Bridget while she was at work were rare, so she was slightly concerned to be hearing from her now, especially so early in the day.

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s good. Well, as good as it can be.” She gave a small, half-hearted laugh. “I just missed you and wanted to talk to you for a minute. I can’t wait to be home with you tonight. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“Nah, not at all, babe. I’m just doing a bit of paperwork in the office; putting in the orders for next week.”

“Okay.” The blonde had been working so much the past few days that her brain was struggling to even make small talk at the moment.

“Gidge? You sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, I’m alright. Just a little stressed out I guess.” Bridget sighed. “I should get back to work though. I’ll see you tonight, okay? I love you.”

“Yeah, tonight. I love you too.”

Franky had barely finished speaking when she heard the line go silent. She took the phone away from her ear and saw ‘Call Ended’ on the screen. She let out a big sigh and sat her phone back on the desk in front of her. She picked up her pen and tried to get back to work, but her mind kept thinking about how stressed out Bridget had sounded. Franky knew what it usually took to make the blonde relax when she was feeling like this, and her mind went back to that evening in the kitchen after they’d gone to the park. The brunette grinned.

Franky picked up her phone and dialled Vera’s number, hoping that she was at work.

“Hello?” The governor picked up on the second ring.

“Hey, Vera, you at work today?”

“Yes, I am.” Franky noted that Vera also sounded busy today and decided to make this quick and to the point so as to not take up too much of her time.

“I just got a call from Bridget. She seems like she’s having a rough day. Can you check her schedule and see if she has any free slots today?”

“Just one moment.” Franky could hear the click of computer keys in the background. “She’s free from ten thirty until noon and then has a lunch break until one this afternoon.”

Franky said a silent thank you in her head. “Is there any way that I can come visit her today? I want it to be a surprise.”

“That’s not really something we do, Franky.” When the governor heard Franky begin to protest, she continued. “We can’t have the public in the inner parts of the building. It’s a security and safety concern.”

“I know, but Vera, you can escort me there and then back out again. I won’t leave her office alone.”

Vera knew the stress her friend had been under lately and knew how much seeing Franky would mean to her. She would be taking a huge risk letting someone just walk in off the street and into the prison, but then she thought back to the night at the bar not that long ago when her and the brunette had shared a couple of dances. Franky had been incredibly nice to her, and had gone out of her way to make sure she was having fun.

“Okay, have them call me from the desk when you get here.”

“Thanks so much Vera. I really appreciate it.” Franky hung up the phone and grabbed her bag. She had to make a quick stop at her apartment on the way, and pick up some lunch for them, but it would only take a minute.


Franky pulled into the visitor’s parking and headed towards the entrance of the prison. She looked up at the building thinking how she’d never thought she’d walk in there on her own free will. There was more than once that she had narrowly avoided being put inside.

There was an officer she didn’t know working at the desk. “Hi, I’m here to see Vera Bennett.” She gave him a friendly smile, hoping to move this process along as quickly as possible.

“I need to see your ID, please.”

“Okay, yeah, sure,” she said, fumbling for her wallet in her bag.

She handed him her ID and he started scanning through a list of names on the paper in front of him. “You’re not on the approved visitor’s list for today, sorry.”

“Oh, no, probably not. It was a last minute thing. She just asked me to get you to call her when I got here.” The officer looked at her blankly. “I’m a personal friend.” Franky hoped that maybe that information would get him to budge. “Can you just call her?”

The officer rolled his eyes and picked up the phone. “Hello, Governor. I have someone here to see you, says she’s a uh, personal friend of yours. Name’s Francesca Doyle…Yes, Governor.” He hung up the phone. “She’s on her way, get in line over there.” He motioned towards the line to go through the metal detectors.

Franky hesitated but did as he said. She wasn’t expecting this and it could ruin her plans for her visit with Bridget. She was next in line when she heard Vera behind her.

“Franky?” The brunette turned around. “Yes, Franky, over here.” Franky let out the breath she was holding and walked back towards the main desk. Vera handed her a pass, which she clipped to her jacket.

“She hasn’t cleared security yet, Governor,” the officer said.

“It’s fine. She’s with me.” The officer started to protest and Vera turned to look him square in the eye. “I said, she’s with me.”

“Yes, Governor.” The officer held open the door for them and they headed towards Bridget’s office.

“Vera, you should let the Governor in you out to play more often, that was hot.” Franky clicked her tongue as they entered the administrative area of the building.

“You haven’t told her I was coming, right?” Franky asked the smaller brunette as they approached Bridget’s office. Vera shook her head.

“Here we are,” she said, motioning toward the door they had stopped at. The blinds were closed but Franky could see Bridget’s name written on the door. “I’ll be back just before one to escort you out.”

The brunette nodded, “Thanks again.”

Vera turned and headed back towards her office.

Franky turned the doorknob and stepped into Bridget’s office. The blonde’s head snapped up from what she was working on to see who had come in unannounced.

“Franky!” She said surprised. “What are-…How did you get in here?” She got up and crossed the office, putting her arms around her girlfriend and giving her a long kiss on the lips.

“I have my ways, Gidge.” Franky smirked. “You sounded so stressed when you called me this morning.”

“Mmhmm, I was. I still am.” Bridget sighed, moving her head from side to side in an effort to loosen the muscles in her neck.

Franky walked around so that she was behind the blonde and placed her hands on her shoulders, massaging the muscles there.

Bridget moaned, “That feels good, baby.”

Franky smiled. “I know how much you like this,” she whispered, placing a small kiss on the side of the older woman’s neck. “I also remember something else you said you’d like.”

“Mmm what’s that?” Bridget asked, her breathing picking up slightly.

“Remember the night after the park? In the kitchen? How you said you wanted me to take control and take you?” Franky still had her lips next to the blonde’s ear and she heard a small whimper come from the woman in front of her. “Is that still what you want, babe?”

“Yes.” It was breathy and barely audible, but it was definitely there and it was all the brunette needed to hear.

She removed Bridget’s jacket and placed it on one of the chairs. She took the blonde’s left hand and moved it around behind her back, then did the same with her right, holding them both together. The brunette then reached into the pocket of her jacket and took out a pair of handcuffs that she’d stopped off at her apartment to pick up. Thank god she hadn’t had to go through the metal detector when she got here.

Bridget felt the cold steel snap around one wrist and then the other. “Wish granted, babe,” Franky murmured into her ear.

The brunette heard Bridget gasp, and she walked her forward until she was face first against her office door. Franky pressed her body into the blonde’s back, forcing her to turn her head to the side. The brunette leaned in close so that her lips brushed the older woman’s ear as she spoke. “You know you’re going to have to be really quiet, right?”


“And I’m not going to make that easy for you.” Franky reached around the blonde and started to slowly unsnap her silky blouse. “You doing okay, babe? They’re not too tight?” She wanted to be in control, but this was also their first time trying something like this, so she wanted to check in with the blonde to make sure she was comfortable.

“I’m good. They’re good.” She had her eyes closed and her cheek was pressed against the door.

Franky could feel the other woman’s breathing pick up as she opened the last snap on her shirt. The brunette ran her fingers over Bridget’s stomach. She felt the muscles there tighten as the blonde let out a shaky breath. Her hand moved up to cup a breast and she felt a hardened nipple through the thin, lacy material of the blonde’s bra. Bridget whimpered at the contact.

“Franky…” Bridget knew she needed to be quiet but she was also desperate for the brunette’s touch.

Franky kissed the side of Bridget’s neck as she moved her hand down to unbutton the blonde’s pants and pull down the zipper. As she slid her hand inside, Franky could feel that Bridget had chosen to wear a lacy pair of underwear that probably matched the bra she was wearing. It wasn’t something she’d normally wear to work and Franky grinned, thinking it was probably made necessary by the fact that she was behind on doing their laundry but, either way, it was a welcome surprise. “Good choice with these, babe,” she said as she moved her hand inside them.

Bridget grinned. “Your fault.”

Franky’s fingers brushed over the blonde’s clit and Bridget let out a loud moan. Franky tugged slightly on the chain linking the handcuffs together. “I said you had to be quiet.” Bridget nodded.

The brunette moved her fingers lower, finding the wetness that had pooled in the blonde’s underwear. “Fuck, Gidge.”

“Again, your fault.” The blonde panted.

Franky ran her finger over Bridget’s folds, gathering wetness, and then came back to her clit. She traced different patterns there until she got the reaction she wanted. She ran two of her fingers down across the blonde’s clit, and barely dipped in between her folds, then moved back up to repeat the action. She felt Bridget’s hands, which were trapped between them, tighten into fists, gripping onto the front of her shirt. The brunette continued the motion and watched as Bridget shut her eyes tighter and bit her bottom lip.

“You like that?” Franky whispered in her ear. Bridget, still biting her lip, simply nodded her head.

As Franky continued to work her body into a frenzy, Bridget could hear people walking up and down the hallway in front of her door. She could hear their keys jingle as they walked and hear them greet each other as they passed. This only served to turn her on even more, thinking about where they were and how easily they could be caught.

Franky could feel that the blonde was getting close. She knew by now how to read the other woman’s body. She wanted more though. She removed her hand from Bridget’s underwear, causing her eyes to snap open.


“Shhh.” Franky turned her around so that they were now facing each other and replaced her hand in the blonde’s pants. “I like seeing your face when you come.”

The blonde closed her eyes again and Franky continued. The brunette took in the sight before her. Bridget’s chest was flushed and her navy blue lace bra was in stark contrast to her creamy skin. Her eyes traveled down the older woman’s body, coming to rest on the matching lace underwear and she watched her hand move inside of them, touching Bridget in all the right places. When she pushed two fingers inside the older woman, Bridget forgot about the handcuffs and tried to reach out to touch Franky, causing the metal to scrape loudly against the door.

A few seconds later there was a knock. “Ms. Westfall? Are you alright?” Someone passing by had obviously heard the noise and was concerned.

Franky and Bridget’s eyes met and Franky continued her movements, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Bridget tried her best to sound normal while her girlfriend was inside her and she was seconds away from an orgasm.

“Are you su-“

“I said I’m fine!” The blonde said it a little more loudly than she intended, but it had the desired effect as whoever it was didn’t say anything else.

Franky sped up the pace of her fingers and felt the first tremors start in Bridget’s body. As she pushed her towards her orgasm, she realized that the blonde was struggling against the handcuffs, trying to find something to hold onto as her legs started to shake.

Franky reached her free arm around Bridget’s back and held her up. “Stop, babe, you’re going to hurt your wrists. It’s okay, I’ve got you.” She whispered against her ear.

Bridget relaxed and Franky kissed her hard. A few finals thrusts of her fingers was all it took to send her over the edge, burying her face in Franky’s neck to muffle her moans.

The brunette held her until she had stopped shaking and lifted her head off her shoulder. Bridget looked at her with a grin on her face.

“I love you, babe. You feeling a bit better now?” Franky asked giving the blonde a slow, sweet kiss on the lips.

The older woman nodded. “I love you too.” Bridget tried to put her arms around her girlfriend but was stopped by the handcuffs. “Can we get these off now though?” She laughed.

“Yeah, sure.” Franky put her hand into the pocket of her jeans, then quickly checked the other pocket. “Uh, babe, I think I forgot to bring the key.” She started looking through the pockets of her jacket.

“Franky! Are you serious?” Bridget exclaimed.

“Babe, I’m sorry, I thought I put them in my pocket before I left. There must be someth-. Do they all use the same key? We can ask one of the officers to-”

“Franky! No! I’m no-“ Bridget stopped when Franky held up a small silver key that she had retrieved from the pocket of her jeans.

“Just kidding, Gidge,” she said with a huge grin on her face. Bridget gave her a sharp look as she unlocked the handcuffs and put them back in the pocket of her jacket. “If you’re hungry, I did actually pick us up some lunch from the Chinese place you like as well.” Franky nodded towards the bag she had brought with her that was still sitting on the floor beside the filing cabinet.

“Sounds perfect, baby.” Bridget gave her a quick kiss and cleared the pamphlets off the small coffee table so they could eat their meal.


At five minutes to one, there was a knock on the door of Bridget’s office.

“Come in!” the blonde called out.

Vera opened the door and stepped inside. “It’s time to go Franky. I’ll walk you out.”

The brunette nodded and both she and Bridget stood up. She kissed the blonde one last time. “I love you, babe. See you tonight.”

“I love you too.” Bridget replied as she watched Franky walk out the door with Vera.

They met Linda escorting a prisoner to her appointment with Bridget.

“What do we have here, Ms. Bennett? Some fresh meat?” The inmate flicked her tongue out at Franky as they approached.

“She’s not a prisoner, Gambaro. Back off.” Vera warned.

Juice’s eyes glanced down at the visitor’s pass clipped to Franky’s jacket then to the bag of empty take-out containers that the brunette was carrying. “Ah, too bad.”

The two pairs passed each other in the hall and Juice was quiet again until she got to Bridget’s office.

“G’day, Lucy,” the blonde greeted her warmly as she did every client.

“Ay, Ms. Westfall, never pegged you for a dyke,” Juice said, dropping into one of the lime green chairs.

“Pardon?” Bridget was used to inmates trying to get a reaction out of her and she never gave them the satisfaction of seeing her be shaken.

“That tall one is your girlfriend, yeah? You two just had a nice little lunch date in here.” Juice once again flicked her tongue out, making Bridget’s stomach churn.

“What makes you say that?”

“Because she just left here carrying a bag from a restaurant. Had a visitor’s pass and personal escort from the Governor too. Must be a really good root to get all that special attention.” Juice winked at Bridget.

“Lucy, what did you want to discuss today? How about the incident in the yard the other day?” Bridget took the seat across from the inmate and sat back, ready to listen.

“You know, I don’t blame you. She’s a nice piece of ass.”

“If you continue, I’ll call Ms. Miles to come take you back.” Bridget was done listening to her insult her girlfriend and mock their relationship.

“Aw, I’m just having a bit of fun. Okay, we’ll talk about the other day.” Juice sat back and started telling Bridget her side of the story. She talked about the fight that happened two days ago between her boys and another crew.


“Thanks again, for letting me visit. I know you bent some rules for me,” Franky said as they approached the visitor’s entrance.

“More than one.” Vera smiled. “The other night at the bar, you were just really nice to me when you didn’t have to be.” Vera looked down toward the floor. “I never did say thank you. So, thank you.”

Franky tipped her head to the side and smiled. “It was nothing. I’m making you dance with me again the next time we go out!”

Vera smiled and gave a small nod. Her and Franky said their goodbyes and she headed back to her office while Franky left for the centre to teach her afternoon classes.