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Totty is Sick

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He coughed and coughed until he feels like puking his lungs out. A terrible, terrible cold has befallen him. It didn't feel great. Not at all. All the disgusting germs in his body… Just thinking about it made him shudder.


Todomatsu hazily glared out the window, finding that the sun was hardly even out yet. He just wanted to go back to sleep, but noooo; the itch in his chest was irritating him, and the temptation to claw it out was rising. His temperature was steadily rising as well. Oh boy.


Frustratingly, he sat up and looked at his brothers who were all sleeping soundly. They didn't look to be sick or getting sick, yet he groaned, knowing full well that they were all going to be sick. Bitterly, he cursed at the fact that he had gotten sick first.


He did notice that Karamatsu wasn't laying in his usual spot. In fact, the second eldest wasn't anywhere to be seen. It was faint, but if he focused just enough, he could hear the light plucking of a guitar.


Todomatsu quietly slipped from beneath his covers, careful to not disturb anyone. He'd rather not deal with his annoying brothers at the moment. Especially when he's currently sick and irate.


He found his way to the roof where his suspicions were confirmed.


"Ah, Totty! What are you doing up at this hour?" Karamatsu asked after an eruption of coughs made its way out of his chest, alerting him of his presence. "You're sick too!"


"I'm fine," Todomatsu muttered, going to sit down next to him. "I just woke up because of this nasty cough."


The morning was crisp and cold. Goosebumps prickled his skin easily as the cool air passes through the thin fabric of his pajamas. Todomatsu took in shallow breaths. It was getting hard to breath and he hated it.


"Ah, well then brother, would you like me to sing you a lullaby?" It wasn't often that Karamatsu got to sing lullabies. Everyone just seemed to sleep before he could actually get a few notes out of his throat.


"Mm, sure go ahead." Todomatsu just didn't want to try to stop him. He coughed more, feeling the itch tickle inside him. God, he wished it'd just go away. Wheezing came soon after as he grumbled for breath.


Karamatsu was concerned. "Are you sure you don't want to-"


"I'm fine, Karamatsu-niisan!" He reassured him. "Let's just–" Todomatsu glanced at the rays of the sun that were peeking over the horizon "–enjoy the sunrise okay?"


His brother, thankfully, nodded, and he relaxed as best he could. In hindsight, he knew that staying out would make him sicker, but he didn't want to care at the moment. A compulsive decision, really.


Karamatsu's light humming filled his ears. He wouldn't ever admit it out loud, but his brother was a fairly good musician. When he wasn't being overly painful, that is. Maybe one day he'd tell him when he becomes less embarrassing.


As the sky shifted its colors to a pallet of marigolds and bluebells, the blanket of sleep slowly embraced Todomatsu. His brother's voice allured his eyes close, and he fell asleep once more.