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Who is Ichimastu?

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  This must be a joke. A cruel joke set up by one of shitty brothers. In none of his wildish dreams would he imagine himself in this predicament. Childhood was his prime. Ichimatsu was easily one of the most sharp of the Matsuno brothers. But look at him now, his content willingness to never change, staying in the status quo, landed him in this position. A poor excuse for an adult human being. 

  As Ichi walked closer to his destination, the tiny hairs on his arm stood straighter as his belly began to rumble. His mouth was a bearing wasteland void of any moisture. He needed a way out, but how. His eyes danced around, entertaining the thought of breaking out his enclosure, landing on either the sides or backs of heads if someone he holds dear to his heart. Even though he hates to admit it. 

  This must be a poor joke indeed. They must have been nuts forcing him to a thing just for some pretty joke. His breath hitched. Palms moisten, and his heart raced at the possibility of such a thing. He would admit and applaud them for such a prank. To think they would go all out to plan such an elaborate plan. They must of been hours of practicing to get Jyushimatsu to make such a worried face on the spot. Even the call Todomatsu made seemed so convincing. Todo’s friend almost had him there. How nice of them to think of him in that way. He must replace them back with a much more diabolical plot of his own. 

  The corner of his lips pricked upwards. Closing his eyes, his hair bounced as he nodded to himself. He calculated every possible way they would reveal the joke. Someone would yell, “just kidding,” most likely the oldest. They would then laugh about it, Ichi making sure to lightly push them in a jesting manner. It would end just like that. Right? No one would be stupid enough to force him there. The repercussions would have surely stopped if the thought would have ever crossed their mind. Anyone of them would surely stopped to think about the social taboo.   

  The release of suction on the door had whisked him out if his disillusions. His orbs looked up, facing the reality. Ichi’s heart dropped causing his face quickly lose any color in his face. The acts before this trip soon coming to realization. His mother asking him to wear his nice clothes. Choromastu lingering expression of regret whenever he thought Ichi wasn’t looking. Karamastu brushing the fly aways down. Finally, Osomatsu coming towards him to tighten the loosen tie around his neck. 

  Everything made sense. The sudden closeness of the brothers. This wasn’t a joke. He was actually being forced to complete therapy. His heart raced against the clock. The sound of the receptionist speaking and the slight tapping of the pen were distance. His eyes began to slowly look down towards the dark carpet. There was no way he can get out of this without causing his family to worry. If he ran, his brothers would surely drag him back because he hasn’t run in years. Hunched over, he laid his head on his fists still only facing the ground. It mocked him as tears threaten their presence among the corners of his eyes. This was indeed unpleasant.

  He couldn’t even tell who’s hand was rubbing the upper part of his back. Cinnamon trailed their way into his nose, almost calming him down bit by bit. “It’ll be okay.” He thought to himself. Without even a moment to ponder, his ears shivered at the sound of a stranger’s voice calling out his name in a questioning manner. He looked up, eyes landing at the individual. Ichi started, until it was uncomfortable enough for two hands pushed him towards the spot where this person stood. 

  Taking the hint, he stood up. His knees wobbled only situating themselves when he was standing at the entrance. Taking one last look, he looked back at his seat where Kara and Jyushi sat on either sides on it. It must of been them giving him silent encouragement. His lips pricked again, only forming an awkward smile at his family before following the person he presumed was one of the receptionists in the front. 

  Straight, right, right left. He followed the woman, until he was told to enter the room. Entering, a new scent wafted his nostrils he couldn’t put his finger on. The lighting in the room was different. Probably because of the amount of windows, only three, and that the main source of light was turned off. Taking in everything, the room was full with books and games both children and adults played on their free time. There was a decent amount of frames showcasing whoever’s achievements for displaced. 

  “Matsuno Ichimastu?” The raven hair male dark orbs looked towards the source of the voice. A woman looking about the same age if not older than him raised any eyebrow as him as if waiting for a response. 

  Noticing this he awkwardly blurted out, “Y-Yes.” Cursing himself for his childish response, he watched the woman pushed herself away from her desk before walking towards him. As she got closer, his arm stretched towards him, demanding a handshake from the male. Hesitantly he grasped her hand only to be shocked by such a firm handshake. His hands began to become moist again, nervousness finally settling in. However, the woman before him reflected the opposite of him. 

  With a warm smile she finally spoke. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Matsuno. My name’s doctor (Y/N) (L/M), but starting today you can just call me (Y/N).” Finally taking in her appearance, Ichi couldn’t even stand to look at her for too long. 

  “A-A pleasure to meet you.”