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Cooking Classes

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The next morning, Bridget woke up early to pack the things she needed for their day at the park. About an hour before Franky was due to arrive, she quietly entered Emily’s room to wake the sleeping girl, and get her ready for the big day they had planned.

“Em.” Bridget knelt down beside her niece’s bed and spoke softly. Getting no response, she reached out and brushed her thumb over the girl’s cheek. “Em, darling, wake up.”

The girl began to stir and slowly opened her eyes, “Auntie Bridge?” She said sleepily.

“Yeah, baby, it’s me. You need to get up now okay? And get dressed.”

“Is it almost time for school?”

The blonde smiled. She had clearly woken her from a deep sleep, and Emily didn’t even know what day it was.

“No, dear, it’s Sunday but we’ve got something special to do today so we need to get ready, alright?” Bridget spoke softly, as the girl was still in the process of waking up. She slowly nodded her head and began to sit up, rubbing her eyes.



Franky’s thoughts last night had been correct; she was the one who wasn’t going to be sleeping. She figured she had gotten in maybe a good couple of hours, but the rest of the time she’d spent watching the clock. She had briefly wondered if she had anything in her medicine cabinet that said it may cause drowsiness, but then decided against that, as she didn’t want to feel the after-effects today. She threw a few things into a small tote bag, and headed out the door, deciding that she’d definitely need to stop at the coffee shop on the way there for something strong.

The shop wasn’t too busy when she got there, being that it was still fairly early on a Sunday morning. She walked up to the counter and ordered coffees for herself and Bridget, and a hot chocolate for Emily. As she waited for her drinks, she heard a familiar voice call out.


She turned to see Kim walking up behind her. “I don’t have time for this right now, Kim.” She wasn’t going to make a scene, but she wasn’t going to be overly polite.

“Did you block my number?” Getting no response from the brunette, Kim continued, “Because I called and called yesterday afternoon, and it kept going to voicemail right away. Then I drove by your apartment building, and your car was there, so I know you weren’t at work. So why didn’t you answer?”

“You drove by my apartment? What the fuck? Are you stalking me?” Franky really wished those drinks would hurry up and arrive so she could leave.

“No, no, I just wanted to know where you were; why you wouldn’t pick up your phone.” She wrung her hands nervously.

After what seemed like an eternity, the barista sat a tray of drinks down on the counter. Kim’s eyes shifted to them and saw that they weren’t just for Franky.

“Ah. Okay. I see. Going to see that bitch I saw leaving your apartment the other night?” Kim spat out.

The brunette picked up the tray and turned to leave. Whatever else Kim said after that, Franky didn’t hear, and didn’t care.



Franky arrived at Bridget’s house a few minutes later and parked her car on the street. She grabbed the drinks and her bag and made her way to the front door. It was unlocked, so she let herself inside. She was just setting the drinks on the kitchen counter when she felt two arms wrap around her from behind and heard a “Hey baby” mumbled into the back of her neck.

She turned around in the embrace and was met with Bridget’s blue eyes. “Hey yourself,” she said, dipping her head down to capture Bridget’s lips. Franky had meant for it to be a simple good morning kiss but the blonde moved her hand around to the back of her head, holding her there and deepening the kiss, eventually ending it with a soft bite to the taller woman’s bottom lip.

Franky couldn’t help the smile that came across her face.

“Uh, Gidge…” She looked around the room, then down the hall, trying to see where the young girl was.

“Don’t worry, she’s in her bedroom, and the door is closed. We’ll hear her when she comes out.” Bridget giggled against Franky’s lips.

“You’re a dirty bird but in that case…” Franky picked the blonde up and sat her down on the counter.

She leaned in capturing Bridget’s lips again and swiping her tongue across the older woman’s bottom lip. She was granted access immediately and Bridget moaned into her mouth. Just then, they heard a door open at the end of the hall.

Franky backed away, “To be continued.” She said winking at the blonde who was still sitting on the counter.

Emily came around the corner into the kitchen, and as soon as she saw Franky, she ran to her, giving her a big hug.

“Hey there, I got you something.” She reached over and picked up the hot chocolate from the counter, handing it to the girl.

“Thanks Franky.” She took a drink and then spotted her aunt. “You said people aren’t allowed to sit on the counter. That’s what you told me when I climbed up there once.”

“Yes, well, uh, hey Franky, why don’t you tell her what we’re doing today?” Bridget wasn’t about to try to come up with an excuse for being where she was, so she opted for deflection instead.

“Auntie Bridge hasn’t told you yet?” The girl shook her head. “Ah. Welllll, we are going to Luna Park!”

The young girl jumped up and down with excitement. “All of us?”

“Yep, all of us!” Bridget had made her way down from the counter and went to gather the things they’d need for the day. She looked back towards Franky, “We’ll take my car, yeah? Since it’s got her seat already in it.”

Franky nodded, “Yep, sounds good. Lead the way.”

As Bridget got Emily buckled into her car seat in the back, Franky doubled checked that she had the tickets with her and then used Bridget’s key to lock the door. As they pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road, neither of them noticed the car parked a short distance down from where Franky had left hers.

Kim had followed Franky from the shop and watched her go into the house, then come out a short time later with the blonde she had seen at the apartment that night. What she hadn’t expected was that there would be a kid involved. Franky Doyle did not play house with anyone.



When they arrived at the park gate, Bridget took out her wallet and Franky put out her hand to cover it.

“Already taken care of Gidge.” She held out the piece of paper she had printed to be scanned so they could get their bracelets.

“Franky, you didn’t have to do that.” The brunette shrugged. “At least let me give you some money.”

“Nah, I’ve got it, no worries.”

Bridget reluctantly put her wallet away saying that lunch and treats were on her and they stepped forward to the booth where they each had a brightly coloured bracelet placed around their wrist.

“Where to first?” Franky asked excitedly.

Emily spotted the Twin Dragon, a large ship, suspended in the air that swung back and forth like a pendulum and pointed at it excitedly. Just watching it already had the brunette’s stomach churning but she decided that she could tough it out. The three of them took their spot in the line. It wasn’t as bad as Franky thought it would be, and Emily squealed with delight every time the ride paused at the extreme end of its arc, then swung back in the opposite direction.

They made their way through the park, trying out almost every ride they came to. Emily had especially loved the carousel, and by the time they were ready to go eat lunch, Franky and Bridget had lost count as to how many times they had ridden on it.

They made their way to Cafe Luna for lunch. It was a bright, open restaurant; painted white inside with long, dark wooden tables. Franky and Emily gave Bridget their orders and went to find a table.

“So you having a fun day so far, bub?” Franky asked the child, sitting down at a table they had found off in a quiet corner.

Emily nodded enthusiastically, “Can we get fairy floss later? And I want to go on the scary train.”

Franky had seen the Ghost Train ride on the way through the park and remembered that it had been one of her favourites the last time she’d visited.

“Ohhh, yeah, that one’s a classic! There’s ghosts and skeletons and zombies!” The brunette lifted both of her hands and reached out for Emily, doing her best zombie impression from the classic horror movies. The girl gave a small scream then started to laugh.

Just then, Bridget arrived with their food. Cheeseburgers and fries for Franky and Emily, and a slice of pizza for herself.

“What’s going on here now?” She asked, smiling down at her niece as she sat the plates of food out in front of them.

“We’re going on the scary train!” Emily excitedly told her aunt, grabbing one of the fries from her plate.

“Oh, we are?” Bridget shot a questioning look at the brunette sitting across from her. She turned back to her niece. “Don’t you think that’s a bit scary? You might have a bad dream tonight.”

“I’m brave. And Franky says it’s a clas-, a cla-“ The girl struggled to find the word that Franky had used a few moments earlier.

“Classic” The brunette said between bites of her burger.

“Yeah, a classic. Thanks Franky.”

“Yes, thanks, Franky.” The blonde shot another look at her girlfriend and Franky felt like this was going to be a conversation they’d have later on. “Let’s just have lunch and then we can check out the rest of the park, yeah?”

The young girl dropped the subject of the scary ride and happily ate her lunch.

They continued on their way through the park, and after going on a few more rides and sharing some fairy floss as Franky had promised, they arrived at the carnival games. They all tried their hand at various games, but Franky was the only one to have any success. She played a dart toss game and won a teddy bear for Emily. The next game she tried was a target shooting game that used an electronic gun.

She gripped the gun, raised her arms, straightened them out in front of her, and began picking off the targets one by one. Bridget and Emily stood watching and Bridget wondered how she had never noticed before how toned her girlfriend’s arms were. She watched as the muscles in her forearm flexed each time she pulled the trigger and saw the total look of concentration on her face. The blonde was so rapt that she almost didn’t even realize when the game ended. She was brought back to reality when she realized that Franky was talking to her.

“Gidge, you alright?” Franky was holding out a stuffed penguin that she had just won.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” Bridget reached out and took the toy from the brunette. “I was just distracted.” She looked around and realized that Emily wasn’t standing with them anymore.

Franky noticed the sudden look of panic on the blonde’s face, “She’s just over there playing another game.” She looked to where the younger woman was pointing to see Emily at the booth next to them. “So what got you all distracted, huh?” Franky asked, taking a step closer and seeing a slight blush creep into Bridget’s cheeks.

“I was just admiring the view.” The blonde was trying to play it casual.

“Is that so?” Franky took another step closer and reached out, putting her arm around the older woman’s waist. “And what part of “the view” got to you?”

The blonde playfully slapped the brunette’s arm, “Franky! Not here! Later.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Franky gave her a quick peck on the lips and they turned their attention to watch the young girl trying to knock over a pyramid of bottles in the next booth.

It was late afternoon and they had seen and done pretty much everything in the park. As they were making their way to the gate, Emily spotted the Ghost Train ride again.

“Auntie Bridge?” Bridget felt the young girl tug on her hand but kept walking, hoping that she could avoid the topic of the scary ride again. “Auntie Bridge.” The girl tugged a little harder this time. “Can I please go on the train?”

Bridget stopped and looked down at the girl who looked to Franky for help.

“It might be a bit scary for you, yeah? We can come back another time when you’re a bit older and you can go on it then.” Franky had realized her mistake of getting the child excited about the ride at lunch and was trying to make it up to Bridget.

“Please.” The child looked back and forth between the two adults.

Bridget considered it for another moment. “Okay fine, but you know it might be scary, yeah?” The girl nodded and the three of them made their way over to the ride.

Emily loved the ride except for a couple of scary moments when some sort of monster jumped out at them. The train came to a stop and they exited the ride and continued on the way to the gate. Overall, it had been a good day and the two adults were confident that they had given the young girl some good memories to look back on.

They pulled into the driveway at Bridget’s house and Franky noticed a note under her car’s wiper. “I’ll be back in a sec.” She told Bridget and jogged over to grab the note. She opened it and felt a shiver run down her spine:

Never figured you were someone who’d play house. Your girlfriend’s kid is cute though. It’d be a shame if something happened to her. I told you this wasn’t over.

Franky ripped up the note and let the pieces drop from her hand, where they were carried away by the breeze. Fucking Kim, she thought. She must have followed her from the coffee shop that morning. Franky didn’t care what Kim said or did to her, but threatening Bridget or Emily was a different story. She never thought Kim would ever do anything to a kid but now she was starting to question that, and clearly she now knew where they lived.

Bridget and Emily were already in the house when Franky returned from her car.

“Em, you need to eat something for supper before you fall asleep. You look exhausted darling.” Bridget was trying to get some food into her niece before the child was out for the night but Emily kept refusing, just shaking her head. After a few more attempts, the blonde gave up and decided she would just put her to bed and if she woke up hungry later on, she’d deal with it then.

Franky was thankful for the few moments she had alone while Bridget was putting Emily to bed. She refused to let Kim get into her head but, at the same time she was worried about how far Kim was willing to go. She was putting away the dishes that had been left in the drying rack from breakfast when Bridget returned and hopped up to sit on the counter.

“You’re not allowed to sit on the counter.” Franky teased her. “House rules and all apparently.”

“I make them which means I can break them.” Her girlfriend laughed.

“Gidge, I’m sorry that I assumed she could go on that ride at lunch.”

“Don’t worry about it, baby. She was already asleep before I got out the door.” Bridget reached out, grabbing Franky’s shirt and pulling her close, parting her legs so the brunette could stand between them. “Besides, if she wakes up tonight, you’ll be the one who has to get up with her.”

Franky gave a mock gasp, “Is that so?”

Bridget nodded and wrapped her arms around the younger woman’s neck. “You know, I believe I was also promised something this morning. Maybe something that you’d continue?” The blonde drew out the last words as she let her lips hover close enough to Franky’s that she could feel her breath on them.

The brunette chuckled and began trailing kisses along Bridget’s jawline and down her neck, licking, sucking and biting as her hand moved to open the button on the blonde’s jeans. She found the spot under the older woman’s ear, that she remembered had been so sensitive the other night, and teased her there while she slowly slipped her hand into her underwear.

Franky’s fingers brushed over Bridget’s clit and the blonde tightened her grip around Franky’s neck, pulling her in closer. The brunette let her fingers slide over Bridget’s folds a couple of times, gathering the wetness that had pooled there, then returned to her clit, drawing slow tight circles around it. She could feel the blonde’s hand trying to slip under her pants. Franky had other plans though for tonight so she gently took Bridget’s hand with her free one and laced their fingers together.

She was about to protest when the younger woman whispered in her ear, “This is just about you right now, babe.” The blonde whimpered at hearing Franky’s words. “I do want you to tell me something though.”

“Mmmmm, what?” Bridget’s voice was barely more than a whisper and the brunette knew that the older woman was quickly losing control.

“Tell me what got you so distracted when you were watching me at the park today.” Franky pulled back slightly, making eye contact with the blonde.

“Franky…” The blonde trailed off.

“Tell me.” Franky slowed down her circles on the older woman’s clit slightly, hoping to drag it out a little longer.

“Mmmm. I was thinking that you looked hot, your arms and …..ah….they looked strong….” Bridget was getting lost in the sensation of Franky’s fingers again.

“And?” Franky prompted.

“And you looked so intense. And I pictured you.....fuck Franky.”

The brunette could feel the first twitches starting in the blonde’s body.

Franky moved back to the blonde’s neck and bit gently. “Pictured me what?” The only response from the blonde was a soft moan. “Tell me.”

“You taking me….” Bridget clearly was too far gone to form a coherent sentence, so Franky decided to help her out.

“Taking you and taking control? Franky moved back to the area below the blonde’s ear and ran the tip of her tongue along it. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes. Fuck….I’m..”

She sped up her fingers, and the blonde grabbed on to the back of Franky’s t-shirt, bunching it up in her fists as her body shook. She buried her face in Franky’s neck to keep as quiet as possible but she couldn’t help a couple of louder moans that escaped her mouth.

The brunette held her until she stopped shaking and slowly removed her hand from the blonde’s pants.

“Well, that might be something we’ll have to try out some time.” Franky said with a huge grin on her face.

Bridget blushed and put her head back down on the brunette’s shoulder. “It’d probably go pretty well, yeah.” They both laughed.

They stood there for a moment and Franky noticed that the blonde’s breathing was starting to slow and even out which meant she was falling asleep. “Gidge?”

“Yeah, baby?” Bridget mumbled.

“I don’t think Em was the only one who’s exhausted. Let’s go to bed.” She felt Bridget nod and placed a kiss on her temple before stepping back to allow her to get off the counter and follow her to the bedroom.



Franky woke with a start, breathing rapidly and covered in sweat. She dreamt that she was on the Ghost Train but instead of monsters jumping out to scare the three of them, it was Kim. She’d jump out and grab at Emily and Bridget, trying to pull them out of the ride and right before she woke up one of the Kims had almost succeeded in tearing the small girl out of her arms.

She checked that the blonde beside her was still sleeping, and then carefully slid out from under the covers. She walked quietly down the hallway and into the kitchen, turning on only the small light above the stove. She got herself a glass of water from the sink and stood looking out the window as she sipped the cool liquid.

It wasn’t long before she heard movement behind her. Turning, she saw Emily standing at the other end of the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

“Hey love, what are you doing up? Are you hungry?” Franky asked, remembering that the girl had been too tired to eat her supper earlier.

Emily shook her head.


Another shake of her head.

The brunette finished her water and set the glass on the counter. She walked over to the small blonde and held out her hand. “Let’s go back to bed then, yeah? It’s still the middle of the night.” The girl took hold of Franky’s hand, but refused to walk down the hallway with her.

She crouched down and could now see that the child looked afraid.

“Did you have a bad dream, bub?” The girl nodded her head.

“The monsters came and…” The girl started to cry, tears running down her cheeks.

Franky reached out and wiped them away with her thumbs. “There’s no monsters here, I promise you. Do you want me to stay with you until you fall back to sleep?”

The girl nodded, “And Auntie Bridge too.”

“Okay, come on.” Instead of taking the girl back to her own room, Franky took her to the main bedroom. She climbed into the bed and immediately cuddled into her aunt. Bridget didn’t wake, but she must have sensed that the girl was there because she reached out and put an arm over her. The brunette crawled in behind her, putting the child in between them. “You feeling better now?”

The girl nodded and closed her eyes.

Bridget awoke in the morning to find that, at some point in the night, her niece had made her way into her bedroom, and between her and Franky. She reached over the small child and stroked the brunette’s cheek gently to wake her.

“Mmm, morning, babe.”

“Good morning, baby.” She looked down at the still sleeping child. “What happened?”

“You were right,” Franky’s voice was sleepy, “she had a bad dream and wanted to be near both of us. I offered to stay with her until she fell asleep in her own bed, but she didn’t want that. I should have listened to you yesterday and not let her on the ride.”

“Shhh, baby, it’s alright, She’ll be fine. We need to get up now though. She’s got school and we’ve both got work.” The blonde gently woke her niece and they all got up and ready for their days.