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Not So Private Investigation

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I wander through the party, trying my best to look inconspicuous. I know what I need. I just have to figure out where it is.

I’m more on edge than usual. She’s here somewhere. I haven’t seen her, but I don’t have to see her to know. Lately, she’s always where I am, following me like she’s my personal nemesis on every case.

I’m aware that that’s the wrong way to think about it. She’s just a private investigator like me. She’s trying to make a living. It’s not purposeful that we end up on opposite sides often. It just makes sense. We’re the two best in the city. We get results, and that’s what employers want.

But everything about her drives me up the wall for some reason.

She’s smarter than me in a lot of ways. She thinks outside the box to get the job done. I’ve watched her pretend to be sweet and silly and innocent and bat her eyes to get information. I’ve watched her aggressively back people into a corner with threats. I’ve watched her be intensely flirty and flattering so she can charm the answers she wants right out of her targets.

Those are all things I do too, but I think she does them better than me. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me a little.

She taunts me too, which doesn’t help. Every time we meet up on a job, she teases me if she gets to what we’re looking for first. It sets me off, and she knows it.

The worst part is that it never fazes her if I get there first instead. She just shrugs and says she’ll try harder next time.

I round the corner and there she is.

She looks like she belongs at the party, unlike me. Her tight yellow dress hugs all of her curves, showing off her ample cleavage and her shapely legs. Her long hair is tied up in a high ponytail. I can see her profile perfectly. She has the cutest little swoop at the end of her nose.

She’s pouting her full lips at the man who owns the house. His attention is entirely on her, so he doesn’t notice me.

He turns, grabbing her hand to take her with him. My chest tightens as she looks back over her shoulder at me and winks.

I sigh, deciding to go outside for some fresh air.

I sit heavily on a chair by the pool. Mercifully, everyone else is inside, which gives me some time to think.

Why does she bother me so much? It can’t just be the competition. I’ve had competition for jobs before and I’ve always brushed it off.

I hear the sliding door open. I hunch over a bit, hoping that whoever it is will take the hint and see that I want to be left alone.

No such luck.

“Jason Crouse,” she purrs, sitting down right beside me. Her arm slides around my waist and she rests her chin on my shoulder. “You’re not exactly dressed for the party,” she quips, echoing my earlier thoughts as she runs her fingers over the sleeve of my jacket.

“Not really my scene,” I murmur. My chest is tight again. I breathe in, smelling her. She smells like a tropical paradise. I detect hints of coconut, citrus, and other tropical fruits.

“You’re not your usual self tonight,” she observes. “What’s wrong?”

It’s not until she asks that I realize.

“He had his hands all over you, Robin,” I spit out angrily.

I feel her head tilt curiously. Her fingers move to my chin and turn my face so I’m staring down at her. “That was for work, Jason,” she assures me, stroking my beard.

“I don’t care,” I retort petulantly.

I’m such a cliché. I’ve been angry with her this entire time and I’ve been trying to convince myself that it was because of work. But it’s because of her. I want her.

She’s silent for a moment, which is strange. Usually she’s always ready with a witty rejoinder. Now, though, she’s just staring up at me with her big hazel eyes. They darken and she bites her lip.

Then she stands, drops her purse, steps out of her heels, and shimmies out of her dress. She’s not wearing anything underneath it. “If you want me, Jason,” she challenges, “come and get me.”

I swallow as she steps into the pool, her body silhouetted in the dim lights that lace its interior. She’s absolutely stunning.

I strip down, throwing my glasses on top of my clothes before joining her. She swims playfully around me and I splash her tentatively, very aware of the house full of people just feet away from us.

“Relax, Jason.” Suddenly she’s pressed up against me, her fingers tracing lightly over the tattoos on my chest and arms. “Nobody’s paying attention to us.”

Then she stretches up on her tiptoes and kisses me. She’s not holding anything back. The kiss is passionate. She opens her mouth, tasting my lips and wrapping her arms around my neck. I let my hand run over her full breast, then lift her by the waist, cupping her cheek in my hand and deepening the kiss.

She runs her hands over me as I hold her, her fingers tangling in my chest hair. I find her breast again, teasing her nipple. I’m already throbbing insistently against her thigh. She chuckles, sucking my lower lip, putting her feet down and leading me back out of the water.

She reaches down, wrapping her hand around my erection and stroking it. I keep kissing her and touching her, intoxicated by how she feels, smells, and tastes. I gasp as her fingers tease my tip, squeezing her shoulders desperately. “Robin, please,” I beg, moaning. Her hands are so small and delicate on me.

She smiles and pushes me down on the lounge chair on my back, pulling my hips to the edge. She balls my clothes up so she can kneel on them and doesn’t waste any time getting me into her mouth. I sit up on my elbows, watching as she swallows me.

When her eyes find mine, she smiles, hollowing her cheeks and sucking harder, dragging her mouth slowly back up my rigid length. My fingers dig into the cushion as I feel her tongue tease me. She lingers at my tip when she reaches it, flicking and kissing as I breathe harshly.

I groan loudly as she starts to bob her head, taking me all the way in each time she moves down. My hips buck up and she reaches to hold them steady, bobbing faster, humming to send vibrations up and down my shaft.

She sucks all the way up to my tip again, then crawls on top of me and presses me into her entrance. I reach down and squeeze her bottom in my hands, helping her as she starts to move. She is so hot and tight and wet, and I already can’t get enough of her.

She rides me in a slow, steady rhythm, holding my gaze the entire time. It’s incredibly sensual, and the risk of getting caught only heightens the pleasure.

My eyes fall to her generous breasts and I see that her little pink nipples are stiff. I run my hands up her sides, cupping the full mounds and pinching their taut peaks, pleased when she makes a strangled little noise of pleasure and starts to ride me harder.

I grip one of her breasts tightly in my hand, leaning up to take her nipple into my mouth. “Oh, Jason, yes!” she pants, sinking her hand into my hair. I look up at her, sucking as hard as I can as she bounces on me, still tugging on her other nipple with my fingers.

I let her nipple go with a loud pop, moving over to suck the other. Her movements become more urgent, the sounds she’s making higher-pitched as I start to thrust up to meet her each time she sinks down.

“Jason… Jason… oh, yes, Jason, yes, yes, yes!” She’s loud, but I don’t care as she starts to come around me.

I manage to hold back as she finishes, waiting until she relaxes before I shift, setting her gently on the chair on all fours and kneeling down behind her, finding her swollen little clit with my fingers as I bury my face between her thighs.

I rub her teasingly as I push my tongue inside her. She tastes divine. I chuckle into her folds as she buries her face in the cushion and squeals loudly.

I hear the sliding door open as I stand, looping her ponytail around my fist as I rub my cock over her entrance again. Whoever has just come out to the pool huffs in shock, but I steadfastly ignore them. All I care about right now is making sure that she’s mine.

I’m going to please her so well that she won’t want another man to even try.

I spank her hard enough that her skin blooms pink and she cries out excitedly as I yank her hair lightly, using it to pull her onto my tip. “Are you mine, Robin?” I growl.

She raises her head and moans loudly. “Yes, Jason, I’m yours!”

My chest tightens again as she says the words. I didn’t expect her to give in that easily. I thought she was just teasing me. But maybe she’s wanted me this whole time too.

The sliding door shuts and I think we’re alone again.

I push all the way into her, letting go of her hair so I can hang onto both of her hips and slam into her roughly. She’s so wet that I can hear myself thrusting in and out of her.

I force myself to stop, my chest heaving as I run a hand through my hair. “Turn over, Robin,” I request. “I want to see your face.”

She obeys and lays down on the chair, holding out her arms for me. I sink down on top of her, putting myself back inside her. I moan as I press my forehead against hers and she kisses me gently.

I start to thrust again, slowly this time, letting her really feel every inch of me. Her breasts bounce alluringly against my chest and she wraps her arms and legs around me, pulling me even closer.

I’m not going to be able to last much longer, and she can sense it. She kisses me softly and sweetly, rocking gently underneath me. “I want to feel you come inside me while I come around your cock, Jason,” she murmurs.

I groan in response, moving a little faster. She squeezes my shoulders with her arms and my hips with her legs, slowing me down a bit. “Right there…” she murmurs. “Oh, yes, Jason, like that.” She starts to whimper loudly and eagerly. “Oh, I’ve wanted you like this for so long.”

“Really?” I wonder, drinking in each sound she’s making.

“Yes…” she groans, clearly not able to explain right now. “Oh, Jason, Jason! Don’t stop!”

I follow her instructions, moving steadily, but not hurriedly. She wails in ecstasy each time I push all the way in, and a spark of jealousy moves through me as I wonder if she’s ever made these noises for someone else.

In the next moment, I stop thinking about it because she starts coming around me. This time, I let myself come with her, filling her up like she requested. We cleave to each other, trembling together. My breathing is loud in her ear and she buries her face in my neck to slightly muffle her cries.

When we both finally relax, she nuzzles me, her legs holding me inside her still. “Mmm,” she sighs. “It’s so warm.” A thrill runs up my spine as I realize that she’s talking about my come.

Eventually, I look around a bit sheepishly. “We should probably get dressed and go,” I suggest gently.

“Can we lay here for a few more minutes?” she pleads. She actually bats her big hazel eyes at me.

I run my hand through her hair affectionately. “All right, Robin.”

We fall asleep curled around each other in the chair. I wake a few hours later because of the cold. We have definitely overstayed our welcome, but luckily no one seems to have noticed. I find our discarded clothes, pulling mine on and gathering Robin’s so I can wake her in a minute.

As I grab her dress, a small USB drive falls out of its folds. I smile to myself, realizing that it must be the information we were both after.

Robin stirs on the chair, sitting up and looking at me. “You’re still here,” she observes, sounding surprised.

I hand her her clothes and sit on the edge of another chair as she gets dressed. When she’s put back together, I extend my hand, showing her the drive. “Don’t forget this,” I say nonchalantly.

She just stares at it for a moment. “Why didn’t you just take it?” she finally asks. “It’s what you need for the job.”

“I figured.” I shrug. “I didn’t sleep with you so I could take the information, Robin.”

She frowns. “You didn’t?”

I raise my eyebrows. “Wait, you really think I slept with you just because of work?”

She wrings her hands together nervously. “I don’t know why else you would,” she admits. “You don’t like me.”

I’ve never seen her like this before. She’s… vulnerable.

I stand and make my way over to her, taking my glasses off as I tip her chin up with my fingers. Her beautiful eyes are filled with tears. “Robin, are you saying that you taunted me tonight so that I would sleep with you?”

A lone tear makes its way down her cheek. “I wanted you,” she confesses softly. “And that’s the only way you seem to respond to me.”

I sigh heavily, reaching up to stroke her hair. “I’m sorry I made you think that, Robin. I honestly didn’t know I wanted you until tonight. I’ve been trying to figure out why your competition bothered me so much, actually. It never occurred to me that it was because of that.”

She blinks up at me and smiles. “You want me, Jason?”

I nod. “I do, Robin.” I remember my earlier feelings and add, “In fact, the thought of you with anyone else makes me… jealous and angry.”

Her smile gets bigger and I chuckle. “Why don’t we go get something to eat?” I propose.

“I’d like that,” she answers.

I hold out the USB drive again. “Here.”

She shakes her head. “You keep it.”

I smile at her indulgently. “You don’t have to do that, Robin.”

“I know, Jason. But your side is in the right on this one.”

“That shouldn’t matter for the job,” I point out.

“Sometimes it should.”

I gaze at her tenderly. Despite all of our previous interactions, I knew she had a good heart. I loop my arm around her waist and kiss her forehead. “Would you want to do this together?” I venture. “Crouse and Ballard?”

She puts her arms around me and acts like she’s thinking about it. “Ballard and Crouse,” she corrects me, winking. “I like things alphabetical.”

I laugh. “All right, all right,” I relent. “Ballard and Crouse it is.”

The sliding door opens again and we hear a voice say, “They were out here earlier, just going at it.”

Robin covers her mouth to hide her snort as we rush around the house to my truck. I know that Robin doesn’t have a car, so I lift her through the driver’s side door and slide her across the seat as I get in.

She starts laughing once I’m driving, cuddling into my side contentedly. I hug her to me, feeling immensely satisfied. “Not a bad work night,” she muses, looking up at me shyly.

I grin at her. “Not bad at all, Robin,” I agree. “Not bad at all.”