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Sounds Like Something We Used To Feel

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Yuuri wakes to a distant buzzing sound that became louder and louder as his conciouncess slowly came back to him. He groans, rolling back into his wore torn comforter and pressing his face into his pillow, sighing. Morning came too fast.

It always does.

He sits up, swinging his legs over. His naked feet hit the floor gently, granting him a shiver that courses through his body and doesn't leave him until he pulls a jacket over his arms. He squints over at the empty bed tucked in the corner opposite of his, frowning. Phichit was supposed to wake him up when he left to do his perimeter check.

He sighs again. It's too early to be frustrated, and Yuuri understands Phichits reasoning on wanting him to stay rested. Still, not to say it didn't upset him a bit. He was okay. At least he feels okay, as okay as he could feel considering.

He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a smashed pack. He rests a cigarette in his mouth, grabbing a lighter sitting on their shared dresser and inhales.



He manages a smile for Minami, though strained he tries to soften a bit for the boy; even though he knows he will not hear the end of him having a cigarette in his proximity let alone his own hand again.


Mianami dogs the pack but doesn't comment, and Yuuris heart swells a tad. "How are you?"

He's nervously spinning a small band around his pinky, his face morphed with unfamiliar and unwelcomed hesitation. Yuuri hates it. "I'm okay, " he says softly, more talking to the wall than Yuuri he feels. "You?"

"I'm okay." Yuuri gives him a more relaxed smile then, the tension feeling more normal when Minamis shoulders relax a bit too.

"Good." It's quiet. "Phichit wanted to speak with you, now that you're awake."

"Right." He stubs his cigarette out in a tin can left next to the door, a thin baby blue ribbon tied loosely around the middle. He thought it was cute. Phi thinks any personal touches they could make would help make things a little less unforgiving, no matter how simple. He likes the sentiment of it. He decides it's more or less true.

He finds it hard to not appreciate the little things these days.