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Author’s Note: Enjoy the story and R&R.

Disclaimer: Set during episode 35 of EXE. I do not own anything related to or of the Rockman EXE series.

Pairing: Netto x Tohru.


Hikari Netto and Hikawa Tohru work through their burgeoning feelings for each other during their trip to Okuden Valley.

Chapter 1: Netto

Sometimes, I look at you, and you’re no longer the same person I’ve known. I mean, you’re still a fifth-grader like me. You still wear that faded yellow and blue hooded sweatshirt and those green shorts I’ve seen you in since forever. You’re still a bright-eyed, fly under the radar sort of guy with a curious streak. But the dynamic between us has undoubtedly changed.

I know it because my heart speeds up uncontrollably when you’re near.

Meiru-chan and Yaito-chan are complaining over how much of an idiot I’ve been during the past hour, firstly because I got a running start on the onigiri, and secondly because I plowed headlong into a tree. The crash didn’t hurt. I’ve built up quite a resistance bumping into stray furniture as a child, if I do say so myself! More importantly, you noticed! You were concerned for my safety! The only one who cared!

As we sit here enjoying our picnic in Okuden Valley, I am drawn to you like a Battle Chip to a PET. No, that sounds lame. Like a NetNavi to a Magnet Line? Crap, I’m not very good at this.

I watch you eat, teeth sunk firm into your meal. Your delicate lips close around the corncob as you suck out the kernels. I don’t even know why the sight of you chewing food is so interesting. If this is weird, I’m sorry for having these thoughts about you. I promise! I have plenty of normal, unweird dreams about you too! Wait, that came out wrong. I’m freaking you out, aren’t I?

What am I, thick? You can’t read my mind.

To you, I’m loud, goofy Hikari Netto. Your friend. That’s all we’ll ever be. Friends.

It’s strange being a boy, isn’t it? We’re brought up and spend a decent portion of our early lives believing girls to be icky and nasty, and that kissing them is the grossest thing a kid can do. Then, at some point, we’re expected to reverse course in the opposite direction! With the flip of a light switch! Just like that!

I don’t hate girls. I just really like this one guy – You! I like you! And I wish I could tell you. And I wish you’d let me kiss you, but I’m afraid I’d be bad at it and disappoint.

The meat kebab I saved has gone missing, and I’m in a fit. It’s stupid, yet it doubles as an excuse. An excuse to keep admiring you while I fake a tantrum.

Sometimes, I think I’m crazy for feeling this way, or hoping you’d like me back. What I wouldn’t do to be the reason you wake up every day.


Sometimes, I wish you were mine.