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Steps in the opposite Direction

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Britain: 31st August 2000


They should have known better, but hope dies last. Alas it shouldn’t be so, but enough was enough – Severus Snape would no longer accept it…no more of his little Snakes’ blood would be spilled. Too many had already died in a war caused by the hypocrites and bigots of the Light. So, they wanted to blame Slytherin for the war and wanted them out of Hogwarts, so be it. He would see how well Magical Britain would survive without their creativity, their knowledge – and their patents.


Shortly, after getting his Masteries in Potions, Defense and Spell Crafting – theoretically he could have successfully passed the Healer exam as well – Severus had included a ‘hidden’ condition in all of the contracts for his patents. Magicals everywhere would be unable to use any of the things he had created or modified – whether it was his potions recipes or spells if Severus was forced to leave Magical Britain.


In addition, most were unaware of the fact that Severus Snape had Founder’s blood running through his veins. He was a direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw – and through a cadet line, he was also related to Salazar Slytherin. This would not only allow him to have a greater say in Hogwarts’ protection, he would also be able to remove his charges from Hogwarts, should the need ever arise – and close down those parts of the school that traditionally belonged to Slytherin House.

It is said that ignorance is bliss. Magical Britain and many other magical communities around the globe would soon learn that this is not so. They would learn the most vital lesson of them all. One should never go to war against a true Slytherin – you would only lose. Severus had already been forced to bury both Lucius and Narcissa, who had been killed by an enraged mob. They had literally been ripped apart. No one had been bothered to capture their murderers either. This did not surprise the Potions Master, but it did hurt. And it made him angry .


This business, however, was the final straw. They wanted to oust Slytherin House and Severus was responsible for keeping his little snakes safe. It was now time to retrieve them all and move them to their new home and sanctuary. He was not concerned about those hypocrites who had ignored the suffering of his brethren for centuries. Now they would have to swallow a bitter pill. They wanted to be rid of all Slytherins – fine, but they would endure the consequences as well.


Severus would make sure that a small permanent portkey was woven into their uniforms immediately after each Slytherin was sorted on September 1st . All new and old Slytherin students would be ported directly to their new home in the hidden archipelago in Eastern Asia. As soon as the last student was sorted, and their uniform adjusted accordingly, the spell would activate and evacuate the Slytherins, and ensure that one quarter of the school would no longer be accessible, at least until those bigots learned their lesson. If they ever did. In addition, all property belonging to the students and that of the other Slytherin families had already been or would be sent to their new home.


While making plans for his future, Severus had tried to find ways to dampen or remove the Dark Mark. He had been working at it for years, but it all came to nothing as the late Dark Lord had built too many hidden traps into the mark. Severus’ godson Draco was one of a few who knew how many years Severus had dedicated to the task. He also knew that because Severus was branded with the mark, neither the Wizengamot nor the British Magical community would ever allow his godfather to live his life in peace regardless of his years of service. His godfather had already suffered enough, but they would not allow him to be free…not when they could still exploit him just like Dumbledore and the Dark Lord had done for years.

Draco had lost the majority of his family to the insanity and the bigotry of Magical Britain and the Voldemort Wars, and he was determined that he would not lose his godfather too. Their sanctuary would finally allow them to heal – and an added benefit was that the Asian Magical community had a much saner approach to all branches of Magick. This was one of the main reasons why the Slytherins chose to move there – to a well-hidden archipelago, which nobody could enter if they had not been invited. And betrayal was impossible for all who entered.


The last Lord Malfoy smirked as he thought about how this bombshell would ruffle the feathers of those hypocrites. He thought that those fools should have known better than to try to keep Severus Snape chained. It would end in failure every time. Since the war, Severus had only given two interviews and his last one, which was given to an independent journalist who worked with Newt Scamander and the Quibbler, would shock them all. But that was all soon to be in the past. Today would start the first day of the rest of their lives and Draco was more than well-prepared for it, including stepping in as the de-facto leader of the younger Slytherins.


As for Severus…well, he was surprised that the Wizengamot had not forced him to bond with one of the Light-sided fools, but he knew that it could still happen. Or at least, they could still try . It was best to leave as soon as possible. They had already chosen new names, and completed a blood adoption, none of which should ring any bells until it was far too late.


Severus had chosen the name Alan S. Pendragon, for himself and Draco would be known as Patrick D. Pendragon . Severus had also secretly adopted a little magical orphan in, who had been baptised Sidney R. Pendragon . They would retrieve the little tyke today before meeting the others at their new home. Draco was looking forward to helping his godfather take care of little Sidney. It would be good practice should he ever have his own children. Thanks to little Sidney, his godfather had started to smile again…something which Draco had thought to be impossible. Fortunately, he had been proven wrong. Only Draco had been part of the blood-adoption ceremony that would forever change Sidney’s life. Even though Draco had learned to fear and despise both of her biological parents, he knew that their child was an innocent and deserved a better life.


Nobody needed to know or would know that little Sidney had been born Delphini Riddle. Narcissa had managed to save the little girl and had brought her to the very orphanage which held the required documents that had already approved one Alan S. Pendragon as her adoptive father. Narcissa had feared that the child’s next-of-kin, the Rowle family, would mistreat the little girl. But she knew that Severus would treat her like his own. If it would have been possible, Severus would even have dared to travel back in time and adopt Tom directly after the death of his mother, Merope, to ensure that he would never have become a Dark Lord.


Time to go, Dragon”, Severus said to his godson. The wards would automatically be set to ‘lock-down’ which would buy them the time they needed to escape the bigoted nation. Cradling Sidney to his chest, and hugging his godson to his side, Severus activated the portkey that transported them to their new home.

Welcome home, Sir”, greeted Pansy and Blaise.


It is good to be home. Has everything gone well?”, asked Severus as he gently soothed his daughter.


Indeed, Sir”, Pansy reported, “We only wait for Professor Sinistra and the Slytherin students from Hogwarts who should be arriving this evening. Professor Sinistra sent us a message that they wanted to wait until they are all safely in the Slytherin common room, before using the portkey. Some of us needed to be treated in the infirmary as many had been injured defending our homes. But none of us would have expected anything else from that ‘side’”, Pansy continued.


Understandable”, Severus replied, “And what about the hidden Slytherins in the other three Houses?”, he asked while gazing at his sleeping daughter. He hoped she would be able to sleep without any night terrors, but he would stay alert, nevertheless. Even Draco had had a bout of them during his own toddler days. It was not surprising considering that the Ministry urged by the Light fanatics, began raids on Malfoy Manor at all hours. Not even the nursery had been safe, as Severus quite often noticed during his regular visits to the manor.


Undecided for now, Sir. The portkeys are already woven into all the new uniforms and the pillows of the hidden Slytherins. But we wanted to wait to see how bad the fallout will be, once they realise that so many of us are missing. The moment they try to turn on the hidden ones, the portkeys will bring them to us”, explained Pansy.


Fine. I do not want any of us in trouble, but this may be for the best. Call an early night for everyone as soon as Aurora and the Slytherins arrive. We will all have a meeting at noon tomorrow in the Great Hall. We will have brunch and a first overview of the latest troubles”, Severus replied.


Sir, I have discovered the basics of an enslavement contract for anyone who ever belonged to Slytherin House. Even war heroes would be bound in marriage to members of the Light houses, with absolute dominance going to the Light spouse”, reported Blaise angrily. “They had not yet decided your fate, sir. But had noted that you should either belong to the Minister or to the Saviour. They really know no shame”, he continued obviously filled with disgust.


I see. Are any of us, with the exception of Aurora, her students and any hidden Slytherins in other Houses, still in Britain?”, inquired Severus carefully.


No, Sir”, Blaise replied, “Professor Sinistra and the others you mentioned are the last of us that remain. Everyone else had already left the British Isles without the Ministry of Magic and their watchdogs any wiser”, answered Blaise, having calmed down a bit after being able to report what was happening to Severus.


Draco spoke up, “I know that Aunt Andromeda will be safe. During the last memory ceremony for the Voldemort Wars, they used the hat for possible re-sorts. In her case, the Hat called Hufflepuff. She and Teddy have Potter’s protection. If we hear that things are getting worse, we could always send them a portkey disguised as a stuffy.”


Ah yes, I remember now, I was still in recovery at the time and unable to attend the ceremony. But you are correct Draco, the re-sort should keep them safe, at least for now”, mused Severus.


Bidding them good night, Severus went to his new home. There he fed and changed Sidney for the night. Severus placed her into her crib, which was currently in his bedroom. There was a nursery a few doors down from his, but he wanted to keep his little girl close for now. Draco had his own rooms within his home as well and would probably come in within a few hours. Severus realised that the young man probably wanted to catch up with his friends first and begin planning their next steps.

A slight smile was visible on Severus’ face as he went to sleep. Flu season was coming, and the old Pepper Up potions were not even half as effective as his new and improved formula. It was such a pity that no one would be able to use it any longer. Well, it was always a problem when people forgot to read the fine print.

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Aurora Sinistra would not allow herself to show it, but she was nervous. She was the only Slytherin professor who had remained after the war at Hogwarts not that she could blame Severus for his adamant refusal to return. She had known all too well, that the end of the war did not mean a clean slate for all students…especially those in Slytherin, therefore she was very happy that they had used every possible moment making plans for their future.


She meant to disappear that very night with her charges. The only question was whether they should leave directly after the sorting or wait until they were in the relative safety of their last refuge in Hogwarts – the Slytherin Common Room. There was now absolutely no other option. For she had heard the rumours about enslavement and forced marriages. This was nothing that she wished to happen to any of her charges, and she had no intention of allowing it. She knew that Severus would not want to marry either, but that they would force him probably by using the Slytherins as leverage to get him to comply with the asinine laws. It was definitely a good thing that he was long gone.


Aurora checked, once more, that her mind shields were intact, and that Minerva would not be able to get so much as a glimpse of her plans. After all, she remembered the tantrums that resulted from Severus’ refusal to talk with his ex-colleagues. And who could blame him? Aurora had not forgotten the murder attempts he endured, especially by Minerva’s hand. A mere apology was not enough to assuage Severus’ wounded pride and hurt feelings. With a quick nod to her prefects, Aurora headed to the staff table and waited for the Sorting to be conducted.


Everything was finally in place. The Slytherin elves had already taken care of their belongings and sent them and the familiars to their new sanctuary, where it all would be expected by the other refugees. The sorting had concluded quickly and only a small group of children had been sorted into Slytherin. The sneers and insults directed at the new Slytherins from the other three tables were ignored as much as possible.

Aurora made her decision. She would wait no longer and risk their safety. Instead of sitting down in preparation for the feast, at her signal all the Slytherins stood, including Professor Sinistra herself much to the anger of the Headmistress. Directing a nod toward her students as the ‘ready’ signal, they all lightly touched their Slytherin Crests, and disappeared from Hogwarts. This included the Slytherin elves as well, since they did not want the elves to suffer any brutal punishments due to their actions.


Regarding the hidden snakes in the other three houses a message had been hidden that could be found in times of need. The message included instructions that would assist the students in gaining access to the Slytherin Sanctuary. The message included a warning that once they accessed the sanctuary, they would not be able to return.


As they would learn later no Slytherin could be found on the British Isles – even the war hero – Potions Master Severus Snape was among the missing. None could even say when they had last seen him.


And while most of the sheeple would no doubt rejoice over the exodus of the Slytherins, they would quickly learn that this was not to their benefit. Books were suddenly missing important information, advanced cures and potions were no longer available for use. The wards that kept them safe from Muggles disappeared, as well as anything else that Slytherin had contributed to the protection and the knowledge of the castle. Accidents in Potions class increased as the safety and protections spells, once cast by Severus Snape, vanished without a trace.

And the only message that could be found, read:


You wanted to be without us, fine so be it. However, never forget what this means. Now you must live without our discoveries as well. But surely you will adapt and learn live without the contributions of slimy snakes.

The Wizengamot had been thoroughly played by the Slytherins. Cries of anger and rage filled the streets. Demands were made to get them back and to ensure that Slytherins would never again know freedom or free will. The Potions Master, Severus Snape, was to be brought back to Britain and bound either to Harry Potter or the Minister of Magic. His discoveries were far too important to not have access to. There was only one problem. They had no clue as to where they had gone. It seemed that Snape had disappeared without a trace. His wand had even been snapped and burned to ashes near the old park in Cokeworth.


How and when it happened really did not matter. They only wanted them especially Snape back. They ordered their best chance…Harry Potter, to find him. And once found, a special collar was to be placed on Snape’s neck which would dampen his magic and turn him into a docile slave. They really should have stopped to think whether Gryffindor bravado could really win against Slytherin ingenuity and cunning.


While chaos erupted in Britain, Aurora and her charges were being welcomed to the Slytherin Sanctuary and enjoying a hearty meal. After receiving the promise that they would learn more about their future plans the next day, the newest arrivals were assigned to their new homes.


Life for the Slytherins was finally looking better. They knew that they had hidden their tracks well, and that anyone finding them against their will would be practically impossible. They were free and finally able to live a life without fear or repercussions and had every intention of staying that way. Things were as they should be.