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Making Time

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Of all the things Aizawa anticipated when he became a teacher, this one had never seemed like a possibility.

“I mean, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” Jirou stood across from him in the hallway, fidgeting with her backpack straps now that she could no longer fiddle with the paper she had handed to Aizawa. Across the top of the flyer were words that he had no idea how to process.

In big blocky letters, the flyer had an obscure name and detailed the location and time of a concert.

“You want me to… go to a concert with you?”

“No, no, it’s um... “ Jirou paused, looking embarrassed. “It’s our band, Kaminari, Bakugou, Tokoyami, Yaomomo, and me. It’s just a one-time gig but Kami told me to invite you anyways.”

“I might be busy this weekend, I’m not making any promises.” In his mind, he was already clearing his schedule. The flyer said it was Saturday night, he could miss his patrol. Maybe he could even drag Hizashi along with him…

Jirou’s face fell, she was obviously expecting him to say no. That simply wouldn’t do.

“I look forward to it. I just hope the venue isn’t as gross as all the ones your english teacher has dragged me to.” He tucked the flyer into his bag and patted his student on the shoulder. “Good luck, I’d never have the courage to perform in front of a crowd like that.”

As he turned and walked down the hallway, he put his hand over where he had put the flyer and smiled. Around the corner, Hizashi was leaning against the wall and messing around on his phone. He didn’t even need to look up to acknowledge his husband.

“You seem a little less doom-and-gloom than usual, what happened? Holy shit, are you smiling?” Hizashi laughed and poked at Shouta’s cheeks. He batted the offending hands away and scowled at the other man.

“I don’t smile. You have no proof.”

Hizashi just laughed again and pulled him down the hallway by the wrist like he used to when they were students.

As soon as he was sure his husband wasn’t looking at him anymore, he let the smile creep back onto his face.

“Hizashi, are you doing anything this weekend?”