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The Tickling Incidents

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“Are we okay now?” Cor asked as he and Prompto sat on the sofa together.

“Yeah.” Prompto sniffed wiping his nose with his sleeve, after recovering from yet another panic attack.

The 3-year-old boy had looked into the mirror again and saw the bad man. He couldn’t help it he just got so scared because he thought the man had come back to take him. Come to take him away from his wonderful daddy and over protective dada. That was something Prompto did not want to tell them. Because Prompto believed he was ‘broken’ and if he told them the reason why he was scared of the mirror maybe they wouldn’t want him anymore. Prompto shuffled up closer to Cor, snot dribbling from his nose wanting, begging for more comfort. He loved his daddy and dada so much, he didn’t want to be without them, or Noct. He loved Noctis too.

“Mate don’t be sad. I promise everything is alright.” Cor smiled, handing Prom his Chocobo toy that had dropped onto the floor while Prompto was in the midst of a screaming fit.

Prompto latched his arms around his precious toy and squeezed it. This was another thing, other then his dads, that made him feel safe. Right now he felt he needed all the protection he could get. He did not want to go back to that scary place again.

Nah Nah.

After 10 minutes of hugging his toy and refusing to let go of Cor’s side, Prompto looked up at his daddy and asked sweetly. “Can we see dada.”

“Yeah. He’s upstairs.” Cor nodded, glad that Prompto wasn’t so focused on him for a change after he had a panic attack. Ardyn was beginning to feel a little put out by that, but there wasn’t a lot the Marshal could do about Prom’s preferred person of comfort.

They should really look into getting a therapist for their son. The screaming and the fits of panic were becoming increasingly worrying by the day.

Prompto slid off the sofa and held onto Cor’s hand as they walked over to the stairs. When they got there, Prompto insisted he could walk up by himself without Cor’s help. Which wasn’t happening because Cor feared that Prom would fall down them like any normal parent would. So he made a compromise with his child. Prompto could walk up the stairs if he held onto the side and if he was holding on to Cor’s hand as his daddy stood behind him. Prompto pouted for a second but nodded knowing that daddy wasn’t like dada. He wasn’t so easily tricked therefore it was harder to get what he wanted. Prom handed his Chocobo toy to Cor as they made their way up the staircase. Because Prompto had done this so many times with Ardyn in the past he let go of the wall.

Cor’s eyes widened as he stopped them from going any further and gently placed Prom’s hand back onto the wall. What was this kid trying to do? Give him a heart attack?

“What did I say about the wall.”

“Sorry.” Prom said with sorrow not wanting to get told off.

Cor let it slide this once because Prompto was still very upset and all he wanted was to see Ardyn. They carried on up the stairs with Cor holding on Prom’s hand until they reached the top. Cor let go and Prompto immediately raced into his dad’s room. The door was opened a jar, meaning he could push it open and get to see his dada quicker.

“DADA!” Prompto beamed as he ran up to Ardyn who was in the middle of folding Cor’s clothes.  

“Hello my Sunbeam!” Ardyn smiled back dropping Cor’s shirt to grab Prompto and give him a big hug.

Ardyn had stayed up here while Prompto screamed because he felt awful that he could not sooth his cries. No child should scream like that for half an hour straight and there was nothing he could do to help. Unconditional love for your child was one of the best feeling’s ever, but it hurt so much when that person was in pain. However, Prompto looked better now.

Ardyn kissed Prompto on the nose before asking. “How are we feeling now my beautiful baby boy?”

“Better.” Prom nodded, going back to wrapping his arms around Ardyn’s neck. He felt terrible because he knew his dada was sad. Prompto couldn’t have that.

“You are too adorable.” Ardyn chuckled at his son’s cuteness, giving him one final hug before putting him back down on the ground. “Sorry darling I know you want a hug, but I have to put away daddy’s clothes because he is too lazy to do it himself.”

“I am not.” Cor proclaimed defending himself, glaring at Ardyn from the door way. He wasn’t lazy.

Ardyn on the other hand…

“Of course not, My Marshal.” Ardyn smirked before bending down to whisper into Prom’s ear. “He is lazy really. We will just let him think otherwise.”

Prom covered his mouth with his hands and started laughing at what Ardyn had said. Ardyn started laughing too. He ruffled his giggling son’s hair, before going back to folding and sorting out Cor’s clothes. Cor desperately needed to add a bit of colour to his wardrobe it was so dull.

“What are you laughing at?” Cor asked, raising his eyebrow at Prom as he walked into his room.

“Nothing.” Prompto shook his head, going red trying to hold his laughter in. When he saw the look of disapproval on his daddy’s face, Prompto threw his head back with laughter, now completely forgetting why he had been sad a few moments ago.

Cor smirked, pretending to be offended by Prom’s laughter. “Oh yeah, I’ll give you a reason to laugh.”

Cor picked up Prompto and started to tickle him forcing the little boy to kick and laugh lounder then before. To ensure Cor didn’t drop Prom, he placed him on his and Ardyn’s bed and attacked his stomach with tickles. Prompto tried to roll out of is attack and laughed like a hyaena trying to bat Cor’s hands away from him.  

“That tickles! He-he-he! Stop! He-he-he!”

“This will teach you not to laugh at me.” Cor laughed, before blowing on Prom’s stomach and tickling his sides forcing the little boy into hysterical laughter. Cor continued to tickle torture his son as Prompto hit his face and continued to laugh.

Ardyn let out a sigh, still folding clothes. “Darling, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Dada! Save me!” Prompto cackled, looking to Ardyn for help as he tried to kick himself out of his daddy’s grasp.

“Gotcha! You aren’t going anywhere!” Cor laughed, ignoring Ardyn while making his son cry with laughter.

“He-he-he- Daddy! He-he-he!”

“I have only just put a clean set of bed sheets on.” Ardyn rolled his eyes, closing the drawer and waited for the inevitable to happen.

“What are you on about?” Cor shook his head still making Prompto laugh.

But Ardyn was right. Cor should have stopped. Because their son was currently being potty trained, meaning he was no longer wearing a nappy… and he was laying on top of his dad’s bed. But Prompto continued to laugh, tears streaming down his face and unable to breathe until his body went limp and…

Prompto went red with embarrassment and his bottom lip started to quiver forcing Cor to finally stop tickling his son. “Oh… I peed.”

“Ah!” Cor said in a worried tone. Prompto looked as if he was about to burst into tears.

“I did warn you. Gods, my darling. You know what weak bladders children have.” Ardyn grumbled, walking over to his bed annoyed he was going to have to clean the sheets for a second time today. He sat down and stroked Prom’s hair so he didn’t cry.

“Sorry, daddy. Sorry, dada. I didn’t mean too.” Prompto whimpered.

“It’s not your fault Sunbeam. It’s daddy’s fault for tickling you.” Ardyn said giving Cor a look to sort this mess out.

Cor felt so ashamed of himself for doing that to his son. He picked Prom up, despite being covered in pee and kissed his forehead. “I am sorry Prom. Let’s get you out of these clothes and get you in the shower.”

After Prom’s shower, he was put into his PJ’s and was told he was allowed whatever dessert he wanted for having such a rotten day and for half of it being Cor’s fault. Prompto was allowed to watch whatever he wanted on the TV and chose whatever game he wanted the three of them to play before he went to bed. Prompto enjoyed that part of his day. However, Ardyn was less than pleased with his son peeing on his bed so he did the normal thing and told Regis what Cor had done to their son.

At around 9:30pm, when their sunbeam of a child was tucked up cosy asleep in his bed Cor got a text from Regis saying:

Cor Leonis! You are evil for making your son wet himself! By order of your King you must give in to whatever darling Prompto says for a week. Or you are fired. Love you XD

Cor shook his head and turned to his husband who was humming a tune to himself as he read a novel.

“Why did you tell Regis?”

“Because I have had to change these sheets twice today because of you. And it was a little too funny not to share.” Ardyn shrugged, not bothering to hide his smirk.

“Read what he sent me.”

Ardyn looked at the phone and laughed. Did Regis think Ardyn didn’t give into his son’s demands? And Ardyn was going to ensure that Cor did as Regis had commanded after this. Their poor child was probably sacred for life for wetting himself and he was doing so well. Prom would always tell either Cor or Ardyn when he needed the toilet and Cor had gone and done this! Cor was such a meanie sometimes. Than a thought dawned on the ancient daemon. He put his book on the coffee table along with Cor’s phone and smirked at him.

“You know what darling; Regis’s punishment isn’t exactly a punishment.”

“Ardyn… what are you doing?” Cor asked, a little unsure as to why Ardyn had decided to kneel on the floor in front of him.

“Well, you see you made our son wet himself so by default I can make you do the same.”

No! Ardyn wouldn’t dare!

As quick as a flash, Ardyn grabbed Cor’s foot and started tickling it and the Marshal couldn’t help but laugh in pain. Cor tried to kick Ardyn to get him to stop this torture, but Ardyn had placed his arm on Cor’s thigh and continued to lightly scrape his nails along the bottom of Cor’s foot. Ardyn was not letting him get away with tickling Prom so much he peed.

Cor, being trapped in by Ardyn, threw his head back with laughter while breathing out. “Stop! Please! Why are you such a prick!”