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Todoroki stood in front of yuuei in silence.

It was past curfew.

He didn't make it back in time and he didn't know what to do.

He couldn't enter the building, and he couldn't ask someone to let him in either or else they would get in trouble too.

He sighed.

He had to endure a "training" session with his father.

He could barely drag himself out of the house, but there was no way he would stay there any longer than necessary, even if he was in agonizing pain.

Guess I have to sleep outside tonight..

He started slowly walking around the outside of the building in the hopes of finding somewhere that was somewhat comfortable to sleep.

No luck.

He limped through a small forest to a small clearing.

Todoroki didnt know who made the clearing, but the scorch marks on the trees surrounding it were definitely from Bakugou.

Todoroki came to this area a lot when he needed somewhere quiet to think or when he wanted to be alone and didn't want to be in his dorm.

Due to the scorch marks on the trees it was safe to assume Bakugou came here frequently as well.

Todoroki has never actually seen Bakugou heading to or from the clearing, nor had he ever ran into him while he was there, but there were always new scorch marks popping up.

Todoroki sat with his back against a tree and let out another sigh. He pulled his hood over his head and put his hands in his jacket pockets.

It's gonna be a long night... 

Bakugou's alarm rung at 5:15am.

"Ugh," he groaned while rolling over to turn it off.

He rolled onto his back and rubbed his eyes.

He was exhausted.

He was having trouble sleeping recently due to constant nightmares.

He hadn't been able to actually fall asleep until around 2:40AM.

It was Saturday so he didnt have to get up yet, but he always snuck in some training in the morning.

He groggily pulled himself out of bed while cursing under his breath.

He got dressed as fast as he could force himself (which really wasn't that fast) and headed downstairs.

No one else would be awake yet since its a Saturday, so he quietly made his way outside and headed towards his favorite place to sneak in some extra training.

He headed down the familar path to a small clearing he had made about a month after he had first started attending yuuei.


After walking for a few minutes he could see the small clearing he made.

As he walked closer he noticed something odd.

Huh? Someone's here..?

There was...a person?

They were sitting against a tree with their head down.

To his knowledge no one besides him ever really walked in this forest.

Sometimes Kirishima would come to get him if he had been gone for awhile or he was needed for something, but that was pretty much it.

Bakugou slowed down and tried to walk as quietly as possible towards the person.

He slowly crept closer to the person, however, they didn't seem to be reacting to his presence.

Bakugou carefully walked over to the person while making sure he was prepared to defend himself if necessary.

He stood directly in front of them.


No response.

He carefully crouched down in front of them and peaked under their hood.


Sitting before him was a sleeping Todoroki.

What the hell is this guy doing out here at this hour?

Not sure what to do, Bakugou looked at Todoroki again.

Something  Why is he sleeping out here? Why does he look like..that?

Todoroki had bags under his eyes that he hadn't noticed.

He didn't look like he had slept in weeks.

Looking at him closer, Bakugou also noticed he had tear stains on his cheeks.

He was..crying? What the hell could make him cry..?


Bakugou stared at him, still unsure of what to do.

Should I..wake him? It's really not my problem that he's sleeing here. I could just leave him here and go back to bed..


He glanced over at Todoroki once more.

His sad, tired face..the tear stains on his cheeks..his oddly pale skin..the weird place for him to be sleeping..theres obviously something up with him.

"Ugh," Bakugou groaned quietly.

He gently placed his hand on Todoroki's shoulder and shook him lightly.

"Oi, half n' half, wake up." Bakugou said in a slightly annoyed tone.


Bakugou shook him again.

"Oi, icyhot," Bakugou said, slightly more annoyed.

"Hmm..?" Todoroki slowly opened his eyes as Bakugou removed his hand from his shoulder.

Todoroki groggily moved his hands up to his face and gently rubbed his eyes.

"Oi, icyhot." Bakugou said again.

"..huh?" Todoroki slowly looked up.

"Bakugou..? Why are you..?"

"You better not be about to ask why I'm here." Bakugou said.

Todoroki didn't continue his question.

"Why the fuck where you sleeping here, icyhot?" Bakugou asked, "there's better places to take a nap than on the ground y'know."

"..I wasn't back before curfew." Todoroki answered.

"You could've asked someone to let you in," Bakugou said, "I bet the fucking nerd would have."

"I didn't want anyone to get into trouble because of me." Todoroki said while stretching.

"Whatever," Bakugou says, "Why the fuck did you miss curfew?"


Todoroki was silent.


"Well, icyhot?" Bakugou asked in an annoyed tone.

"Why do you care?" Todoroki asked.

"It's..none of your business."

"Damn right it's not." Bakugou said, "but I don't want my damn opponent to be slacking during training because his dumbass didn't make it back before curfew and had to sleep outside all night."


"Icyhot." Bakugou said.

Todoroki sighed, "What?"

"You..look like shit right now."

"Thanks, Bakugou." Todoroki said while carefully standing up.

"Hey," Bakugou said while standing back up as well.

"I..didnt mean that as an insult," Bakugou says quietly, "you really... don't look well."

"Still kinda sounds like an insult." Todoroki says.

Bakugou sighed. "Sorry, let me rephrase that," Bakugou said, "Are you..okay? You look exhausted."

"So do you." Todoroki says bluntly.

"Yeah, I know," Bakugou says.

The two of them stood their in silence for a few minutes.


"..Can I leave now? I'd like to go back to my dorm and rest," Todoroki says, "as you said, the ground isn't the best place to take a nap."

Bakugou sighed.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm heading back too." Bakugou says.

The two boys start walking back towards Yuuei together.

"What where you planning on doing before you found me?" Todoroki asked.

"Was gonna train. You were in my training spot." Bakugou says.

"Oh, sorry." Todoroki says.

"Whatever. I don't care if you hang out there," Bakugou says, "as long as you dont fuck anything up or get in my way."

"Didn't I technically get in your way today?" Todoroki asked.

"Technically I guess," Bakugou says, "you got luck though. I'm tired anyway."


The two boys make it back into the main room at 6:03am.

No one was in the kitchen or the lounge right now so they were able to slip by without anyone pestering them with questions.

The boys parted ways.

Bakugou went to the kitchen for breakfast while Todoroki went to his dorm to rest.

Todoroki quietly slipped into his dorm and sighed.

He slowly sat down on the floor.

His legs ached.

Sleeping on the ground definitely didn't help.

He gently pulled off his jacket and shirt so he could take care of his wounds.

His legs were injured as well, but he could deal with that later.

There's not much he can do anyway.


He finished attending to his wounds and decided to take a nap.

He thought about what Bakugou said earlier and wondered why he sounded so..Concerned?

"Are you..okay?" What did he mean? Why did he ask that? Was it because I was sleeping outside? Was it because I missed curfew? Did he..see something? Why did he seem concerned? He wasn't as aggressive as usual either..just what was that interaction?

Todoroki attempted to change his outfit with much difficulty.

He was dizzy, his head was pounding, his legs could hardly support him...


Todoroki collapsed.

After finishing his breakfast, Bakugou began heading back to his room.

"Ah, Bakugou! Good morning!" Iida said while approaching him.

"Ugh," Bakugou groaned.

"You look tired! Have you been sleeping well?" Iida asked with clear concern.

"None of your business," Bakugou says in an annoyed tone while pushing past him.

Iida watches him leave without making any attempt to stop him.

Iida knows no matter what he were to say, Bakugou wouldn't listen.

Bakugou entered his dorm and flopped down onto his bed.

He looked over to his clock.


He set an alarm for 10AM.

He rolled onto his back and groaned as he put his arm over his eyes.


He lied on his bed, changing position ever few minutes trying to get comfortable.

Eventually he decided to lie on his side, completely under his blanket and holding onto his pillow that he had pulled against his chest.

He thought back to his encounter with Todoroki earlier.

He missed curfew, huh? What kept him out so late? Isn't he usually one of the first people to go to bed? Curfew is at 11pm..why the fuck was he out that late? Why did he look so tired? Is he not sleeping either? Why was he crying? Why is he so pale?

Bakugou's mind was throwing question after question at him.

Whatever. Its not my problem. Todoroki and I aren't even friends. Why the hell do I even care? I dont. I dont care. Why should I care?

Bakugou sighed as he closed his eyes again.


Bakugou lied still in his bed for what felt like only a few minutes, but when he opened his eyes it was already 7:13AM.

"Ugh," he pulled the blanket back over his head and closed his eyes again.

I wonder if half n' half is actually resting..


Bakugou slowly drifted off to sleep.

Hoping he won't be so tired when he wakes up.


Bakugou's alarm rings.

He turns it off and goes right back to sleep, completely forgetting that wasn't his 5AM alarm.





"BAAAKUUUUGOUUUUUU!!!" Someone yells while crashing through his door.

Bakugou shot up out of bed, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" He quickly looks around and sees Kirishima standing by his door.

"WHAT THE FUCK, SHITTY HAIR?!" Bakugou yells.

"Sorry," Kirishima laughs, "I was asked to come get you."

"Dont fucking crash through my door, dumbass! Next time I'm gonna fucking explode you." Bakugou growled.

"Jeez no need to be rude," Kirishima says while waving his hands in front of him.

"Why the fuck are you here?" Bakugou asks while sitting back down on his bed.

"I already told you! I was asked to get you." Kirishima says.

"Who asked you to get me?" Bakugou asks while rubbing his eyes.

"Iida," Kirishima answers.

"The fuck does he want?" Bakugou asks in his usual pissed off tone.

"I dunno, I didn't asked," Kirishima shrugs.

"Ugh," Bakugou groans, "You're useless."

Kirishima sighs, "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Tch, whatever. I'll be down in a few minutes." Bakugou says.

"Okay, you better hurry up though. If you aren't down in like, 5 minutes, I'm sending Kaminari." Kirishima says while leaving Bakugou's room.



Bakugou got dressed quickly and headed downstairs.


"Ah, Bakugou! Good afternoon!" Iida greets him as he enters the room.

"What did you want?" Bakugou asked.

"Ah, I was wondering if you would like to join Midoriya and I while we train," Iida says while adjusting his glasses.

"Tch, why the fuck would I want to join you guys?" Bakugou grunted.

"I just thought I would offer, I apologize if I disturbed you." Iida says while bowing.

"Whatever." Bakugou said while heading into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Todoroki didn't want to train with you guys today?" Uraraka asked Iida and Deku.

"I tried asking him but he didn't respond to my text.." Deku says, "he didn't answer when I knocked on his door either..."

"Perhaps he isn't feeling well. We shall check on him again after we train!" Iida says.

"Y-yeah.." Deku says nervously, "I hope he's okay.."


Half n' half didn't respond?


Iida and Deku left to go train.

The others were busy talking amongst themselves, so Bakugou attempted to slip back up to his dorm.

"Hey, kacchan!" Kaminari calls, "we're playing Uno, wanna play?"

"Why the fuck would I want to play with you?" Bakugou says.

"Aw, come on! You've played with us before," Kirishima says.

"Yeah, yeah! Come play with us, Bakugou!" Mina says.

"Fuck no, leave me alone." Bakugou says while leaving the room.

"What's up with him?" Kaminari asks.

"Dunno," Kirishima says, "maybe he's grumpy I woke up."

"He's always grumpy," Mina sighs.

Instead of going back to his room, Bakugou headed to Todoroki's dorm.

Bakugou sighed.

He hesitantly knocked on the door.


No answer.


Bakugou knocked louder.


Still no answer.


Why isn't he answering? He must be able to hear me knocking..

Bakugou's hands were shaking.

Huh? Why the fuck am I shaking? There's no way I'm actually worried about icyhot...

He tried to convince himself he didn't care, but he couldn't help but worry.

He knocked even louder.


Still nothing.


He tried to open the door, but obviously Todoroki had locked it.

Of course he would.

Maybe he isn't here? Maybe that's why he isn't answering?

Bakugou's hands continued to shake.

He quickly ran back to his dorm to get his phone.

He called Todoroki several times, hoping he'd pick up eventually.


Bakugou called 5 times without getting an answer.

Why do I care? Why would i care about icyhot? We aren't really friends..ugh

Todoroki slowly opened his eyes.


He rolled over onto his back.

He moved his hand up to his face.

What happened..? Did I..pass out?

He sighed.

He was absolutely exhausted.

He lied on the floor with his eyes closed for a few minutes before he slowly moved over to his table with his phone on it.


5 missed calls

9 texts

Huh? All 5 calls are from..Bakugou?

He read through the texts


From: Midoriya

To: Shoto

Time: 12:03pm

Message: -Hey Todoroki! Iida and I are gonna train together, wanna join us? 



From: Midoriya

To: Shoto

Time: 12:13pm

Message: -Hey, I came by your dorm since you didn't answer my text but you didn't answer the door either.. Are you okay? 


From: Iida

To: Todoroki

Time: 11:30am

Message: -Hello, Midoriya and I are planning on training together later, would you like to join us?



From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 12:32pm

Message: -Oi


From: Bakugou

To: icyhot

Time: 12:32pm

Message: -icyhot


From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 12:33pm

Message: -You at your dorm?


From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 12:34pm

Message: -?


From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 12:34pm

Message: -hey


From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 12:42

Message: -You okay, Icyhot?

_______________ Bakugou asking if I'm okay? What's up with him?

Todoroki decided to reply to the texts before doing anything else.


From: Shoto

To: Midoriya

Time: 1:12pm

Message: -Hey, sorry for not replying. I'm okay.


From: Shoto

To: Bakugou

Time: 1:13pm

Message: -Hey, sorry for not replying. I'm fine.




Todoroki received another text. 


From: Bakugou

To: Icyhot

Time: 1:14pm

Message: -You at your dorm?


From: Shoto

To: Bakugou

Time: 1:14pm

Message: -Yes, why? 





There was a knock at the door.


Todoroki slowly stood up, struggling to regain his balance.

Another knock.

"Coming.." Todoroki said while making his way over to the door.

He slowly opened the door.