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Kinktober Drabbles

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 He panted, sweat beading down his face as his wife came for the first time that evening. He smiled wickedly, placing his head between her thighs, lapping her once more as he gathered the rest of her juices with his tongue. Hermione pushed his head away, afraid her body would lose control  if she continued to let him please her with his tongue. She loved it, but for fucks sake it was his turn to squirm . Harry looked at her, curiosity lurking in his eyes as she sat up, taking him by his hand as she pulled him closer onto the bed.  

    She hovered above him, a teasing smile sat in the corner of her mouth as she kissed his bare, naked chest; her hands trailing down it until her head was inches away from his cock. 

    “What are you doing?” he asked her, an eyebrow raised slightly. 

    “It’s your turn.” She replied, winking in his direction. She placed her darkened, wet lips over the tip of his cock;  devouring him with her tongue. Harry’s eyes went wide, the feeling of his wife’s mouth on him sent a fire from the pit of his stomach, down to his toes. He gripped hold of the white, satin sheets; his head falling against the pillow as he melted under her touch. 

    A soft moan vibrated in the back of Hermione’s throat, her mouth moving further down his shaft as her tongue swirled around him. She spent many nights perfecting this, her dildo hidden away in the night stand was proof. Her head bobbed up and down quickly as her hands grabbed hold of his lean, muscular thighs; keeping herself in position. With each stroke of her tongue, she could hear him muttering under his breath, “Fuck, that’s it”.

    He let go of the sheets, finding her mass of curls. Hermione felt his grip tightening, his words of encouragement playing over and over in her ears as she moved further, faster down his shaft; the tip of his cock  hitting the back of her throat. Despite the small gag escaping her lips, she continued to press on, only making his cock throb more.

 Harry’s breathing turned into pants as he arched his back, his climax edging closer.  With one last thrust of his cock in her mouth, she felt his release as it shot out of the tip and trickled down the back of her throat. Harry cried out her name, his hips jerking as his world shattered around him. Hermione swallowed the last of his cum and slid her mouth off his cock, a self-assured smile playing on her face as she joined him at the front of their bed. 

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?” Harry asked in surprise, his rapid heartbeat finally slowing down. 

“Oh, you know me,” She replied, “Just had some practice is all.”

Harry quickly turned his head in her direction as a laugh escaped Hermione’s lips.