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Taste your beating heart

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It is common knowledge in the cultivation world that hearing the piercing trill of a dizi could only mean the Yiling Patriarch is near.

Only the brave and foolish dare to get close to the Burial Mounds where Wei Wuxian resides. Barriers of resentful energy and fierce corpses keep his enemies at bay and his allies close, away from the rest of the world.

However, from time to time someone foolishly tries to break in, and Wei Wuxian has to deal personally with the intruders. It’s always a bother to pause his experiments and walk to the foot of the mountain when it happens.

A small group of no more than ten cultivators waits for him. Their yellow clothes with white peonies embroidered in their chests reveal them as Lanling Jin disciples. Their swords are drawn and stained red as they stand surrounded by body parts and grime.

“Sect Leader Jin sent you?” Wei Wuxian frowns, coming to a halt in front of them. Wen Ning is by his side, loyally accompanying him like he always does.

“We don’t need orders to come here and kill you!” one of the intruders spits.

Wei Wuxian is not surprised to know that a group of cultivators decided to run away from their sect to fight him—it has happened before, more times than he cares to remember.

“Please leave,” Wei Wuxian warns, his hand moves to his waist where he keeps Chenqing.

“We won’t!” another cultivator exclaims and takes a step forward, pointing his sword at Wei Wuxian. “We’ll kill you and those damned Wens that should be already dead!”

Wei Wuxian raises Chenqing to his lips and with a single note, a new wave of corpses raises from the ground, not attacking yet, but ready to spring into action.

“This is the final warning, leave now!” Wei Wuxian stomps, clenching his hands at his side.

They don’t leave.

One of the cultivators charges forward with a battle cry. Wei Wuxian dodges easily and punches him in the stomach.

“You’re hated by everyone!” the cultivator exclaims venomously before falling to his knees.

Wei Wuxian is well aware of his reputation. He had rebelled against the major sects, had protected the Wens remnants, and had commanded an army of hundreds—thousands even—of undead soldiers to battle.

“I know.” Wei Wuxian turns around, twirling Chenqing in his fingers as he walks back home and the fierce corpses tear the intruders apart. Wen Ning stays behind, someone will need to clean the mess caused by the fight after all.


Lan Wangji is waiting for him when he arrives back. A-Yuan sits by his side holding a book. Lately, Lan Wangji has taken upon teaching the kid to read and A-Yuan has shown great progress, even though all the books Lan Wangji has given him are about history and poetry, not really appealing to him.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji says, walking to him as soon as he notices he is back.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian jogs to meet him.

“They told me someone had breached the defenses.” Lan Wangji replies. “I should have gone to help you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian assures him. “It wasn’t a big deal.”

Lan Wangji frowns. Wei Wuxian can understand his concern, he has almost died in Lan Wangji’s arms several times in the past and that had been more than enough for him.

“Come on, let’s spend the rest of the day together,” Wei Wuxian proposes, already guiding Lan Wangji to their home, waving at A-Yuan when they walk by his side.

The house is not impressive at all—built out of coarse wood and barely big enough to accommodate basic furniture. The floor creaks and there is a leak on the roof that they should repair before the rainy season hits, but it is definitely nicer than living in a cave, even if Wei Wuxian argued at first when Wen Qing ordered him to move into a more livable environment.

“Play a song for me,” Wei Wuxian says as soon as the door closes behind them.

Lan Wangji hums and sits in front of his guqin. The known notes of a melody composed for him in the dark back when they were younger fills the room and Wei Wuxian smiles, allowing himself to relax.

“You truly know how to make me feel special, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji looks at Wei Wuxian and his golden eyes focus on him with intensity. Wei Wuxian walks towards him, slowly, until he is kneeling in front of Lan Wangji.

Beautiful, gorgeous Lan Wangji.

The dark clothes suit him as well as the white ones once did. He still wears his forehead ribbon embroidered with blue drifting clouds, a reminder of his old life—of the orthodox path he abandoned when he followed Wei Wuxian to the Burial Mounds.

It's been almost a year since Lan Wangji—Lan clan’s pride and symbol of light and rightfulness—chose Wei Wuxian over the whole cultivation world, and they have been together in more ways than one since then.

“I missed you,” Wei Wuxian says softly, placing his hands on Lan Wangji’s shoulders. “Did you miss me too?”

Lan Wangji nods and lets Wei Wuxian sit on his lap.

“I did. I missed you too,” Lan Wangji answers.

Wei Wuxian smiles and slides his arms around Lan Wangji’s neck who places his hands on his waist, pulling him even closer.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji mutters.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian croons and presses their foreheads together, tilting his head to the side.

The kiss is headier than any wine, and Wei Wuxian wants to drink every bit and every second of it—the moans, the bites, and the warm tongue that pries his lips open and delves into his mouth.

Over time, Wei Wuxian has used to walk amongst the dead, and Lan Wangji—his Lan Zhan—has become his comfort, what he needs when he misses the living, and when he no longer feels alive.

Both pant after the kiss, a short moment to recover before Wei Wuxian’s mouth latches onto Lan Wangji’s neck, feeling his pulse with his lips and swirling his tongue over it. He loves Lan Wangji’s warm skin, the rosy tint that covers his cheeks and ears, and the steady rhythm of his heart inside his ribcage.

Lan Wangji stands up and Wei Wuxian wraps his legs around his waist, laughing as Lan Wangji takes a couple of steps and places him on the bed.

They kiss again, and again until their lips are red and their lungs ask for air. Wei Wuxian thrusts his hips upwards and Lang Wangji opens his robes, sliding his hands all over his torso.

Wei Wuxian grabs Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon and tugs, feeling delighted when it comes undone, freeing Lan Wangji’s from his sect’s restrain.

“Lan Zhan, do you love me?” Wei Wuxian asks as he twirls the white ribbon between his finger, his half-lidded eyes are focused on Lan Wangji’s golden irises. 

“As much as I can,” Lan Wangji answers, looking at Wei Wuxian as his fingers wander lower and lower, rubbing Wei Wuxian over his trousers and making him moan.

“Good,” Wei Wuxian replies, arching his back and sighing when Lan Wangji slides his palm under the fabric to finally hold his dick. “Because I’m madly in love with you.”


“Wei Ying, come back to Gusu with me,” Lan Wangji pleaded.

Wei Wuxian was not going to fall for it. Once they were in the Cloud Recesses he was going to be imprisoned for the rest of his life or something equally unpleasant.

“Come with me to Yiling instead,” Wei Wuxian answered, feeling tired of having the same conversation all over again.

His voice sounded strained, frustrated, and he did not expect an answer aside from Lan Wangji's blatant rejection. Instead, Lan Wangji had looked at him with wide eyes, opening his mouth to whisper the words that changed their lives altogether:

“I'll go with you.”