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Whumptober 2019

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Whumptober 2019 – Prompt 1: Shaky hands


They were all waiting, Clary, Izzy, Jace, Meliorn and Alec. They were all waiting for Magnus to return from the mission with tense shoulders. No one felt like speaking. Even the girl was shutting up for once, which Alec was grateful for. He couldn’t deal with Clary's high-pitched, self-absorbed yapping at the moment. He was grateful that his parabatai could feel intense emotions but couldn’t read his thoughts. Or he’d be in a lot of trouble.
Jace crossed his arms in an all-too-familiar gesture. The broad-shouldered, straight stance was second nature to him. It went hand in hand with the brooding look, the intense eyes and the crossed arms, which made his biceps bulge. Part of his “ultimate protector” scheme. That, in combination with his classically handsome features, was the reason he could pull off the “polished-biker”-look without seeming ridiculous.
Jace’s posture was so familiar to Alec, at the same time cool as well as defensive, strong but also wary, that it made him smile. As usual, Jace stood closer to Clary than he had to, but she didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to just expect him there. Internally, Alec rolled his eyes, even though he knew he hadn’t been much different than her when it came to this. He'd also always wanted to be close to Jace back before Magnus had come into his life.
Something glimmered in the air, and everyone started looking around. Alec half-reached behind him to be ready to grab his bows and arrow if necessary. Jace uncrossed his arm and placed his hand on the hilt of his weapon, Meliorn raised his arms. Izzy had her whip in hand. Only Valentine’s daughter didn’t do anything but look around the room. Alec thought Jace probably imagined he was being subtle when he moved in front of the girl, but he wasn’t. Another eye roll followed.
The air glimmered in a rich purple, spiralling dizzily, and suddenly Magnus stepped out. He was alone and after a second, the portal disappeared behind him. Alec looked him up and down to check for injuries. Magnus’ shirt was torn at the shoulder but there was no wound that he could see. Alec released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding.
“Did you get it?” Jace asked at the same time as Alec said:
“Are you okay?” They glanced at each other, then simultaneously turned back to the warlock.
“I could get used to all this attention,” Magnus said airily when he noticed everyone staring at him. He waved his hand about in his customary manner with a flourish. One hand was still in his pocket. Something about how he stood was off, Alec thought, but clearly Magnus didn’t want to talk about it with an audience. So Alec would have to wait.
“So?” Jace, never one to be patient except when it concerned the girl, asked. Alec shot him a look, but his parabatai’s eyes were focused on the warlock.
“Patience, young grasshopper,” Magnus mumbled, but he reached into his coat and produced the stone. Without a word, he passed it to Izzy, who nodded once and left in order to bring the stone to safety. Meliorn was on her heels.
“We’ll go get your payment then, warlock,” Jace said, a hand on the girl’s lower back and led her out of the room. As soon as the door had fallen shut, Alec rushed forward to Magnus, to make sure he was alright. He seemed to be right on time, as the warlock had slumped forward when the other two had left the room. His head fell to Alec’s shoulder and he sighed shakily.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked again, urgency strong in his voice. Magnus nodded, but when he raised his hands to put them on Alec’s waist, they were shaking.
“What’s the matter? What happened?” His concerned tone made Magnus look up, and he managed a weak smile:
“Really, Alexander, much as I am touched by your concern, I’m okay. I just had a close encounter with a rather crafty demon who took me by surprise.”
“Are you hurt?” Alec asked urgently, looking Magnus over once again.
Magnus shook his head.
“It's already healed. Pesky adrenaline leaving the body of someone who isn’t a Shadowhunter is what you’re seeing here, nothing more,” Magnus reassured Alec and let himself be led to the couch.