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Renewed shall be (blade that was broken)

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What a curious little soul you are…. Descending into terror, yet clinging to love and memories… Not many have the willpower to recall their life as clearly as you do.”


“Such fire! Yes, you’ll do nicely.”


“Come little soul, show me a changed world and a wondrous future.”


YoUR GoD DeMAnDs iT.


“I’ll lend you my power, so show me a good time and AWAKEN.”




“Wake up!”

“Kohaku, WAKE UP!”

‘Everything hurts. Time stretches on and on, with no end in sight. I can’t bear it! They’re screaming! Help us please! None of us wanted to die. Why won’t anyone help us? There was so much pain… The blood coated the room… So much pain! SO MUCH, SO MUCH, SO MUCH. Where are they? Are they safe? Where are we?... Where am I? Am I alone again? nO...noNO!... no, please, NO! I can’t be alone again!’


“Cardiac arrest… What is… quirk?... Have to move... Hospital?”


‘Voices? But… voices mean… people. There’s people here? Isaac? Michael? Grant?… Dad? Are you here? Did you… did you come get me?... I was scared… so scared… It’s so… warm. I’m happy you came back.’


Amber eyes closed on a blue-haired girl’s face, finally succumbing to her new body’s demand for rest as the stretcher was loaded into the ambulance, a haggard woman following not even a moment later after the body of her child. It would be a long, miserable, terrifying week before the newly dubbed Kohaku would wake, and the tiny family of mother and daughter would never be the same again.