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A Concept of Mind

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How are we doing? they asked each other simultaneously.


Teegs, what if I’m stuck in here forever?

You’re not going to be stuck in here forever.

How do you know?

Lightcap’s not going to let that happen.

The machine shifted around zir’s body uncomfortably. For all his bravado, for all his bravery, Teagan knew this was scaring him.

Of course this is scary! Jackson’s thought intruded. What am I going to do for fun, huh? No more mess hall, no more rec room. Who’m I gonna spar with, Tee? I’m not hitting another Jaeger, I can tell you that much.

His anxiety was starting to bleed over into zir’s side of things. “Okay, just… just calm down for a little bit. You’re fogging up the drift.”

Jackson quieted down, but was still detectably antsy.

Teagan looked around inside the conn-pod, looking over the details of the hulking machinery with new eyes.

That wasn’t just a stepdrive, it was Jackson’s stepdrive. It was Jackson’s halide-web holovisor. They were Jackson’s equilibrant matrices. His cables. His struts. His bolts and welded seams.

I can’t just stand in a bay in the fuckin’ shatterdome 24/7 until the Breach opens again , he continued. I have cousins that are still alive! I’d like to, I dunno, spend Christmas with them!

He had a point.

You’re damn right I’ve got a point!

Teagan saw his hand glide up and off to the side through the visor. Jackson tapped the side of his Jaeger-head, filling the conn-pod with a deep, metallic, thumping noise.

The co-pilot reached for the comm switch. “Uh, LOCCENT… can I get an ETA for this patch? We’re getting a little antsy in here.”

“Give us… ten? Ten more minutes, Sierra,” said Avers.

Might as well have been an eternity.

Let’s get out of here, Jackson grumbled.

Without even asking, Teagan felt his mind push zir away from reality and further into the drift. Where were they…?


The mindscape of professional drifting, kept gray and sterile to prevent the spread of miasma, gave way to vague psychedelics as they went about building a hasty and temporary paracosm together.

The swirls and bursts of shapeless color were distantly warm and erotic, Teagan noted, as ze started to feel the tingling of fingers materialising around zir hazy wrist. The path formed first; it always did. Then their feet, and the rest of their bodies came slowly and blearily.

I feel like cotton balls this time, ze thought.

Cotton tail more like!

Teagan looked down and saw, then, that ze was in a Playboy Bunny costume.

Look, I gave you ears to match.

Ze used his eyes to look at zir from another angle. Yep, Jackson had imagined bunny ears on him too.

Yeah, well…

Teagan focused zir thought and like an eruption of soda fizz, Jackson’s crotch roared to life as a tiny Tresspasser.

That’s not funny, he thought, his drift-self folding his arms and knitting brows together. The kaiju-junk morphed into a huge, but not quite unrealistic, bulge covered in already-wet swim trunks. Now that’s better.

Teagan snorted. Pink? I can’t imagine you wearing pink trunks, guy.

The dreamspace around them slowly settled into a form: their high school’s quad. A place whose every detail they could both recall with relative ease. A setting neither of them needed to work to maintain.

Can you imagine this, then? Jackson stood, as solidly as was possible in this place, in front of zir, stark naked now. I know you have.

Teagan “looked” away… but it was pretty futile. No matter where ze looked, Jackson was still there.

Jackson Finch, what are you doing…

Teagan’s blush gave the scene around them a pinkish cast.

Jackson’s drift-self walked over to him, still in the bunny costume, and gently grabbed his hips. I figure that since, well… we fucked earlier, you should at least see the real me naked.

We’re drift partners! Of course I’ve “seen” you naked before.

Not like this you haven’t. He pulled Teagan’s drift-self closer, pushing his cock against zir belly. The quad around them shuddered, and somewhere off in the distance, they were both vaguely aware that Sierra Dynamo shuddered lightly as well.

Teagan looked up and met his gaze. I don’t remember you being this tall, ze thought, twisting zir mouth up. I thought your chin touched my head? He appeared to be well over six feet tall compared to Teagan’s 5’6”.

Jackson laughed. I guess Sierra’s wearing off on me. He pressed himself into the pilot more, and Teagan could feel a jolt of arousal shoot through his root chakra.

I… I’m not sure if we should be doing this now…

Why not? We’ve got a few minutes.

Quickies aren’t my bag.

Have you ever had one?

No, but…

Ok, we’ll try it just this once. Jackson bent his head down--way down--and lightly nibbled on Teagan’s shoulder. And if you don’t like it, I won’t bug you. Promise.

Jackson’s member was hard against zir stomach now, and Teagan found zirself getting excited at the idea as well. Without a single cohesive thought, ze relented. I’m going to change, ze thought faintly. A moment later, ze was naked too, but this time, ze was zir… real self, as ze conceptualized it.

Your real self?

Teagan grabbed Jackson’s hand and led it down to zir crotch, where there was now a clean-shaven pussy. Or… it was an approximation of a pussy. The drift filled with warm and gooey understanding, and Jackson leaned in for a kiss.

Their lips locked, and the larger pilot’s hand brushed against the closely-shaven sides of Teagan’s head before heading further up and into longer hair. Ze reached up to touch his face and then hook zir hands around his neck as he lowered the both of them down onto pillowy-soft concrete.

Quick, remember? Let’s save the mushy shit for when you’re out of that bed.

Jackson laughed against zir neck. Deal.

He sat up on his haunches, Teagan still on the ground beneath him, and he looked down with what felt like pure admiration. Also, desire too. The smaller pilot couldn’t help but continue to notice the size of Jackson’s drift-self. Aside from the new junk, ze wondered if ze was appearing differently to him too?

Turn over.

Teagan did so as the thought came though; it was hard to tell who thought it first.

Ass up.

Jackson’s hips pressed hard against zir rear, swollen cock forcing zir ass cheeks apart. It felt as thick as a coke can.

Of course it’ll fit, he preemptively thought. Anything’s possible in dreamland!

With strangely large hands, he grabbed Teagan’s slight hips and pulled him back onto his huge shaft. Teagan let out a long, low cry at the feeling of being utterly filled to the brim with zir co-pilot. Jackson made a similar sound, and they were both distantly aware of the sensations the other was feeling. Fullness. Tightness. Girth. Slick.

How is this--


Jackson started thrusting into zir juicy ass. Slowly for the first couple of strokes, and then he quickly built up to a fast, pounding rhythm as soon as ze loosened up.

So tight…

So huge…



He reached around to rub at the zir’s hard nub. Electricity flowed out… literally. Jackson’s huge fingers were humming with electric current. Ze cried out, gasping for breath as the jolts began to jerk at zir pelvic muscles like sugary puppet strings.

Fuck, they thought in unison.

Climax came fast for zir. Ze jerked, stiff as a board, and then was wracked by a series of blissful shudders that pushed zir partner over the edge too, zir pleasure bleeding over into his.

Not that it hurt--nothing hurt here unless they wanted it to--but ze could feel his cock grow, somehow even larger, and when he came with a series of breathy moans, ze overflowed with waves of his hot come.


Panting, Teagan turned around and threw zirself at zir partner. Huge arms encircled zir, holding zir close and tight, pressing their naked chests together. Ze looked up, and their eyes met. Ze was about to think something cheesy, but stopped.

You’re like… 8 feet tall now. The fuck gives?

I am? Jackson probed his co-pilot’s own drift-vision to confirm this.

You’re not doing this on purpose, are you?


For fuck’s sake.

Just then, Jackson's face... changed. Flickered. Teagan blinked, narrowed zir eyes. His eyes, nose and mouth, ze could have sworn, had just now been replaced with the glowing orange of a halide-web holovisor for the briefest of moments. Or had it?

There! It did it again!

What the hell is happening?

Jackson jumped up, and as he did so, a strange thing happened to his drift-body: Teagan was suddenly overwhelmed with the felt sensation that Jackson was beginning to be, in his mind, two things at once: man and... machine.

Like being zapped by a jolt of electricity, Teagan "saw" Jackson flicker between his larger-than-life human self and Sierra Dynamo like a faint tic.

I gotta get out of here…

Teagan! No, don’t leave me here, please… I don’t know what’s going on and--

I need to surface! Lightcap needs to know about this!

Teegs, wait!

Teagan yanked zirself from the depths of their deep, collective mindscape, returning to reality. Cold and shaken, ze reached for the console. Jackson’s Jaeger-body shivered. His end of the drift was quiet.

“Command, we’ve got a problem.”

“No shit, your heart-rate is through the roof and--”

“It’s not me,” ze pants, having been given no time to enjoy zir post-driftfuck buzz. “It’s Finch.”