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Shouta looked over at the two students he had trussed up. Bakugou was pushing his limits, testing how good his rope and ties were. Todoroki was quietly sulking with minimal shifting, but still not pleased. It was really their own fault they were in this set up. He had given them a choice between detention for two weeks for fighting, or being live demonstrations.

“Now, do remember you agreed to this. It is acceptable to call the scene off.” He was tired already. “And you WILL do so if needed. A few days of detention is not worth letting yourself get seriously hurt.” Of course, he could always call the scene off himself. He would if needed, but he hoped they wouldn’t be stubborn asses over it.

“Yeah, yeah..”

“Yes Sensei.”

He nodded at his students, looking over them. They were both suspended from the ceiling in different ways, equally naked though. Shouta had instructed them to be prepped for this and had checked them over earlier. Sure enough, they had done well and each got a bullet vibrator up their ass. It wasn’t turned on, but they still made a very pretty sight. Nemuri would say they were filled with youthful beauty. He would be hard pressed to disagree with her.

A quick look at the clock told him class would be starting soon. Shouta shrugged and smacked Todoroki’s ass. The younger male cried out and wiggled in his binds. He ignored that in favor of giving Bakugou’s cock a tug or two. That had him moaning and cursing. Then he turned the vibrators on before walking to his desk to sit.

Students filled in, making him grin. A lot of them stopped talking so they could stare at the two tied up. As predicted, the ‘Bakusquad’ moved over to Bakugou. The blond was mouthing off and glaring, but was quick to shut up when he got a kiss from each member. Midoriya was in front of Todoroki, stroking his hair. The rest of the ‘Dekusquad’ were hanging out by him as well. A lot of questions being exchanged between the lot.

Shouta glanced at the clock again before standing up with a sigh. “Get in your seats, now.” They were all quick to listen, thankfully. Nice to know he could still strike fear into them. “Today we will be discussing quirks with sex; more specifically, overstimulation. It is a fun but dangerous kink to have with certain quirks.”

There was chatter within the class and Shouta glared. They were quick to quiet themselves. He shook his head before walking to the front, in front of the two tied up.

“Now, before we truly begin, let us go over the rules. If you hear yellow, you…”

“Pause!” The class chimed.

“Uh huh. And when you hear red?”

“We stop!”

“Yeppp. And if we here the clicker?”

“We stop!”

“Correct, and if you see the flashing lights?”

“We stop!”

“Wonderful. What happens if you fail to do any of these?

“You will kill us, or worse expel us.”

Shouta grinned. He had these students well trained. “Good, good. Now back to the task at hand.” He turned to talk back to Bakugou and Todoroki. There was a glare from the former and a surly look from the later. “Overstimulation…. And just why is it dangerous with certain quirks?”

Already there were hands raised. Midoriya was expected, but he was surprised by Kaminari’s hand being up as well.


“Overstimulation during sex can be dangerous because when people have quirks that can easily triggered, they can hurt their partner or partners during sex.” Kaminari looked so damn proud of himself, and even said that really well, too. Impressive indeed.

Shouta nodded. “Very good. Kaminari is correct. I assume he knows this from personal experience.” There was laughter. Ojiro smacked him with his tail, Ashido and Jiro poked at his sides, and Kirishima shook his shoulders. Kaminari blushed and ducked his head, but he was laughing. “Yes, clear personal experience. But that is indeed why overstimulation can be dangerous.”

He moved to turn up the vibrations. The two moaned, jerking in their binds. He watched them for a moment before increasing it to another level. His hand ran along Bakugou’s front and Todoroki’s back while he watched them tremble.

“Bakugou and Todoroki have quirks, like Kaminari, that can easily get out of control,” Shouta began before he moved in front of Bakugou. “Now, with Bakugou, bondage in general can be helpful. Once his hands are positioned away from everything else, the risk of hurting someone is different.” He waved his hand at how Bakugou was tied up. Bakugou had his stomach facing the ceiling. His legs were spread and tied apart and his hands were under him, pointing at the floor. It left his head hanging down while he looked, upside down, at Shouta’s crotch. “Still not the best solution. What would be would be cuffs that encase his hands. Less sex, but safer.” He gave the class a shrug. “But that also means that putting things in his mouth is dangerous, because he couldn’t safe word. If he cannot snap or use a clicker, whoever tops him as to be more careful.” For good measure, he ran his hand along Bakugou’s chest again, his fingers skimming his nipples.

“Onward to Todoroki. With him, one either wants to use special latex or ropes.” Shouta tugged on of the ropes. “The ropes I am using can withstand fire and ice. That doesn’t mean his partner can. Special latex could assist with that, but it covers him up. That is when it becomes difficult.” He moved to tug at Todoroki’s hair, who moaned. Todoroki had his back facing the ceiling. He was in a much more traditional hog-tie suspension. He still looked so pretty, face down and legs spread. Shouta had to focus though.

With a shake of his head, he went to his desk. There was a paper there with names of people who were approved for this scene by Bakugou and Todoroki. Not everyone got hands-on experience with a scene this intense. He ran his fingers down it before looking up.

“Yaoyorozu… why don’t you go ahead and bring Todoroki to his first orgasm… Midoriya, you may do the same to Bakugou.”

There was surprise and eagerness in their eyes for a moment. Shouta walked along the classroom as they stepped up to the two. He watched as Yaoyorozu tugged at Todoroki’s hair and pulled his head back. She kneeled down, kissing his lips before pulling on his hair harder.

Midoriya was running his hands over Bakugou, muttering to himself. He began stroking his cock and pulling at Bakugou’s nipples. There was such a focus in his eyes as he worked to get Bakugou to his orgasm. He seemed to know just where he wanted his hands to be on Bakugou’s body.

Both scenes had Shouta readjusting his pants again before cleaning his throat. “Do be taking notes. As the orgasms increase, the control for quirks will be harder. It would be wise to know what signs-” There was a loud moan from Todoroki due to his nipples being tugged on, “-indicate loss of control.”

Sometimes it was difficult to teach when something like this went on. He wasn’t a pro hero for nothing. He could control himself while a scene went on, but that didn’t stop him from being turned on as Midoriya was sucking Bakugou’s cock and Yaoyorozu was forming another vibrator. There was a brief moment where the girl looked up at him, but he waved her along.

“Quite alright, Yaoyorozu. Do have your fun. Todoroki has consented.”

She smiled up at him before going to tie the vibrator to Todoroki’s cock, creating another for his nipple. Todoroki was a moaning mess, though he was almost drowned out by Bakugou’s swears. He was bucking up into Midoriya’s mouth while cussing. It appeared Midoriya also had two fingers up Bakugou’s ass.

“Now… Note Bakugou’s hands. They are twitching. We often see this when he is upset, before he starts using his quirk. Yet since this will be his first orgasm, he will be able to prevent losing control. Todoroki, though, has a harder tell. The breath from his mouth though is a clue. You can see it because he is trying to regulate his temperature. If someone were to fuck his mouth, this tell would go away. Yaoyorozu, are you seeing any tells?”

“His body temperature. When I touch his skin, it a bit crazy.”


“Bakugou’s cussing always becomes a bit more wild when he is under pleasure.”

“Very good, both of you.”

“Shut the fuck up you ne… nerd-ahhh!” Shouta watched as Midoriya swallowed Bakugou down again, making the latter moan. His body was twitching while he cussed and came inside Midroya’s mouth.

“Reason 8 why bondage on Katsuki is fun,” Sero chuckled behind him. Shouta smacked him upside the head as he passed, but agreed. Being able to have Bakugou tied up and at his mercy was enjoyable.

Still, he had a class to teach! “Midoriya, go ahead and continue. Ease him into another orgasm. Who can tell me how many orgasms a male or female in their prime can have per session?” He looked around the room.

It wouldn’t do for them to get distracted. This was an educational lesson, something that was important for them to know. A few raised their hands, but Ashido seemed eager to answer. He waved his hand at her.

“A guy can usually come four times! A girl can come ten times!” She chimed, smiling.

“Not quite correct, Ashido…. Anyone else?”

“It is one to five for males and fifteen to twenty for women.”

Shouta turned to look at Todoroki, who managed to answer him even though he was panting and writhing on the binds. Yaoyorozu was playing with his nipples still, but looking at him curiously. She moved to kiss him, sensual and slow. Her hand was sneaking down to his cock too. Oh.

He had to clear his throat. “That is indeed correct. A male in his prime can come between one and five times during a session while a female can from fifteen to twenty.” His eyes slid over to Todoroki who was crying into Yaoyorozu’s mouth while he came, spilling all over the floor. Yaoyorozu had to pull away because his left side was smoking. “For a male it is harder for them to have multiple orgasms. Also, not every orgasm is followed with the release of sperm. Do take note if they have a ‘dry orgasm’.” His eyes shifted between Midoriya and Yaoyorozu.

Midoriya had been taking it easy on Bakugou, running his hands along his body while he recovered from his orgasm. Yaoyorozu was kissing Todoroki again, smiling while she did so. Shouta ran his tongue along his lips before he clapped his hands.

“So they are each at one a piece…. Kirishima, go ahead and help Midoriya. We are going to push Bakugou's limits. Decide who gets his ass and who gets his mouth.” Shouta waved at the male, who got up. There were a few others looking excited to join in, but he didn’t call on them.

Shouta walked along the room, checking to make sure notes were being written. He also kept an eye on the demonstration. Midoriya was already fucking Bakugou’s mouth, whining softly. Kirishima was fingering his ass, checking the state of it. It was hot. He walked up to them, glancing at Todoroki and Yaoyorozu once more. She was playing and tugging on his hair while also holding a vibrator to his nipple.

He stepped up behind Todoroki to smack his ass. It made Todoroki moan so sweetly into Yaoyorozu’s mouth, For good measure, he turned up the vibration.


A look over to Aoyama who had his hand up. He nodded.

“Merci. What if you don’t know if your partner’s quirk will be dangerous during sex?” That was a good question, to be honest. He could see why Aoyama would worry too. He looked over the French-Japanese blond before nodding.

“That is an honest concern.” Shouta looked back at the two bound students. Bakugou’ hands were twitching a lot more. Yet he seemed to be fully supportive of the treatment that Midroiya and Kirishima were putting him through. Already Kirishima was fucking him. It was hard and fast. Yaoyorozu had her skirt off, rubbing herself off while controlling the vibrators. Todoroki was even looking at Bakugou being used by the other two.

Shouta's eyes went back over to Aoyama and he coughed. “Be honest about what your quirk does to you partner. And ask your partner in return.” He rubbed his neck while Bakugou moaned. His cock twitched in his pants, but he focused on the question. “Try not to have sex with someone new when you are drunk. It is likely you could get hurt.” It made him sigh and shake his head. “And remember that drunk sex is ten times more dangerous when you have a dangerous quirk.”

Yet he waved his hand at Bakugou who just released an explosion. It was a weak one, but still. He wondered if Kirishima was fucking him with the vibrator still in him. Even worse, Kirishima had his hand around Bakugou’s cock to prevent him from coming. Shouta had to adjust himself in his pants again.

“Oh, oui, understandable.” Aoyama hummed and did some note taking. “How can you know… if your quirk is dangerous?” He was wiggling in his seat.

“You masturbate and find out.” Honestly it was as simple as that. “Won’t be the first time someone went to the ER from masturbating.” Some laughed nervously at that and he nodded. “Now, take note as we get these two really worked up.”

Shouta stepped up to Todoroki, looking at Yaoyorozu. He nodded to her before he moved to pull down the zipper of his outfit. Shouta's cock was soon out, hard and heavy in his hand.

“Do you need him lower, Yaoyorozu?”

“No Sensei, this should be okay.” She moved to make herself a table. Shouta had to commend how resourceful her quirk was. She got up on the table and Ojiro got up to move it closer. “Ah, thank you.”

Ojiro bowed his head. “No problems.” Yet he blushed when he got pulled in for a quick kiss from the girl. Shouta gave him a look that had him rushing to his seat. Good.

There was a giggle from Yaoyorozu, but the moans in the room drowned the sound out. He looked over to Bakugou, Kirishima, and Midoriya again for a brief moment while he fingered Todoroki’s ass. It was just a nice sight, seeing Bakugou getting spit roasted. To add to it, Shouta could see the vibrator’s tail lead to his ass and Kirishima was stroking him off while squeezing him to stop the orgasm. Little pops from Bakugou’s hands proved how affected he was.

Shouta looked over at Yaoyorozu, who was across from him. The table allowed Yaoyorozu’s sex to be right against Todoroki’s mouth. The boy was going to town, licking her out. He seemed to adore it too. Shouta raised a brow and reached down to touch his cock, which was leaking. He made a small questioning sound.

“Ah, Sensei… Shouto really enjoys giving oral,” Midoriya pointed out, biting his lip. He had Bakugou slammed down on his cock, forcing him to take him all. Bakugou was drooling over him, but hadn’t used his clicker.

A moan made him look at his own scene. “Good to know, thank you.” He watched as Todoroki nuzzled his mouth against Yaoyorozu’s pussy. Perhaps it was time to give Todoroki some more pleasure, though. Shouta reached for the lube nearby, poured some in his hand, and rubbed it over his cock. He checked Todoroki once more and then slammed into him.

Oh, that scream was beautiful. Yet he had to activate his own quirk to kill Todoroki’s. He had been smoking heavily that time.

“Now take note. Not everyone can kill a quirk like me, but doing things without proper warning can be overwhelming. Yet this is why we discuss scenes before we do them, so our partners have an idea of what is going to happen.” He really couldn’t hit this point home better. It also helped to talk while he was adjusting to Todoroki’s tight heat. Shit.

”I bet he is real thankful for his quirk with Mic-sensei.”

“AH!! Sensei I am sorry! Dark Shadow, shut the fuck up!”

Shouta shook his head, laughing. “No… no that is right. It is a blessing with people like Present Mic. But… there is a new device starting to come out.” Slowly he pulled out and slammed back into Todoroki, keeping his eyes on the boy. Todoroki was thrashing against his binds, stuck between trying to push himself back into Shouta and push himself forward into Yaoyorozu. “Iida, if you would go to my desk and get the cuffs.” There was no way he was pulling himself away from Todoroki right now. He grabbed at the ropes, using them as leverage while he thrust into Todoroki again.

He heard Iida moving, grabbing the cuffs. There was also Bakugou moaning, maybe being pushed through another orgasm. Shouta knew that he wanted to squeeze one out of the loud mouth before the session was over. For now he accepted the cuffs.

“These!” He moved to put one on Todoroki and then blinked. “Are a support device designed to null a quirk.” He grunted, fucking Todoroki harder and faster. He nodded to Yaoyorozu and grinned when she turned up the vibrations on the vibrators she made. The sound of buzzing was in the background from them. Shouta threw his head back, fucking into Todoroki with abandonment. “No matter how hard we push him, Todoroki’s quirk is not going to go off.” Another grunt while he aimed for Todoroki’s prostate.

Todoroki's moans were muffed by Yaoyorozu, as she forced his face into her sex. She was practically grinding into him, panting herself. While there was the sound of sex beside him, he could also hear the sound of sex behind him. As long as they wrote notes, he didn’t care.

No, his main focus was on pushing Todoroki over the edge. He smacked at his ass before he heard him scream. Yaoyorozu echoed the sound, wrapping her legs around Todoroki’s head and squeezing. Shouta bucked into him chasing his own orgasm. He groaned as he emptied himself into Todoroki, smacking his ass again.

“The cuffs,” he worked on catching his breath, “were invented to detain villains during arrests. But of course their use for sex was thought of…” Shouta slowly pulled out and groaned. Todoroki’s ass leaked a little from his cum. Awful pretty sight. “Not yet on the market for civilians, but I got a pair or two for this lesson.”

His eyes went to Iida, who was holding the second cuff. He took the cuff and walked over to Bakugou, not minding how his dick was out. Yaoyorozu had Todoroki, toning the vibrations down while petting his hair, so he wasn’t worried about leaving him. Iida went off to his seat while Aizawa put the cuff on Bakugou. Poor boy was twitching from his two orgasms already. Kirishima was still hard and grinding into him, but Midoriya was wiping his face off.

“We aren’t done yet, Bakugou.” Shouta moved to stroke his back before clipping the cuff on his leg. “Now, Bakugou, you won’t be able to use your quirk… So that means we are gonna push another orgasm out of you.” He looked up at the class. “Just because we use these cuffs, doesn’t mean we cannot pay attention to our partner. Overstimulation play is overwhelming.” He glared at them while he ran his fingers through Bakugou’s hair.

“Fuck you….” Bakugou glared up, but it was pouting.

Midoriya chuckled beside him and moved to kiss Bakugou. The blond snarled, but melted into the kiss.

“Dammit Deku.”

Shouta rolled his eyes but waved his hand at the two. “My case.” He tapped Midoriya and pointed over to Todoroki. Partner change. He was going to get Bakugou’s dirty mouth around his cock now.


His eyes went to the class while he pet Bakugou’s hair. “Yes, Iida?”

Iida stood at his desk, pushing his glasses up. “Wouldn’t it be better for more of us to get hands-on experience with this?”

“It would be, but again overstimulation play is overwhelming. Bakugou and Todoroki only approved certain people to assist them. I am trying to keep the numbers farther down because too many cooks in the kitchen can cause a fire without meaning to.” Shouta felt tired as he pointed that out.

“HEY! Fuck you! I could handle more! Tell Pinky to get her butt up here!” He was quick to slap his hand over Bakugou’s mouth, glaring at him.

“No.” Shouta huffed. “Iida, you can schedule supervised sessions with a teacher if you want to do overstimulation play in a controlled environment.” He looked up at the class rep who was quick to nod and sit down. “Kirishima. Why don’t you try to fuck the sass out of Bakugou a little bit better.” Kirishima saluted before pulling out and slamming in.

“HA! That will be a treat to see!”

“Shut up Sero.”

“Yes Sensei.”

He shook his head and looked down at Bakugou. His face all twisted up while he moaned against his hand, forced to just take what Kirishima was giving him. Kirishima was even stroking his cock. Surprised Kirishima hadn’t cum yet, but he knew the lad had impressive stamina and control.

His eyes cut over to Midoriya and Yaoyorozu. Yaoyorozu was teasing Todoroki’s nipples and working to clamp them, making him cry out. While this went on, Midoriya was licking at his ass. Shouta felt his cock twitch to life more. Well shit. Midoriya was going to be enjoying his sloppy seconds.

“Izuku! Get it!!!”

The boy pulled away, red in the face. “Ochako!!!”

He shook his head at the two and looked down at Bakugou. He stared up at him, angry but moaning. Terribly pretty face even when it was twisted up like that. Shouta pulled his hand away before moving to guide his cock back in. At this angle, he would be able to go so deep.

“Ah… Sensei, you are gonna wreck his throat.” Kirishima panted, grinning when their eyes met. The lad looked down though, staring. “Use him like an onahole.” Shouta blinked and looked down at Bakugou, who was terribly red faced. There was a sound to the side that made him look up. Midoriya had stopped eating out Todoroki to stare, nodding some.

“Focus on the task, please.” Again, he felt a bit tired. These students today. Then again Hizashi was just as bad, the voice hero had taken to fucking him in his sleep. His cock twitched in Bakugou’s mouth at the thought before he shook his head. Focus.

Then again, using Bakugou like an onahole didn’t sound bad. Clearly he would enjoy it. The way he was trembling suggested Bakugou might have. He worked to push himself deeper, not even feeling any gag reflexes. How did he not know about that little detail? It would be too easy to just fuck his mouth, but he had to stay aware. Keep an eye on the classroom as well as the two scenes going on. There would be no face fucking for him. Maybe he could convince Nemuri later.

Still he kept his hips at an easy pace while he watched Kirishima. There was sweat on that boy’s face as he fucked into Bakugou. He was stroking Bakugou’s cock to the pace of his thrusts. Bakugou seemed to be enjoying it all, seeing as he was moaning around Shouta’s cock.

Todoroki was sobbing, his body shaking while Midoriya fucked him. Powerful thrusts caused Todoroki to rock in his ropes. Yaoyorozu was under him, stroking his cock and teasing a vibrator to the tip of said cock. Shouta swore from his angle that she had her mouth open and waiting. He was willing to bet she had a vibrator inside of her too.

“Shhhhiiieeeee…” Todoroki hissed out. Midoriya grunted, digging his hands into his hips. Yaoyorozu made a surprised but pleasant sound. Shouta felt his cock twitch in Bakugou’s throat, holding him down for a second.

“…Now… Class. Take note.” He cleared his throat and pulled out of Bakugou’s mouth some. Just the tip, which Bakugou grumbled about but suckled on. “Without the cuff, it would have been likely that Todoroki would have either caught on fire or frozen the two in place. A risk, but one that can be worked around. Support items like-”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Shouta looked down at Bakugou, who was writhing. His mouth off Shouta’s cock, trying to buck up even though he was bound in place. Kirishima cursing followed by grabbing the ropes and fucking into Bakugou harder. There were tears in Bakugou’s eyes while his face twisted up.

He raised a brow and looked up at Bakugou’s cock. “And that would be a dry orgasm. While males usually have a release of sperm during an orgasm, it is not always required.” Shouta rubbed along Bakugou’s chest, trying to calm him. “It can be very intense.” Kirishima moaned, grinding up into Bakugou while hanging his head.

“No joke…” The redhead coughed and pulled out slowly. “Babe… I came so much in you.”

There was an eye roll at his student before he stepped to the side. Kirishima had Bakugou, so he wasn’t worried. Good part about having students Todoroki and Bakugou trusted, that Shouta could step away from a scene if needed.

“Now, we are going to work through…” His eyes flickered between the two to observe Bakugou breathlessly muttering/cursing and Todoroki already twitching away from Midoriya’s and Yaoyorozu’s touch. “…one more orgasm. Already they are on edge from the third and we are pushing them for a fourth so quickly after.” He waved his hands at the three students assisting. “This is where your partner can easily drop into subspace. It might even be where they call their yellow and or red word. Be ready for it. Be prepared.” His hands went to Todoroki’s rope. “Don’t forget where the quick release is if you are doing bondage. Any handcuffs need to be quickly removed. Overstimulation again means they will get overwhelmed.”

Movement caught his eye. Kirishima was nodding to Yaoyozoru, who was spread out on the ground. Shouta lost his train of thought while he watched her pull a dildo vibrator from her pussy. Not one that she previously made and had inside her; no, she was creating it from her pussy. A shy but coy look on her face, knowing what she was doing. Shouta raised a brow before she sighed and made another one. Her other hand, the one not pulling the vibrator out, was teasing her clit.

There were a few moans and groans from the class, making Shouta shake his head and blink. He squeezed his cock, still slick from Bakugou’s spit, before he nodded. Well then. He walked to the front of the class and ignored Yaoyorozu handing the dildos to Kirishima.

“Where was I?”

“Overstimulation means overwhelmed, Sensei.” Jirou pointed out.

Shouta nodded, “Thank you.” He cleared his throat. “Your partner might want to be touched or for you to give them space to process. Usually going to want soft and comforting things. Nests aren’t a bad idea after overstimulation, depending on the person.” His eyes swept the class.

Most of the class were properly taking notes, a few seeming too distracted like Kaminari and Hagakure. Then again, that was also why he was making sure this lesson was recorded and video taped. Uraraka had sat in Iida’s lap, but they both appeared to be taking notes. Tokoyami had Dark Shadow hiding his lower half, but it was safe to say he was still paying attention too. Shouta also couldn’t help but be impressed by Sero’s self bondage with his own ropes he had going on.

“For a moment, I am going to remove the cuff off Bakugou so you can see his reaction,” Shouta explained, stepping over to Bakugou’s leg. Kirishima was teasing him with the two dildos, one pushed in deep while fucking him with the other. The vibrations turned up even. Shouta was willing to bet the one was pressed up right against his prostate. After he met eyes with Kirishima, he took the cuff off.

There was the sound of popping before Kirishima licked Bakugou’s cock. The explosion that went off was loud. Shouta could tell the floor was hit, but Kirishima’s legs would have taken most of it. Yet the boy had been prepared and hardened himself.

“As you can see,” another explosion went off, “Bakugou cannot really control himself.” Shouta snapped the cuff back on. “As I mentioned before, there are cuffs that would encase his whole hand that you could put on to prevent this. Only if you hand his consent of course.”

“Or you could have a quirk to withstand it.” There was a chuckle from Kirishima to follow the statement.

“Or a quirk that could handle it… yes.” Shouta agreed before sighing.

“But Sensei, that isn’t always needed. Just during very overwhelming sex, correct?”

His eyes went to Koda, who shyly hand his hand up. How surprising.


Shouta squeezed his cock as he walked over to Todoroki. He seemed to be struggling getting to his fourth orgasm. Midoriya had moved to his front, pushing the table away to fuck his mouth. Yaoyorozu was at his back, licking at his cock, balls, and ass. Was she enjoying sloppy thirds? Shouta didn’t catch if Midoriya came. He was aware the boy could go a few rounds between being overstimulated, so he wouldn’t be surprised.

“For a male, trying to orgasm after a certain point can become rather difficult and painful.” Cue Bakugou cussing loudly behind him. Shouta glanced over before back at the scene in front of him. “Yaoyorozu, put the vibrator on his cock at a high setting. On my mark, Midoriya remove the clamps and Yaoyorozu push down on his prostate.”

“Yes Sensei.” They echoed each other.

Shouta looked at Bakugou who was cussing between sobs still. “Turn the setting up when I give you the signal,” he directed to Kirishima before he wrapped his hand around Bakugou’s cock. There was a howl from the other, but no safe word nor panic button pressed. “Ready…. Set…. Go.”

It was a beautiful chain reaction. Bakugou was screaming while Shouta stroked and twisted his hand on his cock. Kirishima was focused on the dildos he had inside of Bakugou, pushing them against his prostate. Behind him Midoriya swore while Todoroki sobbed. There was a muttering of kind words lost to Shouta’s ear in the long run. Cum dripped onto his hand and he watched as Bakugou fell apart, mindlessly begging. Todoroki let out another sob, but he could hear Midoriya praising him.

“Alright, let’s get them down. Easy now.”

There was quick work after that. Everyone was moving, already knowing their roles. Kirishima and Midoriya worked to lower Bakugou and Todoroki to the ground. Shouta assisted them in getting them out of the ropes. Iida and Mina came over to help clean up. There was a weak protest from the boys, but that was expected. In the corner of his eye, he could see the class getting a nest together. Yaoyorozu went over there to help if they needed anything extra.

“Sensei, should we leave the cuffs on?” Midoriya asked softly. Shouta nodded. “Okay… do you really think these will be sold in sex shops? Wouldn't that also mean people could very easily abuse them? Then again, I suppose that anyone could abuse anything. Perhaps if the sale of them were limited. That wouldn’t be very fair to people who have dangerous quirks and don’t want to be heroes, though. Perhaps the ones for the public would be sold with a quick release. And the-”

“Shut the fuck up nerd…” Bakugou raised a hand. He didn’t hit anything, but it had been in Midoriya’s direction. There was a pause before giggling broke out.

Shouta shook his head. “We can discuss that later.” Then he looked at Iida. “Do you have Todoroki?”

“Yes Sensei!”

“Good.” Shouta picked up Bakugou before he went to the nest. “Shouji.” The lad was already there, ready to take Bakugou. Bakugou glared up at Shouji, but curled against him. It was fine, Shouta just needed a moment to sit down on the nest. He was still hard, but that would go away soon enough. Once situated, he nodded for Bakugou to be placed down. Shouji lowered him and laid him on his side. A moment later Todoroki was placed on his other side. “Thank you both.”

There was bowing from the two before they went off to their seats. Shouta sighed, letting the two get settled on him.

“Alright. Do read chapter 34 in your Sex Ed book about overstimulation. See me during office hours for any questions. Class dismissed.”

He watched them leave, saying their goodbyes. Shouta had to hiss at the Bakusquad to be quiet and get out, not wanting them to disrupt them. Shouta sighed, closing his eyes to just enjoy the moment of silence. No one would be swinging by the classroom as they knew his plan for today. There was a small whine from Todoroki as he nuzzled against him. Yet there was a huff and his jumpsuit was tugged on.

“Sensei…. Your clothes…”

Shouta pursed his lips before moving to try and get his shirt off without disrupting the two too much. Bakugou was already cursing at him and grabbed the shirt the moment it was off. It was thrown out of the nest before his pants were tugged.

“These too,” Bakugou grumbled, and Shouta sighed. He lifted his pants off and wiggled out of them. He should have known better and removed them before he got into the nest. They were soft, so he figured it would be alright. Clearly the two disagreed with him.

They were a bit like wiggling newborn kittens. Todoroki was full of whimpers and whines, nuzzling right against him while Bakugou was all huffs and grumbles as he struggled to get where he wanted to.

Shouta finally scoffed and pulled them up farther with a hand on each of their asses. Bakugou squawked before biting Shouta’s shoulder. He smacked Bakugou’s ass.

“Stop that.”

Todoroki chuckled, nuzzling right up against him. “Sensei… you are still hard,” he whispered, running his leg along Shouta’s cock. Shouta had to grab his leg.

“I will be fine in a few minutes. Now you leave that alone or I am gonna put you over my knee later.” Shouta had to be strict. “You two are supposed to be resting.” His hand ran long Todoroki’s ass, who whimpered and flinched some. “My point.”

“Fuck that. Half’n’Half might be screwed, but I could go again,” Bakugou pointed out, wiggling to get on top of Shouta more. Shouta pinned him with a look before pinching his nipple. There was a yelp from Bakugou before he got his hand smacked away. “Stop! I can have another go.” The blond was already trying to wiggle and grind against Shouta’s cock. He gasped, seeming to struggle with wanting to continue that pleasure and just pushing away from it all.

“Uh huh… How about no.” He moved to lift Bakugou up before setting him to the side. “You have tear tracks on your face, still. Now stop.” Shouta placed a small smack on his ass.

“Fuck you!” Bakugou was still fighting, trying to get away from Shouta.

With a sigh, he pinned Bakugou into the nest. “What, you want something in you? Fine.” Shouta checked out his hole before he pushed a finger in. Bakugou whimpered, going still. Behind him, Todoroki rested his head on Shouta’s side.

“Kirishima did a number on you.”

“Shut up Icyhot.” Bakugou hissed.

Shouta ignored them both in favor of sliding his cock into Bakugou. It was still wet from Kirishima coming inside of him. He pulled Bakugou flush against him. There was a moan from Bakugou as he wiggled his hips.

“Stop that. You are going to warm my cock and rest,” Shouta huffed. Todoroki made a sound behind him. “You want my fingers?” He could feel the nod against him. “Alright, get over here.”

Bakugou cursed as Todoroki crawled over the two of them. Shouta just placed his hand over his mouth. So much sass from this boy. He nudged Todoroki to press himself flush against Bakugou, causing them both to gasp. Shouta flickered his eyes down to their crotches before he brushed his hand through two-toned hair. Mismatched eyes were hidden as Todoroki closed his eyes. It made a smile twitch onto Shouta’s lips before he moved his hand down to Todoroki’s ass. Carefully, he eased a finger between his cheeks and into his hole. Shouta bit back a groan and worked another finger in.

“Now… we are going to sleep. When we wake up, I can help take care of you some more. But first, sleep.” There was no room for argument. Bakugou huffed and grumbled, but Todoroki silenced him with a kiss. Shouta’s lip twitched again before he closed his eyes. “Sleep.”