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A Concept of Mind

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“You’ve got half an hour of blackout starting now, Rosenthal,” the Marshal’s voice crackled through the radio. If there was trepidation there, ze couldn’t hear it. Stoicism was the man’s middle name. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Same here.” Ze sucked in a breath, looking up at Jackson’s conn-pod face bathing zir in a soft, orange glow from where ze stood in his enormous metal hand. “Teagan out.” Ze set the radio down and glanced about the shatterdome once more, seeing nothing in the blackness. Every single light in the place had been cut to ensure LOCCENT couldn’t see them. Teagan returned zir gaze to the Jaeger in front of zir. “You better woo the hell out of me, Jack.”

Jackson lowered zir to waist height and brought his other hand down to make a pumping motion in front of his hips.

“That’s not wooing!”


“And cut it with the ASL, we don’t have time.”

He rolled his head sarcastically. He first pointed at Teagan, then himself, then at the ground between them. Or maybe his crotch. Ze couldn’t tell. Either way, ze didn’t have much time to ponder it as Jackson’s fingers pinched at the hem of zir’s shirt and yanked it up. The air, Teagan discovered, was cold.

Teagan was, for all intents and purposes, small for a ranger. Ze wasn’t weak by any means, but petite, especially for being someone born with a Y chromosome. Years of mild hormones had given zir a cute butt and fat, brown nipples sitting atop pecs that were just plain soft compared to Jackson’s hard build. Jackson, who hadn’t actually seen zir naked chest until now, looked at them like they were made of candy.

Ze finished the shirt for him, and he took the garment, which looked like little more than a mote of dust against the enormity of his hand, and set it aside on the platform nearest before turning his attention to Teagen’s sensitive flesh.

“Now remember,” ze said as Jackson pushed zir back into the palm of his hand once again. It was almost like he was determined to finish what he started the previous night. “We’re here to drift. Stay with me, Jax. Don’t get lost in the rabbit hole. Stay with me…”

But zir words were interrupted by the sensation of cold, hard metal sweeping down zir body. Teagan sucked in a gasp and arched zir back into the touch, which was lighter than ze could have ever imagined such a finger was capable of. Jackson quickly realized that he had just enough dexterity to pay attention to the flesh around each nipple, trying his level best to rub circles around them. Teagan found zir blood rushing between zir legs again, and suddenly the cold wasn’t so bad anymore.

Much to their surprise, though, a new sensation emanated from Jackson’s fingertip: a sharp, warm jab that seemed to vibrate zir very blood. Teagan gasped in surprise and Jackson recoiled his finger.

“That… that felt good, actually. Can you do it again?”

Jackson motioned for Teagan to put zir hands above zir head, and ze did as told, managing to span little more than halfway down the Jaeger’s palm. Teagan wasn’t quite sure, but it looked as though Jackson had rested his hand on his hip before thrusting the Jaeger’s massive chest forward and looking down at his co-pilot with that sleek, fiery face, marveling at the tiny body in his hand.

I’m in your hand, Teagan thought, biting a lip and not quite able to suppress a grin. I am literally laying in the palm of your goddamn fucking hand right now.

“I can’t believe this,” ze giggled. “This is weird and…”


The younger pilot laughed even louder. “Stop with that! C’mere.”

The Jaeger hand came back in for another attack, swooping down with the murmur of some 50, 3,000 horsepower muscle-strands behind it. Ze thought ze was addicted to that sound before.

Jackson once again made for Teagan’s pants, pulling them down roughly.

“Hold on, hold on, let me get my shoes,” ze said, reaching down to undo the PPDC-issue cordura boots. Jackson took them and set them carefully beside the shirt.

Here goes nothing, ze thought, sliding down pants and briefs at the same time, revealing a cleanly-shaven mons and…

He watched carefully. Teagan noticed the change in his body language almost immediately, reality just that much closer for Jackson now as he looked on with reverence and what might have then been bottomless patience in lieu of being smashed from his tenuous grasp on the physical world. Even though he had a distant understanding of what his co-pilot looked like naked from Teagan's perspective, this was completely different. And apparently he was able to grasp that this was some important shit.

Teagan looked down past zir slim waist and hips. “That’s um…” ze began. “I guess I call it my ‘jam’.” Ze had other words ze liked it to be called, but that was saved for dirty talk. Technically, Jackson already knew all of this. How good his memory of things he learned while drifting, though, was anybody's guess.

Jackson’s conn-pod head nodded slowly, then he brought a finger to his face, miming a “shh” gesture, before pushing him once again onto his back. Ze suddenly realized that ze’d never felt safer with a partner before, not even taking their neural connection into consideration. He brought up his other hand and cupped Teagan, almost, between the two of them, like a tiny, precious thing. And with extreme care, he started to explore Teagan’s nearly naked body, pants still bunched up at zir heels, gently caressing zir from arched chest to aching flesh between zir thighs.

“Ahhh~” ze moaned, arching into Jackson’s fingertip even further, grabbing the end of it with both hands, trying to guide it back down to the nub there, hot and begging for attention.

Jackson’s head dipped down in what looked like a show of intense concentration. He rubbed and stroked with the most miniscule of movements, and Teagan found zirself spreading zir thighs to give him better access, which he took advantage of. He freed his one hand from the cradling so he could have more control, and the light electric shocks continued, causing zir to writhe with pleasure. Ze could only imagine what was going on in Jackson’s head right now.

Finally, he pushed up Teagan’s legs, knees to chest, like he did the night before. You’re an adamant sunnova bitch, aren’t you? A quick pang of hesitation coursed through zir at remembering just how terrified ze was the last time, but ze skillfully pushed the memory aside and was greeted with a zap more powerful than all the others.

Ze jerked and cried out, voice disappearing into the vast depths of the shatterdome. Jackson paused for just a second before pressing the tip of his finger up against zir tiny puckered hole, keeping the current strong and steady.

To Teagan, it felt like liquid, vibrating heat penetrating zir to the bone. Tension started to build in zir belly as the stimulation began lapping at zir prostate. Zir hips gyrated against Jackson’s unrelenting finger, and Teagan could feel the end coming.

Coming… coming… oh god.

“Fuck,” zie breathed, sweat dripping down zir neck, eyes closing tight. “Fuck, Jackson--

--look at you. Yeah, fucking take it. Take--

There was the sensation of heat in zir head as their consciousnesses suddenly collided. 

Teagan jerked awake and scrambled away from the Jaeger’s finger, putting every ounce of strength ze had into pushing it off zir with shaking limbs. “Jackson!” ze yelled, panting. “Jackson!”


The Jaeger stiffened in surprise himself. Teagan! There you are!

We did it, we fucking did it again.

Jackson brought his hand up to lightly cup zir against his tilted head; it was as close to a hug as they were going to get right now. Teagan pressed zirself against the side of the conn-pod, planting a kiss.

He brought zir in front of his face again. Yeah we did, he affirmed with unbridled happiness.

Teagan swallowed, looking away and smiling sheepishly. Ze brushed away a lock of wet hair. “Should we, um… finish what we started?”

Hell yeah we should. I’ve got a monster boner right now… no pun intended. I’d hate for it to go to waste.

How do you…?

Jackson focused a thought for Teagan to access. It hit zir like a truck. Oh, was all ze managed.

Sierra might not have a cock, but I still do. Now hold tight while I get comfortable.

The Jaeger sank into a crouch and then maneuvered his legs out in front of him so that he was sitting firmly on the floor, with his back against the bay wall.

Now up on here, on your belly, he thought, curling his middle finger down next to where Teagan sat, flattening it somewhat. Let me get a good view of your tight little ass.

Teagan kicked off zir pants and Jackson dutifully deposited them with the rest as well.

Ze noticed that his other hand had disappeared. “Like this?” ze asked, looking coyly over zir shoulder at the gigantic head bearing down on zir. Ze could feel the desire welled up in him like a dam about to break. He was also getting impatient.

Like this, he instructed, spreading out zir legs with his thumb from the same hand, forcing zir to straddle the digit. Good, good. Jackson stroked the exposed skin, white-hot from zir’s near-climax just moments before.

I’m not going to last long, Teagan admitted through zir foggy brain, groaning loudly when he cranked up the current. Zir pelvic muscles started to lightly contract at the contact and ze let out a mewl.

Ze couldn’t help the whimpering and squealing, nor could ze help reaching back to grasp at his finger as it rubbed and stroked away at zir bits. Off in the distance, Teagan could hear the whirr of the Jaeger’s hand pumping away at Jackson’s mental cock. It took the barest reach through the drift, though, for Teagan to see and feel for zirself how real--and sensitive!--it was to him. Jackson reached too.

You like that? You wish you could take my whole damn finger, don’t you?

Teagan’s breathing came in hard gasps and ze pushed against the strength of the entire goddamn machine, body screaming for more contact, more electricity, more more more more..!

More, huh? Jackson growled through the neural bridge. I’ve got more for you. I’ve got a thousand tons more.

He swooped down and deposited Teagan on the top of his thigh plating, about halfway down, and quickly continued his ministrations with much greater control. The co-pilot was splayed on the flat surface, prone and facing where Jackson’s 30-foot Jaeger cock should have been. The entirety of his hand came down above him, stroking and shocking zir entire body with three fingers this time, rubbing, kneading, pressing down until Teagan was sure ze couldn’t take any more.

Jackson… Jack… I’m gonna…

You’re gonna what, Tee? he ground out.

Jack, stop, I’m gonna…

Teagan, let me see you come.

The hips and thighs underneath zir shifted in time to the fist pounding away at the metal crotch, and Teagan could feel him getting close too. But hot, stiff, and gasping for air, the younger, smaller partner came first.

Scream for me, cutie.

Ze cried out, loud and broken, body wracked with violent shudders. Ze clung pathetically to the sleek surface beneath zir, jerking and mewling as Jackson milked the last few drops of energy from his partner. Teagan couldn’t help but hug zirself as tightly as possible, curling into a ball on Jackson’s monstrous thigh, catching zir breath. Jackson, however, was ready to finish himself off.

Ze got one last stroke along zir back with his thumb before that hand lifted into the air and grabbed at the lower edge of the hip complex while the other fisted the end of his cock furiously.

Teagan felt his body’s heart rate skyrocket, watching in fuzzy, blissful awe as his head tilted backward for the last few seconds.

Ohhhyeahhh… fuck yeah…

Suddenly the hip thrusting became stronger and more chaotic, and Teagan felt his mental climax begin to rip through him.

Fuck..! Unh!

The whole Jaeger jerked and shuddered; far below zir, far above zir, and everywhere around zir. Hydraulics hissed, muscle-strands roared, even the lights inside the conn-pod flickered.

There was a pause as the noise subsided and the white heat in Jackson’s mind faded away to reveal the beginnings of coherent thought. In his imagination, he was panting.

Have fun with THAT, Lightcap.

“Can of fuckin’ worms we are,” Teagan mumbled.

What else should they expect from two drifting queers from the Castro?

Ze covered zir head. “This is as queer as queer gets.”

There was a pause; Jackson was keeping his thoughts shielded. Teagan gave him a little nudge over their link after a few moments.

Jackson gently lowered his hand down next to zir, nudging zir onto it. Ze was raised 9 stories up into the air, at about chest height, and he tilted his head down to look at zir.

Damn you’re cute from this angle, he chuckled.

“I’d say the same, but… that compliment would belong more to Sierra than to you.”

Ze felt him frown. What does all this mean, Tee?

I don’t know.

What if I never wake up?

Don’t say shit like that. You’re going to wake up and we’ll be the hottest fuckbuddy pilots in the whole goddamn program, and I’ll be your cute, twink bottom. It’ll be great.

Tee, I’m honored that you… you like me enough to let me touch you.  But if this is the only way I’ll get to do that, then… well, fuck.

“Hey,” Teagan barked, snapping zir fingers. “Listen to me. I’m going to go back in there, we’re going to look at the results of your brain scans, and Dr. Lightcap will figure out a way to wake you up. And I swear to god, I’m not going to let this handshake fail until she does.”

You’re not gonna-- Teagan, if you go more than 36 hours without sleep over this, I’m going to tear open this shatterdome and forcibly place you into your bunk myself.

Ze snorted. “We’ll see.”

He raised zir up to conn-pod level. Or I could just not put you down and keep you in my hand until you fall asleep from boredom.

“You wouldn’t.”

Try me.

“Damn you.”