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A Live Lived in Fear is a Life Half Lived

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Everybody knew that Poe Dameron had lost it at the 61st Annual Amateur Ballroom Dance Finals. The rumours spread like wildfire. They said that Poe Dameron got boxed in by his rival, Kylo Ren, and through his anger, Poe forced his dance partner Selina into an unreasonable situation that would affect her entire future dance career. That Poe Dameron did not care about his partner in the moment it occurred. That Poe Dameron had planned to ruin both his and Selina’s dancing careers. One rumour was true. Poe Dameron had danced non-federation regulated dance steps during the live finals in front of the former greatest dance champion in the universe, Supreme Ballroom President Snoke. Selina broke up her 10-year partnership with Poe right after the event. She did not want to be associated with the egotistical maniac any longer. After all, she had what remained of her reputation to think of.

Some people called it an outrage. Poe’s mother, Shara Bey-Dameron, called it mortifying. He had simply thrown both his and his mother’s dream away. That Poe one day would be the Amateur Champion in a way she never was. His mother screamed. Poe had thrown all of their hard work down the drain because he couldn’t get it into his head that you can never win dancing your own steps that over-excited the crowd. There was a reason everyone followed the federation steps. You can’t teach non-federation steps to anyone and if you can’t teach, there is no livelihood. Of course, Poe’s mother had nothing to do with Poe’s breakdown at the finals. Like any good parent, she discouraged any sort of deviation Poe showed on the dance floor from a young age. No son of hers would disgrace her, or so she had hoped. This madness of Poe had come out of the blue. Just a blip in the system. He was still young, still probably experiencing the last of the teenage hormones at the age of 32. She wouldn’t give up on her son. She wouldn’t throw away their shot of greatness. She refused to do so. All they had to do was find a new partner who a thousand times better than Selina, and make sure that Poe did not deviate again. It was that simple. Her son would win the National Open Amateur Championship. He would become the greatest dancer known across all of time and space. Greater than Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly combined.

They had 8 weeks. It was plenty of time, especially because the embarrassment of the whole ordeal would make sure Poe would never dance his silly steps again. After all, Poe wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw away both their dreams, would he?