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"Fragile, yet strong.." (uglydolls oneshots)

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1. something that is not properly understood; a mystery.

2. something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Lou had a lot of secrets that he had kept in his lifetime.

Some were minor, he didn't mind sharing them. (Though, you had to earn his trust if you wanted to know).

There were few dolls you could trust in the institute of perfection. If they had the opportunity, they woukd stab you in the back the second you let them know something that coukd get you humiliated.

That was why Lou kept to himself. He trusted very few dolls. 

He did teach them how to go to the big world, but he wasn't seen much after that. 

He was either was with someone for 'business', or he was at his house planning the next lesson and motivational speech to give to the type 12 dolls.

Anything to keep his mind of the shame that haunted him daily.

He walked around the institute, aware of the glares sent his way. 

He had been more strict as of late. He couldn't help it though, he was so fricking pent up, it bothered him a lot.

"Hey Lou" He turns to see the spy girls (Tuesday, Lydia, and Kitty) in front of him.

"Hey girls.." He greets back, smelling their scent. "So are ya'll in heat?"

He received a slap from Tuesday. "Oh my Gosh! Lou, you like, don't ask us that! It's very rude!"

His cheek stung. "Oww.." 

Did she really have go slap him that hard? It was just a question that everyone asked each other!

Though, Lou could except that there were boundaries with certain dolls.

He felt the urge to whimper though, he had been punished by a female alpha. And Tuesday, Lydia, and kitty were real when it came to this.

"Yes, Lou" Kitty answered, back-handing Tuesday. "We just started a couple of days ago. So, that means you started yours as well?"

"Yeah, lou?" Lydia asked, grinning at him. "Who are you planning to dominate this time?"

Tuesday and Lou shared a look with each other, and Tuesday nodded at him, a certain gleam in her eyes.

He grinned. "Don't know, no one's caught my eye. Maybe someone will~..How about you?"

Lydia grinned coyly. "Me and Kitty have been hooking up with each other, and now we're kind of together..."

"Tmi, Lydia" Kitty gagged, but she was blushing. "T.M.I"

"Sorry" She smiled shyly. "I just really like her.."

Tuesday then looked horrified, but only Lou saw. He gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile. 

It seemed to have worked, as she smiled back at him, and she grabbed his hand.

He squeezed it comfortingly. "We'll get through this..."

He saw her nod slightly.

Thrn, he heard another voice. It was Nolan. "Hey guys!"

Lou sniffed Nolan's scent, and nearly fainted from the scent that came from the alpha. He felt obliged to bow his head, but he stopped himself as to not arouse supsicion.

"Hey Nolan!" Tuesday greeted back, but Lou saw a gleam of hatred in her eyes, as if he had done something against her. "I have a question, is there anyone your spending your heat with?"

Lou felt himself blush, why was Tuesday asking Nolan that?! Was she trying to spill one of his deepest secrets?!

She looker at him for a second, and gave him a small, blank smile. "Trust me, we need to know..."

"Yeah" Nolan didn't look bothered by the question. "I'm hooking up with Michael, I think I like him...

Lou felt his heart shatter. He knew that Nolan had liked Michael, but hearing it out hurt him to the very core.

"T-that's great.." He stuttered, bareky keeping his soul and being together. "Good for you, Nolan!..."

"Thanks, Lou" Nolan replied. "I'm guessing your with Tuesday..."

Why did he feel irritation at that?

Good thing that Nolan could cover his feelings.

"Yeah" Lou replied, though his tone had a hint of solem in it. "We always help each other with our 'needs'..."

He then saw Lydia and Kitty's faces, they looked...jealous?

He smirked, could it be?

"Lou?" He turned to Tuesday, she had that face. The face that clearly said that 'she needed to claim something'.

He nodded, getting the message. "Well, me and Tues have to go, we have to do business.."

When he said the word business, it had a hint of malice in it, as if aimed at someone (or someones).

Tuesday hid a grin, she knew what Lou was doing. She wasn't going to do anything to stop it.

She aighed. "Let's go.."

She squeezed Lou's hand tighter, and she walked away with him. 

Kitty turned to Lydia and Nolan. "Am I the only one who thinks something is off?" 

Lydia shook her head. "No, girl. Your not..somwhting is off.."

Nolan put both his hands on the girls' shoulders. "Don't worry girls, we'll figure it out..." 

They just had to. Nolan's alpha instincts were screaming at him, but he couldn't figure the message. He just had to. For Lou's sake, and his.





1. the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

2. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

It was a feeling that both Tuesday and Lou craved.

Comfort. It was a simple and short word, but it was a WONDERFUL feeling.

It promised you that your HORRIBLE situation would be better, it offered a feeling of bliss, it made you forget about your current problems.

"Lou?" Tuesday called, voice soft. It was that way because she didn't want to stress him out with their current situation.

"Hmm?" He replied, lazily drawing back from her. He looked absolutely pathetic like this. "I-is there something wrong, Alpha?"

Tuesday chuckled. "No there isn't, my little omega..."

That's right, one of Lou's darkest secrets was that he was an omega.

The others couldn't know though, it woukd ruin his reputation and others would challenge him.

Tuesday was currently holding his neck (he was taller than her), and she had him pinned up to the wall, he had no means of fighting back against her, he wanted this to.

It was ridiculously easy to hide the fact that he even was one.

Lou was an uncommon Omega: he was taller, stronger, more muscular and tougher, and he was also stubborn, independent and proud like an Alpha, a good leader.

Yep, it was that easy.

But Lou had to take surpressors so that his scent wouldn't be smelled. It was a little suspicious, but nobody said anything against it, so he continued doing it.

Only Tuesday and a few others knew.

Remember what Lou said about trusting others?

Yeah, this was one of those times.

"I have no chance with Nolan" He started. "He's with Michael, and I'm not cruel enough to break them up..."

"Same with me" Tuesday agreed. "I'm in love with BOTH Lydia and Kitty, but they love each other...they could never fall for me. That's why I pretend to be not smart. If your dumb, then you don't know certain things. They can't hurt you..."

Lou nodded, and Tuesday kissed him again, pushing their already naked bodies together.

The mentioned omega whimpered, he was filled with need.

"Tuesday" He groaned.

The heat was becoming unbearable for him.

"Please..." Lou begged. "Please, take me..."

She nodded. "Get down on the floor, doggy position."

He eagerly obeyed her, and got into it.

It turned Tuesday on, and she felt the littke thing in between her legs throb with eagerness.

(A/N: Quick technical explanation, Alpha females have a penis. Yeah, they do. It's "hidden" inside their vagina, and it ONLY comes out when the Alpha needs to reproduce~👍)

"Well, Tuesday" Lou wiggled his bottom. "Come and get it~..."

She giggled st his silliness and imagined either Kitty or Lydia in his olace.

You might think that was cruel, but Lou was doing the exact same right now. He was imaguning that it was Nolan approaching him instead of Tuesday.

They knew they were using each other, but they didn't care. They both agreed to this, and they were friends anyway. They helped each other out when times got tough, and this was one of those times.

She approached, and wrapped his legs around her waist, he responded by steadying his arms on the ground, the full heat betwen them both.

Lou let out a small mewl as the Tuesday's reproductive appendage slipped with incredible ease into his bigger and tougher body, that trembled and shivered with great pleasure, welcoming the Alpha.

This felt so very wrong to both of them, but they had no choice. They had to satisfy their lust, so they had agreed to do this very often.

"Tuesday..." Lou groaned, bareky able to speak from the pleasure. "P-please, do it"

She heard his pleas, and she started to move her slim hips quickly against his behind. Tuesday could smell his natural lubricant around her now exposed member and trickling down his thighs, dripping on the hard ground and expanding its delicious scent in the air, inebriating her and forcing her form to go harder and faster.

"Like that..." Lou groaned. "Just like that.."

His reticence and decency completely had gone at this point, his dark blue eyes shut tightly and his quivering legs parting just a little more, making a bit room for Tuesday in a silent gesture of pure trust and encouragement.

The male's hands scratched the floor carpet harshly when the tip of the Tuesday's appendage hit a particular spot inside of him, a sensitive and private place reachable only when the leader of the dolls was in heat.

He felt her whole weight on his back and lifted his pelvis as much as he could, clarifying his urges and he lowered his head, exposing and offering his whole entrance to Tuesday, accepting her in it.

"Tue..." Lou couldn't hold back thr urge anymore, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he screamed. "NOLAN!..."

"KITTY!..." Tuesday shouted, and then screamed. "LYDIA!..."

Branch and Tuesday let out a scream when they came, Lou was spurting out infertile semen from his own manhood, and Tuesday was putting her semen in him the. Their piercing screams turning into wails and whines of pain as the knot started to form and swell into their unprepared bodies, stretching their narrow flesh without mercy.

Tuesday pulled herself out right away. If she hadn't, too much of her semen would have gone into Lou, forcing the possibility of a baby growing inaide of him. That was a big no-no.

She didn't have much energy, and she collapsed onto him, her member going back into her.

She grabbed his shoukders. "Th-Thank you, my little omega..."

"Y-your welcome.." lou huffed, exhausted. Omegas always were after the first bit of heat. His scent hing freely in the air, and it was delicious to take in.

He felt like lead, but he wasn't tired. "We-we have to get up soom.."

"Yeah.." Tueaday agreed. "But let's wait a bit..we need the energy.."

He coukd agree on that. Lou and Tuesday sat there in silence, thinking of the ones they actually wanted to mate with.





1. (of a person) uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident.

2. Not sure of what to do or not marked by or given to feelings of confident certainty.

Nolan was sure that he liked Michael.

So, why was he having doubts?

They were in the public area, where you coukd smell everyone's scents.

Michael was an alpha like Nolan but he was more...dominant. He topped when they had sex. And to be honest, Nolan hated it.

He did receive pleasure from when they did it, but he wanted to be the one to give it. But it seemed to be that Michael didn't trust him, he found that very concerning.

He had done absolutely everything for him, so why didn't he trust him?

"Babe?" He heard him call, they were talking to the Lydia, Kitty and Mandy. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah" Nolan answered, an automatic repsonse. "Just wondering where Tuesday is.."

"Oh!" Kitty and Lydia chuckled. "They're doing 'business'.."

Nolan felt a growl come up, the image of Lou mating with Tuesday filled him with rage.

He was his!

Wait, where did that come from?

Since (he presumed that) Lou was an alpha, he woukdn't mate with just anyone. He only mated with the best. At least, that was what Nolan thought.

Mandy cleared her thriat. "So, I'm kind of hooking up with Megan?"

"The lawyer/model, right?" Michael asked.

She nodded. "She is a good omega-..."

"Hey guys!" Tuesday greeted, Lou appearing next to her. "How's it going?"

"Fine" Kitty answered. "But you kind of interrupted Mandy..."

Lou spoke this time. "Did we? Well, sorry Mandy. We didn't mean to..."

"It's fine.." She laughed. "I was just saying of how me and Megan are hooking up..."

She suddenly sniffed the air, and her eyes widened.

"Lou!..." Mandy mouthed. "You forgot to take your supressors!..."

His eyes widened. "Feck, I didn't..."

Without the others noticing, Mandy slipped him a pill.

He silently thanked her, and swallowed it quietly. He fekt a weird sensation, then jt calmed down.

Yep, Mandy knew he was an Omega, and about his feekings for Nolan. She was a very Trustworthy doll.

She moved next to him, as Tuesday had moved to talk with her friends.

"So?" She whispered. "You ever gonna tell him that you like him?"

He nearky gagged. "No, I'm not gonna ruin his relationship"

She shrugged at him. "It's your loss, I can tell that he likes you. He is doubting his relationship with Michael..."

Nolan watched as Moandy and Lou sooke to each other.

Then, he hears that question.

"You ever gonna tell him that you like him?"

It was Mandy's voice, and it was directed at Lou.

He felt a flutter in his heart, he didn't mean to hear that. But still, he kept listening to the conversation.

"I told you, there is nothing i can do.."

"Tell him that you like him! And tell him that your an omega! Nolan deserves to know the truth!..."

Lou was a what?! How was that possible?!

"I'm scared he will mock me..."

Nolan then felt bad, Lou's voice contained fear. It was different compared to his usual hard and commanding tone, it just didn't feel right to have him like that.

But then he started to have images.

Lou on his legs and arms, submitting to him as he took him right there and then.

Screaming his name over and over again. Cumming, and being his and only his!-..


He snapped himself out of it, as Mandy kissed Lou on the cheek, and she started to walk away.

He felt jealously burn in him.

He loked at Michael, but he didn't feel guilty. He technically had the right to do this, he never said that they were official, he just said that he liked him.

Now, he had to talk to Mandy.

"Hey guys?" They all turned to him. "I'm just going for a walk, alone..."

They nodded, and he started to set off.





1. something that makes people want to go to a place or do a particular thing

2. the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something.

Tuesday had always felt that way towards her two best friends.

They were currently in a private area where dolls couldn't see them.

Tuesday was attracted to them both.

(A/N: Yea, I do ship the spy girls. Don'yt know why, I just do. Anyone who doesn't like polyamory or girlxgirlxgirl, please exit this story. Ta-ta~🙃)

She didn't know why, she just was.

But alas, they had never returned her feelings in anyway. She had left everyday, and they never responded.

That was when her heart had began to grow bitter, she wanted nothing more than their affection.

But they never seemed to notice her.

And then they had gotten together. It was as if the universe had wanted her to suffer from heartbreak.

You could easily tell that Kitty and Lydia loved each other. Both the alphas had affection in their eyes that weren't usually there.

It was as if reality had slapped her.

Her attraction to them could never be resolved, her desire for them could never be a reality. If there was one thing she learned, it was that life wasn't fair.

"Tue?" She heard Lydia say her nickane carefully. "What's wrong, girl?"

"Nothing..." Tuesday whispered, her head bowed. She couldn't look them in the eye. "Just, nothing.."

That was why she had been with Lou, he had understood her problem. Plus, he was suffering from it as well, they had helped each feel just a littke bit better.

"Tuesday..." Kitty growled, her alpha tone turned on. "Tell us what is wrong, now!..."

Yes, the tone worked on other alphas.

"You two are so oblivious!" Tuesday snapped, not seeing their shocked faces. "I've been in love with both of tou for a long time! I give hints every day and you don't see it! Do you know how much that hurts?!"

She had tears running down her eyes, alphas weren't supposed to show emotions, but she couldn't help it. They finally knew the truth.

Now she had to wait for their response.

"We feel the same way.." Lydia told her softly.

She was shocked. "W-what?..."

Kitty gave her an uncharacteristic hug. "We were worried of what you would think. And with you bwing with Lou, we just couldn't bring ourselves to tell you..."

Lydia spoke. "We're really sorry girl..."

Tuesday could bareky hear them. Her heart was bearing rapidly, and she felt adrenaline enter her body from the situation at hand.

Then, she grabbed Kitty's shoulders, and kissed her.

She felt both of them gaso, but she didn't care.

They felt the same way about her, as she did them.

She felt euphoric.

Kitty kissed back, and they heard a growl come Lydia.

They turned to her, and she smirked at them. "I want an invitation next time we kiss..."

Tuesday felt excited, was Lydia sugfesting what she thought she was.

"Though..." Kitty growled possessively, and oulled her closed. "We need to mark her now, we need others to know that she is OURS...."

Lydia's eyes became hoodes with lust. "I agree...."

Tueaday was then unexpectedly pinned to the wall by Kitty, she was a bit scared.

"Don't worry..." Lydia assured. "We won't hurt you..."

Tueaday wasn't a virgin, but this was the first time that she was bottoming. So she was understandably nervous.

Her clothes were removed by Kitty, as she took hers and Lydia's off as well.

(A/N: Quick technical explanation, Alpha females have a penis. Yeah, they do. It's "hidden" inside their vagina, and it ONLY comes out when the Alpha needs to reproduce~👍)

Kitty beat Lydia in claiming Tuesday's lips with her own. She moaned as Kitty forced her tongue inside her mouth and stole her breath. When Tuesday felt herself going weak under the wave of passion ignited by the kiss, she leaned into Kitty to press as close to her as she could.

While Kitty was busy making Tueaday forget her own name, Lydia grabbed her cock and started gently stroking it. Taking up a place behind her, Lydia ran her other hand down her sides to the front of his stomach down to the bottom lip where it met flesh and covered her growing erection.

Tuesday let out a loud moan as she tore her mouth away from Kitty's in order to catch her breath. Undeterred, Kitty moved her mouth down to Tuesday's neck to suckle at her pulse point. The waves of pleasure being brought on by both of her mates were starting to overwhelm Tuesday and her erection dropped down to be caught in Kitty's hand.

Lydia wasn't about to let Kitty have all of the fun and used her hand to start prepping Tuesday's back entrance. The feeling of being stretched only served to push her higher in her pleasure. Not wanting to leave Kitty out of the fun, Tuesday began pawing at the bottom of her entrance until she released her cock into Tuesday's hold.

Moving away from her purple haired mate for a moment, Tuesday dropped to her knees and took Kitty's length into his mouth and began lavishing attention on the sensitive organ. Lydia wasn't about to let Tuesday get away from her that easily and moved so that she was also on her knees behind her.

While Kitty was concentrating on staying on his feet with Don sending spikes of pleasure throughout her body, Lydia busied herself with lining up her erection with Tuesday's opening and sliding in. Now the three of them were connected in one chain of pleasure.

When Lydia thrust into her, Tuesday took more of Kitty into her mouth. This chain of events continued as the the pleasure was adding up on them adding to the warmth that was already being generated from their lovemaking.

This was becoming too much for Kitty and Lydia to take as they began thrusting harder into Tuesday while the olive skinned doll encouraged them. Lydia reached around her and started jerking at her member determined to get her off first.

When Tuesday finally came, it set off a chain reaction with both of her mates and soon all of them were drifting in the throes of their orgasms. As the waves of pleasure began to slow and turn towards their afterglow, both of them bit her neck, creating a mark that would soon state that she belonged to them, and only them.

They all panted, but still felt happy that this had finally happened.

"Tuesday..." Lydia and Kitty told her at the same time. "We love you..."

The other smiled, and said the words she had wanted to say for a long time.

"I love you to..."





1. to have a strong sexual attraction to someone.

2. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Lou had always desired to be Nolan's.

He had always wanted to be owned by him, he wanted to give himself to him. He wanted Nolan to be his.

The omega whimpered as he felt his heat go out of control, if they weren't satisfied, they woukd go out of control, and others would be able to smell him.

But Lou couldn't care less at that moment, he was overcome with lust. He did still have the common sense to realize that he should do something about it.

He felt his hand drift between his legs. He passed the pouch his pants that hid his penis, and pressed down on the area below it.

He moaned ad the bit down there parted to reveal a wet opening then he stuck his finger inside. Pleasure pulsed through his body, as he moved his finger in and out.

Laying in his back, he lifted his hips so he could bury his finger deeper.

The sensation was pleasant. He squirmed as the pleasure increased, then his organsm hit, causing his legs to twicth and his area pulse.

He screamed at the utter sensation that it gave, he was proud of himself. He hadn't masturbated in a long time.

Suddenly, he heard clapping. "Well done, I'm impressed.."

Lou was ahocked, and turned his see...Nolan....

What the hell, was he doing here?!

"N-Nolan.." he gasped, trying to cover up his situation. "I-I..."

He couldn't say a word. He had been caught by an Alpha, and Lou felt shame for being like this. But he also felt pleaure like an Omega should for pleasing an Alpha.

Suddenly, he felt hands around his nedk, and he was kissed by Nolan.

He was shocked, but then kissed him back.

Was this actually happening?

"What about Michael?" He dared to ask.

"He doesn't matter right now..." Nolan's voice was that of a proper Apha, it was deep, and commanding. "I love you, and I need and want you, right now..."

Lou fwlt like he needed to oblige this request.

He nodded, and let Nolan guide him onto the position of his hands and knees.

"Nolan?" They made eye contact, and Lou grinned. "I trust you, and love you to.."

Nolan smiled back, it was a beautiful sight.

He out his hands on Lou's back, and nuzzled his skin. "I love you..."

Sucking his own finger wet, Nolan reached his hand down between them, searching that lovely hole what soon would be his, finally finding it. Painting gentle circle on Lou's anus, Nolan kept taking deep inhales, releasing his hot breaths against Lou's head, having strong shivers dancing all around on his body. Man, this was so much better what they ever had even dared to fantasize.

As slow and gently as he could, Nolan slowly pushed his fingertip inside of his mate who's only response was a grunt and very loud moan. By now, Nolan already had dropped out and he eagerly was reaching his hand from Lou's rear to his leaking member, using his own fluids as lube.

Making sure his finger was covered with his fluid properly, he entered his finger once again in his eager mate, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper. When he had spend time enough with one finger, he inserted his second finger in and it made Lou grunt and moan once more but there was no any other signs of resistance or anything.

Encouraging. Very. And the fact Lou's rear had stood up properly long time ago and the scent turned even more stronger was making Nolan's head dizzy and he just wanted to let go and let his primal side take over and mate properly.

Just when Nolan managed to reclaim some of his self control, Lou pushed his hips up in the air as much as possible, touching Nolan's hard manhood with his rear and it really sent Nolan's mind far away, letting his instincts kick in.

Growling ever so silently, lovingly and gently Nolan pressed himself on new mate, careful not to crush him, allowing him to enter in the heat of him.

Both of them took deep inhales via nostrils as the pleasure started to spread in their bodies and minds as those strong hips moved back and forth with slow and gentle speed. 

Moving so slow, gently and carefully in the heat of Lou's inside, Nolan's moans reached Lou's ear and he too started to moan so loudly, breathing fast and gently against his arms, feeling Nolan's fingers crossing with his, taking loving hold on his hand.

Closing his eyes, Nolan's breathing stayed quiet but it turned faster with his rhythm as he pressed himself more firmly against his mates's body, licking that tasty skin of Lou's neck.

Lifting his hips up as much as he could, Lou encouraged his mate to add more force and speed which Nolan gladly did. His primal side was in bliss as his hormones were screaming with joy as their desire were being fulfilled as he pressed his hard manhood even deeper in his mate, making Lou's moans and panting turn more harder and faster.

"Nolan!" Lou screamed, his eyes rolling into the back of his head from the pleasure that he was being given.

Moving his strong hips with slow pace started to fade away and small fast thrusts took their place in this action of night as they both started to reach their limits.

Lou normally was able to control himself pretty good but this night he allowed himself to let go, fully enjoy this beautiful event between the two of them. His hard member was dripping heavily and he felt the pressure building in his groins and when Raph's good skills of hitting the right spot were added to it, it didn't take much longer for Lou to reach his limit and cum on the sheets with louder and satisfying groan.

Shutting his eyes as tightly as he could, Nolan thrusted himself deep in Lou a few more times, feeling wonderful sensation of release in his groins as his load went flying in his mate, filling his anal tunnel.

Staying still on top of his mate and letting his member turn limp and slide out of his new mate on his own, pulling back inside of Nolan's stomach, Nolan focused only on breathing and regaining his mind back in place.

They both collapsed on Lou's bed.

"So?" Nolan spoke, turning lou over, and nuzzling inti his neck. He always did like to be the little spoon. "How was that?"

"Absolutely amazing!"

"Oh, and Lou?" The other looked him in the eye. "I'm not jusging you for being an omega, I think it's quite imoressive that your a leader..."

"Thank you..." Lou nuzzled Nolan's hair, and closed his eyes. "I love you..."

Nolan chuckled, and out his arms around Lou's waist. "Your welcome, love you to..."

Lou smiled, he had finally gotten what he wanted.

He felt content, he felt...






1. appreciating what you have and where you are in life.

2. in a state of peaceful happiness.

Lou and Tuesday could definitely say that they were.

After wishing and praying, and working for it, they had finally gotten what they DESIRED.

Tuesday had got to be with BOTH Lydia and Kitty, and Lou had gotten to be with Nolan.

He had explained to Michael that he wasn't feeling happy, and the two had ended on peaceful terms.

"Wait, your an omega?" Kitty asked. "Wow.."

Yes, lou had just told Kitty and Lydia that he was one.

"Actually, it makes a lot of sense" Lydia smiled. "I could never smell your scent, and you were shy whenever we mentioned an omega topic. But it honestly doesn't bother us, your still the same doll to us..."

"Thanks.." Lou smiled at her, Nolan holding his hand.

Said doll spoke. "Told you, they'd understand..."


He chuckled. "Softie.."

Lou blushed, he hated when he did that.

Kitty, Lydia, and Tuesday then grinned.

"Hey guys" Tuesday asked. "Do you want a fivesome soon?~.."

Nolan and Lou blushed. "No!"

Lydia could see roght through them. "I sense one in the future"

Lou then grinned. "Okay, maybe we do..."

"Lou!" Nolan hit his shoukder.

"Look me in the eyes" He told him. "And tell me you haven't considred it.."

The other stayed silent.

"Ya dolt.." Lou chuckled softly, and kissed his mates.

Tuesday looked at her mates, and sang.

"I sense this fivesome will happen very soon~"

That drew a chuckle out of the other two, but they didn't object.

They did sense that it would very, very soon..