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A Visitor

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-The second one might be profound-


Teyla Emmagan ran her hand along the edge of the old work table, then lifted it and inspected her fingers. Bright light filtered in through the windows in the wooden shop doors, and the second story ones overhead catching on the odd dust moats floating in the air. Still, there was hardly a speck of dust on her fingers; she wiped her hands together anyway. She turned when she heard her cousin's heavy tread on the stairs leading up to his loft bedroom.

“I’ll be just a minute, and we can go,” he said.

Teyla returned the younger man's infectious grin and nodded.


She watched as he disappeared above with an arm full of clean white sheets, her attention again surveying her surroundings. She smiled wistfully. Teyla always forget how rough and deep his voice was, but she could remember just how he sounded when his voice had just started cracking with clarity. She also knew he was a full foot taller than her, but she forgot how significant that height difference was until she was standing beside him. In some ways, he would always and forever be the stubborn boy six years younger than her; with that bright, winsome smile, dancing eyes, and mischievous nature. No one could ever stay truly mad at him, even if they tried. It was easy to forget he was a man grown, but she had left when he was sixteen, and when Teyla moved back for a few years, he was already gone.

Teyla continued to look around the space, several other workbenches sat about, along with tool boxes against the wall opposite her. Ronon kept his area neat, and most of the wood shavings cleaned up off the floor. Truthfully the place reminded her of their grandfather's shop; Grampy Kia always kept his workspace neat as well. Not obsessive tidy but neat like this. He didn't leave things scattered about and disorganized. And she rather liked the old brick walls and industrial lighting; the entire place seemed to fit Ronon’s personality well. It was unadorned and straightforward and made so much more sense now that she knew what he was planning.

Teyla was not surprised to find Ronon shared so many character traits with their grandfather: the man was the primary male influence in Ronon’s life. Kai ’Akimu was nothing if not a plain-spoken man who simply was what he was and nothing more or nothing less. As for aunt Kat, she would be glad to know Ronon at least kept a spare set of sheets and remembered to change them when company came. That wasn’t the only thing that had stuck: Ronon refused to let Teyla help remake his bed. At home, Aunt Katherine never would either. Guests-even family-didn’t do such things unless they were long term guests.

When Teyla's favorite auntie called with concerns about her only son's new living arrangements, Teyla said, she would come to see him. Ronon never told his mom why he was living in an industrial shop space only that he was. He didn’t want his mom or their grandfather to know he planned to start building furniture like their grandfather had done before his arthritis and a lifetime spent as a fisherman made his hands cramp. In truth, he already was and had sold some pieces.

Her aunt's concerns were justified as far as Teyla was concerned, though their grandfather was sure ”the boy,” would be fine, once he found his feet again. Kat was his mom, and Ronon was so shiftless over the last four years. Teyla personally was glad to hear he wasn’t sleeping on someone’s couch or camping somewhere. But Katherine Dex only saw that her baby seemed to move from one upsetting place to the next. One of her latest worries was about his choice of employment. When Ronon left the navy subcontracting job in Texas, her aunt had been anxious, but then he took a temporary welding job here in Colorado Springs or The Springs, as Ronon would say. The post turned into a bit more than the first six months, and he stayed employed with the crew for a year or more. Then he just quit. He said it was because they wanted him to cut his dreads, which Teyla could see that his employers might want him to, but Teyla figured it was more of that restlessness of spirit. He let his hair grow long when he was still living in Texas, but the dreads came after he left. Teyla actually expected to hear he was moving on again, not that he was working in a coffee shop and a comic book store.

When her aunt called, Teyla instantly said she would come. She had only seen him once since he left Texas. She found a cheap enough flight from Reno to Denver, Ronon picked her up there earlier today. She made a pretty good living managing the Athosian Room at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, but she still wasn’t seven hundred dollar plane ticket rich unless she was going home. The ticket into Denver saved four hundred and fifty dollars.

“You ready?” Ronon asked as he jogged down the stairs, effectively ending her thoughts.

Teyla nodded once. “Yes,” she said. They stopped by the coffee shop earlier today so he could introduce her to his boss. Teyla had instantly seen why Ronon got a certain tone to his voice when he mentioned Jeanie Miller. Teyla was expecting to find some gorgeous women, given Ronons taste. Silently, Teyla was happy at the thought. She wasn't sure, but she didn't think there had been any long term women since Mel either. The women, Teyla met was attractive, but she displayed such a warm, friendly nature Teyla instantly knew why Ronon gravitated toward her. She was married and motherly. There was something in the warmth and friendliness that Jeanie displayed that felt familiar and reminded Teyla of home, and she invited them all out for dinner tonight. She actually insisted.

“Are you sure, you don’t need to change or make yourself pretty?” He asked, his eyes dancing.

“I’m quite ready, Ronon,” Teyla assured him.


Ronon pulled his keys from his pocket. His smile grew at his cousins monosyllabic answer. Teyla was one of the nicest most friendly people you would ever meet, but at the same time, sometimes her answers felt short. Ronon made his way to the door, holding it open for her. Teyla stepped past without looking up, Ronon poked at her elbow anyway.

The much shorter woman looked up at him smiling.

Locking the door once he stepped through, Ronon turned looking down at his cousin again, following her to his truck.

When Teyla had called with an unexpected self invitation to visit, Ronon had been surprised, though he hadn't minded that she was coming. In his family, there was a pretty open-door policy, and they didn’t stand on ceremony. He had actually been excited-and luckily-Jeanie had worked with him. She had only asked she get to meet this cousin of his.

However, he had known there was a catch in there somewhere. He loved Teyla, and she was unarguably his favorite of the older cousin save her older brother Solan, but she was not the “just drop by” sort.

It hadn’t taken him long to get the truth behind her carefully asked questions and concerned gaze. His mom was worried. That was why Teyla Emmagan had made the trip to see her younger cuz.

He got her as soon as they were in his truck at the airport. He had put his truck in gear, and looked over his shoulder as he backed out. “So,” he began nonchalantly, “not that it isn’t great to see you, cuz. It really is. But why don’t you tell me why you suddenly decided to come see me? Just a couple of months ago you said work was keeping you so busy you probably wouldn’t have any free time until late fall?”

He met her gaze, a slight smile on her lips.

“Fine,” she conceded with a nod. “Aunt Kat is a little concerned.”

Ronon hated knowing his mom worried about him. Though he was aware, for someone that didn’t like to make their mother worry, he had certainly done enough of that very thing over the last few years. But he wouldn't lie to her either. He just didn't want her or his grandfather to know what he was trying to do until he saw if it was going to work. That was largely because he knew how much seeing him shift through life lately had bothered them both.

Truthfully, as much as it bothered them both, it had bothered him more. He also knew how worried Mel would be. He had always thought it was stupid when people said someone would roll over in their grave or a dead person would want you to do something different. It didn't matter; the dead were dead. Even if you believed in a hereafter, they were no longer here. Still, he knew Melena would want more for him.

In the very beginning, he had barely clung to the light of day without her.

Ronon actually felt like things were right for the first time in a long time. Like he was in a good place, a place where very soon, his mom could stop worrying about him.




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