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An Eventful Out-Of-Body Experience

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Todoroki was not having the best day. Granted, he hasn’t lived the best life, and what is happening to him now is trivial compared to that can of worms but he can’t help feeling somewhat pissed.


Right, let’s start from the beginning.


The day had started out relatively okay, as he spent most of it learning from his father with his friends. He convinced them to join him at Endeavor’s hero agency as they had nowhere else to go and he was more than happy to not deal with his father alone.


He had begun to enjoy the dynamic the three heroes in training shared, and to everyone’s surprise he got along with Bakugou (said gremlin would never admit such a thing).


They were on patrol with Endeavor when a group of fans caught sight of their favorite hero and (predictably) formed a group around the pro hero, shoving notebooks in his face and other stuff fans typically do.


“Goddammit,” Bakugou spit out as he glared at the fan group from a distance.


“We should expect these things to happen regularly Kacchan, after all he is the number one hero,” Midoriya reasoned.


“Tch, whatever, what a waste of time,” Bakugou grunted and kicked the ground like a petulant child.


That’s when they saw him. The man staring straight at them from a dark alley nearby with only his eyes visible and the rest covered by a scarf and hood. His stare was unnerving, and Todoroki could tell he wasn’t the only one bothered by it. Of course, Bakugou just had to take action.


Said explosive student stomped over to the man with his signature anger issues in tow.


“Oi, the fuck’s your problem!”


The man seemed to smile, his eyes crinkling with amusement. This only angered Bakugou more as his features twisted into one of his signature pissed off facial expressions.


Todoroki and Midoriya gave each other an exasperated look as they prepared to clean things up with the guy.


They started heading over to Bakugou when suddenly the explosion hero stumbled backward, Midoriya quickly catching him before he could fall. Bakugou would not be happy about having to be caught by Midoriya but there were more important things to worry about.


Todoroki started walking towards the man, really to interrogate him about what happened to Bakugou. He met the bright yellow eyes of said man and the world started shifting on its axis. He was hit with overwhelming nausea and he felt like emptying the contents inside his stomach, and oh no he was falling-


He felt the rough cracks in the concrete against his back but he pushed aside his pain in favor of chasing after the culprit responsible.


The man had already taken off, and Todoroki was not in the right mind to try and give chase.


As his vision cleared and the fuzziness in his head eased up a bit, he sat up and looked around, meeting the viridian eyes of Midoriya and-




Todoroki blinked, convinced he was hallucinating. When he opened his eyes again they were still there, those two heterochromatic eyes he was understandably  quite familiar with.


He gave a heavy sigh and boosted himself on his feet.


What the fuck had they gotten themselves into this time?