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It had to be you?

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She had been surprised when the envelope turned in her mail, mostly due to the fact that she had no memory of applying for that school. And she was very sure she had not applied for a full scholarship either, why would she when she already went to the school of her dreams.

Pushing her glasses up further, Julia Argent started to read through the papers once more. She had to admit that the offer she is given isn’t too bad, it was fully paid, and she would be moved to an on-campus house. A.C.M.E, is the house that she had been assigned to and that's the only information she had.

The school would give her a continued course on her already chosen degree, and they prayed themselves to be the best in the world. If they were best in the world Julia wondered as to why she had never heard of them before. A number had been added at the end of the last page, call if you have questions had been written above it and Julia just stares at it.

Taking her phone, she dialled the number; after all, there was only one way to find out more about this unknown school.


A female voice asks after the first tone, making Julia slightly surprised. She had not expected someone to answer the phone this fast. She had no idea of what to properly say in this moment, she had been hopping for some waiting time so she could come up with something.

“Yes, hello. My name is Julia Argent.”

She greeted, starting off with her name was always a good way to go. Hopefully the person on the other end would know about her name and could tell her more without having her ask the questions she didn’t have.

“Ah! Miss Argent! I need your help. I need a second opinion on a small matter on this end.”

The woman tells her, and Julia was really feeling at a lost, this conversation didn’t go like she had expected it would at all.

“Me and my partner here are arguing about what is the highest ranked artefact at the moment.”

The woman tells her before Julia has a chance to even ask what they were talking about. The argument had not been what she had been expected either, this was taking a turn towards the odd side.

“You are aware of that list changing from time to time correct? Right now, the Chines Qianlong Vase but there is still a lot of valuable things out there that shouldn’t even have a price tag on them.”

Julia answered without thinking, she knew the list inside out by now and she still didn’t like it.

“And now I know as to why you have been called in.”

The woman answered her and Julia blinks slightly at the comment.

“I guess that’s why you called me, you have questions about the sudden letter dropped into your mailbox.”

She then adds and Julia takes a deep breath.

“Something like that yes.”

She answered and she could hear how the woman chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, I was just as surprise as you are to see that letter drop down from nowhere. I haven’t regret joining A.C.M.E since the day I put my foot here. The school is not one you apply to, this school choses their students. They always keep an eye out for good potential students. You, Ms Argent have really caught their attention.”

The woman explains and Julia looks down on the papers once more, so she wasn’t the only to have been invited like this. That somehow made Julia feel slightly better about it all.

“You don’t have to decide right now, you still have two weeks to think the offer over. No one is forcing you, but you won’t regret it.”

Seno comments when Julia had been quiet for quite a while. Closing her eyes, Julia realised that she needed to hear that. She wasn’t one to make decision without thinking them through first and this one was a big one.

“Well, I’m going to let you think it over. I have a call to attend, I look forward meeting you Argent!”

Seno then adds before the call ends, Julia lowers the phone and just looks at it. She had been through a few conversations before, this one however took the price. Sitting back on her chair, she started to read through the papers one last time.


Looking around herself, she tried to find her way. For a school that is keeping a low profile, the buildings didn’t help in that caus. Looking at the map, Julia tried to figure out where exactly she is; something that wasn’t quite easy. They really needed to update their maps because nothing seemed to be right.

“Need a hand there?”

A voice spoke up from behind her, making Julia jump slightly. The voice sounded quite familiar and as Julia turns around her eye’s lands on a young woman her own age. Her brown eyes were scanning Julia, her brown hair was pulled into a tight bun and she was dressed in a black office suit. Julia couldn’t help but to lift one eyebrow at that, it didn’t feel like normal student attire.

“Yes, I’m looking for the A.C.M.E house?”

Julia answered, she looked down at the paper once more just to make sure she had said it correctly. The woman’s eyes grow large, delight shinning in her eyes.

“Ms Julia Argent! It’s very nice to meet you at last!”

The woman says and she holds out her hand.

“The name is Irene Seno.”

She then adds as Julia takes her hand and Julia smiles slightly. The woman smiled big before she glanced at the map in Julia’s hand.

“Yeah, we know. The map needs an update. We are working on it.”

She tells her with a smile and Julia nods her head at this, good to know it is being taken care off.

“Follow me and I’ll take you to your home while being here.”

She then adds before heading down the road. With one last look around herself, Julia follows Irene. She was still quite curious as about what would happen, it had been her curiosity that had won in the end and made her accept the invitation.

“Any nicknames I should know about or the fact that you want a nick name? Normally we just call one another by our last names but David has a habit of giving everyone a nickname if he isn’t stopped from the beginning.”

Irene ask and Julia looks at her once more, yet another odd question. Thinking it over, she realised the question was mostly made for her comfort than anything else.

“No nicknames and I really don’t want one.”

She answered and Irene nods her head at that.

“Then I will make sure to stop David then.”

She answered with a smile before finally coming to a stop in front of an old building.

“And welcome to the house of A.C.M.E!”

She adds and Julia looks at the building with large eyes, when she had thought A.C.M.E she had thought something more; modern she guesses. Then again, this house spoke more to her, so she wasn’t too sad about it.

“Come along. The house mother is waiting for us.”

Irene tells her as she walks up the stairs and heads for the door, the moment the door closes behind Julia they could hear footsteps coming towards them and Irene went rigged beside her. A woman walks out from one of the rooms, she was wearing a similar suit to Irene; her eyes hard and she was keeping her hands behind her back as she took Julia in.

“Ms Argent I presume?”

She asks, her eyes travel to Irene however when she does.

“Yes Chief.”

Irene answered and Julia looks at her out of surprise.

“Welcome Ms Argent to Agency to classify and monitor evildoers.”

The woman finally looks back at Julia as she speaks, and she could feel how her eyes grow big.

“In short, A.C.M.E. We are here to make sure the house across campus stays in line. We don’t want V.I.L.E to run the world now do we?”

Irene explains and she turns to look at Julia who carefully shakes her head. She had absolutely no idea of what she had just gotten herself into, it was for sure not what she had been expecting at least.

“Ms Seno, show our newest agent in training around and make sure she is dressed properly.”

The woman orders and as Irene nods her head, the woman turns to leave them alone once more. Turning her head, Irene could see the confusion and questions in Irene’s eyes, and she gives her a weak smile.

“I’m sorry for all the secrets. I assure you there is a perfect explanation for all of this, and I’ll tell you once I have shown you your room.”

She then adds and starts to lead Julia towards the stairs. Looking at her go, Julia starts to question her decision. She should have stayed at her old school. This once just seemed to bring more trouble than it was worth.