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Cooking Classes

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It was Sunday evening, and Franky, Bridget and Emily had spent the afternoon with Vera, enjoying the treats that Emily and Franky had made for everyone. Now, the three of them were relaxing, sitting on the floor around the coffee table, playing a board game that Emily had brought with her, Monopoly Junior. Emily was clearly in the lead, owning most of the businesses on two sides of the board. Franky rolled a three and landed on the Movie Theatre.

“That’ll be three dollars.” She held out her hand to Franky to collect her money.

“It doesn’t even say what movie is playing. Don’t I have a choice whether or not I want to see it?” The brunette was down to her last few dollars, and her competitive side was coming out.

“No, Franky. If you land on it, then you have to pay.” Bridget held up the pamphlet with the rules printed on it.

“I just think the game should be realistic, that’s all. You don’t automatically get sucked into a movie theatre when you walk by and are forced to watch whatever movie happens to be playing.” She gave a small laugh, picturing in her mind the scene she’d just painted.

“You’re a ship, with eyes, sailing through the streets, eating pizza, and watching movies. Nothing about this is realistic. Pay the girl, baby.” The blonde said, smiling.

“Yeah!” Emily pointed to her outstretched hand, and Franky paid her the money she owed.

After a couple more trips around the board, the two women had lost all of their money, and Emily happily declared herself the winner. They packed up the game and Emily carried it back to her room to put away.

Bridget moved over to sit beside Franky and pulled her in for a kiss. A smile came across Franky’s face as their lips parted and the blonde kept her hand on the nape of the younger woman’s neck, playing with the short hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. Bridget rested her forehead against Franky’s.

“I should get going.” The brunette sighed. While it was a holiday for Bridget and Emily with them both having the next day off, Franky had agreed to help out a friend at her restaurant after her chef injured his arm and would be out for a few days.The restaurant was closer to her apartment, and she didn’t want to wake the other two when she left in the morning since they would be able to sleep in, so she had decided that she’d spend the night at her place.

The blonde nodded, and Franky knew that she didn’t want her to go. They hadn’t spent many nights apart since they’d started dating, and surprisingly, that didn’t bother the brunette at all.

Emily returned to the living room. “Can we have a sleepover tonight?” She asked Franky.

“A sleepover? You live here right now, bub. You can’t have a sleepover in your own house.” The brunette explained to her.

“But you don’t.” The small blonde said, matter of fact.


“So you can have a sleepover here. And we can watch a movie.” Emily looked at her like it was a done deal and there was no way Franky could reason her way out of this.

“I’m really sorry, but I can’t tonight. I promised a friend that I’d help her, and I have to be there really early in the morning. And the place I have to be is really close to where I live.” As she was explaining this, she saw the girl’s face drop as she looked down at the rug they were sitting on.

“Okay.” Emily got up and walked down the hall towards her room.

“Fuck.” Franky muttered. She looked over at Bridget, who placed her hand on the brunette’s knee to try to comfort her.

Franky did want to spend the night. She always slept better when Bridget was next to her, and she hated seeing the disappointment on the little girl’s face. She got up and walked to Emily’s room. She was sitting on the floor, drawing.

Franky leaned against the door frame. “I’ll stay and have a sleepover with you tonight, okay? But I really do have to leave early in the morning.” The girl ran to Franky and threw her arms around her waist. The brunette smiled, “Okay. Why don’t you change into your pjs, and I’ll go put mine on then we’ll watch the movie?”

She heard Emily run down the hall while she was in the bedroom changing.

“Auntie Bridge! Franky said she’d stay tonight!” The child ran up to Bridget, who was still sitting on the living room floor. “And she said we could have a sleepover. Can you help me get the sleeping bags for us?”

“Sleeping bags? Love, you both have beds here to sleep in.” Bridget was trying, but failing to follow the young girl’s train of thought.

“But for a sleepover, you sleep in sleeping bags.”

Bridget thought for a moment, then headed to the closet in the spare bedroom to get the requested sleeping bags. She brought them back to the living room, then spread them out on the floor after dragging the coffee table to the edge of the room to make some open space. She placed some pillows from the couch on the floor with them and went to the kitchen to prepare a snack for the two to have while they watched the movie.

Franky made her way to the kitchen after changing her clothes and looked over to the living room, seeing the two sleeping bags laid out.

“Uh, Gidge?”

“Uh, Franky?” She answered, knowing exactly what the brunette was going to say.

The younger woman walked up beside her and spoke low enough so Emily wouldn’t hear her. “What’s going on here?”

“A sleepover.” She held out a strawberry that she was putting onto a plate with some other fruits for their snack and the brunette took it between her teeth, letting it fall into her mouth.

She chewed for a moment. “Yeah I can see that but….”

“But what, baby?”

“I thought after the movie, I’d be sleeping with you.” Franky did her best puppy dog eyes.

“Oh no, don’t even start with that look.” Bridget laughed. “She invited you to sleep over, not me. You know the saying ‘Dance with the one who brought you’?” Franky nodded. “Then you’re sleeping out here with her tonight, baby.” She gave her girlfriend a peck on the cheek and carried the food over to the living room, placing it down between the two makeshift sleeping areas. “I’m going to take my laptop into the office and catch up on some work. You guys enjoy the movie!”

“What are we watching tonight, bub?” Franky asked settling into her sleeping bag.

“Despicable Me!” Emily said excitedly.

“Right on, start it up.” Franky told her and the girl pressed play on the remote.

They made it through the first movie and the suggestion for the second movie popped up on the screen so Franky clicked ‘ok’. It looked to her like Emily was almost asleep so she figured she’d give it a few more minutes before it was safe to sneak into Bridget’s bedroom.

Just before midnight, Bridget quietly exited the office and saw that Emily and Franky were both fast asleep with the movie still playing on the TV. She didn’t want to risk waking them so she decided to leave it on and headed to her bedroom. She changed into her pjs, slipped under the covers and was fast asleep in no time.

Franky woke up to a completely dark room. She figured she must have fallen asleep sometime during the second movie. She fumbled for her phone and when she found it, she pushed the button to illuminate the screen so that she could check the time. It was one in the morning. Her back was already sore and she knew if she stayed there any longer, she wouldn’t be able to move in the morning. She turned on the flashlight on her phone, and carefully made her way down the hall to where Bridget was sleeping.

She turned off the light on her phone, now able to see with the moonlight coming in through the partially open curtains. She lifted the blankets and crawled in gently behind Bridget. The blonde immediately pressed her back against Franky, letting herself become the little spoon.

“Thought you were supposed to be sleeping out there tonight,” She said in a sleepy voice.

“Gidge, I can’t. My back is already killing me. I’ll go back out in the morning before she wakes up, she’ll never know,” the brunette explained.

“Okay, baby.”

“Besides, don’t you miss me?” Franky kissed the back of the blonde’s neck.

“Mmm, always.” Bridget reached back, finding Franky’s hand and bringing it to her mouth. She kissed each of her fingertips and heard Franky’s breath hitch.

The brunette moved her hand down until she found where Bridget’s t-shirt met her shorts and pushed her fingers underneath the fabric. She started to trace patterns on the older woman’s stomach, placing kisses along the back of her neck. Franky’s hand moved down and her fingertips started to slip beneath the elastic band on the blonde’s shorts.

Bridget gently placed her hand on top of Franky’s. “Wait.”

Franky stopped her movement. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just a little sore from last night,” the blonde said, turning onto her other side, so they were now face to face.

“I’m sorry, Gidge.” Franky remembered how they had both probably gotten more carried away than normal, but she never intended to hurt the blonde.

Bridget smiled, “I’m not. I loved every second of it. But maybe just tonight can we keep it, you know?” She motioned to the area of her body above her waist.

“So you just want to make out like a couple of high school kids?” Franky raised her eyebrows with a smirk.

“Mmhmm.” Bridget hesitated. “If that’s okay?”

“Of course, Gidge.” Franky smiled, giving her a small kiss.

Bridget reached out and traced the lines of the tattoo on Franky’s right arm, making goosebumps appear on her skin. “I like these.”

“Why do you like them?” Franky asked her quietly.

“That first night I met you,” Bridget began, “Em was so excited about you, and she told me that you had let someone draw on your arm. I remember looking over and wanting to know if there were any other ones hiding under that chef’s jacket…or anywhere else.”

“Having impure thoughts right from the moment you met me, were you?” Franky teased her, making the blonde’s cheeks turn a light pink.

“Mmmm, maybe.” Bridget hummed. “You mean to tell me that you weren’t?”

“Of course not!” The brunette pretended to act offended by Bridget’s assumption, then gave a small laugh. “The second time I saw you, the first time we kissed, I just wanted to fuck you right there in the kitchen.” Franky saw the blonde’s eyes darken.

“I probably would have let you if we’d been alone,” the older woman confessed, causing a cocky smirk to appear on the brunette’s face.

“You deserved better than that though, so I’m glad we didn’t.” Franky didn’t normally share her feelings. Usually, she didn’t have any feelings like this to share anyway, but something about this woman made her feel like she’d drank a truth serum.

“Me too, baby.”

Franky pulled the blonde close and replaced her hand under her shirt, this time moving up to cup Bridget’s right breast. She felt the nipple harden against her palm as the older woman let out a low moan. The brunette removed her hand and took the nipple between her thumb and index finger, pinching it gently as she nipped at Bridget’s bottom lip.

“Fuck, Franky,” the blonde said breathlessly.

“Did you know that some people believe that stimulation of the nipples alone can lead to orgasm? Do you think that’s true, Gidge?” Franky asked, pinching Bridget’s nipple again.

“Ah….Well, uh….a large part of the female orgasm is the um, mental component so I’d say it’s definitely possible.”

“I reckon it’s something worth looking into,” the brunette said with a cheeky grin.

Bridget lazily kissed Franky, letting her hands wander over the brunette’s body. Tonight wasn’t about sex or orgasms, it was about just being there together.

The blonde let her hand slip under Franky’s shirt, dragging her fingers over the younger woman’s hips and around to the centre of her back. She let her fingers move back and forth over the small dip in the middle. Franky shivered and arched her back, pushing herself into Bridget’s front.

“That feels really good,” Franky mumbled against Bridget’s lips. The blonde had guessed as much by the reaction she had gotten, but there was something about hearing the other woman say it that made it so sexy.

Bridget traced the brunette’s spine with her middle finger all the way up to a spot between her shoulder blades, and drew patterns there lightly with her fingernail, eliciting a breathy ‘fuck’ from Franky. The movement of her arm had made the younger woman’s shirt ride up, exposing her right breast. Bridget dipped her head and captured her already erect nipple between her lips and sucked gently, alternating between small bites with her teeth and then soothing the sting with her tongue.

When the blonde repositioned herself slightly to move her mouth to Franky’s left breast, her thigh fell in between the brunette’s legs causing friction there.

“Oh fuck,” Franky whispered as Bridget felt a tremor run through the brunette’s body.

She moved her hand back down to the sensitive spot on Franky’s lower back that she’d found earlier and applied a gentle pressure, trying to silently communicate to the other woman to move against her thigh again, all the while continuing her movements with her mouth.

Franky was close after everything the blonde had been doing to her and when she made contact with Bridget’s leg, she knew it had been unintentional, but fuck it felt good. She felt the older woman’s hand move to her lower back again, and a jolt went through her body right to her fingertips. It took her a moment to realize that Bridget was trying to get her to move against her thigh again. As Franky began to rock her hips, she knew she wouldn’t last long. She looked down at Bridget, locking eyes with her. She rocked her hips one final time and her eyes snapped shut as she turned her head into the pillow, trying to be quiet, so as that Emily wouldn’t hear them, as her orgasm rushed over her.

Bridget pulled Franky’s shirt back down as she left kisses along the brunette’s neck. “I’d say that theory is at least partially true.”

“Fuck, Gidge.” Franky gave a small laugh, still catching her breath. “I thought we were just messing around tonight.”

“We were, but sometimes stuff just happens. Besides, I always play to win, baby.” Bridget gave the brunette a wink.

“How did I ever find you?” Franky laughed, but there was a seriousness behind her words.

Bridget smiled and shrugged. “Maybe it was a random series of events. My brother going away, looking after Em, signing her up for your class, the lockdown at Wentworth that first night. Or maybe it was fate and it would have happened in some way no matter what.”

“Of all the kitchens, in all the towns, in all the world, you had to walk into mine.” Franky joked, reciting the classic movie line.

“Mmhmm.” The blonde laughed.

Franky knew that Bridget wasn’t feeling up to doing certain things tonight, but she also knew that she still wanted to make her feel good. She kissed her as her hand reached down to pull up the blonde’s shirt, exposing her stomach and chest. She worked her way down, paying attention to each nipple and finally letting her lips settle on the sensitive area on the side of the older woman’s ribcage.

The brunette reached down and ran the back of her index finger up and down over the soft skin between the blonde’s naval and the top of her shorts. She felt the muscles twitch under her touch and she began the journey with her lips down to where her hand was working. She felt Bridget’s hand tangle in her hair, stilling her movements, and guessed she must be doing something there that the blonde liked.

A few seconds later, they heard the door knob turn. Bridget quickly pulled her shirt back down even though she was under the covers and her back was to the door. Franky lifted her head and looked over Bridget.

She could see Emily standing there. “Hey, Em.” The girl walked up beside the bed. “What do you need, bub?”

“Why did you leave?” Emily asked, her voice still heavy with sleep.

“My back hurt from sleeping on the floor so I came in here where it’s more comfortable.” Franky went with the mostly honest answer.

“Mine hurts too,” the young girl said.

Bridget turned over so that she was now facing Emily as well. “Do you want to go sleep in your bed instead then? I’ll clean up the living room in the morning.”

“What about the sleepover?” the girl asked her aunt.

“Maybe we can do it another time and make it more comfortable for you guys out there?” Bridget was trying to gently offer a solution so the girl would leave and go back to sleep, but Emily just shook her head. “What do you want to do then, love?”

“I want to sleep here.”

Bridget turned her head and looked behind her at Franky. “It’s okay,” the brunette said, kissing her temple.

The blonde moved back into Franky more and patted the space in front of her but Emily shook her head. The girl climbed up onto the bed, motioning for Bridget to move away from Franky. They now understood that the girl wanted to sleep in between them again like she had the night after the park when she had nightmares.

“Did you have a bad dream again, bub?” Franky asked.

“No,” Emily said settling in between them. After a few minutes, they were all about to drift off to sleep again when the girl whispered, “The minions are creepy.”

Franky looked across the young girl and met Bridget’s eyes. “I knew it,” the brunette mouthed. They both smiled.