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Love Songs and Poetry

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An exasperated sigh, fell from the ash blond lips as he ran his hands down his face.

It was a Friday night, and Bakugou had spent the entire day after class working on homework that was due a week later. Finishing essay assignments the day you get them would be difficult for literally anyone else, even IcyHot would take his time researching throughout the week before finishing.

Bakugou smirked at the thought, victory in the classroom and out in the field felt good. He closed his laptop and glanced at the clock on his nightstand.


Two hours until he goes to sleep.

With a grunt he decided that spending the last couple of hours of consciousness working out in his room.

Going downstairs would be dangerous, the weekends are always filled with his classmates being loud as hell in the common room. And he'd rather not get dragged into whatever annoying activity they're doing.

He unbuttoned his school shirt, throwing it off to the side and replaced his school slacks with sweatpants, and with that he started his nightly workout.

Not even twenty minutes into his routine, he heard loud banging, yells and shrieks of laughter. The elevator dinged on his floor and he swore the Gods must want him to suffer.

There was no way of telling who, or how many people are running and screaming through the halls, but Bakugou would be damned if he said this sounding any less than a stampede.

His eye twitched at the loudness as he stood up, abandoning his sit up reps. Smoke and small crackling came from the palms of his hands, gradually getting louder as he approached his door. The mini explosions must have tipped the students on the other side, as there was a loud thud and a flurry of hushing directly outside his door.

The door flung open, denting the wall for the umpteenth time, and scarlet eyes flared at group huddled on the ground in front of him.

Upon assessing the situation, it seems as though Mina had stolen Kaminari's phone, the thunderbolt phone case gives it away. So that explains why the Thunder Dolt was on top of her, reaching for it. What Bakugou didn't understand was why Kirishima was there, on top both of them also reaching for the phone.

Three sets of eyes stared at the blond, frightened and expecting an explosion to the face.

"Can one of you explain why the fuck you three have to be so damn loud?" The words came out more of a growl, through gritted teeth. Patience was wearing thin and the sweet scent of caramel became more apparent as his hands started smoking again.

A nervous laugh came from the redhead as he removed himself from the pile and sat back on the floor. The other two following his lead.

"Uh...Sorry bro. Mina stole Kami's phone so-"

"I'm not blind. I can SEE that." The ash blond sighed, watching Kirishima flinch at the harshness in his voice. "Why must you all be so damn annoying. It's late, can't you just be quiet for once?"

The pink girl laughed, holding her stomach as she wiped a fake tear from her eye. "Only you would think seven at night is late. Come onnnnnn. We're just having fun, something you should try doing once in a while instead of going to bed early like grumpy old man."

This caused the two boys sitting next to her to snicker, not even flinching at the scowl that made its way to Bakugou's face.

"Mina has a point man. You're all work and no play, you gotta let loose sometimes. Right, Kiri?"

The redhead nodded, a few blocks of his hair falling as he did so. Bakugou rolled his eyes instead of staring at the sight.

The product in his hair must be wearing out now.

"Yeah. I mean it'd be nice if you joined us sometime." The shark tooth smile that followed caught Bakugou's eye again. Blinding, but intriguing. It always makes Bakugou calm a bit; he still hasn't figured out why though.

"What are you talking about Shitty Hair? You're always dragging me around to do stupid shit. How much more time do you want me to spend with you?!"

Kirishima's face flushed a little at the statement, as he nervously stumbled over words and laughter.

"I...uh…That-" A pink hand shoved Kirishima's mouth shut as she dramatically sighed.

" Oh my God… We meant with all of us. Ya know, your classmates? There's more than just Kiri in the class you know!" Kaminari, took the chance to swipe his phone from Mina's hand while she was distracted, earning a disgruntled huff from the girl.

"None of you extras are worth my time. Unless you wanna fight me I don't wanna be around you. Now if you don't mind, I HAVE A WORKOUT TO FINISH NOW LEAVE." Bakugou's hands crackled for the second time that night, anger seething through him as his chest started to rise and fall quicker than his patience.

 Mina shrieked, scrambling to stand grabbing the two boys wrists as she ran back to the elevator. Kirishima looked back with an apologetic smile, catching the blond a bit off guard.

It grounded him a little, and he calmed while he watched his classmates disappear into the elevator. A small smile from the redhead shouldn't have that effect on Bakugou. But it strangely does. He won't lie and say it doesn't help, Kirishima always seems to smile right when he's about to lose his shit.

What the hell am I thinking?

He pinched the bridge of his nose, huffing a little before turning back into his room and kicking the door shut again.

He turned his attention away from Kirishima's smile and back to his workout; ignoring the loudness created by his classmates downstairs radiating through the walls.

It was just going to be another one of those nights.