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Blame It On Rio

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New York 1983           

           Chelsea smiled to herself as she let herself in Ryan’s townhouse; she had her own key seeing she was his fiancée after all.  Naturally she spent most of her time at his place.  In just five more days she would be Mrs. Ryan Davidson, the huge diamond ring she wore on her left finger was proof of that.  Ryan was a successful lawyer, at age 30 he was already a partner at the law firm where they both worked.  Chelsea had a surprise for Ryan of her own.  Underneath the long sable fur coat she wore, she was wearing next to nothing dressed in only a sexy red lace teddy, black seamed stockings held up by suspenders and a pair of black stiletto heels.  She had pinned her long dark brown hair up on top of her head.  Chelsea had wanted to wait until they were married to make love with Ryan, and he seemed to understand even though it was hard for them to stop at just kissing and touching.  They had taken care of their frustrations in other ways, but still…Chelsea had decided that tonight they would take their relationship to the next level.  She was ready to take it all the way to the bedroom.  After all, they were engaged and her wedding day was almost here so why not? Chelsea was ready, she knew Ryan was more than ready, their marathon make out sessions and cold showers just weren’t doing it for her anymore, or for Ryan for that matter. 

            Chelsea smiled as she pictured his reaction when he saw her, she was determined to make it a night that neither one of them would ever forget.  Chelsea was surprised to see the dining room set up with flowers and lighted candles in the middle of the table.  It was clearly a romantic dinner for two.  Upon taking a closer look she noticed the wine glasses were still full and had been there awhile judging by the condensation on them and the plates of food were left untouched.  That’s strange, Ryan had no idea I was even coming over here tonight, Chelsea thought as she suddenly got a sinking feeling in the bottom of her stomach.  In fact, she was supposed to still be at the office working on a new case as the legal assistant.  She had managed to get her work finished earlier than expected, which was why she was here now.  Ryan wouldn’t cheat on me, would he? she wondered.  She never doubted his faithfulness to her; she never had reason to, until just now.  However, Chelsea was determined to find out just what was going on.  The sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach only intensified when she found a pair of heels at the foot of the stairs and they weren’t hers!

            Following the trail of clothes on the stairs she steeled herself as she headed up to Ryan’s bedroom, the closer she got the louder the moans and soft sighs got.  The door wasn’t even closed as Chelsea walked in at that moment; she knew she’d never forget the sight of Ryan making love to another woman.  They were wrapped tightly in each other’s arms; the woman had her legs wrapped around his hips.  Chelsea let out a choked gasp as she found Ryan, her finance in bed with another woman.  “Ryan! You cheating bastard! How could you?” Chelsea managed to get out. 

            Ryan stopped at the shock and surprise of hearing Chelsea’s voice, he had the decency to look ashamed at least as all the colour drained from his face.  “Chelsea! What are you doing here?” Ryan demanded as he moved and covered himself and that little tramp he was with up.  “I mean, I thought you had to work late tonight on that new case of mine,” he finished lamely. 

            Chelsea looked at Ryan, her gaze piercing right through him.  “I finished it earlier than I expected so I thought I’d surprise you, only it seems like I’m the one who ended up surprised,” she stated coldly.  “So I see you decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert eh?” she said, looking at the blonde haired woman who was trying to shield herself behind Ryan’s shoulder. 

            “Chelsea, I can explain,” Ryan began but she cut him off.

            “Yes, I’m sure you can, too bad I don’t want to hear any of your sorry excuses! Don’t you even dare say anything to me right now,” she hissed at him.  “Oh what? Sorry Chelsea, but this isn’t what it looks like.  Oh I suppose your dick just happened to accidentally fall inside her is that it? Are you for real? What kind of fool do you take me for? Looks to me like you’re screwing a woman who isn’t your fiancée! Am I right Ryan?” she yelled at him, her voice getting louder and louder with each word.  Chelsea heard the woman gasp in surprised anger, and she almost felt a twinge of pity towards her, almost but not quite.  Chelsea turned her gaze to the woman.  “I’m guessing Ryan didn’t tell you he was engaged to me did he?” she asked softly, holding out her hand so the woman could see her engagement ring.  “We were supposed to get married in five days.  So tell me Ryan, were you going to take her along with us during our honeymoon, huh? Tell me, you lying son of a bitch, so what you were going to take turns shagging both of us or what? Is that it?” she screamed at him. Reaching beside her Chelsea grabbed a vase and threw it at him, luckily she missed and it hit the wall beside the bed.  She watched in satisfaction as the vase shattered against the wall and fell to the floor in pieces. 

            Chelsea felt the hot tears stinging her eyes, almost blurring her vision but she refused to let this lying, cheating bastard see her shed one single tear over him.  Ryan blanched at her crude words, he had never heard Chelsea use such language or even swear at him for that matter.  “Good bye Ryan,” Chelsea said.  “I guess it goes without saying that the wedding is off.  I’ll be by later to get my things and return your key,” she added, her voice cold and sharp as ice as she stormed out the bedroom door and down the stairs.  Suddenly she couldn’t get out of Ryan’s house fast enough. 

            “Damn it all to hell!” Ryan swore as he hurriedly got out of bed, slipping into a pair of boxers.  “Chelsea!” Ryan yelled.  Taking the stairs two at a time, he reached her just as she was about to leave through the front door.  “Please Chelsea, wait, just let me explain,” Ryan pleaded, placing a hand on her arm.  Chelsea recoiled from him as if she had just touched something poisonous.