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Ghost: A Tododeku Story

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Todoroki looked down at the ground far below him, tears falling down his face, hidden by the rain. He tilted his face up towards the sky, closing his eyes and feeling the cool droplets hit his face, breathing in deeply.
‘It’ll all be over soon,’ He told himself. ‘Just one step, and I’ll be free from this living hell.’

Todoroki stood on top of a roof, on one of the many business buildings his father owned.

Throughout his entire childhood, he’d been abused, beaten and scolded, his father molding him into the perfect heir to his enormous business, and even larger fortune.
All of his older siblings had either run away, fleeing their father’s overbearing ego, or had been deemed ‘useless’, and unfit to receive their inheritance.
All that he knew, was how to be the best, the strongest, smartest, and most cunning of all the other business’ heirs.

Their company, Endeavor, had only one true rival: One For All, a business based off of kindness, and charity, yet despite what his father called the ‘unnecessary wasting of precious resources’, One For All remained the number one business in the world.
Since the day he was born, his father had tested him with the most difficult things, like forcing him to study two grades ahead of other children his age, and homeschooling him to keep him away from the public.
His father believed that, if Shouto was allowed to attend a normal school before he was old enough to attend the number one academy in Japan, UA high, that the two-toned boy would become obsessed with ‘common things that will waste his precious time’.

He hated it.

His entire life, he’d never had a single friend. He’d never been allowed to play with his older siblings, always kept away from them to preserve his perfection.
Even his mother, Rei, had been unable to handle her husband’s relentless abuse.
When he was 6, after she had become mentally unstable, she had poured boiling hot water on Shouto’s left eye, permanently scarring the side of his face that reminded him everyday of his father.

His father had been incredibly furious, blaming his mother for ‘ruining’ his perfect son, and had sent her away to a mental hospital.

Shouto hadn’t seen her since.

A sob left his throat for the first time in years as he remembered his mother’s face when she’d burned him, the look of terror she’d had in her eyes right before she’d grabbed the boiling kettle, and attacked him.
He hugged himself tightly, wondering if she’d done it because she hated him, or because of the blood red hair and bright blue eye that adorned his left.
‘She never really loved you. Nobody’s ever loved you. They just wanted to use you. There’s no other reason you’re alive, except to fulfill your father’s dreams.’
A small voice said in his head.

“You’re right…” He mumbled to himself, his voice steadied again as all emotion left his mind.
The pain, the guilt, the unbearable hatred and sorrow he felt constantly finally faded into a blur, his mind forgetting everything.
He opened his eyes, and looked down at the ground far below him. He’d chosen his father’s tallest building, both out of reasoning and spite.
‘Your ‘company’ won’t look so great, when it’s heir lies dead in front of it, will it father?’

He took a small note from his pocket, removing his shoes and placing them gently beside him.
The note was simple, an emotionless goodbye, a quote he’d found online that spoke to him.
“When I die, don’t you dare come to my grave, and tell me how much you love me, and miss me. Because those words were the only thing I needed to stay.”
He said aloud, reading the paper before setting it gently under one of his shoes to protect it from the rain.
He inhaled deeply, cherishing the air, knowing it would be his last.

With one step, he leapt forward, feeling for a split second like he was flying before he began to plummet.
His hands reached out for something by instinct, trying desperately to keep him alive.
As he fell, time slowed, his life replaying in his mind, and one final thought crossed his mind before he hit the hard pavement 17 stories below him.
‘Finally, I’m free.’




Shouto woke with a small gasp, air rushing into his lungs as he sat up abruptly.
He was incredibly dizzy, his vision twisting and curving around him as he stood up carefully, trying his best to not fall over.
He looked down at himself, and frowned in confusion.
His blue hoodie and jeans were spotlessly clean, only looking slightly wrinkled.
Not a single bit of blood was in sight, which confused him.

From that height, he should have been covered in it, in fact he shouldn't even be able to stand.
He blinked a bit of blurriness from his eyes, searching his surroundings.
It was still raining, and there were red and blue lights flashing repeatedly nearby.
Confused, Shouto made his way over to them, towards a large crowd that seemed to be surrounding something.
He weaved his way in between the standing figures, noting that they all had mixed looks of surprise, confusion, pity, and horror.
Once he’d made it through the crowd, he looked to what everyone was staring at, and fell down backwards in horror.

Lying on the pavement, covered in blood, was Shouto.
He began to shake, feeling incredibly nauseous at the sight of so much blood, stumbling away from the crowd, desperate to get away from the scene.
As he passed by a reporter standing in front of a camera, he picked out the words
“-oki’s son Shouto Todoroki has been found dead in front of Endeavor’s main office building. Local authorities suspect suicide, however the situation is unclear…”
Shouto didn’t need to hear any more.
He understood fully what had happened now, and as he collapsed in the street, shaking, he tried to grasp the situation.

He had managed to kill himself, as he’d originally intended, but something unexpected had happened.

He was still alive.

‘But… How?!’ He thought frantically, all logical thought leaving his mind as he tried to understand what was going on.
‘I… I’m supposed to be dead!!! Why am I still alive?? I don’t understand… Mom, I’m scared! What’s happening to me?!’
In his frantic searching, Shouto held up one of his hands, and froze at what he saw. His skin had turned slightly transparent, glowing faintly in the darkening light as the sun went down.
Shouto finally understood what had happened. The moment he’d hit the pavement, he had died, leaving his body.

However, something had occurred when he’d died that he hadn’t expected to happen.
He’d become a ghost.
Indeed, he’d gained an ethereal body, trapped in between life and death, permanently lost in the world he’d roamed only moments ago.

Shouto Todoroki had failed to pass on.