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YouTubers, Teachers, and Neighbours

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Lance groaned as he struggled to carry his camera, tripod, and the groceries up the stairs. One more flight of stairs till he is at his apartment. Just one more flight. With a sigh he finally reached his floor and walked towards his door.


A man rushed out of the other apartment on the floor, slammed the door, and walked right into Lance.

“Woah. Dude, watch where you’re going”

He turned and glared at Lance. Oh shit. Oh shit. It’s the cute guy. The vampire guy. The cute vampire guy. OMG I’m going to die. I don’t want to die.

“Please don’t kill me,”

“Kill you?” The man raised an eyebrow.

“Nope. No. Didn’t say that. Got to go. Bye” Lance said in a rush as he hurried into his apartment and shut the door.

Lance » Golden Trio
Help me… I just ran into cute vampire guy.

Pidge » Golden Trio
You know he’s not a vampire right???

Hunk » Golden Trio
You ok buddy?

Lance » Golden Trio
No… He was definitely going to kill me.
Also he is a vampire Pidge! No one can be that pale if they are not a vampire

Pidge » Golden Trio
Ugh never mind

Keith stood outside in the hallway frozen. Had that guy said please don’t kill me? Who does he think I am? He sighed before continuing downstairs.

Keith » The Gays
My neighbour just told me not to kill him

Adam » The Gays
I feel like there should be some context here. What did you do?

Shiro » The Gays
Did you glare at him?

Monika » The Gays
Was it Heart of Gold and Sunshine Neighbour or was it Cute Neighbour???

Keith » The Gays
I may have glared but he walked into me!

Shiro » The Gays
Wait there is a Cute Neighbour??

Keith » The Gays
Also it was the weird and loud neighbour

Monika » The Gays
So it was Cute Neighbour then

Keith » The Gays

Shiro » The Gays
Am I missing something here????

Monika » The Gays
One of Keith’s neighbours is the kindest person you will ever meet and his roommate is cute and exactly Keith’s type

Shiro » The Gays
Omg Adam Keith thinks one of his neighbours is cute

Adam » The Gays
I know

Shiro » The Gays
Wait you knew and you didn’t tell me

Adam » The Gays
I thought you knew

Keith sighed and grabbed his mail before making his way back to his apartment.

Monika » The Gays
Keith I am almost at your apartment
You better be ready to go

Keith » The Gays
Don’t worry I’m ready

“It was so bad. He glared at me and I told him not to kill me. I said that out loud to him.”

“It’s fine Lance. Don’t worry” Hunk said, taking another sip of his drink.

The door to the bar opened letting in a cold breeze. Lance shivered before continuing to complain, unaware of who entered.

“It’s not fine. Now he knows that I know he is a vampire and is going to kill me”

“Ugh Lance your neighbour is not a vampire” Pidge told him for the 9th time in the last hour.

“How do you know that? I mean he has to be a vampire. There is no other explanation!”

“Lance, he goes out during the day and clearly has a job. Vampires don’t go out into the sun, your roommate does. Therefore, not a vampire.”

“But –”

Lance is interrupted by someone laughing. He turned around to find the source of the laughter. There, staring right at him was his neighbour and standing next to him was a girl with copper hair, laughing. The girl finally composed herself and smiled at Lance before heading towards him. Wait I’ve seen her before. She’s the girl always at my neighbour’s. Must be his girlfriend...

“Hey, my name is Monika and I couldn’t help overhearing that you thought Keith here was a vampire,” the girl told Lance struggling to contain her laughter.


“Don’t mind him. I’m Pidge, Lance and Hunk’s friend.”

Keith stared at Lance, confused, before finally saying, “You thought I was a vampire? Is that why you asked me not to kill you?”

“Umm … No?”

“Yeah that’s why he asked you not to kill him” Hunk told Keith.

“Hahaha… You are so funny Hunk!” Lance exclaimed suddenly.

“Uh huh…” Keith looked around for an excuse to escape.

Sensing Keith’s discomfort, Monika chimed in, “Well anyways, Uh Keith and I have to go now as our friends are here, but it was nice talking to you”

Monika and Keith walked away and over to a booth in the back of the bar. Lance collapsed against the bar groaning, which sent Pidge into a fit of giggles.

“OMG, I can’t believe he heard you call him a vampire”

“Ugh! Shut up Pidge”

“We should invite them over for dinner later this week,” Hunk mentioned, causing Lance to gasp.

“We most certainly will not! That was a disaster and I refuse to have a repeat of that.”