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HeartBeats (My Heart's on Fire)

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heart /hɑːt/

  1. The organ that pumps blood to the human body and sustains life.
  2. A treacherous muscle that makes one fall in love. 














Taehyung hates Hoseok.

He hates how the man took away the only person in the world he's ever loved.

He hates how the man is still alive using his Seokjin’s heart but Seokjin is long gone.

He hates how when he goes in to see Hoseok, when the latter is finally allowed to entertain visitors, the man looks devastated.

Even though he has absolutely no right to be.












Hoseok never drinks. He’s careful because he knows he can’t hold his alcohol well.

He's a responsible man.

He's always careful.

But Hoseok has also never lost his job and his boyfriend all in one day, his entire world crashing down at his feet.

Everything spiralling out of control, culminating in a devastating casualty.

Hoseok hadn’t noticed Seokjin. God, he hadn’t seen him at all.


Now, he lies sore and aching on the hospital bed, inhaling the stench of disinfectant and listening to them tell him about the man who saved him life. That the man who gave him the heart that sustains his wretched body was beautiful and kind. That he was-- is-- loved and cherished by so many people.


Hoseok wonders how he missed Seokjin at that turning.

How he heard him but didn’t see him at all.

The sounds come rushing back to Hoseok, making his eyes sting with tears he doesn’t want to shed because it hurts physically. The sound of Seokjin’s body hitting the concrete pavement as Hoseok’s car swerved aimlessly and flew into the post. The pain suddenly  comes rushing back to him, making him groan and hunch over. 

Hoseok wanted to die the moment he opened his eyes.

His chest hurts with the intensity of a thousand knives twisting and tearing him open.

His head is heavy, his vision clouded.

But most of all, he sees an empty bed near his and he doesn’t want to acknowledge it yet-- he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he’s done something irreparable.


And it hurts most when he sees the tall, lean man who walks in, his shoulders slumped, his red rimmed eyes haunted.

He is a picture of sadness.

And he looks at Hoseok like he's the cause of all his sorrow, the root of all his agony.

He looks at Hoseok with anguish.


The centre of his longing…


And Hoseok--














His new heart warms over and skips a beat...












HeartBeats (My Heart's on Fire)

Chapter 1

The End