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Silky fur around her shoulders

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Jirou yawned, she felt herself tired beyond belief.


”Hey Jirou! Can you help me with these papers? It’s the application forms for our next show.” Kaminari asked, poking his head from his office.


Jirou sighed, squinting her eyes. She darted her eyes over and purses her lips.


”Sure,” She spoke, scratching her neck, as he plopped them down on her desk. She scratched her pen into the papers one by one, already bored out of her mind.


Not that she minded, she’d known Kaminari since middle school. It was the least she could do. 


Their offices sat next to each other, they worked independently at the Present Mic Recording studio.


However they worked to find their own footings in the music industry, working on creating their own band.


HeartBurn, is what they called it.


But.. it would be long before they could ever become famous, Jirou closed her eyes before sitting up.


“Want any water?” She asked, Kaminari thought before nodding with a smile. She hauled herself out of the office.


Jirou made her way to the water jug, when she suddenly tripped over something thick and furry.


Stumbling a bit, she regained her bearings.


Jirou blinked, after moving her foot, she looked down at the thick and luxurious soft fur coat. It was... alluring in a strange way. Sure, probably expensive, but something in her screamed at her to grab it, promising things she didn’t understand.


Jirou looked up at the woman sitting next to it, the coat was most likely her’s Jirou figured, as she looked back at the coat.


She leaned in and picked the coat up. The fur was soft and unbelievably nice in her hands. Jirou saw the woman flinch, as if knowing it had happened, before swerving around and facing Jirou.


She was beautiful beyond belief. Her onyx eyes shining in the office’s light, and her silky black hair almost flowing.


Jirou held the coat in her hands. Something in her gut told her to take it. To run. To do anything in her power to take it from the woman. 


But why would she? It’s someone else’s coat. Sure it was incredibly soft and silky, but that didn’t mean much to her. So why did she want it so much!






No who the fuck are you?


”Hey, looks like your coat fell Miss.” Jirou spoke politely “Sorry, I stepped on it a little bit. Here you go” she said, handing the coat back to the woman. Her body screamed to pull it away, and her hands prickled as the fur left her grasp.


The strange screaming in her mind died immediately. That.. was weird.


The woman blinked, her eyes widened, Jirou could see her quivering hands hold it closely. Dark eyes staring at her, thinking, observing.


”It’s uh, a very nice coat“ Jirou spoke sheepishly “uh, make sure to not lose it hahah.. uh.”


The woman held her coat closely to her. Her eyes looking up at Jirou and down at the coat again.


Ah geez.. I hope I’m not wrong about who’s coat this was. Jirou thought, scratching the back of her neck.


“T-Thank you..” She spoke, her eyes softening as she looked up at Jirou. She felt something in her heart flutter before mustering up a grin.


”Y-Yeah..You’re welcome” Jirou smiled, and something in her heart lit up.




Jirou walked down the shore.


She had always lived near the sea, she reminisced over happy memories of dancing in the water with her mom, playing in the warm sand, and burying her dad up to his neck and laughing as he would have her mother put sea shells over presumably where his pecs would be. Cause he thought he was so funny. He was.


But that wasn’t today. It was cold. The World was covered in clouds, the sky was grey. Not that Jirou minded, the ocean’s washing waves were enough to make her calm.


There was a big lighthouse next to the water. Water always crashing on the side of it during the night, and light rarely illuminating out of the glass window.


Jirou adjusted her big jacket, the wind rustling through her hair, and the salty air filling her lungs.


She moved towards the sea, taking off her shoes and setting them down on a rock as she moved to the shore.


Jirou sat down on a rock, watching as there water tumble among itself.


However before she could relax, she felt eyes stare at her from behind. 


”Someone there?” She asked, nor turning her back as she continued to watch the sea




No answer.


”Hello?” Jirou spoke, finally looking behind her. Only to find a seal staring back at her.


She blinked.




It stared at her with black eyes, before hobbling a little closer.


How did I not hear it..


“.. you looking for something buddy?” Jirou asked, tilting her head a bit. Something in her screamed that it was familiar but she was more fascinated and confused to notice.


it blinked.


”alright then, uh” Jirou looked around before staring off into the sea again. She heard it wobble closer, but she didn’t look back to check. Seals were common on these shores. Child tales of selkies circled the town, but she stopped believing it when the fishermen swore he saw one with his two eyes, and she remembered that he was blind.


Then she heard it stop. Jirou figured it just stopped moving, but judging by how pudgy seals are, she figured she would hear at least some stopping motion. She always had great hearing after all,,


She stared at the water, frozen when the sound of the seal’s wobbling mixed and soon melted into the sound of human feet walking behind her. She couldn’t know what to make of it, only anxiety filled her body from the unknowing of what had happened in the last few seconds


The musician just stared blankly at the ocean as she heard the footsteps approach closer and closer.


Jirou was trapped, between the sea and the person approaching.

And she never would touch the sea again. Never. Not after-


She bit her lips, Jirou urged herself to move, as she suddenly swerved around to face her onlooker.


”W-Who are-!”


And there stood the beautiful woman from the office, almost completely naked, the only thing shielding her was the fact that her body draped in a her grand white seal coat.


Jirou’s jaw was wide open and held back a sputter. Her cheeks burning bright at the woman’s perfect curves and gorgeous face. Her expression unreadable as her hair twisted in the cold salty wind.


“W-what..what t-the.?” Jirou sputtered, her eyes widening, trying her best to close the distance between them.


The woman blinked, her face coming close to Jirou, noses almost touching.


“Woah woah woah.! Too close too close.!!” She squeaked, sweat rolling down her face as her face grew pink.


She felt their bodies growing closer together, Jirou tried to move away but she felt herself run out of room of rock.


what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck


”You are..” The woman spoke, her voice weaving through Jirou’s ears. “Her, aren’t you?”


”W-Who is..?” Jirou said, her voice shaking.


”Ah.! It is! You were the one who returned my coat, you! It’s you! From Mr Mic’s office!” The woman’s face lit up. A smile grew on their face and Jirou squeaked, as suddenly the woman picked her up with an unbelievable strength and swung her around happily.


”W-Wha wha.?!” Jirou exclaimed, covering her blushing face as she couldn’t avoid the woman’s gorgeous figure swinging her around in absolute glee. 


“As a Selkie- it is legend and tale that has isolated us and infatuated all of hearts, seeking out our coats to make thus person their spouse- but you..” The woman rambled, her dark hair pooling over her face.


Their eyes met as she smiled, such a beautiful smile. She was at a lost for words.


”S-Selkie..?” Jirou echoed, her eyes widening as she felt herself become closer and closer to the woman, face red and hot.


” returned my coat to me, we truly are soulmates.!- aren’t we? The true love only coming from ones who fought the urge of greed of the coat” The woman continued with passionate eyes,


S-S-WHAT TJE FUCK IS GOING ON Jirou’s mind screamed. Her thoughts were going in spirals.


“S-S-Soul..mates...??” Jirou stuttered, as she was suddenly held up in a bridal position 


“Of course love, according to my folk of course, and they’re almost never wrong!” The woman said, smiling, “if someone willingly gives back our coats instead of taking it and making us marry them, it’s obvious that they're soulmates!”


”J-Just hold on- what.. what if you’re wrong and all ahaha- I mean, I mean soulmates don’t exist r-right. Selkies don’t exist r-right!?” Jirou exclaimed, leaning away from the the woman as far as she could in her arms.


The woman looked down at her with curious eyes. Jirou bit her lip as her heart fluttered. This was, this was all just a dream right? Love at first sight can’t exist right?


Don't let this be like them! Don’t make me bring me hopes up! Please!


The woman set Jirou down, her coat flowing in the cold air. 


”Would you give me the chance for you to find out?” The woman asked, her soothing voice filled Jirou’s heart and brought red into her cheeks once again. Jirou looked at the sand, before smiling tiredly.


Kaminari’s gonna be pissed when he learns I got with the hot office girl before him she thought humorously to herself.


”Tch, fine- you win..” she mumbled to herself before looking up with an outstretched hand. The selkie stared at her with a brilliant smile before shaking it.


“Momo, Selkie” They smiled, Jirou held it tightly. It was soft. Softer than the coat had ever been. 


”Jirou, musician” Jirou responded, her heart lighter than it had ever been.











“No Momo, no matter how pretty the ring is, we can’t just get married right now- we haven’t even started dating..” Jirou said, exasperated- as she watched Momo groan in anger.


”But aren’t we soul mates? Aren’t we?” Momo exclaimed, shaking Jirou’s shoulders.


”I said I’d give it a chance, I don’t even really believe you’re a selkie just yet..” Jirou said, eyes narrowing.


Momo’s eyes were red and puffy before she suddenly flipped her coat over her head, Jirou watched as the coat soon lengthened, covering her entire body. It started Moving and morphing, as it came alive into a soft seal.


Its pure black eyes looked up at Jirou with an angry yet prideful expression. As if going: see told you!


”Ah.. you look very cute” Jirou blurted out. The seal’s eyes widened and covered it’s face with its small flippers, before suddenly going flat and Momo appearing from under the coat.


”Ohh..” Momo cursed, her face red, and hands still over her burning cheeks. “How do humans get so close to the soul..?” she murmured, Jirou smiled awkwardly, her face red as well- as they quietly reached over to one another and held hands.