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It was outrageously cold that fateful night that the little baby saviour of the wizarding world found himself orphaned and abandoned on the doorstep of a house that would become the young child's personal hell. A suffocating Silence seemed to envelope the air as the perpetrators for this plan had long since left to join their celebrating brethren.

Suddenly small unatrually green eyes began to flutter open and a small yawn came from the tiny mouth of the small body in the basket. Curiously the little baby began to move his arms and legs only to find much to his displeasure that his movements were restricted by the blanket that was tightly wrapped around him. The baby's already small amount of patience quickly began to dissolve as he found his arms still tightly secured in the blankets after trying to pull, push and wiggle himself free to no avail.

At first small unhappy noises began to come from the little boy only for it to become a little bit louder until he decided enough was enough and his face scrunched up and became red in frustration before loud wails came spilling out of the unhappy baby's lungs.

And yet despite his wails time dragged on with no loving mother, goofey father or any other face -familiar or not- came to comfort and care for him. The baby quieted down, something wrong his parents or one of the his other flockmates should have come for him by now yet only silence answered. Strange chirping sounds began to leave the baby's mouth as it called out for his flockmates or any big one in general in growing and obvious distress. Why weren't his flockmates coming?

His chirping became more frantic and desperate as time passed on forming a crescendo that would surely make any person with even a shred of compassion's heart bleed for the baby. Unfortunately the Dursley's were not people who were compassionate at all so when they were woken in the early hours of the morning to the baby's chirping calls they were not one bit pleased especially when no matter how much they tried to ignore it and fall back to sleep it only got louder until eventually The skeleton of a woman and her whale of a husband were forced out of bed to go investigate with a bat and firepoker in hand.

It took a lot longer than it should of for them to realise that the noise was coming from behind their front door at their admittedly futile attempts at sneaking seeing as the larger was simply too heavy and clumsy to go unnoticed and silent. Wearily the Large male unlocked and inched the door open as his horse faced wife waited while clutching her pseudo weapon to her chest.

At hearing the creaking of the door the little boy quieted down and curiously peered in that direction to see a rather large figure in the doorway making the boy beam in simple minded joy as his cries were finally answered and he was no longer alone and vulnerable only to chirp in fright and hide further into his blankets when he got a closer look at a furious face and large clenched fists. This man was dangerous and something about him felt undinably wrong and unsafe.

Petunia stepped beside her husband in curiously at his continuous silence only for a horrified gasp to leave her mouth and the fire poker to clang to the ground as she dropped as her eyes fixated on the baby with freakish glowing green eyes that seemed to be tearing up in fright. At first there was only silence until her eyes landed on the letter that rested on the blankets. Cautiously she bent down and grabbed the letter before beginning to read it. Only to drop it with a shriek that was somewhere inbetween terrified, angry and disgusted once she realised that the baby was none other than Hadrian 'Harry' James Potter the son of her Freakish sister and her Devil Spawn of a husband and that she and her perfectly normal family were being forced to care for the boy because his unnatural parents had decided to get murdered.

Furiously she shoved the letter into Vernon all but outright ordering him to read it. The little baby watched in growing panic as the unpleasant big ones grew more and more angry and aggressive as they yelled stuff like 'I WILL NOT ALLOW A FREAK LIKE THAT NEAR INTO OUR HOUSE OR NEAR TO MY LITTLE TYKE!' and 'We have no choice they'll hurt us if we dont!' at one another occasionally glaring at him like predators that had found a way into his nest and wished nothing more but to be the one to devour him. Little chirping whimpers began to escape his throat only to cut of suddenly when it snapped their attention fully onto him

Petunia glared at the little demon that dared to invade their lovely and normal little families home before scoffing and pulling her nose up at it and speaking with grit teeth "Just throw the little Freak under the stairs and forget about it, it dosent deserve even that, much less anything more"

With an angry huff and exclamation of fine Vernon put his bat down and careful to avoid touching as much as the contaminated basket as possible hastily made his way to the cupboard under the stairs and flicked it's light on as to shove aside it's contents to make space for the thing in the basket, only to gasp when he looked down to see teeth that were shaped wrong for a child much less a human and eyes that had unatrually large and glowing green irisis.

As soon as he saw this Vernon all but threw the basket into the cupboard and slammed the door closed leaving behind an upturned basket and a baby trapped underneath it in his blankets crying in pain and fright, luckily mostly unharmed perhaps due to his blankets acting as a cushion or his magic acting to protect him.

And so the first night of many horrible nights in his wretched prisonlike refuge began for little Hadrian.