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Batfamily Bad Things Happen Bingo Fills

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X = done.
* = requested.
blank = free for all. I'm willing to write for most of the Batfamily & ships (no incest or DickBabs or TimSteph, please), and also the Teen Titans and related characters.



1. Hiding an Injury + Tim Drake.
Tags: Tim Drake & Bruce Wayne, POV Tim Drake, Hiding Medical Issues

2. Touch Starved + Dick Grayson.
Tags: Dick Grayson & Zitka, POV Dick Grayson, Touch Starved, Young Dick Grayson

3. Go Through Me + Jason Todd & Dick and Tim.
Tags: Tim Drake & Dick Grayson & Jason Todd, POV Jason Todd, Protectiveness, Protective Siblings

4. Childhood Trauma + Tim Drake & Kon, Cassie, and Bart.
Tags: Bart & Tim & Kon & Cassie, POV Kon-El | Conner Kent, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Child Neglect

5. Panic Attack + Duke Thomas & Jason.
Tags: Duke Thomas & Jason Todd, POV Duke Thomas, Panic Attack

6. Depression + Tim Drake.
Tags: POV Tim Drake, Depression

7. Not Used To Freedom + Dick Grayson & Bruce.
Tags: Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne, POV Bruce Wayne, Not Used To Freedom, PTSD

8. Slammed Into A Wall + Tim Drake & Cass C.
Tags: Cassandra Cain & Tim Drake, POV Tim Drake, Head Injury, Banter

9. Survivor's Guilt + Dick Grayson & Damian
Tags: Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne, POV Damian Wayne, Survivor Guilt, Movie Reference, Cuddling & Snuggling, Platonic Cuddling

10. Forced Out of The Closet + Titans!Dick Grayson
Tags: Past Dick Grayson/Joey Wilson, POV Dick Grayson, Coming Out, Forced Out of The Closet, Unsupportive Friends, False Accusations, Grief/Mourning, Regret, Slight Character Bashing, Unhealthy Relationships, Bisexual Dick Grayson

11. Recorded/Broadcast Torture + Jason Todd & Tim
Tags: POV Jason Todd, Family Dynamics, Implied/Referenced Torture, Trauma, Emotionally Repressed