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Dearest Little Pet

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Alastor hummed to himself as he once again stared at the royal family portrait on the wall in the lobby, the sound of radio static echoing in synch with the tune. His wide Cheshire grin stretched his mouth eerily, making the hairs on the back of Vaggie’s neck stand on end as she manned the now tidy front desk.

Niffty had worked tirelessly night and day to clean the place up and despite not being 100% on board with the hotel’s mission to rehabilitate sinners, she outdid herself by repainting the interior with warm pastel colors. Soft pinks, baby blues, and yellow brought some cheer to the once dark, dank space and even assisted the construction crew that came to fix up the place and bring it to code. Long gone were the broken pillars and boarded up doorways, warped floors, and cracked walls. Vaggie was grateful for the help as she knew Charlie was in over her head, yet she was still guarded when it came to her new coworkers and the addition to management. She had not been swayed by Alastor’s claim of just wanting to watch their patients fail, yet Charlie had been insistent she could change his and everyone else’s mind once they gained momentum.

It had been a week since The Radio Demon and Charlie made their unofficial deal to partner up. Today was supposed to be a soft welcome party for the Hotel’s prospects and in a few short hours, an open house/reception was to be set for anyone who wanted a peak inside and hopefully get a better understanding of the work that was to be done there, rather than go off on the disastrous interview on the news, and possibly get regular donations from the sponsor invitees.

Alastor would not miss it for the world, although large parties and festivities were not usually his favorite, mainly because guests gave him a wide birth and that simply wouldn’t do with his new line of ‘work’. He turned a new leaf, so to speak, of entertainment. Mindless genocide had quickly lost its spark when he had finally established himself as a force not to be reckoned with the other Overlords and Royals and killing individuals here in Hell also didn’t have the same thrill as when he had been alive. While he sought to gain more control over territories, life was boring, until he heard about this.

During the week he had spent some time doing damage control on that blunder of an interview Charlie had had with Katie Killjoy and through connections (or maybe even subtle threats), he managed to find some candidates who were willing to take the plunge for redemption, if not for at least free food and board in exchange for silly therapy and the occasional ‘good’ deed. Most were lesser demons with no strength to compete in the turf wars and with 357 days left until the next extermination, perhaps it was time for change, despite Charlie’s insanely generous (and stupid) offer. Others actually seemed... hopeful. He even reached out to some of the wealthier demons and Overlords around the area who would be interested in sponsoring the hotel, if for the sole purpose of ridiculous enjoyment he was hoping to encounter himself. Seeing souls crushed under the weight of failure had always, and would always be, amusing. Hopes and dreams such as this was just fantasy.

As a business man, he knew he had to keep this looney bin afloat as his partner wanted to keep everything as free as possible. A non-profit in the middle of Hell’s first circle, headed by the devil’s heir? Bless her little hell born soul. Charlie provided the bulk of financial means at the moment, but should there come a time she were to be cut off from her inheritance, at least the investors would be there. Plus no one had any clue how expensive this pet project of hers would cost. He was starting to adore her and her bright, bubbly personality and wild dream. It was going to be delicious when it all finally came crashing down and left her and whoever else believed in it spiraling into the depths of despair. Such delicious thoughts. How long would this little game last? He snickered, radio frequencies screeching softly. She was a funny one, that Charlie Magne. Innocent and as pure as a full fledged demon could be in Hell. Like an unsuspecting doe grazing before the kill shot was fired from the hunter’s rifle. Who would have thought the very Princess of Hell would have such a soft spot for her subjects who could care less about her? It was laughable, and yet, kind of endearing.

“Good afternoon, Al!” Charlie beamed from the top of the steps. He stared up at her from his peripheral, the ears atop of his head perking up and swiveling to her direction. “You’re early.” Alastor was caught a little off guard seeing the paled skinned demoness in a blood red cocktail dress that came down to her knees with laced capped sleeves. He was so used to seeing her in suits from the few times he came to check up on Niffty’s progress, he didn't think she would own anything like it now that she wasn’t living with her parents (as she thought it was best to live on the property to oversee everything and everyone). Her hair was pulled up into a tight bun with a black/red rose hair piece to give her tresses a splash of color. Simple, yet elegant. He was mildly tickled that they wore matching colors.

The red suited demon turned to face her fully and smiled impossibly larger. Sinister amusement danced through his eyes as he willed away his microphone staff he has been holding behind his back. “Well my dear, I am just as eager as you are to meet these new inmates that may decide to stay. I also came to see if you lovely ladies needed any assistance.” He straightened his bow tie and smoothed down the front of the tailcoat of his tuxedo. The radio playback that accompanied his voice aww’ed.

Vaggie rolled her eyes, not charmed by his supposed generosity, “We have everything under control. The caterers will be arriving for set up in about an hour and if we’re lucky, Husk’s won’t be back from the liquor store at all. I still don’t think we should have any booze around here.” She frowned and crossed her arms defiantly as she glared at him.

Alastor paid her no mind for a moment as he offered his arm to Charlie as she got to the bottom of the stairs. The princess hesitated for a moment but took it nonetheless. Despite his reputation, rumored bloodlust, and power, he was a gentleman, though incredibly eccentric. She carefully held on to his forearm- marveling at the muscle she felt through his shirt and jacket which she didn’t expect since he was so lean- almost lanky- as he guided her to the west side of the lobby where the ball room was. Charlie had hoped to turn the space into a community room, filled with games, books, and maybe open mic nights. She dreamed that any incoming residents would not only work on themselves, but also create a support group amongst one another. Surely working together would help them get to heaven.

“Oh my, what is a reception without a little wine or champagne to commemorate such a monumental night? My dear lady, liven up a little.” He lightly tapped her chin with a knuckle as he and Charlie passed by the concierge desk, cheers and clapping heard on the ghostly playback, “Smile.”

Vaggie fumed and bit the insides of her cheeks to prevent herself from saying anything she might regret. She didn’t trust him at all. They knew what his angle was when he showed up on their doorstep and offered to help run the hotel, but the she demon couldn’t help but still be suspicious that this was more than just for shits and giggles. There was more to it than he let on. His eyes said it all, but she couldn't make their intentions.

Getting up from her chair, she followed them to the ball room. Vaggie had tried her hardest to convince her girlfriend that it was ok to make an exception and reject him, but Hell’s princess refused to back down and turn him away, especially since he offered out of charity rather than monetary gain. It was one of few things Vaggie both loved and hated about Charlie simultaneously. She was so stubborn and hardheaded sometimes.

As they entered the ballroom, Charlie had let go of Alastor’s arm and knelt down by Niffty who was putting the last piece of linen on one of the buffet tables. The housekeeping demoness mumbled to herself as she expertly began to set the decorations she had at the ready on a caddy.

“Thank you, this all looks amazing. Are you sure you don’t need anymore help?”

The hyperactive demon shook her head furiously from side to side, “No, no. Plus I don’t think you have an eye, well EYES, for this sort of stuff considering all the remodeling that had to be done.” Charlie blushed in embarrassment, “Besides, you can help with clean up. This part is easy.” She looked up at the other demon, “Well, what do you think, boss?”

“Exquisite, Niffty.” He beamed, the echo of radio static on full blasted, screeching from his enthusiasm, “You’ve truly captured this establishment’s purpose. Warm and inviting, likes in which are not known here in Hell. Yes, I think we may get some patrons by the end of the night.” He looked around and nodded to himself, “Yes, yes. I suppose I can do my part and tend to the sad shamble we call a stage. This simply will not do!”

He sauntered off to the far end of the room where risers had been placed for a makeshift stage. He nudged the base to check its stability and nodded approvingly before raising his right hand and summoning his microphone staff once more. His eyes became radio dials and for a moment, the electricity in the air buzzed around them all. His head tilted slightly, runes floating about, as several shapes materialize into various instruments and speakers. As quickly as he began his summoning, his eyes were back to normal and he once again nodded with satisfaction.

“There we go! Now that’s a set up.”

Charlie squealed excitingly and hugged Vaggie, “This is it! It’s happening! Oh Vaggie, can you believe it? How long have we’ve dreamt about this?” She pulled back and held her moth by the shoulders, her eyes glistened with happiness as her smile threatened to rip her face in half.

Vaggie’s eye softened as she smiled too, happy to see her love bursting with positivity despite the shit show a week earlier and all the bumps and set backs they endured even before then. She only wished she could have been able to provide the support that was needed to get to where they were now rather than Alastor. Her orangish eye glanced at him as he whistled and twirled his mic.

“How did I get stuck in balloon duty!?” Came Angel’s whining voice from the hall, “It’s not like I even get to blow them. Why couldn’t we do condom balloon animals anyway? I have more than enough to donate and it’d sure as hell look better.” He came through the door way with four arms holding dozens of brightly colored party balloons and his two usually hidden arms crossed at his thin waist. His hips cocked to the left. He looked over at their housekeeper, “So, where do you want ‘em tiny tits?”

Niffty ignored him, per usual, and grabbed one handful of balloons instead, tying them to the centerpieces on the buffet table. Once she was satisfied, she grabbed another handful and tied two bunches on either ends of the stage. Alastor held onto to one bunch as she tied the first.

“Tie some to the end of the bannisters and then the front door and pillars.” She commanded as she finished. Angel rolled his eyes but didn’t protest. He was trying to make some amends after all for making Charlie sad and goofing up when he helped his gal pal Cherri Bomb with a fight. Plus, if he behaved, maybe it would make it easier to dip this lame party and keep his street cred, which was already compromised thanks to that interview when Charlie announced that he was the supposedly first to sign up for rehabilitation. Guess they were even.

“I better not be wearing no fucking monkey suit tonight and I ain’t no butler either.” Husk shouted from the lobby. He crossed paths with Angel on his way to the ballroom who winked at him playfully. He rolled his eyes, “I’ll serve drinks but nothing else, ya here? I’m gonna catch some Z’s before this shit starts.”

“Dear friend, I would not let you stoop so low. You look marvelous anyway.” Alastor cooed as he stood next to Charlie again and gently placed his right hand on the hollow of her lower back, causing Charlie to stiffen a little, “Besides, my shadowy minions will do. They shall provide the entertainment along with Razzle and Dazzle. Rest well, Huskers my boy. Someone will come get you when the festivities are about to begin.” His grin twitch. When did he ever stop grinning? He looked down at his business partner.

Charlie couldn’t help but blush a little at their proximity. In all honesty, she should have been used to it by now but there was something about him she couldn’t put her finger on and she knew keeping some physical distance from him would be better in the long run. It was probably his eyes. He always looked at her differently compared to the others. Regardless of the stories about him though, he was friendly to them, especially her, and was charming even. Alastor was an interesting fellow, but she barely knew him and quite honestly she didn’t know if she wanted to get to know him better, no matter how drawn she was to him. She swallowed nervously, feeling her heart skip a beat.

“Shall we retire to the office and discuss business, my dear?” The background buzz of the radio that was usually present when he spoke faded, “We haven’t quite finished drafting our...” He paused for a moment. Charlie refused to call it a deal, “...agreement.” His voice deepened at the word. He stared at her intently. “While you ordered me to help you with this hotel for as long as I desired, our roles have yet to be defined. For the sake of legality, we should put something down in writing.”

The heiress of Hell gulped again, trying to find her voice, “R-right. Vaggie, will you be able to handle the caterers when they come?” Her girlfriend nodded, lips pressed tightly as she glared at Alastor’s offending hand. Lately he had started to become more handsy with Charlie, more so than the beginning. Why was it necessary for him to always touch her in some way? Why did he need to have a say in any of this as well?

At best, Vaggie was only an assistant. Charlie owned everything up until Alastor came into their lives. She followed them out to the lobby and watched as they slipped into an office on the other side of the staircase, frowning as Alastor looked at her from the corner of his eye and smirked deviously, his shadow appearing behind him with its own devilish smile. She let out a heavy, frustrated sigh as the door clicked shut. What had they gotten themselves into? Since he arrived, Charlie was acting strange and a bit more... distracted.


Charlie sat behind the desk and rummaged through one of the drawers looking for blank paper. With all the preparations for this day, it was true that they hadn’t really had the chance to discuss their respective roles and responsibilities. Charlie pursed her lips. To be honest, she really didn’t know how to implement her ideas. Maybe Alastor could help, even if he didn’t care about anything she stood for and hoped to achieve. He was a smart man with a different way of thinking, so perhaps he could be a breath of fresh air to the project. An outside perspective would be beneficial to keep her objective.

Setting the supplies down on the desk, she looked up at her business partner who made himself comfortable in the seat across from her, an ankle resting on the other leg at the knee. She hadn’t noticed, but instead of wearing his usual pinstriped suit, his coat and vest were a solid blood red like her dress, the hem not tattered like the one she was used to. Oh no... they were in matching colors. Would that be cheesy? Perhaps she should have consulted Vaggie on which colors she was wearing for tonight.

“Is everything alright, my dear?” He titled his head to the left, his hair and ears flopping to the side.

Charlie snapped out of her daze, “Huh? Oh... yeah. I was just thinking maybe I should change before guests arrive.” She gnawed her bottom lip.

He raised a brow, for once his toothy grin gone, replaced with just a lippy smile, as if reading her mind. “Whatever for? I think you look quite lovely. Charlie, my dear, if it’s about us wearing the same colors, as uncoordinated as it was, do not fret. We are partners after all. Think of it as some kind of statement that we are indeed in this together even if we view things differently.” The radio static clicked, as if tuning into a new station. Some classical music began playing softly, relaxing her a little.

Charlie then pouted for a moment, and Alastor couldn’t help but note how adorable she was as a small blush dusted her cheeks from his compliment. She definitely was a rare breed, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that she was in fact, still part angel. A very rare hybrid, indeed, and perhaps the only one of her kind in terms of temperament. Lucifer, despite all of stories and being the King of Hell, was still an Angel, even if he was a fallen one. He, the other fallen angels, and the Princes of Hell made up the royal courts in each Circle with Lucifer at the helm. Charlie’s heritage was rich, and he hoped to exploit some of it. Dealing with Ornias and Gaap during his broadcasted carnage had been relatively easy, but to get to the others would take some finesse. He just had to figure out how to use her, if he even could, to get to the royals as they could keep him satisfied longer than the average sinner or low tiered overlord. Their added power to his was also a huge bonus. Seeing her on the picture show had been a blessing and the idea to help had struck him like lightening. However, in the course of two weeks, he realized it would be a difficult task, but nothing a bit of invested time and nurturing couldn’t solve. If he couldn’t use her to get to them, perhaps she could help him access Lucifer as the king was just as elusive as he and work his way from there to bring down their guard. She could be useful to him in many ways. He licked his lips.

His eyes softened a little as Charlie picked up a pen and began to jot down something on the paper before her, her brows furrowed in worry as she tried to decipher how to split their responsibilities. ‘Like a lost and frighten kitten.’ He thought, ‘Ah yes, I suppose I can consider her my pet, not with what I intend to groom her for. It shouldn’t be hard to keep her occupied while I see how far I can take this. I can gain something from Lucifer’s only heir, but what exactly is too soon to tell.’

“So, Al...Astor,” She squeaked out, trying her best to sound as professional as possible as they got down to business. This was perhaps the first time she was truly alone with him and his presence was a bit overwhelming. His ears twitched at the sound of his name. “H-how much involvement di-did you want in this? I think it’s best we make notes... to... to um, ensure we’re on the same page before uh, fl-fleshing out our agreement.” She was nervous, not sure how she was going to do this. Vaggie would have her head if he had anything to do with patient care. “Unfortunately, anything regarding our treatment and the patients will only be handled by either Vaggie or myself.”

He chuckled, his toothy grin returning slowly, “Just enough to be able to meet our future patrons periodically, perhaps instill some obedience if I handle the disciplining for any unruly resident, and have some say in big decisions concerning your hotel, mainly financing. What says you, my dearest?” She wasn’t daft, and that pleased him.

She gnawed at her bottom lip again for a moment, but felt at ease at his response. “Well, I’m sure you’d want 50-50 in ownership, but overall this is my project yet having majority share doesn’t seem right. V-Vaggie has been with me from the beginning so I was thinking 34% for me, 33% for you, and 33% to Vaggie as a tie breaker as you and I will have 50-50 on decision making. As for discipline... it’s probably for the best. I know I’m not taken seriously right now as everyone thinks I’m crazy, but hopefully we don’t have a legion of Angel Dusts on our hands.” They both chuckled.

“Splendid. I don’t think you’re crazy, my dear, you’re quite passionate about this and it positively moves me.” He rubbed the back of his neck, facing up in an attempt to not laugh. Charlie was a little mad in his opinion, but he wouldn’t let her know.

She blinked, “Thanks. So, you... you agree?”

Alastor stood, his tall frame looming over her yet she didn’t feel threatened. He unbuttoned his coat to shrug it off and carefully placed it over the back of his chair, leaving only his burgundy vest on over his shirt. He undid the cuff links of his black dress shirt to roll up his sleeves, revealing the relatively strong forearms she had to see to believe. She was sure his biceps were well defined to match. Not muscular, but toned. Her eyes lingered on the scars that marred his gray toned skin but she bit her tongue to stop herself from asking questions. She shouldn’t make things too friendly or personal between them.

Charlie’s heart thumped loudly for a moment. Why was she getting worked up? Clearly he was just getting comfortable as he sat back down, resuming his original position than resting his gloved hands on his shin. She had to admit he looked incredibly handsome and would no doubt make any demoness swoon tonight. Her heart clenched at the thought of some dame having his full attention, but than nearly slapped herself at the thought. Since when did she care? For all she knew he was already taken.

“It’s perfectly fine, darling. While I’m certain she will choose you over my opinion any day, I’m surprised you would allow me to have this much control.” He leaned back slightly, resting his right elbow on the armrest and placed his chin on the pad of his thumb, “Are you sure?” The crackling of the static behind his voice disappeared momentarily, dying out as if someone turned off the radio. He stared at her intently, his expression relaxed which was strange as he was always smiling sinisterly or amusingly. No, this time no teeth were involved and his red eyes were swimming with genuine merriment. He was just as excited to open this hotel as she was. His gaze shifted. She couldn’t read his expression.

Charlie rubbed her arms, the air in the room feeling colder than usual yet charged with electricity that sent shivers of excitement down her spine. She wished he wouldn’t stare at her like that, it scared her a little as she felt a rush of heat pool in her stomach. There was so much she didn’t know about him but she had to trust him at least to some degree. Why else would he come to her, even if not for the same noble reason? She had to show him somehow that she could be trusted too as much as she trusted him to not devour and destroy this establishment. So what if he thought it was a joke? She’d show him.

“I-I’m... I’m sure.” She wished she could stop stuttering. Her heart fluttered a little. She suddenly knew this feeling and it made her cringe as they locked eyes and she felt another jolt of electricity. ‘Oh no, Charlie.’ She thought to herself with dread, ‘You’re not developing a crush on him. We don’t even know him and we’re happy with Vaggie!’ She took a deep breath to calm herself. ‘Sure... despite him being super creepy as fuck, he’s kinda... kinda handsome. A-and he hasn’t done anything to ya despite the rumors.’ She cleared her throat.

Alastor watched the emotions dance across her face. She was like an open book and he savored it. Things were getting more interesting and aside from that insufferable, raging homosexual Charlie insisted had been the Hotel’s first patient, he did not expect this turn of events. He was a little flattered, actually, and saw a window of opportunity present itself on a silver platter to further his plan.

‘Interesting...’ he mused as she took a deep breath and looked down at her paper, ‘A flicker. How long can I play with her before she cracks? It’s been a while since I had a pet to play with.’ Runes began to float about him as time and space shifted around him, his eyes becoming dials as his excitement grew. Oh the devilish things that crossed his mind. If the tenants didn’t provide him the fun he desired, surely Charlie would on top of her title. His take over of all of Hell wouldn’t be so mundane as turf wars victories and shady deals as he had thought. Yes... she would be the most valuable and entertaining pet he had in decades. Her partner didn’t stand a chance. Not to mention it’d be the best way to be in her good graces to get to the others, or at least her father. Yes, the pieces were falling into place. Charlie Magne would be his, one way or another starting tonight.

He snapped back to reality as Charlie cleared her throat, “Ok, so since that’s settled. What are our duties?”

Alastor leaned back, his head tilting to the left, then to the right. The sound of popping bones filled the air. “Oh my charming demon belle, I think it’s rather obvious. I prefer more behind the scenes, so to speak. Dealing with the boring office work, bookkeeping, and overall staff morale and executive work, maybe even cook on occasion. I see you more hands on with the guests, seeing to the rehabilitation efforts of these lonesome sinners who seek impossible redemption. You are the face and back bone of this project, while I...” at this point he had already stood up and made his way over to the other side of the desk, gently running a long gloved finger up Charlie’s arm, than slowly grasping both shoulders and giving them a small squeeze, “I shall be the support you need. Lean on me for whatever your heart desires. I will see to it your needs are met to the best of my abilities, my dear.” He leaned down to seductively whisper into her ear, radio static gone “All your needs.”

Charlie didn’t know she could blush so hard, she was certain her face matched her dress judging by the heat radiating from her cheeks and her pulse hammering in her ears. What was he doing? Despite his very handsy approach with her when he had first came, and the dancing and twirling they did as he sang that day, she never noticed how large and deadly his hands were with long elegant fingers that could wrap around her throat and crush the very life out of her. The trail he left behind caused her to suck in a surprised gasp from the flirtatious move. His seductive voice nearly stopped all train of thought. And the natural musk that clung to him? Like petrichor and the distant scent of a kill rotting in a forest, but with notes of sandalwood and cinnamon. It wasn’t unpleasant. It was sickly sweet and she tried so desperately not to literally lean on him to smell it better.

He gave her shoulders a quick massage, kneading the delicate flesh for no more than a minute. He grinned as her eyes fluttered shut and a small breathless moan escaped her blackened lips. “My, you’re quite tense, darling. Nervous for tonight?” He let her go, much to his dismay. He liked how she turned to goop under his ministrations and more wicked thoughts entered his head. His new plan to woo the princess forming.

Charlie shot straight up in her seat, gripping the armrest of the office chair as if her life depended on it. What the hell just happened? She wasn’t getting turned on by him, was she? She scolded herself mentally. No... he was just extremely friendly.

“Y-yeah...” She gulped, but couldn't deny she already missed the bit of intimacy.

Alastor finished his rotation around the desk and stood in front of her, hands behind his back, “Don’t worry about tonight, I will be at your side and I promise it’ll be a success.” He backed up and gracefully sat back down. “Now, where were we?” He suddenly gasped excitedly and clasped his hands together, “Oh! Before I forget, I’ll be moving in myself later next week to assist in operation both night and day. How else will I get to enjoy this endeavor and see these sinners struggle? I hope you don’t mind dear, but I’ll take the other penthouse suite upstairs, the one opposite of your room. Stop by any time you like, you’re always welcomed inside, lovely.” He looked at her through hooded eyes. “And I do mean always.”

Charlie looked like a deer caught in headlights. “Oh shit....” she whispered to herself, recognizing the glint in his eyes but refusing to acknowledge it.

Lustful desire.


Vaggie sucked in a breath as the first person walked in through the open door, “Hey, welcome to The Happy Hotel!” The short, gray lizard like demon looked around the lobby, clicking his tongue as he shoved his hands into his tanned trench coat pockets. His head barely visible above the counter.

“This not Hotel Hazbin?” His voice was gruff.

Her lips pursed as she counted to ten. That’s right, the Shitlord changed the hotel name for- surprise, surprise- shits and giggles. Her and Charlie barely noticed it a yesterday morning when they went shopping for party supplies with Niffty but it was too late to do anything about it as he made and had the new pamphlets printed. He cackled the entire time when she and Charlie made a piss poor attempt to confront him, but in his defense, he made some points that Hazbin was a better, less childish option and the souls coming to them were ‘has been’ sinners. Cabrón hijo de...

“Yes, excuse me... we just had a name change so it’s taking some getting use to. Are you here as a prospective patient, or sponsor?”

“Patient, I guess.” He rubbed the back of his scaly neck. Purple eyes set in yellow scleras looked around the lobby.

Vaggie smiled warmly, “Great. Here, just need you to fill out this questionnaire. If you do decide to stay, we’ll go more in depth during consolation. Name?”

“Thorn.” He took the clip board and the tag Vaggie scribbled his name on. The lizard mumbled to himself and sat on a near by bench beside the fireplace that had practically birthed Niffty a week ago.

The Hispanic demoness chose to ignore his comment that he was only there for the free food. She shook her head and pressed a button on an intercom on her desk, “Hey, Charlie?”


The heiress burst out from her office, almost bouncing off the walls, with Alastor in tow with his jacket back on. His walked gracefully with his hands behind his back, staff in hand, and his head held high, looking dignified and imposing. Naturally he was smiling widely.

Charlie rushed to the lobby and frantically looked around, her eyes widening to giant saucers as she squealed with glee. It was happening. Finally, a first prospect that hopefully wasn’t outlandish and troublesome as Angel Dust. Speak of the devil, he was tip toeing out the front door.

“Later, toots! Don’t wait up.” He called as he rushed to enter a dark sedan waiting for him in front of the hotel.

Thorn looked up, wondering who was skinning a live cat.

“Hello!” She screeched with enthusiasm, throwing her hands above her.

“Hi? Huh, what!” Charlie had seized one of his stubby hands and furiously shook it, threatening to dislocated his elbow.

“Hi! I’m Charlie, Director of Patient Care here at Hazbin! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You’re going to love it here!” She would have continued but Alastor interrupted her by placing a large hand on top of her head, effectively silencing her.

He towered over everyone in the room. His head was still held high as he looked down at the lowly demon before him, a glint in his eyes that made Thorn gulp in nervousness. That smile... why did he have to smile like that? It promised so much pain, yet Thorn knew better than to book it out of there. The Radio Demon verbally promised as much when he was approached to come. “Come now, Charlie dear, let’s not overwhelm our first guest. I’m sure more are trailing right behind him. Save the enthusiasm for your opening speech.”

Charlie blushed faintly and mumbled an “okay”. Vaggie crossed her arms over her chest and stared intently at Charlie, then to Alastor, then back to Charlie again. Her eye narrowed as she scowled. Was that a blush? She couldn’t tell as her girlfriend tilted her head away from her. ‘Hijo de perra...’ She hissed internally, ‘what did he do to her!’ She and Charlie would need a long chat tonight about what went on in that room.