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Jongin has always had a thing for self-fulfilling prophecies, always liked them, always felt a pleased chill run down his spine whenever he would notice one. The chill that ran down his spine at this moment was as far from pleased as it could get.  Accompanied by the warm splatter of blood and the sound of bones cracking as Jongin met Kyungsoo’s pitch black eyes made him realize just what the meaning behind the words ‘he’s a monster, a disaster waiting to happen if we don’t control him’ truly was.


Kyungsoo’s eyes stared into his for a moment longer, the gaze so heavy it seemed to suck away Jongin’s breath, his will to live, his soul, before the boy turned his eyes to the rest of his friends, a gut-wrenching cry erupting from his lips. A moment later the sound of what Jongin had learned to be the noise a skull made when cracked from the inside and out followed and more blood splattered against his cheeks, staining his once white shirt a dark maroon that would truly never wash out.


Jongin closed his eyes, held his breath, and tried not to think of the monster Kyungsoo had become.