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Cooking Classes

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Bridget and Franky once again found themselves at the front door in an embrace, saying goodbye. Vera had left right after breakfast, and the three of them had spent a lazy morning in the backyard. Franky had offered to stay and be there when Bridget talked to Emily, but the blonde had insisted that she could handle it.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” Franky asked, pulling Bridget in for another quick kiss.

“Mmmm,” Bridget hummed. “I’ll always want you to stay, but I think I should take on this one on my own.”

“Okay, tomorrow though, I was thinking, we should all go to Luna Park.”

“Oh, I don’t think Emily has been there, she’ll love it!” Bridget smiled and thought of how much she enjoyed going to the park as a child, and she knew that her niece would love it. She was touched that Franky wanted to include Emily as well. The last woman she had dated couldn’t stand it when Emily was there for a visit, let alone had wanted to include her in anything that she didn’t absolutely have to.

“I’ll meet you here at 9am then.” Franky smiled, gave Bridget one last kiss and headed out the door.

Bridget found Emily in the living room, sitting at the coffee table with her drawing paper and markers. She sat down beside the girl. Bridget quickly scanned over the papers that were lying on the table and saw what she assumed were drawings of Franky teaching her class, a picture of the princess from the movie she had watched last night with Vera, and a third picture that Emily was still working on that looked to be herself, with Bridget and Franky, standing in front of a house.

“Those look lovely.” Emily glanced up briefly, and smiled then went back to working on her drawing. Bridget continued, silently thanking the child for giving her a way to start this conversation. She pointed to the drawing of the three of them, “Why don’t you tell me about this one?”

“It’s you and me and Franky and that’s your house and there’s going to be a big garden with lots of flowers over here.” She pointed to a blank area of the page beside the house she had drawn.

“Well that sounds lovely, darling. You must think Franky is a pretty nice person if you’re including her in this drawing with us?”

“Yeah. You think she’s nice too. She said she was your friend this morning.” Bridget smiled thinking of the way that Franky had so easily come up with the story that she was here to teach the girl how to cook breakfast.

“Yes, she’s my friend but, she’s more than that too. Like a special kind of friend.” The blonde wasn’t sure how much her niece knew about this kind of stuff, and she didn’t want to overstep her role by having conversations with her that maybe should have been had with her father.

“She’s your girlfriend.” It was a statement, not a question, and Bridget was thrown off momentarily.

“Why do you say that, love? Do you know what a girlfriend is?” Bridget thought that maybe the girl was using the word in the wrong way.

“I saw you kiss her outside this morning when she got here.” The blonde remembered how they had returned to find Emily with Vera in the kitchen, and a quick glance out the window confirmed that the girl would have been able to see them talking by Franky’s car from where she had been sitting on the stool.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah and in school, Dylan said that Lily was his girlfriend, and he tried to kiss her but she didn’t like him and she punched him in the stomach so, since you kissed Franky that means you want her to be your girlfriend and since she didn’t punch you in the stomach that means she wants to be your girlfriend too.” The young girl continued on drawing, like what she had said was the most logical and obvious thing in the world, and Bridget couldn’t help but let out a big laugh that filled the room.

“Well, I guess my job here is done. Good talk, love.” She gave the girl a kiss on the head as she got up and left her to continue her drawings while she prepared their lunch.


As soon as Franky got back to her apartment she sat down with her laptop and opened up the page for Luna Park. She scrolled through the page that listed all the rides and made a mental note of the ones she thought looked like fun. She had only intended to go online to buy their passes but then she started looking around. She knew that this level of planning was probably ridiculous for something as simple as a day trip to a park, but she wanted it to be perfect.

She heard her phone chime and glanced down to where it was lying on the couch beside her.

Text Message from: Kim Chang

She ignored it and went back to looking through the list of rides. A few seconds later, her phone went off again:

Incoming Call: Kim Chang

She reached down and pressed “Ignore”. Not even 30 seconds later the screen lit up again:

Incoming Call: Kim Chang

“Oh for fuck sake, Kim.” Franky mumbled to herself. She pressed ignore again, and then opened her contacts, scrolling until she found Kim’s name. She opened her profile, went straight to the bottom and clicked “Block this Caller”.

She tossed her phone back onto the couch and went to the tickets section of the Luna Park site. She purchased a family pass for the three of them and sent it to the printer on her desk. She smiled to herself. “Family”. That was a word that Franky rarely, if ever, had used in her life. She knew that what she had with Bridget was very new, but she had a good feeling about something for once in her life. She also knew that Emily wouldn’t be there with Bridget forever, but even when her Dad was back, she’d still get to see her once in awhile. It occurred to Franky that maybe for once in her life, she could also use the word “happy’.




It seemed that bedtime phone calls with Franky were quickly going to become the norm. Bridget once again found herself in bed with the phone pressed to her ear, eyes shut and listening to Franky’s voice; pretending that she was lying next to her instead of in her own bed across the city.

“I had a talk with Em after you left.” Bridget began.

“How did that go? Hopefully not too bad.”

“She’d already figured it out for herself.” Bridget gave a small laugh.

“How is that even possible, babe? Is she psychic?” Franky joked but she thought briefly that it could be a possibility.

“No, baby. Apparently she saw me kiss you outside by your car, and since you didn’t punch me, that meant you were my girlfriend.”

“What the fuck, Gidge?” Franky and Bridget were both in full on laughter by this point and after they were able to catch their breath, the blonde relayed the story behind her niece’s reasoning.

“So, the real moral of the story is that neither of us would survive a day as secret agent spies?” Franky asked.

“Oh definitely not.”

“All ready for tomorrow? Em excited?” Franky asked. She’d never been to an amusement park as a child. Her mother never bothered to take her and none of her foster families ever spent any extra money on her so she could be included in their fun activities. She’d gone a time or two as an adult but it wasn’t the same and she was excited to go with Bridget and be able to take Emily with them.

“I actually haven’t mentioned it to her yet. I want it to be a surprise when you get here tomorrow. I also wanted her to sleep tonight.” Bridget knew that if she had told her niece about the plans for tomorrow that the girl would either end up lying awake most of the night, too excited to sleep, or, she’d make her way into Bridget’s room and crawl in bed with her, keeping both of them awake by asking how much longer until morning. Either way, one or both of them would end up being tired and cranky and wouldn’t fully enjoy their day out.

“Ah, good call. Speaking of sleeping tonight, I should let you go. It’s getting late. I’ll be there by 9 tomorrow though, yeah?” This was always the worst part of every phone call with Bridget; saying goodbye.

“Okay baby, goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Franky waited until she heard the phone disconnect, never wanting to be the first one to hang up. She turned over and closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she realized that she might be the one not sleeping that night.