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Five Tales of Riled Up Passion

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Zangetsu pushes against Benihime, Urahara’s left foot extended back as Ichigo pushes him backwards. He can feel his zanpakuto singing against the palm of his hand, the sparring they’re engaging in one they haven’t done for quite a long while. He laughs as his hat falls off of his head, the sheer determination on Ichigo’s face as he keeps pushing him back is exhilarating to say the least. It feels good to be this active with him, when as of late it’s been such a chore to get Ichigo to spar, regardless if it’s with him or one of his friends. 

“Admit it, Urahara-san.” Ichigo drops back from him, Urahara regaining his footing in an instant. He returns to the offensive, as he chases after the teen that has a wealth of energy that is no match for his own. “You’re feeling tired now.” 

“If I am, I won’t tell.” A cheshire-like grin appears on his face, as Benihime screams at him to be used again. And never one to not listen to a lady, he lets her soar as a bolt of red leaves the tip of his zanpakuto. Ichigo narrowly dodges it, the pleased smirk on his face now a thing of the past as a scowl replaces it. “Now, now. Don’t be bitter that your Master has gotten the best of you.” 

“Master! Hah!’ A barked out laugh brings the grin to his eyes as he sees a look of defiance cross Ichigo’s face. “You may be my teacher, but you’re not my master.” 

“Are you going to attack me again? Or is it my turn to show you how you should be fighting by now, Kurosaki?” He uses shunpo to get up close and personal to Ichigo, who isn’t ready and barely gets Zangetsu up in time to check the blow that Benihime so desperately wants to give. “Ah, ah. You have faster reflexes than that.” 

“You caught me off guard!” Urahara pushes forward, thoroughly enjoying the balance switch. An alarm begins to ring across the grounds, both of them stopping in their tracks at the noise. “Damn it!” Ichigo swears under his breath, as Zangetsu drops away at the same time that he brings Benihime back. “I’ve got to go.” 

“I’m sure you do.” Their training was always going to be a quick exercise today, but Urahara can’t help but feel a little sadness at the sudden stop to the momentum of their fight. It had been such a good one too. Sheathing Benihime back into her cane resting position, he walks over to where his hat had fallen earlier and picks it up. “When will you grace me with your presence again, Kurosaki-san?” 

Turning his head, he sees Ichigo is already halfway up the ladder back up to his shop. “I don’t know! Sorry, Urahara-san! I’ll be back when I can! This was fun!” The last sentence echoes from up above, as Ichigo is no longer in the training facility he’d built underneath his shop.  

“Yes, it was.” He looks up at the hole in the ceiling. “And it should be fun again very soon.” 

Tonight is the night that Ichigo’s father, his close friend Kurosaki Isshin, is holding a joint fundraiser with Ishida Ryuuken for both the hospital and his local clinic. It’s a black tie affair, and invitation only. Urahara had received his invitation from Isshin in person a few weeks ago, which he gladly accepted on the spot. He starts to walk over to the ladder, and then heads back up to the shop. He comes to an abrupt stop when he sees Ururu waiting for him. 

“Yes?” He asks his helper, who has a stoic look on her face. Nothing unusual there. “Is something the matter?” 

“No, Urahara-san. I put your suit out like you asked, and have set your mask next to it. Do you need anything else? Jinta and I were going to go and get some ramen.” 

Urahara shakes his head. “Be sure to lock up the shop before you go to sleep. Take Tessai with you, please.” 

“Yes, Urahara-san.” Ururu bobs her head, then heads back out towards the shop. 

He goes into his bedroom and sees his pressed tuxedo laying on the bed, and a simple black domino mask next to it. Not only was the event a black tie event, but is also a masquerade. While he could have gone for a more flamboyant mask, he chooses to play it safe. Taking off his hat, he sets it down and heads to his private bathroom to get ready for his night out. 


Hair slicked back, Urahara takes great lengths to make sure that he’s unrecognizable. The five o’clock shadow he tends to keep as a permanent fixture on his chin is gone in favor of a smooth shave. His three piece tux is as pristine as it can be, considering it’s quite old. The domino mask adheres to his cheekbones, a thin string tucked around his head keeps it in place. He’d taken the liberty to line his eyes with a little bit of eyeliner at Yourichi’s insistence. Hoping that he would be able to blend in with the rest of the crowd, Urahara grabs the invitation from his pocket and approaches the check in. 

The party is in full swing when he arrives, a full swing band occupying the stage and playing robust music that has people out on the dance floor. There are people milling about where the silent auction is being held, and people perusing what looks like a very appealing dessert buffet. All of that looks to be nice, but he has his heart set on something else. Scanning the room, he searches for the telltale sign, and ah, there he is. Off to the side, tucked up near a corner of the  room is a person with the most unusual hair color - one of its kind in a sea of blondes, brunettes, and other more natural colors. But the color of orange can only belong to one person - and that’s exactly the person he is looking for. 

He hasn’t told Ichigo that he’s been invited to this soiree, wanting to see how he would react to being surprised by him. As of late, their sparring has become dangerous - to the point where he’s had to leave the session early to keep up the facade of being something he’s not. Ichigo has always known what buttons to push for him, and it’s becoming a real challenge to stay professional with him. 

The mask that Ichigo’s wearing is almost identical to his own, except there were black jewels that lined the eyes, making his auburn eyes more striking than normal. Hoping that the masks might provide a good buffer between the two of them, Urahara approaches him with confidence in his step. Coming closer, he waits for Ichigo to turn towards him and then begins to slow down as he sees the recognition in his eyes. 

Stepping up to him, he looks down at Ichigo and without saying a word cages him against the wall, out of sight of other nearby guests. “Nowhere to run now, Ichigo.” He whispers, as he begins to lower his head. “You’re trapped.” 

“Or, am I right where I want to be, Kisuke?” Ichigo asks, as his head tilts up. 

Urahara feels his pulse jump at the question, not at all ready to hear Ichigo say his name in such a fashion. “All by yourself, in the corner of the room - waiting for someone to take you away, perhaps?” 

“Are you offering?” 

This is what he couldn’t seem to get a grasp on. One minute Ichigo is flirtatious with him, the next he could be as clueless as he always is. “Won’t your father and sisters know if you disappear?” 

“I can tell my father and Karin it was a shinigami deal.” 

Quirking his eyebrow up, the corner of his lip curls up into a small smirk. “That wouldn’t be stretching the truth too much.” 

“Or, we could dance until our feet hurt and then laugh at what a fool my father makes of himself as the evening goes on.” The tips of Ichigo’s fingers feel like they’re on fire, as they slide across his jaw. “No hair.” 

“I know how to use a razor, Kurosaki-san.” He leans down closer to him, as Ichigo’s fingers journey to the side of his neck where they land right on his pulsepoint. “Do you like the way it feels?” 

Ichigo nods his head, as the air around them becomes somewhat stifling. “I like the fuzz too. Are you….are you wearing eyeliner?” 

“Yoruichi thought it would compliment the mask.” Urahara takes stock of what’s going on around them, wanting to make sure that if he were to kiss Ichigo right now, that there would be no one to stop them. No family, no friends - the two of them alone. “Do you like how it looks?” 

“I do.” The fingers on the back of his neck pull his head forward, bringing their lips dangerously close together. “No more stalling, Kisuke. Do it, or I grab Kon out of my pocket and pop out of my body.” 

His eyebrow raises up again, then a soft laugh leaves his mouth. “Let me kiss you first. Then you can leave your body, and follow me back to my shop.” 

“You drive a hard bargain.” A coy smile appears on the substitute shinigami’s lips. “Better do it quick, because I think I see my-” 

Urahara drops his head and touches Ichigo’s lips with his own, their lips slotting together for the first time. The room seems to spin, as he puts one hand on Ichigo’s hip, pulling his own body closer to his so that there is hardly any space between the two of them. He feels Ichigo’s lips part more, and with a small tilt of his head he pushes his tongue into his mouth with a low groan. 

His knee goes between Ichigo’s thighs, then comes to his senses as he realizes this can’t happen here. Pulling his head back, Ichigo’s hand tries to trap him in place. But he’s stronger than him, and can easily fight his hold - as loathe as he is to do that. “Not here.” He shakes his head, as he stares into Ichigo’s eyes. 

“Take the pill out of my front pocket, Kisuke.” 

Reaching past the pocket square, he finds the blue marble and holds it up to Ichigo’s kiss swollen lips. He bites his own lip as he puts the marble on his tongue, and watches as he swallows and steps out of his body. Kon now stands in front of him with a somewhat disgusted  look on his face. “Oh, no.” 

“Oh, yes.” Ichigo nods, as he grabs Urahara’s hand. “We’re leaving. Behave. If my father asks, you know the drill.” 

“Can I go eat a lot of cake?” 

“Yes, but don’t go too crazy.” 

They slip out of the party, and take a taxi back to his shop. They could have walked, but neither are in the mood to wait for much longer. Urahara takes him to his bedroom, hoping that whatever noise they make tonight will stay in the confines of the room. If not, his other house dwellers will just have to deal. 

Reaching up to take his domino mask off, he stops when he feels Ichigo’s hand on his wrist. “Leave it on. Please?” 

“It would be my pleasure, Ichigo.” He looks at the shinigami robes that Ichigo has on, then looks down at his own suit. “Seems like now I’m horribly overdressed.” 

“Then I guess you’ll have to take off all of your clothes.” Ichigo pulls on the white obi that sits around his waist. “I bet I can beat you.” 

“I am not a man that bets against the house.” Their eyes meet, and both share a laugh as they undress themselves in an unceremonious fashion. As he takes off his pants, he sees that he’s already lost the bet as Ichigo is naked and laying on his bed waiting for him. “See? This is why didn’t make that bet.” He drops his slacks onto the floor, and then crawls onto the bed, moving to be closer to the beautiful man laying naked in his bed. 

Fingers touch the back of his neck, as he’s pulled towards Ichigo’s head. “Let’s get back to what we were doing before, Kisuke. Because I don’t know when I’ll be able to do this again.” 

“We’ll figure something out.” His lips brush back and forth against Ichigo’s. “There are still many hours left until the sun rises.” 

“Then I guess we’ll have to do it all between now and then.” 

He seals his lips against Ichigo’s, and lays on top of him, making sure that their cocks are aligned. He hisses as their stiff flesh touch, then moans low as he feels Ichigo push his hips up, taking the initiative to rub himself against Urahara’s body. He has no qualms giving the control to him, as it gives him a sense on how fast they are going to move. And judging by the intense frotting, it won’t be long until he gets Ichigo to climax. 

“I don’t know why I’ve been running away from this…” Ichigo moans against his lips, as their hips undulate more together. 

“You’ve been tempting me for a long time now.” Urahara puts his lips back against his, and kisses him with more fervent kisses. “But I’ve held my composure. Until tonight.” 

Ichigo tugs on his mask, and it’s pulled off quick, his hair staying somewhat slicked back. “Don’t hold back any longer, Kisuke. I can take anything you give me.” 

“Is that so?” He reaches for his nightstand, and grabs a small bottle of lube from the dresser. “We’ll have to see if that’s true or not, won’t we?” 

“I’m up for the challenge.” 

“I bet you are, Ichigo.” 

By the time he gets Ichigo ready for him, they’re both at the end of their proverbial ropes. As he puts the tip of his cock against him, he takes one last look at Ichigo, wanting to give him as much time to say stop as necessary. The words never leave his mouth, and so he pushes his hips forward, and slides into Ichigo’s body. 

He slips both of his arms to be around Ichigo, holding him close as he pushes in a little further. One leg comes to wrap around his waist, shifting the position so that it’s beneficial to both of them. His head stays against Ichigo’s neck, as he listens to him moan loud for him as he rolls his hips with only a little force behind it. Lifting his head up, he finds Ichigo’s mouth and begins to kiss him, taking the opportunity to shift his weight once more, keeping Ichigo pressed against him. The long drawn out moan into his mouth has him thrusting his hips with a little more vigor. 

“K-Kisuke….hhnngh…” Their kiss stops for Ichigo to moan his name, Urahara reveling in the sound. A few more thrusts, and then he feels something warm and sticky begin to splash against his stomach, pleased that Ichigo has found his release so quickly. “K-Kisuke….I’m coming…” 

“I know you are.” His hips move at a quicker pace, knowing that Ichigo’s youth will soon rear its head, as his own body takes its sweet time to get to the edge. He waits there for Ichigo, and after a few more hard thrusts, they’re coming together, both exhaling different pitched moans as they slowly stop their movements. 

Urahara slips out of him, and grabs the towel he’d used earlier to make sure Ichigo is taken care of before he takes care of himself. Ichigo grabs onto his arms, and pulls him onto the bed, his back now pressed up against Ichigo’s chest. A different position than he would have thought Ichigo would want, but he’s not complaining. 

“Good night, Kisuke. Think we’ll be safe from Hollows tonight?” Ichigo’s chin rests against his shoulder, his hand resting on top of Urahara’s arm. 

“I hope so. If not, I’m sure your friends can handle a spat or two if necessary.” He brings Ichigo’s hand up to his face, and kisses the back of it. “I just hope Kon sticks to the story.” 

“He won’t. But that’s okay. I’ll do damage control tomorrow.” A soft breath tickles the side of Urahara’s neck, as Ichigo rubs his nose against it. “Nap for a bit. We still have a few more hours.” 

He chuckles, and nods his head. “Yes, Kurosaki-san. Whatever you say, Kurosaki-san.” 


Urahara laughs at the comment. “Good night, Ichigo.” 

“Same to you, Kisuke.” 

A two nap is all he needs to get back into the game, and as casually as he can, he wakes up Ichigo with the tip of his cock pushing against his entrance. After this round, Ichigo passes out on his chest, and then wakes up Urahara for their final round of sex before he returns to wearing his substitute shinigami attire. 

“Do you really have to go?” He asks, leaning on his elbow as he watches Ichigo retie his obi. “You could move to the room you normally sleep in when it’s a late night. No one would know.” 

Ichigo shakes his head. “I’ve got to get home, so I can get ready for school. I’ll be by afterwards, though. Sparring will be a good distraction for me.” 

“How so?” 

“It’ll keep me from wanting to jump on your cock.” Ichigo grins, then leaves a kiss on his lips. “Good morning, Kisuke. See you in a few hours.” 

“Good morning to you, Ichigo.” He smiles, then resettles back in his bed after Ichigo has left. 

Thankful for no awkwardness after doing what they had, Urahara turns on his side and relives the night in his mind. Saying good morning to Ichigo like he had just done had always seemed like a dream to him, and now that he’s said it, he looks forward to saying it to him again.