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Trouble Me

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"Em! 开什么玩笑呢? tā māde niǎo 他妈的鸟!!"

"You can't control my life! I'm not a little girl anymore, needing your protection! "Qù nǐde 去你的!"

"That's your problem, Emily! No respect for me or yourself!"

"Guys, Guys!" Let's take this elsewhere," April says, walking up. "Here, in here." she indicates an empty exam

"She's a drug addict, in recovery, and she's chosen ANOTHER addict as her new Guy. Who, by the fucking way, is MARRIED-
with kids!", Ethan spits between clenched teeth, barely containing his fury.

April tries to be objective, listening to Emily's assessment that her older Brother is over-reacting, that she is working her program.
YES, her beau is also in recovery, but she's been assured that those people are sometimes the best sponsors.

"Emily...I don't know how good an idea it is to be romantically involved with your....MARRIED sponsor...NOT JUDGING, I'm...asking."

"SEE! You're on his side! Neither of you have met Bernie, and..."

"Sorry to interrupt, but Ethan? What about that? Would you agree to at least MEET Bernie?

Ethan frowns, shakes his head. A deep sigh or two, and he finally, GRUDGINGLY, agrees. "I'll meet him. For all the good that it might do,
I'll try to keep an open mind," he adds, when Emily starts to protest.

"THAT'S what I'm 'screamin'", Emily cries, happily embracing Ethan. "And I know that you're worried for me, and don't think I don't
appreciate it, but I gotta grow up SOMETIME, right?!"

After hugging April, she skips away joyously, like a child.

"See! Crisis averted," April says, dimpling prettily for her Man.

Un-placated, Ethan says, "April, you need to understand something-you don't really KNOW Emily...she's immature, unstable, and she's been
making these types of decisions it seems're proud of yourself for averting a crisis: I wish it were that simple."

He stalks away, leaving a dumb-founded April behind. "Ethan!"...he doesn't turn around.