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Jing Ran have meet Han Chen when he first returns from one of his trip to Italy, he have kinda saw him handsome and good looking
But he was resumed from one break up so he wasn't really looking to have someone else even if his mom was pushy for this.
His break up was here because the guy have left without saying something, he thought they would be together but he guessed that the fact he left without saying something.
They had good times, they even lived together but he doesn't know if it's the "I love you" who have made him run.
He also promised he would not drink a lot like the other time. Where he had almost one intoxication because he was in idiot for put his sorrow into one bottle of wine.
So he was still focused on his work at 100% even in China.
But what he doesn't know if that he have already meet Han Chen and that he looked like the guy with who he was Yang Xuixian.

Han Chen knew the great designer Jing Ran who just smiled at him two minutes ago, it's was when he was undercover in Italy and have crossed path multiples times, they even discussed and even be like a couple, he was under another name Yang Xuixian
He wasn't planning to fall in love with him but he have fallen in love with him.
Unfortunately, he had his memory wiped and doesn't remember Jing Ran right now even if he still search for the person who have captured his heart month ago.
People told him to let it go, and to stop the search for the person he looked.

They cross path again when Han Chen have been assigned as security/Bodyguard for the party for designer.
They have chatted a little when Jing Ran was bored of be here.
And he doesn't want to know why he really wanted to know more of him.

"If maybe you are free we can have a coffee or tea, sorry I'm too used for coffee when I was in Italy and it's for thank you for your work tonight"

Han Chen looked at Jing Ran and it's mind become a little blurry because he began to have his memory little by little returning to him. And he knew this guy and not just because he was Jing Ran the great designer.

"Of course I would love it and maybe we can know each other well since I kinda have the order from Italy to be your security because they don't want their little prodigy have a little issue"

Jing Ran was blushing and put his hand on his hair like he was embarrassed.

So after the night, they have agreed to have coffee where they talked about some stuff like work, some of his projects, of why he doesn't understand why security.

The fact about security was because some months ago the cabinet had one threat because of one project of the group. And they wanted to use protection.

They have exchanged number and at the same where they have shaken their hand and that Jing Ran was ready to go home he had his eyes misty because of the fact that he remembers this hand, he would remember this hand like under thousand it's was the hand who have touched, it's was the hand that he have licked and even bite one night. These fingers were on his mouth, they have linked their fingers.
These fingers were inside him too.

So when he was at home he kinda a little cried about how it happens. Because he wasn't under this name in Italy. Did he lie to him? Did everything was a lie?
He was so lost how come it's have happened.