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I'll Show You How To Really Feel

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Izuku Midoriya

"Now Katsuki your father and I saved up a lot of money for this.." Suddenly there was a swoosh of the door opening to reveal me. A cyborg sitting on a child's bed.


"Who's that?" The kid asked, scrunching his face and pointing at me like an object. I took note of these behaviors and assumed he was my master. Every cyborg had a master set to them of course, like an admin.


"Please be careful with him, if you break him we won't get you another one okay?" Mitsuki made sure to get the point across to her son. Katsuki walked closer to me with his head tilted. "Can you make me food?" He asked with a smug look on his face.


"Yes Katsuki Bakugou, would you like me to get you something now?" He thought for a moment. "Actually we have food prepared in the kitchen right now, let's go eat Katsuki." His father dragged him out of the room.


All I could do now is resume my cleaning and maid work until he commanded me to do other things.


When Katsuki turned 10 and received me as a birthday present, all he ever wanted me to do was make him food. I did make sure to watch what he ate carefully and clean up after him. His parents weren't around a lot which meant I served as a nanny quite often.


Katsuki was always aggressive but never towards me. I, however, could not feel aggression anyways so it didn't matter.


At first, he called me "Robot" which was an informal way to name what I even was, but then it turned to "Deku". This was his attempt at remembering my actual name given to me but I didn't mind it.


"Deku." My attention was drawn away from the desk I was cleaning to Katsuki rolling around on his bed. "Yes, master?" Katsuki sighed, "Don't call me master, just say my name." I nodded my head, this was something Katsuki told me a lot but the programming in me refused to comply with that request so I would always forget.


I resumed back to my cleaning until I felt a nudge pull on my clothing. "Can we go outside?" Katsuki looked me in the eyes. "Yes, Master," He growled at my reply. "Sorry, Katsuki" I corrected myself.


It was warm out I could feel it. I could feel the rays beam through my clothing to touch my synthetic skin and create a warm layer on it. It felt so nice, but what felt even nicer was the smile on Katsuki. 


We took a walk to the park just a block away after we arrived and I let him run free in the playground, keeping a close eye on him. 


I could see many other cyborgs around, either watching their master's play or playing with them. I never really played with Katsuki since he was more interested in playing by himself or with the neighbors' children. At least I could watch him have fun for now.


Abruptly, I saw Katsuki trip over a rock and land face-first into the dirt. I immediately got up but Katsuki was already limping over to me. "D-deku.." He pointed to his scratched up knees. "I know," I paused to get out my first aid kit, "Just sit on the bench for me."


Carefully, I cleaned the injury and bandaged it up in only a couple of minutes. I felt my head become hot with Katsuki's arms wrapped around them and in my hair. Something he did when he was tired or sad was to play with my hair.


"Deku, it still hurts.." He mumbled out while digging his fingers further into my hair. I wasn't sure how to react besides lifting him up so we could both sit on the bench. "It'll hurt for a while but it's healing now," I assured him.


"Katsuki!!" Two kids that looked about Katsuki's age ran up to us with worried looks on their faces. "Are you okay?" One questioned, but the other interrupted with another question, "Is that your cyborg?" 


Katsuki stood up but winced at the pain in his knees. "Yea, he's my Deku and he's pretty cool," I waved to Katsuki's friends. "Also I'm fine, nothing really hurts me, Deku bandaged me up so now I'm fine," Katsuki shrugged.


"Did you ask your parents if we could stay the night?" Katsuki looked back at me with a lifted brow. I nodded to my master and they all cheered. "Hold on I need to tell my mom!" They both said and ran off.


Katsuki yawned, "Are you tired, master?" Katsuki shook his head, "I'm perfectly fine.." Soon crawling up beside me to lean on my shoulder. It wasn't that late but he was probably exhausted from running around so much. 


A few minutes passed when Katsuki's friends had come back to let us know they would be spending the night. I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing since that would be more work for me, but I carried Katsuki home as his friends followed behind.


Something about Katsuki had changed since we'd been together. He usually had presented himself as an alpha type of kid, and to an extent he still was. 


But he had definitely become submissive and more sensitive to me. He behaved in a lot of ways he would never do at school or to his friends, which I treasured.


The kids kicked off their shoes and all ran into the living room, climbing onto the couches to lay down.


I peeped my head into the living room, "Master what do you want for dinner?" He was slumped against one of his friends as they all talked. 


He propped himself up to meet my eyes, "Curry please.." He slurred out instantly laying back down. I nodded my head and snuck back into the kitchen to prepare some curry.


After I prepped the table for us four, I checked up on the kiddos and they were all asleep. What was I going to do with all this curry? Probably reheat It when they wake back up. 


I grabbed blankets and pillows from my room to lay them over top of the three children. They slightly stirred but pulled the pillows to their chests and blankets over their shoulders while still asleep.


"Deku.." I heard my familiar name being slurred out in a hushed tone. I turned to a sleepy Katsuki propped back up on his elbows, staring at me with droopy eyes. 


"Is dinner ready?" He sniffed the air for a delicious scent. Although his sense of smell was still dulled at his age, he could always smell curry from across the house.


I nodded my head with a grin, "Yea, I was going to save it for later if you're so tired-" "I'm hungry." He cut me off and got up, lazily following the smell of food to the kitchen.


The others were out cold so we left them alone for now.


I sat across from the 10-year-old and watched as he wolfed down the curry in a matter of seconds. "More?" He looked up with a dull expression. I quickly refilled his bowl with curry and sat back down to nibble on mine. 


He was a growing boy so he had been eating a lot more recently. 


"Deku.." Katsuki muffled out with food still in his mouth. I tilted my head and gave him my full attention to hear what he had to say. 


"Yes, master?" He shook his head, reminding me again. "Katsuki." He swallowed the soup in his mouth, "Will you be with me forever?" 


This was an odd question since Katsuki never really wanted to ask me questions. Though it did feel like he was growing closer to me, I didn't know what to expect anymore.


"Until you sell me away or.." I thought gently how to say this, "pass away.." His expression didn't change once, "Otherwise, I'll be yours forever." It was a simple concept to me. Serving Katsuki was my purpose in life and I didn't know if he understood that yet.


He didn't respond for a while but instead kept slurping down his food until he was full.


"Hey dorks-" He poked at his friends who were still asleep on the couches. We did have comfortable couches, the ones where you could sink your body into them. It made me happy to sit on them after a long day. 


They both stirred in their sleep, mumbling under their breath and Katsuki continued to poke at them until they finally awoke. They were still half asleep of course but Katsuki didn't care.


Katsuki wanted to play in his room but allowed the other two, to eat before he dragged them away. 


When they did, however, I made sure to do the dishes and clean up anything else that really needed it.


The radio was something that fascinated me and I would turn it on whenever I got the chance. Or when I was cleaning alone. 


Music to me was something magical. It didn't matter what kind since I wasn't fully sure how to work the radio to my liking, but the music made me do weird things that just felt right.


Dancing was something that I was awful at but made me giggle at the thought of listening to something so beautiful and moving my body in certain ways to match the rhythm of the song.


Sometimes Katsuki's parents would come home late at night and yell at me to turn the radio off and get back to work. I don't think they intend on being so harsh about something so lovely but they seem always stressed coming back home.


However, Katsuki's parents had told me that they would be out for a few days on a business trip so I was safe to do as I pleased. Telling myself that, only made me have a sense of guilt in my body, but I would shake it off after and forget all over again.


Even though I was a supercomputer, I was built to behave in human ways for a more realistic effect.


Suddenly I heard a loud thud come from Katsuki's room. Quickly, I shut off the radio and hurried to his door. Katsuki had already opened the door with a worried look on his face. "Deku.. What's wrong w-with Denki??" He struggled to remain calm and hugged onto my side while pointing to a figure in his room.


A strong gust of pheromones hit me and made my nose crinkle. The smell wasn't very pleasant so I covered my nose instinctively. However, the rest of the kids could barely smell what Denki was releasing and gave me worried expressions.


I rushed over to Denki who was curled up on his side, panting heavily. Was this an omega in heat? Surely this couldn't be.. this kid was only like 11 or 12 right? It shouldn't come this early... 


My thoughts ran but the small omega grabbed out for me, almost wheezing. Drooled covered his lips and he looked heated with warmth. I had no idea how to handle a situation like this but thankfully none of the other kids were that affected by the wild scents clouding the room.


"I-it hurts.." The omega whimpered out. Was it safe to touch him? I was a beta so I wouldn't really understand what it was like to go through heat, but I knew the basics of it.


I hushed Denki as I carefully wrapped my arms around his fragile body and carried him to my room. Thankfully my room was a bit farther away from Katsuki's but I carefully laid down the omega onto my bed. 


Was this allowed? I would take him home but I had no idea where his place was or if I could even get him to move.


He pulled at his clothing and squirmed on my bedsheets. I would definitely have to wash those later. 


I laid my hand on his side to try to calm him but he only whimpered after that. "Do you need me to get you something?" I kept my voice quiet but audible enough for him to hear.


He hurriedly nodded and spoke in a broken tone, "W-water?" He cried out after. I felt bad for the kid, he had no idea what was happening and shivered in a ball formation. 


Quickly I got his glass of water and laid out more blankets and clothes in case if he needed those. But I had left him alone since I might see something I would never unsee.


I needed to lay down but now I'd have to rest on the couch. This wasn't a bad thing though since they were pretty damn comfortable. But soon after catching my breath I heard a creak of a door as a tired Katsuki came out to greet me. 


"Deku." He mumbled out in the distance, slowly making his way to the couch. "Yes, master?" I could hear a low groan under his breath from my forgetfulness but climbed up next to me. 


He looked down at his fingers still thinking, "Is Denki okay?" That's right, I probably should have reassured them that everything had been taken care of.


"Yes," I thought of how to put this. I wasn't really ready to give him a lecture on omegas and their heat cycles so I sort of simplified it. 


"Denki is just going through regular omega behaviors. This is normal, don't worry he'll be okay." I stroked my fingers through his unkempt hair. I didn't need any more distressed pheromones clouding my mind right now.


He softly grinned and fell over on to my shoulder. Almost falling asleep instantly. His once distressed pheromones turning into calmer ones.


What a sweet kid