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Love Songs and Poetry

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An exasperated sigh, fell from the ash blond lips as he ran his hands down his face.

It was a Friday night, and Bakugou had spent the entire day after class working on homework that was due a week later. Finishing essay assignments the day you get them would be difficult for literally anyone else, even IcyHot would take his time researching throughout the week before finishing.

Bakugou smirked at the thought, victory in the classroom and out in the field felt good. He closed his laptop and glanced at the clock on his nightstand.


Two hours until he goes to sleep.

With a grunt he decided that spending the last couple of hours of consciousness working out in his room.

Going downstairs would be dangerous, the weekends are always filled with his classmates being loud as hell in the common room. And he'd rather not get dragged into whatever annoying activity they're doing.

He unbuttoned his school shirt, throwing it off to the side and replaced his school slacks with sweatpants, and with that he started his nightly workout.

Not even twenty minutes into his routine, he heard loud banging, yells and shrieks of laughter. The elevator dinged on his floor and he swore the Gods must want him to suffer.

There was no way of telling who, or how many people are running and screaming through the halls, but Bakugou would be damned if he said this sounding any less than a stampede.

His eye twitched at the loudness as he stood up, abandoning his sit up reps. Smoke and small crackling came from the palms of his hands, gradually getting louder as he approached his door. The mini explosions must have tipped the students on the other side, as there was a loud thud and a flurry of hushing directly outside his door.

The door flung open, denting the wall for the umpteenth time, and scarlet eyes flared at group huddled on the ground in front of him.

Upon assessing the situation, it seems as though Mina had stolen Kaminari's phone, the thunderbolt phone case gives it away. So that explains why the Thunder Dolt was on top of her, reaching for it. What Bakugou didn't understand was why Kirishima was there, on top both of them also reaching for the phone.

Three sets of eyes stared at the blond, frightened and expecting an explosion to the face.

"Can one of you explain why the fuck you three have to be so damn loud?" The words came out more of a growl, through gritted teeth. Patience was wearing thin and the sweet scent of caramel became more apparent as his hands started smoking again.

A nervous laugh came from the redhead as he removed himself from the pile and sat back on the floor. The other two following his lead.

"Uh...Sorry bro. Mina stole Kami's phone so-"

"I'm not blind. I can SEE that." The ash blond sighed, watching Kirishima flinch at the harshness in his voice. "Why must you all be so damn annoying. It's late, can't you just be quiet for once?"

The pink girl laughed, holding her stomach as she wiped a fake tear from her eye. "Only you would think seven at night is late. Come onnnnnn. We're just having fun, something you should try doing once in a while instead of going to bed early like grumpy old man."

This caused the two boys sitting next to her to snicker, not even flinching at the scowl that made its way to Bakugou's face.

"Mina has a point man. You're all work and no play, you gotta let loose sometimes. Right, Kiri?"

The redhead nodded, a few blocks of his hair falling as he did so. Bakugou rolled his eyes instead of staring at the sight.

The product in his hair must be wearing out now.

"Yeah. I mean it'd be nice if you joined us sometime." The shark tooth smile that followed caught Bakugou's eye again. Blinding, but intriguing. It always makes Bakugou calm a bit; he still hasn't figured out why though.

"What are you talking about Shitty Hair? You're always dragging me around to do stupid shit. How much more time do you want me to spend with you?!"

Kirishima's face flushed a little at the statement, as he nervously stumbled over words and laughter.

"I...uh…That-" A pink hand shoved Kirishima's mouth shut as she dramatically sighed.

" Oh my God… We meant with all of us. Ya know, your classmates? There's more than just Kiri in the class you know!" Kaminari, took the chance to swipe his phone from Mina's hand while she was distracted, earning a disgruntled huff from the girl.

"None of you extras are worth my time. Unless you wanna fight me I don't wanna be around you. Now if you don't mind, I HAVE A WORKOUT TO FINISH NOW LEAVE." Bakugou's hands crackled for the second time that night, anger seething through him as his chest started to rise and fall quicker than his patience.

 Mina shrieked, scrambling to stand grabbing the two boys wrists as she ran back to the elevator. Kirishima looked back with an apologetic smile, catching the blond a bit off guard.

It grounded him a little, and he calmed while he watched his classmates disappear into the elevator. A small smile from the redhead shouldn't have that effect on Bakugou. But it strangely does. He won't lie and say it doesn't help, Kirishima always seems to smile right when he's about to lose his shit.

What the hell am I thinking?

He pinched the bridge of his nose, huffing a little before turning back into his room and kicking the door shut again.

He turned his attention away from Kirishima's smile and back to his workout; ignoring the loudness created by his classmates downstairs radiating through the walls.

It was just going to be another one of those nights.


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Saturday mornings for Kirishima were generally always the same ever since he moved into the dorms. 
Wake up at nine, put on some workout clothes, grab a water from the common room kitchen and then meet Bakugou at the gym entrance.
His face lit up into a smile as he saw his friend leaning against the wall, silently scrolling through something in his phone. It was one of those moments where there wasn’t a scowl on the blond’s face. Instead a relatively relaxed expression covered his face.
Kirishima would be lying if he said he didn’t like this side of Bakugou.

“Hey Bakubro! Are you ready to throw some punches?”
The blond looked up at the redhead, scarlet eyes showing distaste for the nickname as he slid his phone into is gym bag.

“Only if you stop calling me that.”

“Aw come on. You know you love it.” Kirishima laughed at the scowl he got as a reply and pushed through the gym doors. As soon as they set their bags down, he started stretching. Sitting down with his legs straight out in front of him, he reached for his toes easily. He’s always been prideful in how flexile he was; even the girls in his class couldn’t get as close to a split as he did. It wasn’t until he was doing a practically full on straddle with his stomach flat on the ground, did he feel the other set of eyes on him. With one eyebrow quirked he glanced up at his friend from his position on the ground.

“How the fuck do you do that? Did you take fuckin’ gymnastics or somethin’?”  Bakugou’s question was genuine curiosity, and it would have took Kirishima by surprise if he wasn’t used to these moments.
Laughter filled the room as Kirishima finished, standing up to place a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Nah man. Flexibility just comes naturally to me I guess. Takes a lot of work to keep it up, especially with my Quirk always making me stiff.” He shrugged at that last part as he walked over to some of the gym equipment. “Alright, let's get this morning workout going!” 
He fist pumped the air as Bakugou rolled his eyes, joining him over where the weights were.

After an hour of spotting for each other, Kirishima hitting a new record too, they headed to the treadmills. The stagnant running wasn’t a quiet activity as the redhead talked the blond’s head off the entire time. There was a slight pause, before Kirishima glanced over a Bakugou, who held curiosity in his face at the sudden silence.

“So you know how Mina said you should join us to have some fun last night?” An annoyed sigh and a nod was his answer. “, don’t kill me for this alright, but I may have promised that you’d come hang out with the class tonight.”

“You what?”

“Like I said don’t kill me, okay? Hear me out first. It’s know how Jirou plays like every instrument in the universe?” A nod. “Well, she’s been teaching a few of us, including me, how to play some of them. And uh, we were planning on playing as a “band” tonight. Nothing special really, we’d just do some covers and such. None of us really can write songs.”

“So you’re inviting me to listen to a bunch of you play as some uncoordinated band?” Kiri gave an offended gasp as he got off his treadmill, staring at Bakugou like he just broke his heart. He noted how that seemed to make the blond’s face flush a bit as he also stopped his run.

“We’re not that bad! I promise! Hell, Kami plays the electric guitar and he’s good at it.” Bakugou gave a bewildered look. The thought of the Dolt being good at anything other than short circuiting his own brain was almost laughable. “I know, I know. Hard to believe, but would I ever lie to you?”

“You once tricked me into going to a damn fair by saying there was a new chili pepper curry at a restaurant in town.” Scarlet eyes squinted at the redhead in distrust. Okay so maybe there were a few times where he stretched the truth to get the blond to go places. But those were few and far between. Kiri gave a nervous chuckle as he took a sip from the water he brought.

“Okay….yeah. I admit I did that. But I got an awesome red shark plush from you blowing up the ring toss stand!” The blond just sighed into his hand. “Look, I’m telling you I’m not lying. We’ve been practicing together for a while now. We’re finally going to show our progress to the whole class! You have to come, you’re my best friend and you gotta support my accomplishments.” Crimson eyes bore into the blond’s scarlet ones. Pleading confidence shining through them as he silently begged for Bakugou to join the rowdy class later that night.
Bakugou’s shoulders slumped in defeat, fully knowing that he’d never hear the end of it if he didn’t agree.

“Ugh, fine. But if you guys suck I’m leaving early. No complaints at all.” Kirishima nodded happily, bouncing slightly in excitement.

“YES! I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE NOW! I’ll see you later, bro! We got some stuff to set up for tonight, and choose our songs.” He picked up his gym bag and practically flew out the gym doors, leaving Bakugou behind without much of a second thought. He was too excited for this moment.
He really wanted to show off how good he was at playing bass. Not that Bakugou knew that’s what he played, it was going to be a surprise after all.

Maybe seeing me play will make him fall for me.

His face burned with the thought as excitement flowed through him. He went to find his bandmates so he could tell them the good news.
This was going to be the best night ever.
He just knew it.

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After being left alone in the gym, Bakugou found his way back up to his room. Not without being bombarded with everyone's surprised giddiness that he’s actually taking part in a group activity.
As well as Mina’s yelling that dresscode is, “Dress like you’re actually going to a concert! No exceptions!”
Why did I agree to this?
An image of Kirishima’s determined, and admittedly adorable, face popped back into his mind. The blond flushed and mentally kicked himself. This was not the time to be thinking like that.
He should be mentally preparing for the hell he’d be going through tonight, not thinking about Kiri’s face again.
Bakugou, was already dress for the occasion at least. Ripped black skinny jeans, orange Converse, his favorite black tee with a skull on it. He even had an orange flannel lying on his bed for when he has to go down. The fact that he’s taking this request so seriously even surprised Bakugou himself. There was no need for him to be so dressed up, not that what he was wearing could be found fancy or anything of the sort. But the fact that he even took the time to carefully plan out his outfit was not usually like him.
Why was he so willing to impress his classmates?
It wasn’t his classmates. 
It was just Kirishima.
He was Bakugou’s best friend.
And best friends support each others accomplishments, just as the redhead stated earlier.
He’s just showing that he cares about Kirishima’s progress with whatever instrument he now plays.
With a glance at his clock, he sighed.
In an hour he’d have to go downstairs and deal with this mess. He knows they purposely planned this so called concert at his scheduled bedtime. If they wanted him extra grumpy then so be it; they can have extra grumpy Bakugou at their concert.
He laid down on his bed, sneaking an arm under his pillow to pull out a manga. A romance manga, one of his favorite pastimes.
No one knows that he reads anything other than articles and textbooks, so anyone figuring out that he reads manga in his spare time would be life ending. And it’s worse that its romance. No one could know about this soft side of Bakugou, not even Kirishima.
He’ll just spend the next hour reading, and then mosey his way into the common room.
A soft smile found its way on his lips as he read about the couple going on their first date; not even cursing himself for imagining them as himself and Kiri.
Bakugou didn’t actually get very far in his reading, as he stopped where the couple were watching a sunset. He picked up a pen and sticky note he had on his nightstand, went to work scribbling out words on the fluorescent orange paper.

As the golden light fades
The final rays of sunlight make your skin glow
And as the moon shows its face
Your smile competes with its brightness
The soft moonlight makes your crimson eyes sparkle
And your beauty makes my heart flutter
If only I could tell you
How much that smile means to me

A simple, quick poem is written on the spot, and Bakugou smiles contently at his work as he places the sticky note on the sunset scene in his book. It’s not unusual for him to do this, a lot of his books have random notes and poems relating to what he reads.
Only recently he’s noticed they have become more about Kirishima than the actual scene itself. All the more reason not to let anyone find out about this hobby of his.


Bakugou had spent the last hour reading just as he wanted and now, he’s on the couch surrounded by people he can’t stand as he watches Kririshima, Mina, Kaminari, Jirou, and Sero all clamber together as class 1-A’s “official” band. Somehow they manage to pull together four dining tables to make a stage, and now they’re arguing on how they’re going to get the drum set up there without any stairs.
A sigh left Bakugou as he tuned out the noise and closed his eyes. They’d figure it out sooner or later and by then he’s sure to be notified when the actual concert part is starting. Even though they should have had this figured out hours ago.
He must have dozed off at some point because he was awakened by a loud,

He jolted up in his seat, hands crackling in mini explosions out of instinct.

“Kacchan please, it’s your fault for falling asleep on concert night.” Scarlet eyes glared at the greenette, and Bakugou growled as he sat back on the couch.

“It’s not my fault I got dragged into this. All I wanted to do was sleep.” A wave of snickers ran through the class, they all knew he was up past his bedtime.

“Alright alright. Let’s just get this party started! Leave Mr. GrumpyPants alone!” Kirishima, was up on the stage, which now had Jiou’s drum set taped down to it, and was flinging around the aux cord to the bass he was currently wearing.
Bakugou had to admit, the rocker-like style of his friend had all sorts of things fluttering in his stomach. Fuck just butterflies, he had the whole damn zoo. Kiri actually had his hair up in a ponytail, his bangs messily hiding his forehead. A simple black tank top fell over, tight red skinny jeans and damn those should be illegal. Kirishima could kick him with the black combat boots he was wearing and the blond would thank him.
The redhead caught Bakugou's stare and gave him a bright smile and waved at him excitedly.
Bakugou’s face burned; maybe staring at you hot best friend isn’t such a good idea.

“Look Bakugou! I’m playing the bass!” Kirishima held up the instrument that was strapped over his shoulder, just as Jirou started wacking him in the head and telling him to be careful with her baby. Bakugou couldn’t help but smile at the exchange. Kirishima was such an idiot.
Upon closer look of the band before him, he noticed Sero was the drummer, Kaminari was on the electric guitar just as he was told, Mina and Jirou seemed to be the only two without instruments leading to believe they’re the ones doing the singing tonight.
Hopefully Bakugou's ears won't be bleeding by the end of this.
Once everyone settled down in they seats, Jirou took charge of the event.

"Okay everyone, let's get this party started! We'll only be doing a few covers tonight, since these guys aren't that experienced yet." Kaminari just let out an offended "Hey" before getting cut off again. "So anyways, hope you enjoy the show!"
The lights went out and spotlights highlighted the band. Momo must have made those for the occasion.
To Bakugou's surprise, they weren't terrible. A little off key occasionally, but otherwise they were pretty good.
Maybe with some more practice they'll actually sound professional.
Bakugou shifted his view to the redhead, who was currently dancing slightly in tune with the music. As he got more comfortable with playing, Kirishima really got into it. Somehow he managed to end up dancing and jumping about, without missing too many notes. And somehow, the smile he wore while having so much fun, captured Bakugou's gaze so much so that he never took his eyes off him.
Everything about this boy on stage entranced the blond. The way Kiri slowly got used to a song before continuing his jumpy dance, the way his smile never left his face showing how much fun he's having, and the way his loose hair flowed with every movement he made.
Even now Bakugou knew he needed to write a poem, or thirty, just on the way Kirishima's hair falls against his face.
Bakugou was so focused on Kirishima, that he didn't even notice that the concert had ended. Even when the redhead took off the bass, and accepted a water bottle from Iida. Bakugou still wasn't able to take his eyes off him, not even when his classmates were trying to get his attention. That is until someone clapped loudly next to his ear to get his attention causing him to jump.

"He's so starstruck that he can't even find the words to say how good we were!" Mina's half excited, half teasing voice accompanied her ruffling the blond's hair. He swatted her hand away angrily, completely ignoring her statement.

"Actually...I noticed that he was staring at Kirishima the entire time." Todoroki's words caused Kiri to choke on his water, and Bakugou to jump out of his seat. Everyone else just looked between Todoroki and Bakugou, waiting for some inevitable fight to happen.

"Shut the hell up IcyHot. I was NOT!"

"But I saw-"

"NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU SAW. MAYBE I WAS JUST WATCHING KIRISHIMA THE WHOLE TIME BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY INTERESTING ONE." Bakugou was sure Kirishima choked on his water again behind him, but he didn't dare voice his concern. That would only add to his embarrassment. Kaminari snickered beside him, placing a hand on Bakugou's shoulder.

"So, you're not denying that you solely watched Kiri hop around like an idiot for an hour?"

"I was not hopping! I was dancing!" Was the shorthanded defense that Kirishima voiced, but everyone was more focused on Bakugou.

"It was not an hour!" He glanced at the clock on the wall.
Okay so...maybe it was an hour. Bakugou huffed, anger and embarrassment replacing his patience faster every second. Of all the people to catch him staring. The blond let out a yell the was closer to a growl than anything and started his way to the elevator.

"I'm going to bed, you all are annoying as fuck and I'm too tired to even blast your faces off!"
He stepped into the elevator and harshly hit the button for his floor. "Good fucking night you assholes." Was the last thing his classmates heard before the doors closed and he left for bed.




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Kirishima found himself spending most of his Sunday in Mina's dorm room, along with the rest of his usual squad. Although he wished he could be anywhere else so he didn't have to be the target of Mina's pestering.

"He totally likes you Kiri. Its obvious."
He sighed for the hundredth time at that same phrase he's heard all day.

"No, I don't think that's it. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he just fell asleep with his eyes open and just happened to be looking in my direction."
Kiri leaned back, using Mina's back as a pillow.

"Dude, Todoroki of all people noticed him staring." Sero's statement granted a nod from the rest of the group, and Kirishima just groaned.

"Okay fine, so he was staring. But that means nothing. I practically begged him to come and watch me play. Not really anyone else, so that's probably why he was only watching me."
Mina mused at the statement, giggling at her childhood friends cluelessness. "Can we please stop talking about this now? We promised the class we'd do another concert next Saturday! I wanna learn some new songs!" The redhead fist pumped the air, as the rest of the group agreed to plan for their upcoming concert.
After another couple of hours, the group had settled on their songs and agreed to meet up throughout the week to practice. For now they split up to go do their own things.
Kirishima was lost in his own thoughts as he walked from the girls dorm back to his own.
Bakugou staring was just a coincidence right? He couldn't possibly…
Both of Kiri's hands flew into his hair in frustration. His thoughts are going to get him in trouble one day.

"Of course him staring didn't mean anyth-" His words were cut short as he rounded the corner and ran face first into someone. Kirishima stumbled back a bit and blinked before looking up at heterochromatic eyes.

"Oh, Todoroki. Sorry I wasn't paying attention bro." A nervous chuckle left his lips. Yeah his thoughts are definitely going to get him in trouble one day.

"It's fine. Are you alright? I couldn't help but hear you…" The taller boy shifted awkwardly, obviously ashamed for overhearing Kirishima's out loud thinking. The redhead blushed furiously, embarrassed that he was caught. Thank god it wasn't Bakugou who heard him at least.

" no it's okay. Don't worry about it. Mina and the others were teasing me about it all morning. They have it stuck in my head."
"Oh...I apologize for even saying anything then. I didn't realize that it would cause such a problem." Todoroki bowed in apology, and Kirishima just waved his hands in dismissal.
"Its cool, really. They're just making it a bigger deal than it actually is." The disappointment in his voice couldn't be anymore obvious, and Kirishima mentally kicked himself for showing how much it affected him. Todoroki raised his head, eyeing the other boy in concern. He just gave a short nod before stepping out of the way and placing a hand on Kirishima's shoulder. He looked unsure of himself, but spoke anyways.

"I'm not sure if this will help any, but...the way Bakugou watched you, I can only describe it as his eyes looked like they were sparkling." Kirishima looked at Todoroki in shock, but the taller boy only offered a small smile before continuing on his way leaving Kirishima on his own again.

He's eyes were sparkling?
His face flushed so much it blended into his hair, and his quickly scrambled to get to the kitchen in the common room. He splashed his face with some cold water, taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart.
No Todoroki, that did not help at all.

"You sick or somethin'?" The sudden harsh voice made Kiri jump out of his skin as he turned to meet with the man of his thoughts, Bakugou himself. The blond had just come from his afternoon run, that much was obvious. His cheeks were flushed slightly from the outside heat, and sweat made Bakugou's black shirt cling to his chest in ways that showed how beautifully sculpted he was. Kirishima could stare at that sight forever if he could.

Now he was the one staring. Thankfully the blond didn't notice, or just didn't care and Kirishima thank the gods that he wasn't called out. But Bakugou just quirked an eyebrow expectantly. Kiri almost forgot he was asked a question.

"Huh, no. I was just trying to cool off. Got a little hot." Nervousness dripped from every fiber of his being, watching the blond eye him in confused concern. And Kirishima really wished he wouldn't, those scarlet eyes bore into his very soul.

"Right. Whatever. Anyways, I'm going to take a shower and then I'll meet you in your room." Kirishima's face must have spoke for his confusion because Bakugou just sighed in frustration. "You asked me to help you study for the test we have tomorrow?"

Right. Test. He had almost forgotten about that. Gay panicking the whole weekend can do that to a person.

"Oh! Right! Sorry. It's been a crazy weekend, I forgot." He flashed a shark tooth smile at the blond, who just looked away and mumbled to himself.

"Yeah whatever. Just make sure you're ready for my tutoring." He waved a hand dismissively at the redhead as he walked off to the showers.
Once Bakugou had disappeared from view, Kirishima practically ran to his room to prepare for his death. Ahem, tutor session.

He rushed to get textbooks, notes and pens all ready. Normally Kirishima thought he'd die from the amount of times Bakugou hits him during one of these sessions.
But right now, he wasn't even sure if he could be in the same room as Bakugou without turning into a sputtering mess.
Damn Mina and her teasing. Damn Todoroki for saying Bakugou's eyes sparkled. Damn his own racing heart as the image of Bakugou after a run burned into his mind.
This was going to be the longest tutor session ever. 
And Kirishima didn't think he'd survive it.

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Cool water from the shower head hit Bakugou’s face as he muttered to himself. He wasn’t sure what was up with Kirishima, but he couldn’t deny how pretty the boy looked as water dripped from his face. Even if Kirishima did seem a little sick. Or was he nervous? If so why? Bakugou shook his head, soap suds hitting the walls of the shower as he did so.
There’s no use in over thinking about it.
The only thing he really needs to worry about is cleaning himself up and spending the rest of the day tutoring the redhead. Study sessions were never a quick event for the boys.
Bakugou quickly finished his shower, throwing on fresh clothes and draped his towel over his wet hair before heading up to Kirishima’s room. He knocked on the door, and immediately heard the shuffling of the other boy coming to the door.
A bright smile welcomed him into the room. He shook his head, towel ruffling his hair in the process.

“Your face is gonna get stuck like that, ya know.” Kirishima laughed as he closed his door and went to go sit next to Bakugou on the bed.

“Nah, bro. Doesn’t need to get stuck if I'm always smiling anyways. Besides I can say the same about that scowl you have permanently plastered on yours.” Bakugou swatted the hand that came to poke his face, giving the exact same scowl he was just called out for.

“Whatever. Let's just get started so you can at least get a passing grade.” The redhead scoffed while handing over the textbook and opening his notes. A comfortable silence fell between them as Bakugou made a mock-test for Kirishima, something he’s grown to realize is the best way to help his friend. Once done the mock, he nudged Kirishima, who was nose deep in his notes.

“Here, start with this. I’ll look over it when your done and help you through the ones you get wrong.” The redhead nodded, taking the test in his lap.

Bakugou normally would just sit back and plays with his phone while he waits, but today he decided to lean back and watch his best friend. But like, totally not in a creepy kind of way. More like, did he always chew the end of his pencil while thinking? Or did Kirishima always do that cute little smile once he figured something out? Are those freckles on his face? When did that happen? Why did Bakugou find Kirishima’s hair falling out of its gel prison so attractive? And why did he want to touch it so bad?
His hand moved towards the red hair before he could really process what he was doing. The sudden touch made Kirishima jump, and he looked at Bakugou with a surprised and very red face.
It took a second for Bakugou to process what he did, to which he responded with an equally flushed face.

“S-sorry. Don’t really know what— why I did that.” He nervously played with the hem of his shirt, expecting Kirishima to yell at for...whatever that was.

“’s fine. I don’t mind it actually. Just, didn’t expect it.” A small embarrassed smile crossed Kirishima’s face and he nervously ran his hand through his hair. Which just caused half of his red locks to fall from its hold.

Bakugou couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“You look dumb as shit now.” Kiri pouted and tried, and failed, at putting his hair back in place.

“Well whose fault is that?! You can’t just go touching a bro’s hair like that. It makes me nervous.” Bakugou quirked an eyebrow as a silent question. Kirishima sighed, hanging his head down causing his hair to flop all over the place. “Okay, it doesn’t make me nervous like that. Just...more when you do it.”

“Why just me?” Was that the redhead’s way of telling him he didn’t like Bakugou touching him? He’s seen Mina, and even Urakara play with Kiri’s hair before. He guessed it was different when girls are the one’s doing it. It makes sense; Kirishima probably felt differently when a guy tries to do it. Bakugou’s face must have shown some form of disappointment because Kirishima quickly changed his tune.

“Don’t take it the wrong way! It’s just, you’re normally not the affectionate type. So...I don't expect something like that from you.” That last part sounded more like Kirishima trying to convince himself of that, but Bakugou just passed it off. One issue at a time.

“Hah? You think I’m incapable of being affectionate, Shitty Hair?” He emphasized the nickname in a way that it seemed ‘affectionate’. It caused Kirishima to burst out in laughter and fall back onto his bed.

“Dude you can’t even get proper pet names down.” Bakugou just rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at the redhead.

“You think I can’t? What would you rather me call you then? Somethin’ stupid like Deku calls me? Let’s see, Kiri-chan, Ei-chan, or just Ei. I could go on but you look like you’re about to die from laughing at me.” Kirishima just giggled, wiping away a tear that came to his eye. A man like Kirishima should not have such a cute giggle. “Okay, I get it. For fuck sake stop laughing at me.” Bakugou fell back with a groan, hiding his embarrassed face on his hands.

“I’m so-sorry. It’s just you have such creative names for everyone, it’s odd to hear something so normal from you.” Bakugou didn’t even move from his position, his hands still over his face. He was thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of himself. Of course no one could take him seriously if he used normal names….he has a reputation after all. “You okay, Bakugou?”

The concern made Bakugou remove one hand from his face to look at his friend. He only gave a shrug in reply.

“Are you really upset about that?” Bakugou huffed, shrugging once again.

“I mean, I guess. You are friend so…” Kirishima caught on to what the blond was trying to say, smiling once again.



“Call me Ei.” Bakugou blinked at Kirishima, taking a moment to soak in what the other had said. His face tinged the slightest of red at the suggestion.

“You sure? Not even Raccoon Eyes calls you by your first name. Wouldn’t it be weird if I started calling you that?” Kiri just shook his head, more strands of hair falling down.

“You’re good bro. If there’s anyone I’d like to call me something like that it’d be you.” Bakugou actually smiled at that, happy warmth fluttering through him.

“Alright you fucking sappy dumbass. Ei it is.” He took the pillow he threw earlier and hit Kiri— Ei with it as he sat back up. “Your hair is a goddamn mess though and it’s pissing me off. Where the hell is your brush?” Ei laughed, shuffling to grab his brush from his nightstand. He was about to tame the rest of his hair when the brush disappeared from his hand. Bakugou pulled the confused boy back by his shirt, settling him in between his legs and shoved the paper with the makeshift test into his lap.

“Nope, you gotta finish your studying. I’ll do your hair.”

Kirishima nodded silently, glad his back was to Bakugou because his face was literally on fire. The same could be said about the blond, he was blushing so much his cheeks were starting to smoke a little. 
Stupid heat reactive quirk, now's not the time for this.
After an awkward moment of silence, both boys calmed down enough to continue the tasks before them.
Bakugou smiled to himself as he noticed Ei relax into him as he gently brushed the red locks free. 
If this became a normal study session activity, Bakugou wouldn’t complain.

Chapter Text

The following week was quite entertaining. No one expected Bakugou and Kirishima to suddenly have new nicknames for each other; let alone ones based on their first names. The first time Bakugou called Kirishima “Ei”; Midoriya choked on his drink, Urakara accidently made her desk float and the rest of the class just stared in shock. Bakugou silently claimed that short lived chaos as a victory.
Kirishima couldn’t decide between what to call Bakugou, as he insisted he should be allowed to also have a new nickname for the blond as well. So the poor boy has been switching between “Kat” and “Suki” attempting to figure out which one Bakugou likes more. Bakugou refuses to admit it, but he does like “Suki” more. It just sounds so adorable coming from Ei’s cute little shark mouth.
Once Friday rolled around, it seems as though the class has had enough of this strangely domestic interaction between the boys. Or at least they got tired of Midoriya muttering into his notes every second he could to figure out how this happened.
Urakara was the one to snap this time.

“Oh for the love of— someone please make Deku-kun stop!” She slammed her head into her desk as Iida took away Midoriya's notebook with a struggle.
Bakugou just shook his head and continued to look through his notes. His browsing was short lived as Mina marched up to his desk, dragging a frightened Kirishima along too. She released Kiri, squinting as she looked between him and Bakugou.

“How, when and why did this name thing happen? Not even I call Kiri by his first name!” She crossed her arms, pouting as she stared down her middle-school friend. Kirishima looked defeated and ashamed as he reached out to comfort his pink friend.

“Aw, don’t be like that Mina. You can call me Eijirou anytime, I’m not stopping you. It’s just...I’d like ‘Ei’ to be something only Kat calls me. It’s kinda something we agreed on.” Kirishima seemed shy about explaining this in front of the whole class, while the blond grumbled to himself about the whole ordeal. Mina didn’t seem to notice or care, in fact her mood did a complete one-eighty and instantly cheered up.

“That’s so cute! Okay okay I get it now. Don’t worry I won’t steal your boyfriends nickname for you Eijirou.” Both boys looked at her in bewilderment, the words slowly sinking into their heads. The rest of the class just snickered as Mina confidently walked back to her seat. She was obviously pleased with her work.
Kirishima was the first to speak.

“Wha— No, it’s not like that. We’re not—” The sounds of crackling interrupted him, as he looked to see Bakugou red face rise as he stood.

“Listen hear you pink freak: you don’t get to decide what our relationship is. That shit’s between us. Even if we were together, which we’re not, it’s not fucking cool to out your friends like that.” The tension in his shoulders dropped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He glanced over at Ei, who was giving him a small smile.

“Thanks, Kat. Really, it’s okay. No need to kill anyone.” Bakugou huffed, grumbling to himself again as he sat back in his seat.

“And the beast has been tamed.” Neither boy could figure out who had said that before the bell rang and class started.
Later that day Bakugou was bombarded by the class ragtag “band”, excluding Kirishima.

“BAKUGOOOUU!” Kaminari’s voice almost shattered Bakugou’s eardrums as he turned to face the stalking group.

“What the hell do you want?” He was tired, and still embarrassingly upset about what had happened earlier that day.

“You’re coming to our concert again tomorrow night, right?” Mina bounced with excitement as she asked the question. He was about to reply with a cold ‘no’ but Jirou beat him to it.

“Kirishima’s gonna be there again. This time we convinced him to sing a song.” Bakugou’s ears perked up at the thought of Kirishima singing. “He’s practicing right now. I’m sure he’d love to invite you to watch if he was here.” The girl smirked at the blond, knowingly twirling her earphone jack around her finger. Bakugou just sighed, a hand coming to cover his face.

“You’re not going to leave me alone until I fucking agree, are you?” The group simultaneously nodded. If only murder wasn’t illegal. “Fucking fine, I’ll be there. Now go away!”
The group scurried off, high fiving each other in victory as they rounded the corner. Sero poked his head around the corner again, Bakugou glared at him.

“Wear your Sleeping with Sirens shirt.” And with a wink, Sero disappeared around the corner again leaving Bakugou confused.
How the fuck does he know I own a SWS shirt?!


Bakugou zipped up a black hoodie, hiding the fact that he did, in fact, wear his SWS shirt. He’ll figure out how Soy Sauce knew about his shirt, no ones ever been in his room and there’s only one person—
Fucking Deku.
He sighed as that mystery came to a close, and wandered down to the common room. Bakugou really didn’t want to spend his Saturday night watching Kirishima play bass again. That mess Todoroki started still hasn’t left the blond’s mind. If he gets caught again…
With a pout, he left the elevator and walked into a surprisingly empty common room. It seems as though the makeshift stage has been set up early this time, drum set sitting not taped to it as well. At least those idiots figured that much out.
The blond eyed the lone drum set though, it’s been a while but he probably could still play if he wanted too. Drum lessons were a way for Bakugou to ‘release pent up aggression’ according to his mother. He rolled his eyes at that, as the lessons obviously didn’t do their job. Although, he did end up with a love for playing the instrument.
Looking around the room, Bakugou made sure it was empty and that no one was coming. Once he was sure of himself he lifted himself on the top of stage settling in the drummers seat. He picked up the drumsticks admiring the quality of them before putting on the noise canceling headphones. He didn’t have a song to play in mind, but instead just went with whatever felt right. The beat flowed through him, and he smiled. He still knew how to play like a god even after all this time. Bakugou was so lost in his own mind while playing, he didn’t notice the band crew coming into the room. In which, they just stared in awe at him. When Bakugou finally looked up, he fumbled his flow and ended up ending the beat on a ugly rattling noise from the cymbals.

“Holy shit you’re good?!” Kaminari spoke for the whole group, being the only one still not in shock. Bakugou rolled his eyes, getting up from behind the drums and getting off the stage.

“Had years of practice, unlike some people.” He huffed, giving a knowing glare in Sero’s direction.


“There’s no way I’d join your shitty band. Not even if you asked me, Ei.” The redhead’s puppy-dog face turned into a pout at his friends words.

“Ugh, fine. But you could play for us once in a while.” The blond was going to argue, but the rest of the class came crowding in. This was the signal that ‘concert night’ officially started. Bakugou took his obligated front row seat. Not that it mattered where he’s sitting, he’d still be staring at only one person the whole time. Kirishima and the rest of the band hurried with setting up, while the class happily chattered around Bakugou. Once again he closed his eyes, this time being more aware so he won’t be rudely awakened like last time. He was still startled to a jolt as Jirou’s voice filled the room over the speakers.

“Alright class 1-A! Who's ready to rock?!” The class cheered, and Bakugou just sunk into his seat. This time they managed to do a few new covers, and a couple of requests of songs they did last week. It was almost irritating to Bakugou with how much everyone was having fun; as much as he liked watching Ei dance around in the same band outfit as last time, he really just wanted to go to bed. Speaking of which, it didn’t seem like the redhead was ever going to sing like he was led to believe. It was probably a way to trick him into coming, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist the chance of hearing Kirishima’s voice.
When it was seemingly time for the night to end, Mina excitedly babbled into the mic.

“Okay everyone! Listen up! We have a special surprise for you all! Everyone’s favorite redhead is going to bless us with his voice!” She dramatically gestured to Kirishima, who looked scared out of his mind and was being pushed to the front of the stage by Kaminari. Bakugou’s interest in the band was now piqued, as he watched expectantly at the nervous wreck called Kirishima. The redhead looked across the crowded room and laughed, nervousness seemingly vanishing.

“O-Okay yeah. I wanted to give singing a I guess that’s what’s happening now. I’m sorry if I suck!” He smiled at his classmates, his gaze falling on Bakugou. The boy quickly looked away with tinted cheeks, and he handed over the bass to Jirou who was taking over for him.
The class cheered him on as they quickly got themselves situated to play the next song.
And in an instant, any trace of nerves was erased from Kirishima’s face.
The song started and Bakugou felt his heart stop.
Holy shit.

Can we fly, can we fly away?

Was this really happening?

I'm sitting on the edge
A thousand stars burning in the sky up overhead
How could it get more beautiful than this?
And it made me think of when, when in my life have I ever felt more infinite?
And could I ever get back there again?
It's the way it goes
You fall so short, sometimes you feel so close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

Bakugou’s eyes widened, not only was this one of his favorite songs, but Kirishima had the voice of an angel. Mina and Jiriou filled in as backup singers, and Ei got more into the song, going all out as he sang his heart out.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Why this song?

Can we fly, can we fly away?
Can we fly, can we fly?
Can we fly, can we fly away?

Bakugou was hit with the memory of Kamino Ward. He’d gladly fly with Kirishima again.

As the sun falls down I can feel the air
As I watch the breeze kissing your skin
Breathe it in
I never want this night to end
Right now I feel complete
The way the light flashes in your eyes when you're with me (You're with me)
I feel I'm who I'm meant to be
And it's the way it goes
I've heard of love but never got that close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

The blond felt the lyrics, even more than he ever has. Why were they so different when Kirishima was saying them?

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

He’d hurt anyone that breaks Kirishima’s heart.

It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way it goes

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa)

Who was this song for, Ei? You don’t sing like that out of raw passion.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

The song ended, everything was silent for a moment outside of the panting of Kiri catching his breath. Then the class roared with cheers and whistles.
Bakugou couldn’t even stand let alone form words.
If he wasn’t in love before, he sure as hell was now.
Everything else just kind of happened in a blur as Bakugou collected himself. He had to get Kirishima off on his own. Now.
He stood, blinking as he searched for his friend. He found him crowded by a few students; he grabbed the redhead’s arm as soon as the attention was off of him. Thankfully Kirishima didn’t say a word as he was dragged off to an empty hallway, away from prying eyes and ears.
Once alone, Kirishima looked more nervous than Bakugou seen him. The boy wouldn’t even meet his gaze.

“Eijirou, what was that?” The question came out softer than expected, almost a whisper.

“Um...I just...I knew it was one of your favorite songs so...I thought it would make you happy.” The boy was still staring at the ground, obviously very distraught about this situation. “Sorry, I probably shouldn’t ha—”

“It took me back to that moment, in Kamino.” That got Kirishima to look up, surprise written all over his face. “I’ve always wondered...what would have happened if I missed your hand. Would I have died, or get captured again?” Strong hands grabbed the blonds shoulders, crimson eyes bore into him with confidence.

“No matter what, we would have saved you. Whether you missed my hand or not. I wouldn’t have left you.” Bakugou smiled; he expected that from his best friend. He leaned closer to Kirishima, touching their foreheads together.

“Ya know, I’d gladly fly with you like that again.” Bakugou could hear Ei’s breath hitch, as his friends hands fell from his shoulders. It was obvious that the statement had a double meaning. His own heart was pounding in his ears, but that didn’t stop him from reaching out and taking Kirishima’s hand in his. “I thought it was stupid when Soy Sauce told me to wear this, but I get it now.” He used his free hand to unzip his jacket revealing his SWS band shirt.

“He told you to wear that?” The blond barely caught the words, Kirishima’s voice was so quiet. Bakugou just nodded. He didn’t think he could speak without babbling nonsense. Their eyes finally met fully, wide and full of unspoken emotions.

“Ei, I’ve been thinking. You....” He struggled to find the words he was trying to say. Staring into his best friends, his crush’s, eyes like this took all the words away from him. The urge to kiss the boy in front of him was stronger than anything else. He lifted his free hand to Kirishima’s face, gently brushing his thumb across the boys bottom lip as he held Kiri’s face.
This was really happening and Bakugou’s mind was going fuzzy. He was so close to getting what he wanted, so close to the boy he wanted. He leaned in closer, noses just barely brushing against each other. Eye’s slowly closing, lips just barely touching—

“Hey! There you guys ar—” The two boys jumped, creating as much distance from each other as they could in the suddenly tiny hallway. They looked wide-eyed at Kaminari, who looked just as bewildered as they did. “Uh...did I interrupt something?” Bakugou just brought his hands to his face. Of course it had to be Dunce Face. The moment was gone as Kirishima nervously laughed it off and pushed the lightning boy back out to the common room.
And again, Bakugou was left alone to watch Kirishima walk away from him.



Chapter Text

It was now Sunday morning and Kirishima was only capable of staring at his ceiling. Last night’s events seemed almost like a blur. He barely even remembered singing, though he did know he had fun doing so. Maybe if he got the chance to sing again his nerves wouldn’t get the better of his memory.
Speaking of nerves.
What the hell was that moment with Kat?
Kiri’s face flared and he hid under his blanket. They were so, so close. Would they really have kissed if Kaminari didn’t interrupt them? Kirishima smiled at the thought. Maybe he did have a chance after all.
He was about to get up when his door slammed open.

“KIRISHIMA EIJIROU!” The redhead jumped, slamming his head against the wall in the process. He winced, rubbing his head as he glared at the pink girl impatiently tapping her foot.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! I had to hear it from Kami. And oh my god he suuucksss at explaining things.” An offended ‘Hey’ came from the hall as the boy in question stepped into Kirishima’s room, followed by Sero.

“Tell you what? And doors are meant to be knocked on before entering, Mina” He sat up on the edge of his bed, quirking an eyebrow at the uninvited entourage in his room. Sero at least closed his door again. Mina groaned, shaking her head as she sat down next to Kiri.

“The thing with Bakugou.” OH. That thing. Kirishima blushed, looking away from his long-term friend. “Ohmygod. Does that mean you two actually had a moment? Did you kiss him?! Did he kiss you?! What happened Kiri, I need to know.” She was bouncing so much from excitement he was sure she’d break his bed. Kirishima glared at Kaminari, who just looked like he did nothing wrong.

“Nothing happened Mina. Literally nothing.” He kept his glare steadied on the lightening boy, who now took refuge behind Sero.

“Wh..what?” It took her a moment to process the situation, finally getting why Kiri was glaring at Kaminari. “For the love of. KAMINARI, you can’t just interrupt people’s moments.”

“I didn’t know! I was just trying to figure out why those two were the only ones who disappeared—OH. Huh….uh. Ya know saying that outloud, I get it. I’m so sorry. MinA DON’T KILL ME STOP!” Kaminari was now being chased around Kirishima’s room by Mina, who eventually tackled him to the ground was wrestling with him. The only thing Sero had to offer Kiri was a shrug. Neither of them knew how to make this stop. Kirishima was about to say something, but then his door opened again. Does anyone know how to knock?
 This time it was actually Katsuki himself, who just took one glance at the now paused chaos and sighed.

“I’ll just come back later. You have fun with whatever this is.” And with that, the blond was gone as quickly as he came. The group was quiet for a moment as Mina finally released Kaminari from a headlock.

“You should probably go after him you know.” Sero finally spoke, and he had a point. But as soon as Kirishima thought of Katsuki his mind went right back to their shared moment from the night before. His mind went fuzzy and blank after that.

“I— I literally can’t right now. I’m a mess. I don’t know what that was last night. And honestly, what if it was just a heat of the moment thing? What if he just came by to say ‘Sorry didn’t mean to do that; we all good? Yeah? Okay bye’.” Kiri hated to admit how much he was actually doubting his chances. It was late, he had just sang one of Katsuki’s favorite songs, Katsuki was probably tired from being up so late that he had no idea what he was really doing. Besides, after that he didn’t even see the blond the rest of the night. He was probably just trying to avoid Kirishima after that because it was never meant to happen.
Kirishima didn’t even know he was crying until Mina kneeled in front of him and wiped away the stray tears from his cheeks.

“Aw sweetie, don’t think like that. As much as I hate to admit, even I know our Bakugou isn’t like that. He’s super impulsive sure, but he wouldn’t mess with someone's feelings like that.” With a sniffle, Kirishima nodded, wiping his eyes dry. Newfound confidence flowed through him as he sat up straighter.

“You’re right. I just don’t think I can talk to him right now. I mean I know how I feel, but I need some time to collect my thoughts. I don’t think I’d make any sense if I tried to talk to him right now.” He laughed, and Kaminari rested a hand on his shoulder.

“We get dude. You take your time with it, but don’t take too long. I can’t promise I won’t ruin another moment.” Kirishima just rolled his eyes and stood up.
“Thanks Kami. But right now, I need a distraction before I melt my own brain.” His three friends smiled at him, sharing a simultaneous idea.

“SHOPPING!” And with that, the group hurried their way out of the school dorms to the mall.


After a few hours at the mall, Kirishima and his friends arrived back at the dorms, overloaded with shopping bags.

“Oh come on boyssss. It’s not that much to carry.” Mina’s single, small jewelry bag swung around as the girl spun in a circle. Kaminari was just barely able to peek his head around the bags he was carrying.

“This is literally all your stuff. Why do we have to carry your shopping hall back to your room?” With a huff, Mina hit the up button on the elevator.

“Because I obviously can’t carry it all myself. Plus you guys are so super sweet for helping me!” She giggled as she entered the elevator, the three boys shared a defeated sigh as they followed. Once they helped Mina sort her entire new wardrobe, the four friends slumped over each other on the girls bed.

“Remind me never to agree to shopping with you again, Mina.” The girl just laughed at Kirishima’s statement, fully knowing he’d agree to go again no matter what.

“Oh right! Almost forgot~” The pink girl jumped up, fishing through her purse before pulling out a small envelope. The boys just stared at her with shared confusion as she happily opened it up to reveal a freshly printed photo.
Kirishima’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“What?! Why do you have that? How?!” He reached for the photo, scrambling over the two other boys with no regards to their safety. Mina skillfully kept dodging his attempts.

“You thought I wasn’t going to send this to myself when I stole Kami’s phone.” At the mention of that one night, Kami instinctively hugged his phone protectively to his chest. “Don’t be so shy about it Kiri~. You look so cute cuddling your little shark plushie!” She wasn’t wrong, even Kiri himself had to agree the photo Kaminari secretly took was adorable. He probably wouldn’t have been so worked up about it if it was the same shark plush Katsuki won for him.

“Yeah yeah, Mina I know. But please, give it to me. I can’t have that photo go around the school!” He failed at reaching for it again, questioning when Mina got so damn agile.

“Well, I wasn’t thinking about showing everyone, I was just gonna keep it for myself. But, now that you say that...the rest of the girls just have to see this! I’m telling you they’d love it!” Before Kirishima could react fully, Mina flew out of her room and to the elevators. He looked at Sero and Kaminari, begging silently for help. That was all they needed to do before they all raced to chase Mina down.

“If you never took the damn picture this wouldn’t be how we’d be spending our Sunday evening Kaminari!” Kirishima was frantic, panicking the entire time they chased Mina around the dorms, carefully avoiding her acid trails. Kaminari babbled apologies behind him, but he wasn’t really paying much attention. If that picture was seen by anyone else, he’d die. Or worse, if Katsuki saw, he’d probably combust from embarrassment right there on the spot. Once off the elevator and in the common room, Mina was completely out of sight. Kirishima was literally shaking with anxiety, wondering where in the hell his friend went. The second elevator dinged, and there stood Mina, photo and Kiri’s shark in hand. As soon as she saw the boys she bolted to the kitchen, carefully running circles around the counter as Kiri chased her.
She wasn’t paying attention, just giggling as she ran straight into someone's chest.

“The photo Mina, now.” She looked back at Kirishima still in a daze from running into someone. Kirishima’s face dropped as a hand carefully plucked the photo in question from her hand. Mina looked up at the thief, her face dropping too.

“Oh no.” Katsuki just looked at the pair, mildly agitated and confused by the noise they created.

“Why do you guys have to be so damn annoy—” The blond stopped speaking, finally glancing at the picture he took from Mina. “Oh.” His arm dropped, expression hard to read, and damn was Kirishima trying to figure out what was going through his head. “You sleep with this stupid thing?” He asked, also taking the shark in question from Mina. Kirishima was just frozen in place. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is. His eyes stug from the tears threatening to fall, and he just looked away with a small nod. He was just so damn embarrassed.

“Why? I mean...I get you made a big deal about it at the fair but, I didn’t think this thing meant that much to you.” The words stug Kirishima, he knew Katsuki meant well, still hurt to hear that. If Katsuki didn’t get it, maybe he was wrong to assume he had a chance with him.

“You really don’t get it do you?” The words were strained, Kirishima was struggling to not break down right then and there. Mina was instantly by his side, shushing him the best she could. He finally turned to face the blond, a few tears escaping him. Katsuki looked stunned and confused out of his mind. Kirishima was overreacting, he knew that. But he just couldn’t help it. The blond just seemed so clueless to how he felt.

“What are you talking about, Ei? You can’t just say that without an explanation.” Katsuki took a step forward towards him, and Kiri just stepped back. He couldn’t get close to him right now. The blond looked like his world shattered when Kiri did that. It hurt; it hurt a lot.

“Me! You don’t get me. You don’t get how I feel or anything!” Katsuki’s brows furrowed, staring at Kirishima with an expression he couldn’t read.

“Well I’m not a goddamn mind reader, what do you want from me?” There was no bite in his words, just genuine concern. Why was this so hard?

“You seemed to have read my mind perfectly fine last night! Or were you just messing with me?” Kirishima knew that wasn’t true but his mind was racing, insecurities rising and he couldn’t control what he was saying anymore. He was breaking down. “Were you just stringing me along because I was an easy target?” Kirishima’s voice was so small. Katsuki’s eyes widened at the mention of the moment they shared the night before, he couldn’t help the ting of red on his cheeks.

“What? No...that. It wasn’t like that. Is that what all this is about? I was going to talk to you about that...privately.” Kirishima was suddenly aware that he wasn’t down here alone, their friends were staring at the two of them in shock. They looked like they were afraid to move. “But I really don’t get why you’re yelling at me right now. Is it just because I saw this?” The blond lifted his hand with the photo in it.
“You called it stupid. I just thought you understood. But I guess I was wrong.” The tears were dropping uncontrollably now, and Kirishima couldn’t care less at the moment.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m not the type to cuddle with stuffed toys. So yeah, maybe I do find the act a little dumb. But that’s just me, not you.” The blond sighed in frustration. The argument was getting to him as well, but Katsuki had better control of his emotions. Kirishima knew that. “Look, Ei—”

“Don’t call me that.” Katsuki’s defences seemed to break with those words, his entire wall crumbled as he looked at Kirishima. The hurt in the blond’s eyes drove Kirishima insane. Why did he have to look so defeated now of all times? “Just...leave me alone. I can’t deal with this right now.” Kirishima wiped his face clean of tears as he turned to storm off back to his room. He needed to breathe. A hand caught his wrist right as he reached the elevator. He turned to see Katsuki close to tears himself.

“Please don’t leave Ei. Talk to me.” He tugged Kirishima a bit closer, trying to simultaneously stop him and return the stuffed shark. Kirishima yanked his arm free, his quirk accidentally activating as he shoved Katsuki and the stuffed toy away. No one noticed the small bits of fluffy stuffing fall to the ground.

“Stop! I don’t want it! I don’t want you Bakugou.” The ding of the elevator rang and with fresh tears flowing, Kirishima hurried into it, sliding down the wall as the doors closed.
What the hell just happened?

Chapter Text

Bakugou watched the elevator doors close. He blinked tears he didn’t know he had, falling to the ground. He’s never felt so empty after a fight. His breathing was uneven as he turned around to the three students who were still in the room. Kaminari and Sero rushed over to join Mina, none of them really knowing how to take what just happened.

“What the fuck just happened?!” Bakugou didn’t care how late it was, he didn’t care if he woke the whole of Japan with his yelling. He was falling apart in front of classmates who have never seen him as anything but confident and prideful. It must have been a sight to see as the blond slumped to the ground against the wall. Tears were steadily falling, blurring his vision as he hid his face in the soft fabric of the stuffed shark.
He did know. He did understand. He just didn’t know how to show it. And it was too late.

“Mina.” Hearing her name coming from Bakugou she was jolted out of her shock as she hurried to Bakugou’s side to comfort him. “Did...Did I just lose him?” The words left a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn’t want to think about it, but he had to.

“I...I never seen him fall apart like that. I wish I knew how to answer, but I really don’t.” He could tell even without seeing her, she was very upset about this too. “I really shouldn’t have even developed that picture. I messed up so much. I’m so so s-sorry Bakugou.” The girl broke out in sobs, the other two boys coming over to comfort both of them.
This is all a mess.
An unexpected voice brought them all to attention.

“What’s going on? I heard yelling and Kirishima-kun looked so upset— Kacchan are you crying?” Midoryia’s face filled with concern as he quickly assessed the situation. Two people crying in front of him, two trying to figure out how to comfort them, and one very upset upstairs in his room. He rushed to join the group on the floor, sitting in front of his childhood friend. Bakugou wasn’t going to speak, and Mina was in no state to try. Sero and Kaminari were the ones to give Midoriya a run down of what happened. By the end of the explanation, his green eyes were pouring out his own tears.

“Kacchan, I’m so sorry.” He put a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder, the blond left it there. Normally he’d shove it off; but this is no normal situation. “You care about Kirishima-kun right?” A nod. “You trust him?” Another nod. “Okay...I think you’ll be fine then.” Bakugou lifted his head to glare at Midoriya. His tears finally dried up, now they just stained his cheeks.

“Deku are you dense? Did you not hear what the fuck happened?” Midoryia laughed, wiping away his own tears. It took all of Bakugou’s willpower to not punch the living daylights out of him.

“Yes, I did. Which is why I think you’re okay.” Bakugou squinted at the boy, questioning him silently. “You really don't— He’s insecure about this.” The blond groaned, of course he knew that much.

“Yeah? And what about it?” Bakugou finally straightened himself out, leaning back against the wall.

“It seems as though Kirishima-kun takes everything you say to heart. And not just admirably, he really, genuinely, cares about your opinion. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just taking this from experience, but you don’t exactly always...consider how others take what you say. At least not in a way that you care about.” Midoriya smiled as realization hit Bakugou like a ton of bricks.

“Holy shit. He’s afraid of me.” His eyes were wide, filled with sadness. Deku actually said something smart for once.

“Well, not exactly but close enough I guess.” Midoriya shrugged, standing up to signal his work was done here. “Just give him some time to cool off, okay? It may take a while so please try not to press the issue Kacchan.” Bakugou growled in response. “And don’t worry, I won’t say anything to anyone else about this, for all of your sakes.” Bakugou was relieved to hear that. There’d be hell to raise if the rest of the class found out about it. Midoriya walked off with a goodnight, leaving the rest of them behind. Bakugou was the first to stand up, stretching his now stiff muscles.

“I’m going to bed as well. I have a lot to think about.” Mina, Sero and Kaminari stood as well nodding in agreement. “Thanks...for trying to help. I appreciate it.” If it was in any other situation, the three students may have thought Bakugou was an imposter. But tonight was full of unwarranted surprises, so whats another.
Bakugou broke away from the group and headed up to his room. His mind was racing with a million thoughts, a million apologies, and the fact that he was such a complete idiot. When he finally got to his room, he fell into his bed, curled up into himself. He still had the stuffed shark in his arms, and he finally gets why holding something so close to you in your sleep is so addicting. Bakugou noticed a small tear in the sharks fabric, piecing together that must have happened when Kirishima activated his quirk. He’d just have to fix it later.
For now, He brought the shark closer to his chest, the faint scent of Kirishima lingering lulling him to sleep.

Chapter Text

He’d hurt anyone who broke Kirishima’s heart. He just didn’t expect it to be himself. Bakugou has been taking Deku’s advice seriously, as much as he hated to do so. But he knew Midoriya was right in this situation. He just had to let the rest of the friend group support Kirishima through this until he was calmed down enough to talk. But it’s been almost a full week without Kirishima as much as glancing his way. Bakugou’s patience was wearing thin. It took everything he had not to corner the boy and integrate him.
Not that he was in any shape to do so. The past week has been hard on him. Well, actually he was just hard on himself. Bakugou has been overdoing it during training every single day now. Aizawa has been keeping an unwanted eye on him each time, constantly telling him he needs to take it easy.
He just told his teacher to fuck off and continued to demolish everything in the training room way past class time.
It was now Thursday and the effects of pushing himself have come back to haunt him. His headaches were dizzying, the pain almost blinding him. He hasn’t felt like this since...well since he first awakened his quirk. It was noticeable to not just his teachers, but his classmates as well. Sure he was snippy with every one, but now even the slightest noise sets him off. Aizawa tried to send him to Recovery Girl a few times now. Bakugou didn’t even move from his seat. Partly because he wasn’t going to let a stupid migrane get the better of him, and partly because that stupid migraine made it hard to stand without him wobbling.
He barely made it through class that day, let alone training. He still went all out either way, forcing his body to move even if it didn’t want to.
Friday was different. His body ran cold, but his skin was burning. One glance in the mirror told him his entire body looked like the sun hugged him in his sleep. Bakugou hissed as he changed into his school uniform. Even the slightest touch made his skin burn. He’d just have to push through it. He can’t let a little wear and tear keep him down. But it was hard to tell which hurt more, waiting for Kirishima or the hell he was putting himself through for Kirishima.
Bakugou made his way to class, each step becoming more and more unsteady. He used the wall for leverage the rest of the way and thankfully made it to class before everyone else. No one needed to see him like this. He folded his arms on his desk, resting his head on his arms. The bell rang a short while later, jolting the blond from his dozing off. It was hard to focus on what Aizawa was writing on the board, especially since there was like, three of both dancing in his vision.
This is really bad, and he knew he should go to Recovery Girl. But he couldn’t, he had to show he was okay. He needed to show himself he was okay, He needed to show Kirishima he was okay, he was waiting patiently for him to finally talk.

“--gou? Hey, Bakugou!” Aizawa slammed a hand on the blond’s desk. He didn’t even notice class was over, didn’t it just start though “If you’re too sick to train then go to Recovery Girl. If not, get up off your ass and lets go.” Bakugou nodded, blinking as he realized everyone else had already left. Man...he was a mess. But nothing like smashing things to make everything better. He stood, shaking a bit as he steadied himself and he followed his teacher to the training grounds.
After changing again into his hero costume, Bakugou walked into the painfully bright training room. He was going to kill this headache before it killed him. At least, that's what he thought before he started going all out on every surface he could. It felt good to be so focused on fighting, nothing else mattered. Just the feeling of pride as cement boulders broke around his fist.
Bakugou was so into his element, that he didn’t even notice his body hit it’s limit. As he leapt into the air to break another boulder, his entire body violently rejected the movement. He lost control of his limbs, his body twitching as the convulsions threw him into the ground instead.
Bakugou hit the concrete floor, hard. He coughed up a bit of blood as he tried to move to get up. But he couldn’t. His body was like lead, his vision too blurry to see anything clearly. He couldn’t even tell if he was breathing or not as fuzzy blobs swarmed his vision. Voices surrounded him, but nothing made any sense. The only thing that made any sense was taking a nap. A nap sounded nice as Bakugou was so, so tired. So he closed his eyes, and the world faded away.
Maybe when he woke up he’d feel better and Kirishima would talk to him again.
That sounded nice.

Chapter Text

KACCHAN!” Midoryia’s frantic voice froze the entire room. No one could process the scene in front of them quick enough. The only thing Kirishima saw was Bakugou’s limp body crash into the floor as Midoryia ran to his side. Bakugou wasn’t moving, and Midoryia was bawling as he proceeded to check for the blonds vitals.
What’s going on?!
Kirishima’s face twisted into worry as he ran to join the rest of his classmates and teacher surrounding the fallen student. He just made it in time to hear Midoriya explain to their teacher what’s happening.

“He--He hasn’t had this happen for a long time. I knew something was off but I figured he knew when to stop.” Aizawa pushed the sobbing boy to get on with it. “N-Nitroglycerin overdose. This only happened once before, when first got his quirk. He almost died then.” Those words crushed Kirishima. How did he not notice Bakugou pushing himself that much? How could he be so selfishly in his own mind to not notice how much his best friend was suffering so much? Kirishima knelt down next to Midoryia, reaching out to Bakugou’s now unconscious body only to be smacked away by the boy next to him.

“Don’t touch him! I mean..sorry. It’s just the nitro in his system must be super concentrated, if you’re not careful you can end up like him too.” The green haired boy sniffed looking up at their teacher helplessly. “What do we do Aizawa-sensei? I don’t think moving him is an option right now.” The teacher nodded in agreement, turning to look at their class representative.

“Iida, could you bring Recovery Girl here? You’re the only one that can bring her here quickly.” The boy nodded, immediately starting off to the nurses office. “Everyone else, class is dismissed for now. It’s best if you all go back to the dorms until further notice. We’ll take care of things here.” Kirishima and the rest of the class left silently to the locker rooms to change. Midoyria was the only one that stayed behind, but only to explain what he knew about Bakugou’s condition.
Kirishima still couldn’t forgive himself, even as he paced around his room, Mina worrily watching him from his room.

“Kiri, it’s not your fault, stop blaming yourself. You didn't know he—” He threw his hands up in the air, stopping his pacing to look at his friend.

“That’s the thing. I didn’t know. How could I not have? Midoryia noticed, so did Urakara and a few others. I was the only one who didn’t even bat an eye in his direction all week!” Tears fell for the second time that day. The first was in the locker rooms. “I was too busy avoiding him to notice how hurt he was. And I’m the one who hurt him.” He collapsed onto his bed,and Mina rubbed comforting circles on his back. She stayed silent, fully knowing nothing will change his mind at this point. “What if he never wakes back up?”

“He will. He’s too stubborn to die, you know that.” That raised a small chuckle from the redhead. He had to agree with that. If anyone could punch death in the face and live, its Katsuki. At that moment a knock at the door as it opened. It was Midoryia, who was finally out of his hero costume. He looked absolutely sullen, but he gave the pair a smile before speaking.

“We’re having a meeting downstairs...I came to get you.” His voice was small, nothing like the determined hero-to-be Kirishima knew. But without questioning anything else, Kiri and Mina followed the boy downstairs where they met the rest of their class and teacher. Once they were all gathered there, everyone looked to Aizawa and Midoriya expectantly. One question on everyone’s mind: How was Bakugou? Aizawa cleared his throat before speaking.

“As of right now, Bakugou is as stable as Recovery Girl can get him. He’s still unconscious without any signs of him waking up unless his fever breaks. Due to his quirk...the nitroglycerin will not stop producing. The only hope we have to his full recovery is if his body can lessen the amount it creates. Considering the amount of stress he placed on his body, there is a low chance that can happen, albeit not impossible so stop staring at me like that.” By this point, half the class was sobbing quietly, Kirishima included, but everyone was upset with the news. Midoriya was the next to speak.

“If this was the first time it happened, he would have okay for sure. But it’s not. When he got sick when we were little I remember the doctor saying it weakened his immune system greatly. I don’t want to be pessimistic here, but in reality he almost died then so his chances now...We can only hope he’ll make it through.” With that, Midoryia broke down as he ran off to his room. No one stopped him. Kirishima would have done the same if his teacher didn’t speak up again.

“You all are allowed to visit him. Just no more than two people at a time, and no one can touch him unless Recovery Girl allows it. The risk of anyone else getting sick is too high for right now. And if his parents come to visit, no one is allowed to interrupt them, understood?” Everyone nodded, and they were dismissed. Kirishima waited until he got back to his room to break down himself.
Was this really how things were going to be? With Katsuki’s life hanging by a thin thread, was their last memory together really going to be that fight they had? Could Kirishima actually live with that guilt hanging on his shoulders?

Chapter Text

The first week was quiet. No one bothered to even mention the absent student, the thought too heavy to bring up. Midoriya was in and out of class constantly the first couple of days, the only one brave enough to head to the infirmary consistently. As much as Kirishima wanted to go himself any chance he could, he would always stop right at the door.
Today was no different. He stood, hand on the doorknob, not moving. It was quiet in the halls, the only noise is the sound of the machinery on the other side of the door. With a sigh, Kirishima took a step back from the door, leaning against the wall. He’d have to face this fear at some point. Just, maybe not right now.
Kirishima was so lost in his mind, the internal debate to see his friend clouding his thoughts. He didn't know anyone had come down the hall until a hand on his shoulder. He jumped at the contact, looking up to see a pair of worry-filled green eyes staring at him.

“Midoriya?” He blinked, looking back behind the boy, spotting two others behind him. Just one look at the woman, Kiri understood who the couple was. The unmistakable resemblance between her and Katsuki said everything. These were Katsuki’s parents. This isn’t how he imagined meeting his friends parents.

“Still can’t go in?” A small smile occupied the the question Midoriya asked. Kirishima didn’t answer, just silently stared at the tiled floor. “Auntie Mitsuki, can Kirishima-kun join us?” The request startled the redhead, blinking wildly as he went to protest the thought. How could he interrupt Katsuki’s parents from visiting their son like that? A rough laugh, so similar to the unconscious boy’s echoed through the hall.

“Of course! The poor kid looks terrified to go in by himself.” An unruly smile spread on the woman’s face.
She really does look like him.
Without much ability to protest, Kirishima was dragged into the infirmary by Midoriya. Recovery Girl was waiting on the other side, pulling Katsuki’s parents aside to talk to them privately. Midoriya pulled Kirishima over to where their comatous classmate was.
The sight wasn’t something Kirishima could ever forget. Wet towels covered the blonds forehead and arms for the purpose of trying to keep him cool. A table fan was also there to aid him. His face was still flushed with an unnatural red, the sharp, uneven breaths not helping the matter. If anyone didn't know better they may have thought that Katsuki just had the flu.
But this most certainly wasn’t as simple as the flu. Kirishima knew that.
From what he could see of Katsuki’s arms, Kirishima could see the normally pale skin turn furious shades of pink and red. The redhead knew that was a consequence of the recoil from quirk overuse. Thankfully the burns on the blonds arms seemed pretty tame and should heal easily over time.
Tears stung Kirishima’s eyes as the couple walked over to see their son, the students moved out of their way.
Kirishima could tell just from the way they looked at Katsuki they were worried. His father had silent tears falling, and his mother just shook her head at her son. Her expression was sullen, even with the smile she had.

“I knew he was stupid, but not this stupid.” The words shocked Kirishima, but Midoryia just laughed at the woman’s comment. “If he doesn't live through this, I’ll bring him back just to kill him myself. Stupid brat.” She blinked, a couple tears falling from her eyes. “Izuku, can you bring me some water? I don’t want to leave him.” The boy nodded, running out of the room and leaving Kirishima awkwardly there with Katsuki’s parents. The redhead shifted his eyes around the room, his gaze avoiding the family next to him. Time seemed to slow, this whole moment was weighing on him. How would they react to Kirishima if they found out he was the reason their son pushed himself to hard? He fought back tears, finding the floor the best thing to stare at once again.

“Kirishima, right?” He nodded, not looking up to the voice. “I was wondering when we’d meet you.” That made Kirishima turn his head almost too quickly.

“What?” The woman snorted, taking the boys arm and dragging him closer, pulling him into a hug. Unsure of what to do, he awkwardly hugged the woman back. This was not what he was expecting.

“Katsuki talks about you a lot.” The man's voice was much softer than his wifes. “Angrily of course, but the constant mention of your name says otherwise.” Kirishima’s brows furrowed. Katsuki talked about him? A lot? Why?

“I really don’t understand. Sorry…” Mitsuki pulled away from the boy, ruffling his hair fully messing it up. In any other situation, Kirishima would have fussed about it.

“He means our idiot of a son likes you.” The confidence in her voice warmed him. “Even though he’s never really called Izuku by his name, he cares about him too. But we were so fucking surprised when he came to visit and told us you two were on first-name basis!” Her voice was loud, and her husband shushed her quietly, as well as told her to watch her mouth. Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh at the scene.

“Sorry. It’s just, I can really tell where Suki gets his charm from now.” A mischievous look crossed the mothers face, and it almost scared Kirishima.

Suki?!” The surprise was evident in her voice and it actually took Kiri back. “Masaru, you hear this? Katsuki won’t even let us call him that.” That was something Kiri never considered, he just assumed things were different with his parents. The realization made Kirishima blush, suddenly hyper aware that the couple were eyeing him in bewildered amusement.

“Aha...I didn't know that actually. Um...I just assumed.” Mitsuki’s laugh filled the room as she looked between Kirishima and her son.

“Kid, you’re hilarious. When this dumbass wakes up I expect you to come over for family dinner night sometime.” The door opened, Midoriya coming back with three bottles of water. He handed everyone a bottle, and smiled at Kirishima.

“Did I hear that right? You’re coming for dinner?” Kirishima flushed, nervous all of a sudden with the thought of joining his not-boyfriend and his parents for dinner. But it seemed as though Midoriya was going to be there as well.

“I-I guess so.” He quickly opened his water, chugging down as much as he could to avoid talking any further. His mind was running wild, as dinner arrangements were being made in front of him without Katsuki even knowing. The blond was going to blow everything up once he hears about it. Well, that's if he ever woke up.
Suddenly Kirishima was hit with guilt again, this time it was too obvious for the others in the room to not notice.

“Are you okay Kirishima-kun?” He couldn’t meet Midoriya’s gaze, and the boy seemed to piece together what Kirishima was thinking. “It’s not your fault, you know that right? No one knew he’d react like this.” He didn’t even need to look to know Katsuki’s parents were confused.

“I shouldn’t have ignored him like that though.” Mitsuki’s eyes narrowed in curiosity, fully expecting an explanation. Kirishima knew that look all too well. “We kinda had a fight. I wasn’t exactly being reasonable about it either.” The irony of that statement was bittersweet. “And I didn’t talk— no, I avoided him for way too long. He was waiting, and I was just being selfish.” An exasperated huff came from the woman as she shook her head.

“Well you better apologized then!” Tears fell at the instruction as Kirishiam nodded.

“S-sorry.” A hand smacked him on the head, and he could hear the other two males in the room frantically calm the woman down.

“Not to us, to him.” She pointed at her son before continuing. “And when he wakes up, take him out, make him happy and fucking kiss him damnit.” All three boys just stared at her in shock. “What?!” Her husband put his hands on her shoulders to calm her, clearly embarrassed by her outburst.

“Dear, you can’t just tell him to kiss our son, that's not appropriate.” Midoriya sighed, and started to push Kirishima towards the door, mumbling a ‘Sorry’ to him. The couple obviously weren't going to let up the argument so soon.
Kirishima couldn’t tell if Katsuki’s mom was actually mad at him or not.
They were halfway down the hall when they were called out too.

“HEY! Kirishima, we’ll see you again soon!” The woman’s voice echoed through the hall, and Kirishima concluded that she didn’t seem to blame him. It filled him with a bit of relief. He turned to look back at her, giving a small smile in response.
The last thing Kirishima saw before Mitsuki was pulled back into the infirmary was that same mischievous smile.

Chapter Text

The next couple of weeks went by fairly smoothly, considering the situation at hand. Kirishima hates to admit, but Midoriya dragging him into the infirmary with Katsuki’s parents helped him a lot with visits. Though, he preferred to go alone rather than with anyone else. There was a couple times where he ran into Katsuki’s parents again, staying to chat with them a while before letting them be with Katsuki alone. It was an odd feeling, being around his friends parents like this. Especially since Katsuki didn’t even know this was happening.
Kirishima found his favorite time to visit was just a bit before visiting hours were over, just because he knew no one else would be there since it was close to curfew. It was still painful to see the blond like this though. The silence between the boys was so unsettling for Kirishima. The steady drops of the IV paired with the beeping of the heart monitor gave an eerie feel to the darkening room. No one was allowed to touch Katsuki yet, the nitro toxicity was still a worrying high. Any normal person would have died with this amount, but since Katsuki’s body is used to it the risk was lower.
But Kirishima would give anything to just be able to hold the person he loves hand. It must have been an obvious thing to read because one day he came, seeing a pair of latex gloves waiting for him on the table next to Katsuki. Kirishima thanked Recovery Girl about a million times for the opportunity. He could feel the burning heat from Katsuki’s hands as he held them his entire visit. It stung his hands, but he didn’t let it bother him too much. Being close to the blond was more important.
There was one day that he somehow ended up falling asleep in the visitor’s chair, only to be awoken by Midoriya the next morning. He expected to have been kicked out rather than let to sleep the night away. Kirishima thanked the nurse a million times once again for her kindness. She told him to stop thanking her or she’d never heal him again. So when he ended up falling asleep in the infirmary a couple more times, he only smiled at her instead.
One morning, a Saturday as Kirishima recalled, he was awoken by Midoriya again. It became a routine at this point since the greenette comes every morning to check on Katsuki. But this time Midoriya offered to have breakfast with Kirishima. He couldn’t deny the grumble of his stomach and agreed to join him.
Kirishima and Midoriya sat on the couch in the common room eating their breakfast. They were the only ones awake at this time, since everyone else was sleeping in. A comfortable silence fell between them.

“You seem to fall asleep with Kacchan a lot more recently.” The way the boy phrased that made Kiri choke on his food. Midoriya realized his mistake, and stuttered in embarrassment. “T-That’s not what I meant.” Kirishima chuckled, reassuring he understood what the other meant.

“Yeah, I guess I do. I visit late so it’s not that much of a surprise.” He shrugged, putting his now empty plate on the coffee table. “Every time I go in there I hope he wakes up, as if just being there would make that happen. It’s stupid really.” Midoriya shook his head, also placing his plate on the table.

“No, it’s not stupid. I think we all think that when we visit him. Honestly if Kacchan woke up to a bunch of us huddled over him we’d be the ones in a hospital bed next.” Both laughed at the thought; it was probably true. Katsuki didn’t like people, let alone being surrounded by them.

“What was he like? Ya know, when you guys were younger?” Kirishima was curious, as much as he liked Katsuki he didn’t know much about him. Midoriya hummed, thinking back to when they were kids.

“Honestly? Not much different from now. I guess you could say he was nicer, but once his quirk developed it well…helped feed his ego a little too much. That’s around the time where he started to really bully me.” The greenette stood, stretching before grabbing both plates. “Come with me. I have some childhood pictures of us. Kacchan would kill me if he knew I shared them with anyone else. But, he can’t do anything right now.” Midoriya smiled, an excitement in his eyes, and Kirishima couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With a nod, he stood following Midoriya to his room after he put the plates in the sink.
It was strange to learn how much Katsuki’s quirk affected his personality. Kirishima wanted to know more, but he’d want to hear from Katsuki himself. It didn’t feel right hearing only hearing one side of the story. Not that he thought Midoriya would lie to him about their childhood.
Kirishima hasn’t been in Midoriya’s room a lot, but the sheer amount of All Might merchandise the boy had still surprised him each time. He could have sworn he spotted a few new products here and there too. The redhead joined Midoriya on his bed, as he flipped open a photo album. Most of the photos were of him and his mother, it made Kirishima smile a bit.

“Here, look. That’s me and Kacchan when he took my All Might figure and made me cry.” A small, confident looking toddler Katsuki was holding up said figurine triumphantly as a baby Midoriya cried in the background. Some things really don’t change, do they? But Kiri chuckled at the photo, it was so fitting to the Katsuki they know.

“Please don’t tell me all the pictures you have of both of you are of you crying because of Kat.” Midoriya gave a nervous chuckle, flipping through the album again. Even with the pages continuously turning Kirishima could tell that yes indeed, all of these pictures are very similar to the first one. “Jeez, he really did cause a lot of trouble. Even as a kid.” Midoriya laughed.

“Yeah I guess so. But he cares about people a lot. Kacchan may have anger issues and keeps to himself a lot, but he wouldn’t let anyone get hurt. At least not on purpose, or if it's me. But he also knows I can handle myself if I’m in a bad situation now. That’s probably one of the highest levels of trust you can achieve from him.” That made sense to Kirishima, even he’s noticed that Katsuki leaves him behind in situations knowing he’d be fine. It’s better than the alternative of him staying behind and insulting you as he helps you. But then again, it shows he cares enough to understand people’s weaknesses. Kirishima never thought of it that way until now. Katsuki was even more manly than he thought.

“Is there anything else that Kat shows he trusts you? It’s funny to think that all the time I spent with him and I don’t know much of anything about him.” Kirishima sighed, folding his hands on his lap.

“Well, Kacchan is quite expressive, but in odd ways. So it's the little things you have to notice. If he doesn’t yell at you, he doesn’t mind your company. If he goes out of his way to help you with something, he sees you as an equal in need of assistance. If you can call him anything other than his name and he doesn’t kill you, he likes you. Kacchan doesn't say how he feels out loud much, at least in a civil way. Being around him my whole life I’ve learned to pick up on these things.” The fondness in Midoriya’s voice was unmistakable. “I don’t think I can imagine him not being around, you know? He was always there, it wouldn’t feel right if he wasn’t anymore. That’s...That’s why this is so scary to me. I don’t want to lose Kacchan.” Midoriya breathed a sharp breath as tears started rolling down his freckled cheeks.
Kirishima found himself consoling the now sobbing boy next to him. Not that he could blame Midoriya, he understood completely. He’s only known Katsuki for a short while in comparison to the childhood Midoriya spent with him. Although, he never considered just how much this hurt the greenette let alone anyone else. Well, except Katsuki’s parents, but that's to be expected. Still he couldn’t help the tears that fell from his own eyes, hugging the smaller boy closer to aid in comforting the both of them.

“Kat will be fine, don’t worry. He’ll wake up and yell at us for crying about him.” A watery laugh broke through Midoriya’s sobs as he wiped away tears to no avail.

“Yeah, you’re right. I just care about him so much.” Kirishima nodded in agreement. Yeah, he understands completely. Midoriya pulled away to wipe at his face again, finally drying his tears. He gave Kirishima a wobbly smile before almost tackling Kiri into a hug. “Thanks, Kirishima. You’re the only one I knew that could understand how I feel.” Kirishima laughed, hugging the boy tightly in one of his famous bear hugs.

“No problem, bro. I’m here for you.” Midoriya didn’t get to say anything as the scent of charred wood filled the room. They looked at the doorway, the framing burnt in the shape of a hand print. But no one was there.
With Katsuki in a coma, there was only one other person that could burn the door frame.
The realization had both boys confused, blinking at each other with the same silent question.
What was wrong with Todoroki?


Chapter Text

It was nearly a month and a half since Katsuki went into his coma. At this point, the class seemed to adjust to the absence of the blond. Kirishima had also gotten used to not having Katsuki yelling all the time in class, to much of his distaste. It didn’t help that Aizawa always reminded them to ‘Not dwell on a problem you can’t fix’. He wasn’t wrong, but Kirishima just wished he hadn’t taken this as well as he has been. He still wanted to scream to the heavens to bring Katsuki back.
But there was screaming, just not from him.
Yelling coming from down the hall from the classroom interrupted Kirishima’s thoughts, as well as the entire class. Quick and heavy footsteps were coming closer, and then the door practically flew off its hinges as Midoriya appeared in the doorway. He was out of breath, trying to speak through gasps of air.

“Ka— Kacchan’s fev...fever broke. He’s not awake, but he’s getting better, I think. I don’t know, I just left after hearing about the fever.” Midoriya had slid down the door frame, leaning against the wall to catch his breath. Hearing that Katsuki’s fever finally stopped made Kirishima’s heart race.
Finally, some good news.
Although he wished Midoriya had stayed to get more information than that. Someone beat him to the question though.

“Why didn’t you stay to get more details than that?” Todoroki’s voice seemed to be a hitch colder than usual, almost to how he was in the beginning of the year. Midoriya didn’t seem to mind, or at least he didn’t show it. But it was noticeable to Kirishima enough to wonder what was wrong. To him, it almost had a hint of jealousy.

“S-Sorry, I just got excited. It’s been so long since there was any changes and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.” A sheepish smile crossed the boy’s face as he walked to his desk. “Recovery Girl said we can visit after classes since she has some testing to do now that Kacchan’s fever is gone.” Chattering around the room surfaced as plans to visit Katsuki once school was over were made. Until Aizawa cleared his throat, forcing the class to continue with their work instead. Kirishima still planned to visit Katsuki at his usual time, finding that finally, the blond may look more like himself. Even if he was still unconscious.
So while everyone was making their rounds to the infirmary, Kirishima stayed in his room not wanting to hear anything about it. He’d rather find out for himself. Once he was sure that no one else was off visiting, he quietly made his way to the nurses office.
The first thing he noticed upon entering the room was how much more sterile it smelled. It honestly stung his nose a bit as he walked over to Katsuki. Kirishima gasped slightly at the sight of the blond, everything was so different. But in a good way. There were no more wet towels surrounding him, the fan was still going though, the oxygen mask was gone, and Katsuki’s skin didn’t look sunburnt anymore. Though, the traces of the burns he suffered were still etched into his arms. Kirishima wondered if the blotchy patches would become permanent scars.
His breathing was more steady, and the thick layer of sweat that was normally there was gone. The visible parts of Katsuki’s body and his hair looked clean, unlike before. Recovery Girl must have been able to wash him up a bit finally. In the end, Katsuki looked peaceful, as if he were just asleep and would wake up any moment now. And damn did Kirishima hoped that would happen soon.
He sat down in the visitors chair next to Katsuki, relieved to see such an improvement in his friends condition.

“You’re allowed to touch him now you know.” Kirishima jumped at the sound of the nurse’s voice, blinking at her in surprise. It’s been so long since he had any physical contact with the blond. “It seems as though once the fever was gone, the toxicity of his sweat lessened to its regular amount. We don’t know if his fever will return or not yet, so take this opportunity while you can. I’ll leave you two alone.” With a smile, the older woman closed the curtain and Kirishima could hear the sound of the door closing as she left. He blinked away from where she was standing to look at Katsuki.
His hands shook a bit as he took the hand closest to him into his own. Katsuki’s hands were always soft to the touch. The only imperfections were few burn scars from using his quirk. His hand was so warm in comparison to Kirishima’s cold and clammy one, which Kirishima accepted the warmth happily. He intertwined his fingers with Katsuki’s, bringing the sleeping boy’s hand to his lips. The kiss was gentle, as if Katsuki would break if Kirishima applied any more pressure. With his free hand Kirishima ran his thumb across Katsuki’s cheek. He couldn’t help but admire the calm beauty of the boy. Even at his worst Katsuki still managed to look perfect.
Kirishima scooted the chair closer so he could comfortably rest his head against Katsuki’s shoulder. He closed his eyes, content with the ability to finally touch the blond.

“Wake up soon Suki, please…”
When he fell asleep, Kirishima didn’t know. When he woke up, he knew very well. His head bounced violently against whatever surface his head was on. He didn’t remember falling asleep on a bus, but that's what it felt like. The sound of coughing brought him back to reality. Kirishima jolted up, worriedly looking at Katsuki’s pained expression. He’d stopped coughing, shifting slightly in his sleep shivering as he did so. Kirishima leapt up, searching the closet until he found an extra blanket. He hurried back to cover the shivering mess Katsuki was, making sure to tuck him in so he wouldn’t shake right out of the blanket. He took hold of Katsuki’s hand again while his other hand combed through blond locks. Kirishima stayed there, soothing Katsuki the best he could until he stopped shivering so much.

“I’m right here, Suki.” He placed a gentle kiss to the blond’s forehead. “I’m right here, and I’m not leaving you this time. I promise.”

Chapter Text

The weekend rolled around again, and the class had decided to have a movie night on Friday. Everyone came dressed in pajamas, blankets and pillows covered almost every inch of the common room floor. Despite the fact that everyone brought their favorite movies along, there were arguments of what was good or not and what to watch first. The choices varied from romcoms to horror and everything in between. No one even bothered to ask Midoriya what he brought, as he only owns All Might movies; which none of the others watched to watch. It was now down to whatever Mina and Sero brought, and no Kaminari shut up no one wants to watch Elf. Kirishima wasn’t really paying much mind to the decision making, in all honesty he didn’t care what they watched, he just enjoyed having bonding time with his classmates. Although it was fun to watch Mina and Sero have a debate over their movie choices; it was better than any movie in Kiri’s mind.

“Hey Kirishima.” He looked up at the sound of his name, finding Midoriya coming to sit next to him.

“Hey Midoriya! Welcome to the Rejected Movie Club.” They both laughed, looking over at Mina who was yelling in victory as she set up whatever she brought to watch.

“How was your visit with Kacchan?” Midoriya looked at him curiously, and it dawned on Kirishima that he hadn’t visited since Katsuki’s fever broke. And right after he said he wouldn’t leave. He blushed at the memory, earning an even more curious and confused look from the boy in front of him.

“ was nice. He looked so much better. It was relieving.” The greenette nodded in agreement. “He woke me up though. Not that I meant to fall asleep again, but he was shivering so much. It was kind of adorable when I gave him an extra blanket, he actually curled up a bit.” The two shared a giggle.

“Yeah, Kacchan never like the cold. It messes with his quirk, not being able to be warm enough to use it. I’m guessing his body got used the the fever temperature, so the sudden drop in warmth caught up to him.” Kirishima nodded, it made a lot of sense actually. He’d have to keep this newfound fact in mind. He could use cold weather to his advantage. The two struck up a quiet conversation as the movie played in the background. Neither of them really cared for what was on, so it was nice to just hang out with someone. Uraraka walked over to them once the movie was over, sitting down next to Midoriya as the next movie debate proceeded.

“You two are awfully chummy recently.” She smiled, nudging Midoriya’s shoulder. The boy let out a nervous laugh.

“Yeah I guess so. I think we really bonded over Kacchan being sick. N-Not that it’s a good thing that he’s sick!” Midoriya hid his face in embarrassment as Kirishima and Uraraka laughed. Midoriya was so easily flustered with simple things like this and it amuses Kirishima.

“Relax bro, we get it.” Uraraka nodded in agreement, patting Midoriya’s back to comfort him.

“It’s funny though, how close you two got suddenly.” Both boys looked at the girl in confusion. “It’s just with Bakugou-kun around, it was always hard to talk to Kirishima-kun for longer than a few minutes. Not saying that's a bad thing, he was always attached to your hip.” She giggled, and Kirishima’s face flushed red. Even Midoriya laughed at his flustered reaction. Karma at its finest.

“Right? If Kacchan’s not careful we’ll steal you away from him in no time.” The three burst out in a fit of laughter, earning a few angry looks in their direction for being so loud.

“I don’t know Deku-kun, I think you’ve already started to do that.” Kirishima sputtered out nonsense, not knowing how to reply. Midoriya was in a similar situation, only to be interrupted by a few shrieks.

“Todoroki are you okay?!” The group of three turned around, finding Todoroki glaring in their direction, fire slowly shrinking around him. As quickly as he flared up, Todoroki’s expression went blank and he left the room. Confused glances traveled across the room, no one knew what to do or say after that. An awkward chuckle come from somewhere in the room and that brought everyone slowly back to their movie night.
Midoriya stood though, face covered in concerned determination.

“I’m going to go talk to him. He’s been off for a while. He’s also been avoiding me also.” The crack in the greenettes voice was obvious. Kirishima stood also.

“Would you like me to come with you? Just in case?” Midoriya nodded, already letting a few sniffles escape him. Normally Midoriya wouldn’t need a companion with a heart-to-heart situation, but the tension between him and Todoroki seemed to be more than something simple. Not to mention very one sided. And if Todoroki set off his fire again, Midoriya wouldn’t be able to fully protect himself from being burned unlike Kiri.
Uraraka gave them a departing nod, whispering a ‘good luck’ to the boys as the went to follow Todoroki. They went directly to the half and half’s room, to which they could hear quiet and panicked whisperings on the other side of the door. The boys looked at each other confused as they know no one else was here, and Todoroki wasn’t one to talk to himself out loud. Midoriya didn’t even bother with knocking, he just entered the room. Kirishima sighed, no one in this school ever knocked.
Todoroki looked at the pair intruding his room in surprise, but it was only there for a second as his expression shifted to a cold glare.

“Why are you here?” There was such resentment in the boys voice that it threw both Midoriya and Kirishima off. Midoriya’s green eyes looked to Kirishima, a silent request to not speak unless necessary.

“I just want to know what’s been bothering you. You seem upset, and you’ve been avoiding me anytime I try to ask.” The greenette took a step towards Todoroki, who only glanced at Kirishima before looking back at Midoriya.

“And why is he here?” He gave a nod in Kiri’s direction.

“I’m just here for moral support.” Kirishima answered before Midoriya could say anything. This seemed to set something off for Todoroki as he visibly tensed, glaring directly into the redheads soul. Panic ran across Midoriya, who obviously had no idea what to do.

“You really have to be in everyone’s business, don’t you?” The question was unexpected, but the harshness of it was clear. Kirishima understood right then what the issue was, Midoriya on the other hand looked like a confused, kicked puppy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize me being a supportive friend was such an issue for you.” Kirishima held his gaze on Todoroki, eyes narrowing at the boy. Todoroki took a few steps toward Kirishima, effectively half shoving Midoriya out of the way. The tension was high, with Todoroki seemingly one breath away from burning Kiri to a crisp.

“You can be supportive by not being so handsy with people.” This upset Kirishima, even more so when a finger jabbed into his chest pushing him back a little. He shoved Todoroki’s hand away, glaring up at the boy’s scarred face.

“It’s called being friendly. Something you obviously don’t know about. Most people physically console their friends, unlike you.” He must have struck a cord because Todoroki stepped back, his gaze falling distant for a moment. Midoriya looked between the two, unsure if he should break this up or not. The conversation was beyond him, the greenette being so unfortunately dense in these situations.

“But I didn’t take you for the jealous type. You seem uninterested in pretty much everything.” Kirishima crossed his arms across his chest, fitting the pieces to this puzzle was easier than he thought.

“I’m not jealous, I’m just annoyed by your sudden presence with Midoriya.” At the mention of his name Midoriya jumped, if he wasn’t so confused he’d probably be crying right now.

“That’s literally jealousy. How do you not know that? You’re one of the top students in our class academically.” Kirishima sighed, he didn’t realize Todoroki was also so clueless. “Look, I’m not going to stop being there for my friends just because you can’t handle friends sharing hugs. And you should really learn to be a better friend. If you keep acting like you’re the only one who deserves Midoriya’s attention you’re going to end up hurting him and yourself.” Todoroki opened his mouth to reply, but it was obvious he couldn’t find the words.

“What do you mean by that, Kirishima?” Midoriya’s voice startled the two boys. Kirshima almost felt sorry for him for not understanding the situation.

“He’s just having issues with his feelings, and he’s taking his frustration out on everyone else instead of talking about it.” The redhead blinked at his own words. It was surprisingly similar to how Katsuki dealt with things too. He never realized how much they mirrored each other until now. Midoriya looked at Todoroki with concern, rest his hand on the taller boys arm.

“Is that true, Todoroki?” The taller boy’s eyes fell to the ground, thinking over what was just said to him.

“I...I think so? I’m not sure myself.” Todoroki seemed to have calmed now, the truth of the matter hanging heavily in the air. Kirishima brought a hand to his face and sighed.

“Sorry, Midoriya. I kinda took your spotlight away.” He chuckled softly, looking over to see Midoriya shaking his head.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t think I would have gotten this far on my own. I’m glad you did say something because I had no plan.” Midoriya nervously laughed as two sets of disappointed eyes fell on him.

“I think you should leave now. I have things to think about.” Kirishima nodded, ready to grab Midoriya and go but the look on the greenette’s face stopped him.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Both boys looked at him, stunned at the defiance inn his voice. “What? I didn’t even get to speak! I came here because I was worried about Todoroki, and all I got was whatever argument you two had.” The smaller boy huffed, standing his ground. If it wasn’t for his obvious bulk, he would look like a pouting child.

“Midoriya, we can talk some other time.” Now it was Kirishima’s turn to be stunned into silence. He really hadn’t expected Midoriya to protest like this. He really wouldn’t leave until he got all the answers now.

“No, we’re talking now. I’m not chancing you avoiding me again while you ‘think’ about it. Whatever this is it’s bothering you, so take someone else’s advice for once and talk.” Midoriya’s face was filled with determination as he stared up at Todoroki.

“Midoriya, it’s not that big of a dea--” The greenette threw his hands in the air before Todoroki finished, effectively startling him.

Not a big deal?! You almost set fire to the common room!” Todoroki visibly shrunk back, having his previous actions thrown back at him must have hurt.

“Just leave, Midor--” Midoriya took a step towards Todoroki, lifting himself up on his toes to get into the taller boys face. Kirishima quietly noted the tinge of blush that covered Todoroki’s face.

“No, Shouto. I’m staying. Kirshima can leave if he wants, but I’m your friend and I will not let you keep this to yourself anymore. It’s affecting more than just our friendship now and I can’t allow it.” Saying Todoroki’s first name seemed to have frozen him in place as he blinked in surprise. Midoriya really knew how to get what he wanted when he needed to. Green eyes looked over at Kirishima, silently asking if he was staying for this ‘talk’. He just took a step back and laughed nervously.

“ said my part already, so I have nothing else to say. I’ll just uh, leave the rest to you Midoriya.” The greenette nodded, and Kirishima booked it out of the room as quickly as he could. Something about that situation made Kirishima feel like he was invading their space. But then again, he didn’t think he’d be arguing with Todoroki tonight either. He even surprised himself at first.
With a shaky sigh, Kirishima walked back to his room. He too drained from that interaction to go back to the common room. Once he got to his room, Kiri flopped onto his bed eyes slowly closing before he fell asleep.
He’d have to remember to ask Midoriya how it went with Todoroki in the morning.

Chapter Text

It was fairly late in the morning when Kirishima finally woke up, between a late movie night and that confrontation with Todoroki, he was surprised he woke up before noon. Idle chattering became louder as he approached the kitchen, finding a majority of his classmates awake as well. He waved good mornings to a few students before he raided the cabinets for food. He was about to give in to something simple when a hand settled on his shoulder. Uraraka was smiling at him as he closed the cabinet door.

“Hey, Uraraka!” Kirishima smiled, and she only giggled at him.

“There’s some extra miso soup with rice and eggs, me and the girls made enough for everyone.” Kirishima’s face lit up at the mention of free food. Not being able to cook had its downsides, and everyone knew it was a problem for him.

“You’re a lifesaver, Uraraka!” She helped give him his breakfast, to which he thanked her for before taking a huge bite from his meal. He spotted Midoriya and Todoroki sitting on the couch together, quite close too. But it was a sight he hadn’t seen for a while.

“Did those two make up?” Kirishima asked nodding towards the pair, mouth still full of rice.

“I thought you knew since you were with them last.” He shook his head, explaining he had left in the end. “Ah, well I guess that makes sense then. But I think they made up? I mean they’re talking sort of and they actually stand near each other again. It’s just that they seem awkwardly nervous being close together at the same time.” Uraraka shrugged, puffing her cheeks out in frustration as she watched the pair in question.
Kirishima had to admit, now that he was watching them closer he could see what she was talking about. Even though they were sitting close to each other, it was obvious they were hesitant as well. They spoke quietly in short, quick answers and whenever they accidentally bumped a knee or hand on each other a flurry of apologies came out of both of them. It was almost frustrating how flustered they were around each other; it almost made their separation seem normal.
That was until Mina walked up to them with a huge grin, hands hitting the coffee table loudly as she leaned down to look at the pair. The action made the few students who were left look in their direction, including Kirishima and Uraraka.

“Okay you two, spill.” Her question raised confusion in both boys. Midoriya looked pale as a ghost as he nervously shifted in his seat.

“W-What are you talking about?” Kirishima could tell that Midoriya was trying to sound like nothing was wrong; but the poor boy couldn’t act to save his life. His question did make Mina laugh though.

“You serious? You two, well mostly Todoroki, have been avoiding each other for weeks, now you’re suddenly back to being buddy-buddy, with a side of extra closeness?” Midoriya sputtered incoherent excuses, trying to get the pink girl to leave the topic alone. Except Mina wasn’t one to give up on gossip, it was something she thrived on. Even if Todoroki tried to convince her otherwise.

“We just made up, that’s all. Nothing more.” Mina’s smile widened, a mischievous glint in her eye. Midoriya shrunk back into the couch while Todoroki, red with embarrassment, avoided her gaze.

“More like made out.”
Kirishima choked on his rice. Did he hear that correctly? Did she really just say that? One look over at the situation at hand said yes, yes indeed she did say that. Both Midoriya and Todoroki had jumped away from each other, both very red and flustered. Neither of them spoke, nor looked at Mina, or each other even. For a moment Kirishima thought Mina had it all wrong, normally her instinct on these things were spot on but it almost seemed as if she was embarrassing the pair for no reason. That was until Midoriya spoke again.

“N-No it’s not like that. Shouto and I wouldn’t--” The boy froze before finishing his sentence.

Shouto? So I did hear right.” The pair looked at her quizzically, she just laughed, clapping her hands together innocently. “I was dragging Kami and Sero back to their rooms after movie night since they fell asleep early. I passed by Todoroki’s room on my way. There was a lot of breathy ‘Shouto’s and ‘Izuku’s’ in the short time I was near your door.” Midoriya covered his face, a quiet ‘oh my god’ surfacing from under his hands. Todoroki simultaneously froze and singed parts of the couch. His face was a furious shade of red as he stared intently at the floor.
This was a groundbreaking situation, and even Uraraka was staring at the scene in disbelief.

“OH MY GOD DEKU-KUN, YOU KISSED TODOROKI-KUN?!” Midoriya jumped, turning to face her frantically flailing his arms in denial. Kirishima smiled, amused by the whole thing. Sure Mina didn’t, and probably shouldn’t have outed the two on their relationship but the fact that it seemed that they finally hit a clearing was relieving. It honestly took them long enough to admit it, albeit in their own way.
Kirishima was half glad he woke up in time to witness this historic event.
This threw Midoriya into an embarrassing fit while Uraraka ran over to cheer him on, congratulating him on his new relationship. When the poor boy finally had enough, he stood up and ran to the doors.

“I’M GOING TO VISIT KACCHAN NOW.” With that he vanished into the hallways, leaving the rest of the students to giggle. Excluding Todoroki who used this distraction to sneak away himself. Kirishima figured neither one would show their faces around the class for a while.


Later that day, Kirishima had just came back from the gym and was now grabbing himself a snack from the kitchen. No one else was in the common room, surprisingly since it was a Saturday night. He didn’t think much of it as he closed the refrigerator door, jumping at the sudden sight of Todoroki behind it.

“God, Todoroki. You gotta give a warning, bro.” Kirishima put his hand on his chest, feeling the rabid beats of his heart. Tororoki, looked away from him, unusually shy.

“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was down here.” Kirishima nodded, shoving a chip in his mouth as he opened his bottle of water.

“It’s cool. You need something?” He was curious, since the taller boy didn’t seem to move into the kitchen, but instead looked afraid to speak.

“ you.” Kirishima’s face must have shown his confusion because Todoroki was quick to explain himself. “For last night I mean. I shouldn’t have taken my struggles out on you, or Izuku for that matter.” Kirishima mused.

“No problem. But man, first name basis just after one night? Such a change man.” Todoroki visibly became flustered, stumbling over his own words.

“Well yeah...Mina wasn’t entirely wrong.” Kirishima nodded, understanding what he had meant by that. “Nothing official though. We’re still feeling things out. It’s new to both of us.”

“I get it. No need to explain to me.” And Kirishima meant that wholeheartedly. It’s how he kinda felt with him and Katsuki. But their relationship seemed more strained on an emotional level than he ever could fathom.

“How are you doing?” He glanced up, shaking out of his thoughts. Todoroki had finally moved from his spot and was getting himself a drink. Kirishima sighed. The question held more than just casualties.

“I’m...getting by. I hate to say it, but it’s gotten easier as time goes on. I don’t want it to though...” A shaky breath left him as he set his drink on the counter. “It feels like if it gets too easy to deal with, how I feel about Katsuki won’t seem real. Like I’m just holding onto something that I’m expecting to feel.” Kirishima sniffled slightly as tears stung his eyes. He hadn’t spoken to anyone about his doubts like this. Only to Mina, but never like this. Somehow talking to Todoroki seemed oddly natural.

“I think, if the thought makes you upset you have nothing to worry about. I’m not an emotional person myself, so I can’t be too sure. But, you’ve always seemed to be quite true to how you feel.” Kiri looked up at Todoroki, almost surprised at the other boy’s observation of him.

“Yeah, sorry. You’re right. I don’t know why I’m always doubting myself. That’s how this mess all started anyways.” It took a moment for Kirishima to realize what he had said, the quizzical look on the other boy’s face confirming his slip.

“What do you mean by that?” The question drained Kiri of all color. He’s desperately wanted to forget about that night. Like it never happened; as if Katsuki would wake up and they’d just continue on as if it was a stroke of bad luck. Guilt filled the redhead once again, knowing he couldn’t get out of this conversation even if he wanted to.

“The Sunday before Kasuki got sick, we had a bit of a falling out.” Todoroki nodded, concern filling his eyes as he listened to Kirishima explain. “It was really stupid too; all about a picture Kami took and Mina developed without me knowing. It was a photo of me sleeping with that shark Kat won for me at the fair, if you wanted to know.” Todoroki smiled, almost fondly Kirishima noted.

“That’s quite...cute actually.” Kirishima flushed, somehow hearing Todoroki of all people use the word cute was much more embarrassing. He laughed nervously as he continued.

“ was. But anyways; we chased Mina all the way down here, where she ran straight into Katsuki. He was the last person I wanted to see that photo. And when he did…” He blinked a couple tears, emotions running wild as he recalled that night. “He said he didn’t know the shark was such a big deal. Which I mean, yeah that makes sense, but in my mind at that moment I took it personally.” A paper towel appeared in front of him. He didn’t realize he was crying until a couple tears hit the object. Kirishima took the paper towel from Todoroki’s hand, and wiped his face clean.

“I’m assuming after that it got out of hand? No need to give all the details if it’s too much for you.” Todoroki rested a hand on his shoulder, but Kirishima decided that wasn’t enough. He grabbed a hold of Todoroki’s shirt, hiding his face in the taller boys chest. This made Todoroki frantically try to find the right way to comfort the crying Kirishima and not be completely awkward about it.

“He just looked so scared and sad as I yelled at him. And he asked me not to leave, to stay and talk to him once I walked off. Fuck, he even said please, Todoroki. When does he ever say that?” A weight of a hand rested on Kirishima’s back as Todoroki let him quietly cry into his chest. Man was he glad no one else was here to see this sight. It was so out of place for the both of them.
After a few moments Kirishima calmed down, stepping back from Todoroki who stared at him with concern.

“Sorry for that. But thanks for listening to me.” The taller boy smiled, making Kirishima give his own wobbly smile back.

“It’s okay. I learned from a friend how to be properly supportive.” Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh as his own advice was used on him.

“That’s one amazing friend you got there.” They both smiled, their silly cheerful moment lifting the mood a little. Sudden loud thumping came from down the hallway, interrupting the moment. The door swung open, a disheveled Midoriya stood there with tears streaming down his face.
Kirishima automatically assumed the worst.


Chapter Text

After calming down a bit and sitting with Kirishima and Todoroki on the couch, Midoryia explained the current situation.

“Only for a few minutes. But, Kacchan was awake.” Midoriya sniffled, leaning into Todoroki’s side who automatically wrapped an arm around the greenettes shoulders. “Recovery Girl were going to do some tests but he passed back out. I had to leave while he was awake, so I didn’t see what was going on. The only thing she told me was that he wasn’t responsive, just dazed.”
Kirishima’s heart dropped at that. Sure it was good news that Katsuki woke up, but him not being responsive wasn’t good.

“So what does that mean in the end?” The redheads voice strained as he asked the question, debating if he really wanted to know the answer.

“Well, I didn’t really get a chance to ask since I was shooed away. But from what I remember in the past when this happened, one of two things could happen.” Kirishima watched as Midoriya’s jaw tensed in frustration before he continued. “For one, he could always be like this. Occasionally waking up but never being fully consciously aware of anything. That's the worst case scenario. The other is, it’ll just take him a couple times waking up to fully gain consciousness. There’s no time frame for that though, it could take hours, days, weeks, years.”
Kirishima starred at Midoriya, who couldn’t even bring himself to look at him. There was no way Katsuki would stay like this, he has to wake up fully. He will wake up fully.
But what if he didn’t? How would Kirishima cope with that? Could he handle losing Katsuki like this?
No he would not be able to handle that. He’d break if he ever heard that Katsuki will never be his normal self again. Then again, Katsuki would kill him if he ever found out Kirishima gave up that easily. Maybe he could try to push through if worse came to worst.
For Katsuki.

“Knowing Bakugou, he’ll get through it. He did once before, right?” Midoriya nodded. Todoroki had a point. Katsuki wasn’t one to back down without a fight. “He’ll wake up soon enough. The fact that his fever hasn’t returned and he’s waking up periodically so soon shows quick improvement. He’d probably recover as quickly as he got himself in this situation.” Kirishima chuckled lightly. Again, Todoroki had a point. He was liking this new, supportive side of his classmate. It suited him more.

“Can we visit him at all? Or is that not possible while they wait for him to wake up again?” Kiri desperately wanted to see Katsuki, more than ever now that there was a possibility of seeing those pretty eyes open.

“Yeah, you can visit. I was told to leave because I was crying too much. Just if he wakes up again you’d have to leave the room.” Kirishima nodded, that was all he needed to hear before standing up.

“I want to see him.” The pair on the couch nodded, a smile finally crossing Midoriya’s face.

“Good luck. Wake him up for us, Kirishima. You know he only listens to you.” Kirishima’s face flushed as he waved dismissal at Midoriya before making his way to the infirmary.


Everything was hazy, his head hurt and his body felt like it was buried in cement. There were voices around him, though they were muffled. And there was a warmth tightening around his hand.
Why can’t I hear properly?
He groaned, trying to sit up as he slowly opened his eyes.
Bright circles of light sent pain through his head. Someone gently pushed him back down. He turned his blurry gaze as the offending person, only to be met with a red blob.
Why can’t I see properly?
The red blob, came closer, saying something he couldn’t quite make out. A gentle pressure fell on his forehead as the red blob pulled away, leaving him. The warmth in his hand also left him.
Suddenly he desperately wanted that red blob to come back.

“--gou?” He blinked, turning his head to a smaller figure. The ringing in his ears was quieting, but he had to close his eyes. The light was too much.

“Bakugou, can you say your name?”
What kind of question is that?

“B-Bak....kagou...Kats--” Coughing interrupted his name, and pain shot through his throat and head. It hurt to speak, like he hasn’t used his voice in forever. What was happening? Katsuki had no idea.

“Don’t push yourself, that's better than what I expected.”
He had successfully identified the voice next to him as Recovery Girl, who was talking to him through a series of simple tests. He hated that he had to open his eyes for a few of them. Every single light in this room could go to hell. The blond laid back in the bed, exhaustion washing over him from the few little things he’s done.
He hated this feeling.
He hated the pain that came with it even more.

“It’s okay, go back to sleep Bakugou.” That was the last thing he heard before passing out again.
It was dark the next time Bakugou woke up. He thanked the gods he didn’t have to deal with light anymore. As he became more in tune with his surroundings, he noticed a weight on his shoulder. He turned his head, only for his nose to hit a mess of red hair.

“What the fuck?” His voice was still rough and gravely, but it didn’t hurt as much. That wasn’t much of an issue, the issue was why the fuck was Kirishima sleeping on his shoulder? Upon further inspection, Bakugou also found that Kirishima was holding his hand.
Even in his confused state this made him blush furiously. The sleeping boy stirred, letting go of Bakugou’s hand to rub his eyes. He sat back up in the visitors chair, blinking himself awake.

“Katsuki?” The two stared at each other, Kirishima blinked again as tears started streaming down his face. The redhead lunged forward, wrapping Bakugou in a tight hug. It hurt, but like hell he was going to tell Kirishima to let go when he was this upset. His arms were like weights, but he lifted them to loosely wrap around the other boy. Kirishima was babbling something against his neck, but he couldn’t understand any of the choked words.

“Fuck-- Ei,” His voice was still rough, still recovering from whatever was going on. “...if you’re gonna talk you gotta stop crying. I can’t understand a damn thing you’re saying.” He felt the red hairs brush against his cheek as the boy nodded, pulling away to calm himself.

“Sorry.” It was little more than a whine, but at least Katsuki could understand him.

“ ‘S fine, just don’t understand cry babbling.” Kirishima shook his head, looking at Katsuki with sad eyes.

“No. Not for that; well that too I guess. But no...I meant for this.” He gestured to Bakugou.

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know why I’m here.” Kirishima froze, the sudden realization that this is the first time Katsuki was fully up and responsive. He probably wasn’t told what had happened yet.
Kirishima’s jaw tensed before he spoke, avoiding Katsuki’s impatient glare.

“You overused your quirk....Like a lot.” The redhead lifted his eyes to Katsuki, who was staring in an unreadable look. “Katsuki…?”

“Fucking shit. Again?” Kirishima could understand the frustration, but he wasn’t prepared for the few tears that fell from the blonds eyes. His hands were tightly wrapped around the blanket, turning his knuckles white.

“It’s my fault, you shouldn’t blame yourself.” Katsuki’s head snapped up, a bewildered look across his face.

“The fuck you talking about? I did this to myself.”
Kirishima sighed, not accepting of that response as he turned to look away from the blond.

“I know. But, I’m the reason why you over used it. I did this to you and I hate myself for it.” The blond stared at him, confused as fuck. He blinked, trying to fish through his hazy memory to try to understand what the hell Kirishima was talking about.
Then his mind went to that one night.

“Are you kidding me?” Kirishima flinched as Katsuki reached over to whack his head. “That’s not your fault you dumbass. Hey, don’t you start crying again. Stop that.” Crimson eyes, blinked away tears looking directly at Katsuki with worry. “It’s my own fault for upsetting you like that.”

“But--” A hand covered Kirishima’s mouth before he could finish.

“If you apologize for me being a dense fuck, I will kill you.” Kiri nodded and Katsuki pulled his hand away with a sigh. “How long was I out for?”

“Two months almost.” Fuck. He growled, throwing his head back against the pillow. It caused his neck to crack uncomfortably and he winced in pain. Kirishima was on his feet immediately looking over at him in concern.

“I’m fine, just stiff.” The redhead sat back down, relieved. “Have you made a habit of coming here and falling asleep on me.” He asked more as a joke than anything, watching how Kirishima’s face turned a bright red.

“I...sometimes. Okay, kind of a lot. But Recovery Girl lets me stay so…” It was Katsuki’s turn to blush, looking down at the footboard of the bed. He actually wasn’t expecting to hear that. “I wasn’t allowed to touch you until a few days ago, when your fever broke. So it wasn’t like I was that close to you the entire time. But it felt nice to hold your hand again so…”

“Then why aren’t you?” The words left the blonds lips before he could process what he had said. Both boys looked at each other in flustered shock.

“D-Do you want me to?” Katsuki shrugged.

“I wouldn’t mind.” As soon as he felt the warmth of Kirishima’s hand in his, he pulled the boy over to him. Kirishima landed on his chest with an ‘oof’. He tried to get up, but Katsuki just wrapped his arm around him, pulling him back. “Stay with me.” That seemed to relax the redhead on top of him. Katsuki scooted over a bit, giving Kirishima some room to fully rest on the bed.
Their eyes met for what seemed like forever, until Katsuki brushed a lock of red hair behind Kirishima’s ear.

“Katsuki?” He hummed in response, too focused on the boy next to him. “Are you okay?” He knew what the question meant, but he didn’t give that answer.

“No, I’m fucking sore as all hell, my head feels like I’ve been hit with ten bowling balls and I’m tired as fuck.” Kirishima’s eyes narrowed at him and he couldn’t help but smirk at him.

“That’s not what I meant.” Katsuki kept his smirk, leaning closer so touch their foreheads together. He could hear Kirishima hold his breath, this feeling was familiar.

“I’m fine, really. Stop worrying so much it’s annoying.” He lifted his gaze to met Kirshima’s eyes again. “I can’t promise that I won't overreact to things again. It’s still something I have to work on. But I don’t want this to happen again. I can’t imagine the hell I put you through these past two months.”

“It wasn’t just me. The whole class was upset, including Todoroki. Midoriya just about shattered. You have lots of apologizing to do.” Katsuki let out an annoyed sigh.

“Fucking IcyHot and Deku can fuck off somewhere.” Kirishima laughed, and Katsuki felt lighter.

“Dude, they just might be careful.” Katsuki looked at Kirishima, bewildered at the implication.

“Are you serious?” The redhead nodded. “Holy fucking shit what did I miss.” Kirishima giggled, moving to hide his face in Katsuki’s chest.

“A lot. But you’ll catch up soon.” Katsuki hummed, holding Kirishima closer. He was getting sleepy again.

“Before I fall asleep, I’ve got something to say.” A muffled ‘what’ came from Kirishima. “If you ever say you hate yourself again, I won’t forgive you.” The boy in his arms tensed, but he felt the nod against his chest. “Good.”
Silence washed over them, sleep slowly taking its course.

“I missed you, Suki.”
Katsuki just caught the words before he drifted to sleep, smiling into the mess of red hair.

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke the next morning to a pair of red eyes sleepily looking up at him. He pushed Kirishima’s face away while the boy laughed.

“Fucking creep.” Kirishima sat up, an offended look on his face, though a smile peaked through.

“Me? No. Not at all. You just look so peaceful in your sleep, I can’t help but watch.” The blond rolled his eyes, sitting up fully for the first time in forever. Stretching hurt and caused all his joints to crack, but the relief that came after felt so much better. It’s going to take forever for him to loosen up again. Kirishima had gotten up and was pouring a glass of water from a pitcher left on the table. Katsuki accepted the glass, taking small sips. It felt great against his sore throat.

“I wanna try standing.” He was met with a face of concern upon his request. “You’re right here, so there’s no danger in trying.” Kirishima was still hesitant, even as Katsuki swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“Shouldn’t you wait for Recovery Girl? I mean, I can catch you sure but what if you’re not supposed to move this much yet?” The blond sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Well I’m not laying in bed for the rest of the day, no matter what she says. I’m awake, I’m functional for the most part, and I want to move the fuck around.” With that Kirishima caved, holding out a hand. Kasuki took his hand and started to stand. Vertigo hit him almost immediately, throwing him off balance. He blacked out for a second, but he knew a strong arm caught him. Blinking, Katsuki sat back down cursing at his inability to do a simple thing.

“Maybe you should try getting up slower?” He looked up to find a soft smile on Kirishima’s face. Katsuki scoffed.

“Thought you’d tell me not to try again.” Kirishima laughed, grabbing both of the blonds hands.

“I want to, but you’re too determined on this. I know there’s things I can’t even convince you to do.” That same soft smile made Kasuki blush and he averted his gaze from the redhead. He nodded, signalling he was ready to try again.
This round, Katsuki took his time to stand. The slowness made his knees crack, but in the end he was able to stand on his own. Letting go of Kirishima’s hands, he flashed a victorious smile. Arms wrapped around Katsuki, a quiet chuckle coming from Kirishima. Katsuki rested his head on Kirishima’s shoulder melting into the hug. Time passed, but the pair stayed like that for a while. Kirishima was the first to pull back, looking at Katsuki with smiling eyes.

“Wanna try walking a bit?” The blond grinned, nodding at the suggestion. He was tired of laying around and he hasn’t even been awake for a full twenty-four hours yet. They shuffled around a bit, Kirishima insisting Katsuki at least lean on him first. With a little more fussing from the blond, he eventually settled for leaning on Kirishima's shoulder, using him as a crutch.

“Ready?” A nod.
The first step was hard, it was like his body knew what to do but it couldn’t quite make it. It was a slow and shaky process but Kasuki made it a few steps away from the bed with little problem. It was honestly surprising how quickly he was getting around after only being conscious since the previous night. The pair was so focused on their task at hand that they didn’t hear the door open.

“Oh? I wasn’t expecting you to be moving about so soon.” The voice made Kirishima jump, which caused Katsuki to lose his balance falling straight on his ass. Kirishima barked out a laugh, a ‘sorry’ coming out through breaths of air. Katsuki just scowled, reluctantly accepting the hand the redhead offered. Once on his feet again, he glared over at Recovery Girl, who seemed to be amused by the exchange.

“I came to check on you, but it seems like you’re in good hands. Though I’d like to do a physical check up on you, only if you’re up for it.” Katsuki was lead back to his bed, answering the school nurse with only a grunt and a careless shrug. Any softness the boy had before it was now gone in front of the older lady. She took that as a ‘yes’ and started to take Katsuki’s blood pressure, along with other vitals checks. Kirishima watched patiently in the visitor’s chair. A few little tests later, he was given the all clear.

“You’ll have to stay here for the next week for caution. I will allow you to go to class though, just no training exercises yet. Instead you’ll be doing physical therapy to get your body back in shape.” Katsuki frowned, but he could handle that. “And I would recommend that you not use your quirk for at least a month.”
That, however, he couldn’t handle.

“How the hell do you expect me to do that?! I need to practice, I’m already behind as it is.” He could see Kirishima frown out of the corner of his eye. Recovery Girl just patted his leg.

“You need to give your body some extra time to return to normal. You only recently broke your fever, and that was when your nitroglycerin levels started to return to normal. It’s too soon for you to take that gamble; If you overdose again, I highly doubt you’ll live through it.”
The words hung heavily in the air, the reality of Katsuki’s condition hit him all at once in that moment. It really was that bad. With a glance over to Kirishima, he could see the worry in his crimson eyes. He couldn’t let his stubbornness win this time. Especially with his life on the line. And extra especially because he would regret leaving Kirishima behind like that. He ran his hand through his blond locks, making the crazy floof on his head even worse.

The situation was bittersweet. As much as Katsuki wanted to just run out and be like his normal self, he knew he couldn’t.
This wasn’t a simple sickness.
This wasn’t a simple recovery.
One slip up could break his fragile health and cost him his life.
This wasn’t something a hero-in-training should have to worry about.
For the first time in his life, Katsuki really hated his quirk.

Was this the 'quirkless' kind of feeling Deku had to deal with before high school?

He didn’t notice that Recovery Girl had left until Kirishima moved to sit next to him on the bed, breaking Katsuki’s train of thought. A hand found his, and a smile from the redhead next to him lifted his mood a bit.

“You’ll be back to yourself in no time, don’t worry.” Katsuki’s nod was barely noticeable as he rested his head on Kirishima’s shoulder.
He sure as hell hoped that would happen.

Chapter Text


No one was actually told that Kasuki was fully awake. Not even the teachers.He wanted it that way, saying it was less annoying if everyone stayed away while he was still in the infirmary. They’ll see him in class anyways.
What Katsuki wasn’t expecting was having to walk to class on his. He would have thought Kirishima, hell even Deku would offer. He was still getting used to his footing so it took him a few minutes past the bell to reach the door. For once he hesitated at the door, hand hovering over the doorknob. Was he really ready to go to class like this? He was too tired to get as angry, but maybe that was for the best. A way to test his ability to act less brash.
What is with this hesitation?!
He growled, swinging open the door loudly. Katsuki glared as the entire class paused, surprised eyes landing on him.

“What?” He shoved his hands into his pockets, walking into the classroom, handing a paper to Aizawa.

Bakugou! You’re back!” Mina’s voice broke the silence and before he could even turn around to reply, arms were all around him. Within a few moments the blond was surrounded in a giant group hug, consisting of most of his classmates. He started to push them off, his normal vigor lost but enough was there to get through the crowd. Unfortunately for him that was too much for his body to handle, and he was thrown off balance. An arm caught him before he hit the floor. Kirishima’s face was full of worry as he helped the blond to his feet. With a huff, he shook the redheads arm off him.

“Don’t fucking surround me like that again or I’ll blast you all into next year.” Instinctively he raised his arm, as if to use his quirk but nothing happened. He blinked, Aizawa was at the back of the crowd his hair raising off his shoulders as he glared down at Katsuki.

“According to this, you won’t be ‘blasting’ anything for a while. Not even when you return to basic training next week.” His teachers words reminded him of his restrictions, and Katsuki lowered his arm in frustration as he walked over to his desk. This was going to be a long month for him.
Aizawa took the opportunity to take a nap, disguising it as a free study hall to welcome Katsuki back to the class.
In all honesty, Katsuki would have rather just started on the lesson. Whatever that may be. Being so behind was hard. And so was dealing with the bambarding amount of questions his classmates had for him. They acted like they hadn’t seen him in forever.
Two months must have felt that long for them.
Eventually Kirishima and Midoriya dispersed the students, and Todoroki woke their teacher. Class continued on, and Katsuki picked up on the subject quickly.
Katsuki would never admit it, but he felt bad for his own absence. If only he was in better control of himself. If only.


Kirishima had promised to walk Katsuki to and from class every morning for the rest of the week. Midoriya tried, but Katsuki had just yelled at him.

“Come on, Suki. We’re gonna be late.” Grumbling came from the nurse's bathroom and Katsuki appeared in the doorway looking like an absolute mess. Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh, which earned him a shove as Katsuki started his way to the classroom.

“Let’s get going then.” Kirshima nodded, taking Katsuki’s hand into his. The blond turned to him, wide eyed. Almost, afraid. He returned the frightened expression with a soft smile.

“I’ll let go once we get to the hallway, okay?” The hand in his tightened as Katsuki nodded.
He wasn’t ready for this to be out in the open. Kirishima could understand that.
After all, they never really talked about what their relationship was. It made Kirishima worry a bit, watching his friend hide his feelings hurt. But he understood.
So he did what he could to make Katsuki more comfortable during his first week back. Which mostly included keeping Mina and the others off of him. It was funny to watch Katsuki receive all this attention, but Kirishima knew the boys limits.
He knew them all too well now.
After class he was able to get Katsuki away from the prying hands of Kaminari and Mina, who wanted to drag him back to the common room for a ‘study session’. Kirishima kindly reminded them Katsuki had work to catch up on, work that they weren't studying for.
Back at the nurses office Katsuki pulled the side table closer to his bed, and took out his make up work.

“Need help with any of that?” Kirishima felt weird saying those words. Normally he’s the one asking for help, not the other way around. Katsuki quirked an eyebrow at him.

“You? Help me? What, have you lost all your brain cells now?” Kirishima pretended to be hurt by the words as he sat down next to the blond, resting his head on his shoulder.

“Now that’s just mean. You’re the one that’s behind for once. I was just being nice.” Katsuki just rolled his eyes, going back to the work in front of him.

“I’m already done part of it. I’ll probably be done by tomorrow.” Kiri’s eyes widened, looking over at the worksheets that Katsuki was on. He really was almost half way through all the work.

How?” The blond snorted at his reaction.

“Not being able to train gave me some free time. “ He shrugged it off like nothing was wrong with it. Honestly, Kirishima still couldn’t wrap his head around how smart Katsuki was. At first glance you’d never know. But, it was something he really admired about the blond next to him.
The ability to be more than meets the eye is something Katsuki did well. Too well. A sigh brought Kirishima out of his thoughts.

“What?” He lifted his head up from Katsuki’s shoulder.

“You’re distracting.” Confusion filled Kirishima’s face. He wasn’t doing anything distracting that he knew of. Right? “I can’t--I can’t do my work with you all cuddled up to me.” The blond was embarrassed for sure, nervously tapping his pen to the paper. Kirishima just laughed.

“Sorry, do you want me to move then?” Katsuki shook his head no, wrapping an arm around Kirishima’s waist pulling him closer. Kirishima’s heart raced, not expecting the sudden closeness. He would speak but his words were stuck in his throat.

“Stay. I think I need a break anyways.” With that, Kirishima was pulled down on the bed, blond hair tickling his chin as Katsuki laid his head on his chest. “For fuck sake, Ei. We literally fell asleep together the other day. Why is your heart beating so loud?” Katsuki lifted his head, setting just his chin on Kirishima’s chest to stare at him.

“Wh--I…I wasn’t expecting you to ...Don't look at me like that. You’re the one who couldn’t do your work a minute ago!” Katsuki’s smirk fell as he glared at the redhead.

“Fine I guess I’ll just--” Katsuki didn’t get to finish his sentence before Kirishima pulled him back down.

“Don’t you move. You wanted this, no backing out now.” The blond huffed, accepting his fate as he pulled the blanket up over them.
Sleep came to them just soon after.


By now, things started to calm down. Things felt, normal. Katsuki was thankful for that. Sure the class was still loud as hell, but at least it wasn’t directed towards him anymore. His mind was somewhere else, not focused on the lesson in the slightest.
Him and Kirishima had fallen asleep together again the night before. Even without words, they knew how they felt about each other. But talking about it was a whole other thing. It’s not like he didn’t want to figure this attraction out, he was just afraid of it.
Now that it’s actually becoming a thing, Katsuki was starting to second guess himself. Not because of Kirishima, but because of himself.
His trust in himself fell apart after he woke up. How could he be committed to anyone when he became so irrational over the simplest things? How could he be committed to the career he wanted if his emotions got the best of him? How much help would he be out in the field if he couldn’t push himself for the people he needed to save?
These questions haunted him the rest of the class. Thankfully no one noticed how distracted he was. Kirishima walked him back to the infirmary, giving him a hug before leaving to the training grounds. Katsuki wished he could go. He could really use a way to relieve this aggression.
Katsuki shook that thought from his head. There was no way he could do that now. Not when that was the reason he ended up like this. He needed a new way out, but his mind was blank. With a sigh, he pulled out his work. At least this could distract him for a bit.
A while later the door opened, Katsuki expected to see Kirishima but was surprised to see Midoriya instead.

“What do you want Deku?” The greenette smiled, sitting in the visitors chair.

“Nice to see you too, Kacchan.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “I...I haven’t been able to talk to you since you woke up. So….” Midoriya was nervous, that was obvious to Katsuki.

Again, what do you want, Deku?” A pout formed on the other boys face as he crossed his arms like a child.

“I just want to know how you’re doing. Something’s bothering you and I can see it. So can Kirishima.” Katsuki’s eyes widened, the pencil he was holding fell from his hand. So his distracted nature was noticeable.

“Fucking hell.” He threw his head back, hands covering his face before he lowered them to his sides. “How do you deal with your quirk?” The question surprised both of them really. It wasn’t quite the thing Katsuki wanted to say, but it seemed that Midoriya understood well enough.

“Control. Without it...I risk getting hurt. I think that’s the same for everyone though. In the situation of protecting someone though, I still haven't grasped the ability to control my emotions. It’s different from having control of your quirk. I’m guessing that’s what you meant?” Katsuki nodded. “For me, I think understanding the line between quirk control and emotional control is important. Even in the moment you need to be aware of not only your surroundings, but yourself too. I’m still working on that myself. But I know you can reach that point too, Kacchan. You need to find the right moment to push yourself, and not use your quirk as a way to relieve stress.” Midoriya leaned closer to Katsuki, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Hurting yourself in battle is different from hurting yourself because of the battle in your head.”
The door opened again, interrupting anything Katsuki was going to say. Kirishima paused as he saw the two.

“ I interrupting something?” Midoriya got up, shaking his head.

“Nope, I’m done here. He’s all yours now.” They laughed and Katsuki rolled his eyes.
Midoriya waved before leaving, and Kirishima sat down next to Katsuki on the bed.

“What did you guys talk about?” Katsuki just shrugged, not really wanting to answer. He already had too much to think about. “Tell me when you’re ready then. How about we do some of your make up work?” Katsuki smirked up at the redhead.

“I finished that already.”


Class had ended early for Katsuki. It was his first day of physical therapy, and he had to cut class time in half. It would have annoyed him, but the thought of finally being able to move fluidly again was pushing him. At first he thought the little exercises he was told to do were stupid, but Katsuki was surprised by how tiring they were for his body.
He really was out of shape.
Numerous stretches, weights, and motor skill exercises were piled onto him. It was almost overwhelming, but he couldn’t back down now. The sooner he got through this, the sooner he can return to blasting things away.
It’s going to hurt, you haven’t moved in two months.
He gritted his teeth as he continued his therapy. By the end of it, his body was even more sore than when he started. Katsuki loved that feeling. It felt like progress. Before he left physical therapy, his vitals were checked and he was given a packet of exercises he could do on his own. This gave him the opportunity to start his morning and nightly workout routine back up.
Excitement flowed through him. Normality was just in front of him again, he’d reach it soon enough.
Katsuki had one more place to stop by before heading back to the infirmary. Recovery Girl had also recommended he see a chiropractor since he was asleep for so long. Something about realigning his spine would help him feel better.
What he didn’t expect was how loud the sound his back made as it was cracked by the doctor. It caused some pain, but that disappeared in a few moments. The doctor had also helped him out with his arms, legs and his neck. The visit was surprisingly quick. Katsuki wasn’t sure why he’d expected it to be longer, but he was told to come back once a week for a month to get himself fully situated again.
Apparently, he wasn’t as misaligned as originally thought. Which was fine for him; chiropracty was weird as fuck.
When he got back to the nurses office, he found Kirishima waiting for him. He was greeted with a hug, which he gratefully accepted.

“How was your day?” Katsuki grunted as he flopped on his stomach onto the bed.

“Tiring. I’m so out of shape it fucking sucks.” Kirishima chuckled, laying back so he was next to the blond. “I feel better though. Whatever the fuck that chiropractor did helped a lot. Even though the process was weird as hell.” Kirishima snorted, rolling over to rest his chin in between Katsuki’s shoulders.

“Wanna take a nap then?” The blond nodded at the suggestion, moving to a more comfortable spot on the bed. He waited for Kirishima to lay down before curling into the boys side.

“When we wake up, help me with my PT exercises.” The redhead agreed, wrapping his arms around Katsuki.
As he slowly fell asleep, he could have sworn he felt Kirishima kiss the top of his head.


“Aren’t you excited?” Kirishima’s cheerful voice broke Katsuki from his very important task of staring at the ceiling.

“For what?” He sat up, his unbuttoned uniform blazer sliding off his shoulders. Kirishima paused, looking at Katsuki before looking away embarrassed. Katsuki just quirked an eyebrow at him. The orangery tone of the sunset enhancing his features.

“You’re going back to your dorm room tomorrow.” Katsuki had almost forgotten about that, the infirmary becoming oddly familiar.

“Right.’ll be nice to be back in my own room.” He slipped the rest of his arms out of his blazer, throwing it over the visitor’s chair. Katsuki could practically feel Kirishima’s eyes on him. He wasn’t bothered by the attention, in fact he had gotten used to the way Kirishima watched him. If anything, it fed his pride to know he could get the boy to stare with something as simple as taking a jacket off. He pushed his luck, undoing a couple buttons from his uniform shirt. The frustrated groan he got in response made him laugh.

“That’s just not fair.” Kirishima shoved him with his elbow, and Katsuki just rolled his eyes.

“You’re the one staring, like hell I’m not gonna take advantage of it.” Kirishima tried to hide his embarrassment through a pout, which didn’t work at all. His smirk earned him a push that made him fall back on the bed. Without much thought, he took Kirishima’s arms and pulled him down too.
It hurt slightly as the other boys body hit his chest, but the surprised look on Kirishima’s face was worth it. Their faces were barely an inch apart, but it didn’t bother either of them anymore. They’ve grown used to the closeness of each other over the week. Kirishima playful bumped their noses together, earning a smile from Katsuki. The redhead hummed, making Katsuki look at him expectantly.

"Your eyes are really pretty." Katsuki rolled said eyes, scoffing at the compliment with tinted cheeks.

"We literally have the same eye color, Ei." Kirishima shook his head.

"No. Your eyes are a much brighter red than mine are. More intense and fierce." Katsuki blinked, unable to think of a response. It was the first genuinely positive comment about his eyes. "I think my eyes are dull compared to yours. Being a darker red and all." A pair of hands found their way to Kirishima's face, holding him still so he could only look at the boy under him.

"Don't say that. So what if the color is different, it's your color. And you're perfect, so don't you dare compare yourself to me." With wide eyes, Kirishima nodded. "Good."
Katsuki was hesitant for just a moment, Kirishima was about to ask what was wrong when he froze. Katsuki had leaned up, pressing a soft kiss to the redheads cheek. The action had both boys at a loss for words. Katsuki hid his face in Kirishima's neck. He was too embarrassed to do anything else.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to…I know you kissed my head last night so I just thought…." His words trailed off, but his message was clear.

"You noticed that? Oh my God." Kirishima was next to be embarrassed, covering his face with his hand. The blond let out a nervous chuckle as he lifted his head from Kirishima's shoulder.

"We're such a mess." The comment made Kirishima laugh, and just like that the embarrassment disappeared. "Hey, you think you could stay with me this weekend? I've gotten used to you being around…and I don't want to be alone; even in my own room."

"Yeah, I'll stay with you." He took his hand and combed through the blond locks of the boy under him. Katsuki closed his eyes, leaning into the touch.
They stayed like that, even when the sun had completely set and sleep took its place upon them once again.

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke up, the familiar weight of another body holding him down. He didn’t bother to move, there was no reason to get up anyways. He looked down to the mess of red hair and smiled as he ran his fingers through it. Kirishima stirred under the touch but not waking up.
Sunlight poured in from the windows, making Kirishima seem like his skin was glowing. Katsuki thought it was such a damn ethereal sight. This boy was a damn angel.
Guess that made Katsuki the demon in this relationship. He snorted at the thought, causing the sleeping boy to stir again. This time red eyes slowly blinked open, and Kirishima yawned before moving his head to look up at Katsuki.

“Mornin’.” It was barely mumbled out of the sleepy boys mouth. Katsuki smiled, brushing a bit of red hair behind Kirishima’s ear.

“Good morning. Sleep okay?” He got a nod in response as Kirishima buried his face in Katsuki’s shoulder. “Wanna get breakfast, or stay here a bit longer?” A muffled ‘stay’ was his answer. The blond sighed. As much as he liked waking up like this, Kirishima wasn’t one for moving anytime soon. But...he didn’t mind too much on the weekends. He wrapped his arms around Kirishima, hiding his nose in the mess of red hair.
He didn’t mind this at all.
A few moments passed, and Kirishima finally lifted his head again. Katsuki raised a brow at the half-awake stare he was getting.

“I’m hungry. Don’t wanna move though.” Katsuki laughed softly, ruffling Kirishima’s hair as he sat the both of them up. He got a disgruntled whine from the action.

“It’s early, no one will be up yet. I can make food and we’ll have the couch to ourselves.” The redhead seemed to become fully alert with the suggestion. With his newfound energy Kirishima hopped off the bed, almost falling from being trapped in the blanket.

“Come on, Katsuki. I want food.” Katsuki allowed himself to be pulled out of the bed and out the door. It only took one thing to turn the tables. It was quite amusing to Katsuki if he was being honest.
After they reached the common room kitchen, Kirishima let go of Katsuki’s hand. Kirishima was excitingly bouncing on his feet as he watched Katsuki prepare their breakfast.
Where did all that energy come from?

“Why are you so damn happy right now? It’s just breakfast dumbass.” Kirishima paused, not even realizing how much he was bouncing about. He suddenly became shy, staring down at the counter.

Eijirou, I fucking swear you’re all over the place this morning.” Kitchenware clattered about as the blond continued to make their breakfast.

“This is just...really different.”


“You’re being really nice and domestic. It’s kinda throwing me off a little.” Silence fell between them, only the sound of the food sizzling on the stove filled the room.

“It’s easier when it’s just you.” Katsuki sighed, finishing up their breakfast and setting a plate out for Kirishima.
Admitting that was harder than Katsuki would have liked it to be. His usual fiery attitude wasn’t just a show though. He genuinely does get annoyed with the slightest things. It was definitely a defense mechanism as well. Nothing had mattered more than becoming the number one hero. It was still his goal, always will be. But things were a little different now.
His health was a liability he wasn’t expecting.
And Kirishima. Well.
He definitely didn’t expect whatever this was.
A chopstick being stabbed into his cheek pulled him from his thoughts.

“What the fuck?” Kirishima rolled his eyes.

“Stop spacing out and come to the couch with me.” Katsuki blinked, nodding slowly as he followed. He’s got to tell Kirishima at some point. He glanced over at the redhead who was comfortably curled into his side as he ate.
Maybe some other time; he wanted to enjoy this moment.

“You’re surprisingly affectionate. Dunno why I didn’t think of you as such. You’re so fucking handsy with everyone.” Katsuki huffed, shoveling a mouthful of rice into his mouth out of frustration. He wasn’t jealous about that, he had no reason to be.

“It’s called being friendly. Both you and Todoroki, I swear...” Katsuki tensed at the mention of their classmate. He nudged Kirishima with his elbow to get his attention, fully expecting an answer to why he mentioned the half and half bastard.

“The hell do you mean by that?” Kirishima looked at him quizzically, as if he should already have known. Then it hit the redhead that, no, Katsuki was still in a coma.

“ weren’t awake. Uh...see Todoroki kinda got jealous when I was comforting Midoriya. He came to me because he didn’t know who else he could talk to about ...well you. Todoroki saw me give Midoriya a hug and it went all downhill from there until we confronted him about it.” Kirishima chuckled at the memory. “I basically had to tell him the same thing I just told you for him to understand it. That and Midoriya about flipped once he understood what I was talking about.”
Katsuki was wide eyed, that wasn’t an expected answer. But a wicked smile crossed his face as he ruffled Kirishima’s hair.

“You had an argument with fucking IcyHot to put him in his place? Damn your likability just skyrocketed.” Kirishima laughed as he shooed away Katsuki’s hand and placing his empty plate on the coffee table.

“Well, it was causing a safety hazard for the class, someone had to step up before he burned the dorms down. You’re not the only one with emotionally charged quirk use.” The statement was shrugged off like it was the most casual thing to say. Except, Katsuki hated that comparison. He didn’t want to be compared to anyone like that, especially not Todoroki. He’s his own person, he’s not like anyone else. He’s the Bakugou Katsuki, soon to be number one hero.

“Of all the damn people to be compared to. Up until the sport festival that shithead didn’t even use his fire, of course he’s have no control over it.” He took no care to hide the bitterness in his voice.

“It’s different from me. I’m not afraid to use my quirk. I wouldn’t suppress part of myself just because I have daddy issues. I’d master it, better than my parents, and throw my success in their faces. Proving I got there without them looking at me as an extension of themselves. That is how you deal with the situation. I take pride in my quirk, it’s mine to use how I wish.”
Katsuki turned his gaze to the palm of his hand. Small, light burn scars were faint but they showed the lengths he took to get to where he was now. But things were different now. His pride in the quirk he loves was damaged.
Rather, his pride in himself was faltering. He hated lying but not telling anyone that didn’t really count as such, right?
Suddenly Katsuki was pulled to the side, his plate falling from his hand as he landed on top of Kirishima. He was about to yell and thrash his way out of the others hold, except the look on Kirishima’s face stopped him. There was such admiration and happiness in Kirishima’s eyes. It caused Katsuki to look away.
He didn’t deserve such a look.

“I understand that Suki. I do. I didn’t mean to upset you by comparing you two. I know you’re different, extremely different actually. But there are some undoubtable similarities between you. If you both weren’t so stubborn you probably could be friends.” The only response Kirishima got was grumbling into his chest. “Come on, let’s get your school stuff from the nurses office and get you settled back into your room.” With a sigh, Katsuki nodded getting up and taking their plates to the sink.
At least he’ll feel more at home in his own room. Maybe that would help a bit.


Once they had gotten Katsuki’s stuff into his room, he flopped down on his bed. He was so happy to be back in his own blankets that the first thing he did was wrap himself up in them. Kirishima just laughed at him, as his head was barely visible above the blanket cocoon. The redhead sat next to Katsuki, placing a gentle kiss on his blond hair. Thankfully Katsuki’s face was half covered, Kirishima couldn’t see his face turn red.

“You wanna do anything or just hide in your blankets?”

“Hide. I just want to relish in my lair.” Kirishima hummed. To him, it wasn’t much of a ‘lair’. Katsuki’s room was...clean. And not just in the literal sense. His room was modern, everything was slick and chic. Everything was basically black, aside from a few splashes of orange and red. Like something out of a magazine.
Kirishima felt almost out of place, and not just because it was the first time in Katsuki’s room.

“Wait a minute.” Katsuki turned his head to look at Kirishima. “This is my first time in your room. Oh my god you never let anyone in your room. Katsuki, I’m in your room.”

“Ei, if you say ‘your room’ one more time, this will be your first and last time here.” Kirishima stiffened, nodding in apology. He didn’t want to ruin his personal victory.

“What do you wanna do then?” Under all the blankets, Katsuki shrugged.

“Dunno. Normally I’m studying, reading or working out. All of which I can’t do right now, or I’m tired of doing. So I got nothing.” Kirishima hummed, laying on his side next to the blond.

“Someone as fiery as you needs to have a more adventurous life. It’s gotta be boring after a while.”

“I’m not in my room all the time. I go rock-climbing occasionally, you know that. Can’t go today though since I’m not cleared until tomorrow.” Kirishima nodded, he had almost forgotten about the hikes Katsuki did, especially since he’s been invited a few times.

“I can bring some pillows from my room and we can make a mini fort on your bed.”

“Why the hell would we do that?” Katsuki pulled his blankets tighter around himself, showing he had no interest in untangling himself.

“I don’t know. We could watch movies or something? I’m only trying to help.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, moving to release an arm to reach his laptop on his desk.

“We can just watch something like this. No fort needed. Maybe some other time if you wipe that sad look off your face.” Kirishima’s face lit up; Katsuki agreed to do something he called childish almost on the daily. Today’s just filled with happy surprises. Katsuki set up his laptop on the pillows, adjusting it so that they both could see the screen fine. The only movies the blond seemed to have were action movies with lots of fighting and explosions.
He didn’t know why he was so surprised by that, it fit Katsuki well. Kirishima was watching the start of the movie when he was distracted by something landing on his head. The blanket had been tossed over him. Then an arm pulled him into the body next to him. Kirishima couldn’t help but blush when a hand started combing through his hair. He didn’t mind, not in the slightest; he enjoyed it honestly. By the end of the movie however, Katsuki’s hand had stopped moving through his hair. Kirishima didn’t even have to look over to tell that Katsuki had fallen asleep.
Kiri moved slowly, careful not to wake the sleeping blond as he crawled off his bed. He stretched once his feet hit the floor.
He really wanted to take this chance to snoop around. Not in a creepy way; but in a ‘I wonder what secrets he’s hiding’ kind of way. It’s completely different.
A quick glance behind him gave him some relief. Katsuki was still asleep. He wasn’t planning on digging into anything, more like window shopping the room. There’s bound to be something on the surface.
Although...there wasn’t much. The dorm rooms weren’t big, so Kirishima could clearly see pretty much everything from where he was standing. There wasn’t much to look at. Katsuki really kept things tidy. Not even a stray shirt on the floor. The only thing that’s even remotely messy is the desk. Books, notes and post-its were scattered about across the surface and on the shelves.
Organized chaos was the only thing that came to mind while looking at it.
It seemed normal, at first. A quick look over some of the post-its threw Kirishima through a loop. Little mini poems littered Katsuki’s desk. A lot of them were scribbled out, barely readable but he could make out a word or two here and there. Kirishima smiled, taking a seat in the desk chair to get a closer look. Simple topics like mundane days, sunsets, even scenery were the main themes of the sticky-note poems. The ones he couldn’t make out were more violently scribbled on; Kirishima concluded that those topics frustrated Katsuki in some way. He looked up to the desk shelf above him, books---no, manga’s were sorted neatly across. Pulling one down, Kirishima was even more surprised to find it was a romance title. He saw the little strip markers poking through the pages, and he flipped through the book. Post-it notes were scattered throughout it, mostly on the more significant scenes. It was odd to Kirishima, not because Katsuki wrote poems about the romance scenes, but that the descriptions never matched the characters in the book. Neither had red eyes or red hair so why--
Everything made a little more sense to him now. Katsuki didn’t seem to be reading with the characters fully in mind, no. He was reading with the thought of Kirishima in mind. It seemed to be a gradual thing Kirishima found. The first couple of books were mostly about generic couple things, but as he hit the third one that's when he noticed a slight shift towards himself. Kirishima actually found this to be really adorable. If only Katsuki dated these poems, he could have found out how long he's been in the blond’s mind.
Definitely something he could have teased Katsuki about. As if he knew, Katsuki shifted in his sleep. Kirishima froze; glancing out the corner of his eye to find Katsuki still asleep. He let the breath he was holding out as the mini panic attack left his system. Kirishima quickly put the books back on the shelf, a single notebook caught his eye. It was the only bright red one against a dozen or so black ones. The spine was black, but it was also the only one labeled.
Red Poems: K.E.
Kirishima’s face burned as he stared at that notebook. The initials were crossed out. But he knew. He knew exactly what that was.
Those were his initials after all.
And red was his color.
Kirishima pulled the notebook off the shelf with an eagerness he was almost ashamed of.
But now that the notebook was in his hands, and he knew he’d likely die if Katsuki saw him with it. But he really, really wanted to read it.
And so he did.

Chapter Text

In the silent room, a page flips in a notebook.

Burning brighter than anything
A spark of fiery passion
Enveloping all around me
Every moment with you
Pulls me farther into your light

Just like the little post-it notes, none of these poems were dated, but Kirishima didn’t seem to care about that anymore. Poetry was never his forte, literature in general wasn’t his thing, but he could feel what Katsuki was saying.

I used to walk through black and white halls
Thinking everything in front of me clear as day
Then a smile brought unexpected color to my life
The color red the most intense
And I no longer walk alone in dull paths
But together with you down a colorful path of victory

They weren’t particularly long, but the poems may as well have stripped Katsuki down to his most vulnerable point. Kirishima should have felt some regret reading them but he didn’t. Katsuki’s silent words reeled him in, and he couldn’t stop.

The way your eyes shine in the sun
The way your hair blows in the wind
The way your smile blows me away
The way you make me feel
Lights a fire in me I never knew I had

Katsuki stirred in his sleep, and Kirishima froze mid-way through turning the page. He glanced over to find the blond still asleep but he was facing him now. If Kirishima wasn’t careful the first thing Katsuki would see if he woke up would be him reading the poems. He’s have to be extra quiet now.

Warmth fills my cold soul
As a hand reaches for mine
Unexpected and sudden, yet exciting
My world brightens with this feeling
Swirling through my body and mind

The smile on Kirishima’s face grew as he read through the poems. He never really saw Katsuki as the type to do this. He’s always so...intense and aggressive. This more sensitive side of Katsuki was something Kirishima wanted to see more of. It’d probably take a while, but he could wait.

The color is all around me
In my mind
In my heart
It’s the only thing I see
It’s addicting because
It’s you

Kirishima’s face flushed. That wasn’t as much of a poem as it was a confession. He couldn’t read anymore right now. His mind was all fuzzy.

“Holy shit.” He quickly closed the notebook, albeit a little too loud.

“Hmm..?” Katsuki had woken up. Kirishima said his prayers as the blond blinked awake, looking at him with an unreadable expression. He was so dead.


Eijirou.” Kirishima jumped, and ducked just in time to avoid a pillow to the face. He wasn’t expecting to be tackled out of the desk chair though, notebook still in hand. Despite Katsuki still recovering, he was still unfairly strong, pinning down Kirishima in one swift movement. Kirishima’s head hit the floor quite hard, blinking away his daze to look up at a very flustered Katsuki. He chuckled nervously, shifting his gaze everywhere but at the blond.

“H-Have a nice nap, Kat?” Katsuki scoffed, releasing Kirishima’s arms. He quickly hid his face behind the notebook he was still holding, fully expecting to get hit. Instead he felt the weight shift on top of him, settling square on his hips.
Oh no.
Kirishima peeked out from behind the notebook, finding Katsuki looking down on him with his arms crossed. His stare was intense as always, but this position was causing Kirishima’s head to go blank.

“Who gave you permission to rummage through my shit?” In his state of mind, Kirishima barely caught what was being asked of him. He replied dumbly with a ‘huh?’. Katsuki’s eye twitched, completely obvious to what was bothering Kirishima. So he leaned down, the friction causing Kirishima to blush harder. Katsuki was trying to read him; he might have been oblivious but he did know something was off.

“K-Kat…”Kirishima’s voice was more of a breathy whisper. His heart was racing, and he wasn’t even sure if he was breathing or not.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kirishima held his tongue. How was he supposed to answer that? The notebook was taken from him, sloppily thrown the side. And now he was face to face with a confused and angry Katsuki. “What are you so fucking flustered about? It's not the first time we’ve been this close.”
Oh my god he can’t be serious.
Katsuki’s hands fell to either side of Kirishima’s head. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think Katsuki was doing this on purpose. Kirishima’s eyes were wide from the start, but this just made it worse. Especially since Katsuki’s expression got softer, and he was getting very, very, close to Kirishima’s face. This is how he’s going to die and he’s perfectly fine with that. Except Kirishima was sure his heart was going to explode.


“Yea?” A whisper.

“Can…can I kiss you?” They were so close now that they might as well have been. Kirishima nodded; or at least he thought he did. He wasn’t really sure what was happening right now.
That was until the door swung open.

“Yo, Bakugou! Heard you were… Um...” Kaminari stood in the doorway, and started slowly backing up with a nervous laugh. Probably because Katsuki was about to kill him. In an instant, Katsuki was on his feet, desk chair in hand, ready to chase down the intruder.

“FUCKING THUNDER DOLT! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” The two ran down the hallway, leaving Kirishima to process everything that just happened.
There was a loud banging noise from the hall, followed by a high pitched shriek. Kaminari definitely got hit by the desk chair. There was some more yelling and banging but it didn’t register to Kirishima that he should probably stop his friends death.
He looked to the notebook that had been tossed to the side, and picked it up again. When Katsuki came back, with a now broken chair, Kirishima was still staring down at the unopened notebook.

“That little shit is going to die one day becasue of how stupid he is. Why do you have that again?” Katsuki was now standing over Kirishima, he didn’t seem upset anymore but his eyebrows were raised in question.

“I...I really like them. The poems. I didn’t know you did this kind of thing. It’s....quite cute actually.” Katsuki grunted, dropping the broken chair by his closet before sitting next to Kirishima on the floor.

“I never expected anyone to read them. Especially not your dumb ass.” Kirishima laughed as he was nudged by Katsuki’s elbow.

“Yeah...sorry. It kinda stood out, and I was really curious.” Katsuki shrugged at this, resting his head on Kirishima’s shoulder.

“I don’t have much to hide now anyways I guess. It’s obvious I like you.” That last part came out more as a quiet grumble, but Kirishima heard it. He heard it clear as day and his heart flew. He knew that too, of course, but actually hearing it made him overjoyed. He turned to Katsuki pulling him into a tight hug, ignoring his protests.

“I really like you too, Suki. I do. This is super exciting to me. You don’t even know.” Kirishima let go of Katsuki with a smile. Then he hit him the the notebook, smile still plastered on his face.

“What the fuck was that for?!”

“For pinning me down and practically grinding on me.” The blond looked confused, but as realization hit his face turned a bright red.

“Oh…” He looked to Kirishima as a smirk grew on his face. “You know, you didn’t seem too bothered by that though. Almost like you enjoyed it.”
Kirishima ended up hitting him with the notebook again, yelling his denial to deaf ears. This resulted in the boys wrestling around the room, laughing like complete idiots the entire time. By the time they settled back down, they were out of breath and laying down in bed cuddled up again.

“You’re cleared tomorrow to go out, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Hmm...I was thinking. How about an evening hiking date?” Kirishima looked up to Katsuki, who smiled at the idea.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”