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Pairing: Werewolf!Thor/Druid!Tony

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Wandering from township to township clearing out any supernatural nuisance he came across was, he’d admit, far more exciting than it sounded. That, and earning a good reputation for quick and efficient exorcisms also meant he could charge a higher fee and rub it in the faces of his crotchety elders every-time their fellowship met for a catch up.

Yes sir, life was pretty sweet for the young prodigy… or, at least it was until a damned werewolf started stalking him…

Warnings include: natural childbirth (non-graphic), stalking, threats, dubious-consent, were-wolf sex (does it count as bestiality?), rimming, anal sex, knotting, biting, mating-marks and abduction.


Reviewing the wards he’d painted across the knot of trees he’d made a camp within the ring off, Antonius Howardson nodded to himself whilst his hands continued to sew hemlock into the garlands he’d be stringing about his tent whilst the dusk light continued to diminish.

Soon, night would fall in the wake of a full moon rising.

He was running out of time…

“Must you keep up this thinly veiled resistance, sweet-one?”

Huffing, his expression incredulous, the Druid threw a glare at the blonde, grinning fiend who was leaning against one of the oaks he’d enchanted his magical barriers into, a flicker of seidr sparking around his dark robes as they regarded each other.

“Must you continue to bother me, hell-hound?” he retorted with a tut; “I’m not interested in laying with you or joining your pack so why don’t you return to your hordes of women and…”

“Ahh~! But you sell your virtues too short! You’re just the kind of mate I need” the older, broader male enthused. “Umm… and tis true you’re not a woman but I find your figure just as comely…”

Hissing a curse, Tony nearly dropped his garland (surely the bastard’s ploy all the long) as blood rushed to stain his cheeks whilst his anger rose to match the flames of his embarrassment. “You dare compare me to… that you’d wish to use me like a…” he close to spat before, the other’s fang laced smile warming all the further at his outburst, the twenty old sucked up a breath and turned away.

“Oh… do not turn your lovely face away from me” the taller male mock-chided as he sauntered around the nook his quarry was fortifying, his golden braid glistening in the dulling light; “you mistake my flattery for insults, is all…”

“You harassing me, stalking me and threatening a village under my protection is a strange kind of flattery, sir” the Druid reminded, his completed spell-work now lacing the tent he’d set up; “now go about your business and leave me to mine…”

“Ah, but you are my business” the other-worldly creature rumbled, his body now standing directly before the mortal, his palms resting against the invisible barriers knitted between the trees. “And, once we’re mated, you’ll have no need to worry about silly human affairs and encampments” he furthered, the blue of his eyes tinging gold as night approached. “No, your time and prowess will be spent nurturing the young and tending to our pack-mates health after hunts and…”

“No, no, no” Tony interrupted gruffly, his eyes narrowing. “Just no, I am not hearing this” he snapped; “what part of I’m not interested do you not understand?!”

“Hmm? Heh, tis not a matter of your interest, savass” the broad-shouldered man chuckled as he rolled them, the taught, thick muscles easily cresting and falling beneath the cheese-cloth of his cream-coloured tunic. “This is the way of things… the weak give way to the strong, the subservient yield to their masters and you, sweet-one” he purred; “will be splayed on your back… neigh, on your hands and knees, perhaps spread across this verge, before dawn-break with my mark sealed upon your neck and my girth buried in your body.”

Gritting his teeth, the magic wielder felt his hands balling into fists before, with a noise closer to a growl, he turned and entered his tent (he was not retreating, no, he just needed space to think) and began hastily fastening up the canvas with cord he’d fashioned, his brows furrowing angrily.

By the Ancients, how had this happened?

“I will call upon you again later, sweet-one” he heard the were-creature call whilst he started to rearrange the charms he’d been crafting earlier; “perhaps it’d wise to have some of that delightful rose-oil on-hand for my return?”

Scowling thunderously, the Druid cursed his rotten luck whilst his mind desperately went over the events which had led up to his current situation.

If only he hadn’t stopped to help broken-down caravan five suns ago…


Swigging back a hefty gulp from his mead filled wine-skin, Tony felt a smile pull his lips as the field he’d been traipsing through gave way to a well-used track just as the townsfolk had promised it would.

Ah, but they had been good people, and generous too…

It was a shame that he couldn’t have stayed, however, the nature of his duties kept him transient until the Allmother selected a territory for him to govern; the fact that he’d breezed through his initiate stage and was the youngest Druid from their lands meant that he shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, either.

He would miss travelling, though…

“Ah! By the Norns! We’re saved!”

Blinking, his eyes refocusing on the road, the twenty year old saw a group of people standing in the forested area which lined the trail; upon closer inspection, it was a small encampment of four exquisitely painted caravans tided away into a clearing where the vehicles owners and horses were gathered.

“Please! Please come quickly” two of the men called to him, their handsome features pulled with distress; “the baby! She cannot keep pushing!”

Cursing, his body flying into action, Tony bindle his satchel from his shoulders as he rounded the small group to find an incredibly tired, almost unconscious woman lying next a dying fire sporting a cauldron full of a pain-relieving remedy he vaguely recognised.

“How long has she been in labour?” he asked the oldest woman who was holding his patient, his hands rummaging for the lotions he would need.

“Since dawn break” she breathed, her voice raspy with distress.

“Can they be saved?” a blue eyed man (who was suddenly kneeling at his side) asked, worry thick in his tone.

“Give me some room and we’ll see” he said, a little affronted (didn’t this idiot realise that crowding him wouldn’t help?); “tell your menfolk to back away and have the women take these bloodied clothes… I must have fresh linen and water… how long has she been panting like this?”


“Men! You heard the Druid! Someone start another camp-fire! Fetch more water from the stream and be quick about it!” the blond (clearly their leader, maybe even a Chieftain or Champion based on his broad, muscle strung form) started to bark. “Anything we have is yours to use, my friend… may the spirits be with you” he stated before pulling away.

And, as the Fate’s would have it, they were…

The birth had been messy; he’d had to yell at the woman (Jane) but her burly husband(?) had been instrumental in helping to rouse her from her stupor which, thankfully, had ensured she’d the strength to push when he demanded, his hands working to do the rest.

“It’s a boy!”

Screaming and squirming, the child’s lungs were in perfect condition as he wiped the goo and fluids away from his mouth before passing him to his grateful mother and grandmother(?) for cuddles and inspections.

“Oh bless you, bless you sir! You are Norn sent!” someone told him; “yes! Such a bright, brave and skilled young Druid! We are in your debt!”

Smiling and receiving a few well-meaning pats to the shoulder, Tony nodded his appreciation before asking for the child to be returned to him as the small camp continued to rejoice by pulling out bottles of swill and gathering cooking supplies for a feast they wanted to hold for him.

“Let’s see… yes, your son seems well” he reported when the four of them were given some much needed space. “It is tradition amongst my people to give you and the father a blessing… is he…” he queried, his now blood-free hands gesturing around.

“Why, all the men are the boy’s father” the elderly woman said, her words causing him to blink.

He’d met some bizarre cultists in his time, and thought that this band of travellers may have been gypsies of some sort, however…

“Oh?” he asked, his face clearly displaying his confusion.

“Yes, our men and women lie together when they choose… as do our women and men, should you catch my meaning?” the grey-haired speaker chuckled, her tone fond as she petted Jane’s hair, the soothing motions helping to send the exhausted mother off to sleep.

“I see, so you are a commune, then?”

“Ha! In a manner of speaking” a loud, cheerful voice boomed from behind him.

Turning to see the tallest and broadest member of the strange people he’d happened upon, Tony blinked when the small posse of children that crowded their leader’s knees started to offer him flower necklaces, herb-bunches and other trinkets.

“Wow, thank you” he offered in exchange, his unease giving way to fondness when they started to sit with him, their little hands pointing to the various charms and potions he’d used to assist their “big-sister”; teaching children had always been one of his favourite things to do and so he relished their curiosity.

That’s why, he supposed, he’d completely missed the way that many of the men and women merrily putting their meal together were looking at him in ways that suggested far more than friendliness…


From that day onwards (starting the second Thor had propositioned him at the feast to this evening where he was effectively trapped) the Asgardian lycan had been following him, hounding him through hamlets and villages and ensuring that he never had enough time to gather ward supplies or any precious aconite.

“And this is the second night of the full-moon, a time when his natural seidr is at its strongest and my sun based power is vastly depleted” he breathed, his fingers continuing to knot and tie charms into bands for him neck and wrists.

By the spirits, he needed a miracle…

However, as the candles he lit started to burn and shield off the oncoming night, Tony was beginning to think he was very much on his own; it’d seemed strange that none of the townships he’d begged help from had stood with him and now, thinking on the supernatural male’s speed and prowess, he was starting to realise just how influential the ‘Sons of Odin’ were as a pack.

“Tch… why couldn’t I be dealing with banshees or ghosts?” he muttered to himself; “at least they can be reasoned with… shit!”

A shrill, terrifying howl sounded from outside of his nook, its cadence loud and ringing.

The bastard was right outside…

“Leave me alone!” he yelled angrily, his fists clenching.

Do not fear me or your place within our pack, sweet-one” a warped version of the blonde’s voice called, the sound of his wards being torn to shreds filling the air with crackling hisses.

Shit, if he stayed here, he’d have no chance…

But if he ran…

Come to me!

Yelping, a paw larger than a human’s hand slicing through his tent thanks to gleaming claws, Tony scrambled out of the collapsing structure to run over the grassy verge he’d hoped would harbour him, his lips dribbling curses as his long, Druid robes caught around his bare-legs.

What in the world was he doing? What was he thinking? There was no way that he could…


Slamming into the ground, the lithe male wriggled and cried out when a long, furred snout brushed against his cheek, the bristly whiskers rubbing against his flesh whilst hot breath ghosted across his neck and shoulder.

Antonius” Thor growled; “do not fight me…

“Y-you don’t have to… to do this” the younger gasped, his body all the more aware of furred legs bracketing him; “P-please… return to your pack… lay with one of your mates and…”

But you are my mate Tony” the wolf rumbled darkly; “you belong with me, with us… you are what we need to thrive…

“I… I can’t, I…”

No! You have taunted me with your delicious scent and slender frame for too long!” the were-creature snarled, his claws shredding the dirt beneath his paws; “I will have you now…”


His robes were torn away with dizzying ease; he tried to call upon his powers, tried to push the other away, but he was simply no match for the other’s size and brute strength.

Not that he’d cut, clawed or bitten him; if anything, Tony could almost see the frustration in those crimson eyes as the golden-coated wolf struggle to take his time in manoeuvring him without damage.


Sshhh” his captor chided as his larger form started to shrink to something more human-sized; “now… let’s have you on your hands and knees… unless you’d prefer to be mounted on that log?

Shuddering, his eyes squeezing shut, the Druid shakily did as instructed, his body virtually cocooned by the furry form ghosting his every move.

That’s it… good” his tormentor praised, his hulking build backing away from him, no doubt inspecting his prize.

Or so he thought…

Yelping, his arms and legs moving to bolt, a fierce growl stopped him in his tracks; the were-wolf had licked him, was licking him between his buttocks.

He’d never felt so strange; his cheeks were blazing with humiliation and shock.

Then, not content with that motion alone, the golden beast made a happy, chuffing sound before moving his head lower to lick at Tony’s cock and balls.

Gasping, his eyes widening in shock, the human started quaking for a very different reason.

His body was reacting, hardening under the hot, moist tongue running over him alongside the scorching puffs of air Thor’s snuffling nose was jetting over him.


Oh, it was wrong… it was so wrong to enjoy this…

“Ah!” but when the tongue returned to his parted cheeks, he stuttered and gaped at the feel of it poking at his entrance, prodding and lapping and pushing

“Aa-ahh… wh-at… oh!” he yipped, his fingers screwing into the long grass all around them.

It was working its way inside, prying him open and leaving spittle in its wake.

And it hurt, it hurt to have something so thick entering him in brief, shallow thrusts…

That is… all I can manage… for fear of losing myself…” Thor suddenly murmured, his chest now sliding up the Druid’s back, his massive chops nuzzling his neck before, to the dazed man’s shock, a thick, fluffy tail roped around his hips, the fur tickling hardened member.

Brace yourself… sweet-one…

“W-what? Aaahhhh!”

Whimpering, tears lacing his lashes, Tony writhed in discomfort as his lower half was lifted to meet a hot, blunt helm that dug into his entrance with one swift, startling thrust.

Ooohhh… but you are… tight” the wolf snarled; “d-d-o not wriggle so… I will… I will lost my control if…” he growled before, with a deep moan, his tail kept the Druid’s rump raised as he pushed down, his thick length slowly easing in until his bulging knot was cupped by the human’s rim.

“P-p-please… please… it’s too… too much… you… you can’t…” the mortal close to wailed.

Relax… savass… shh…” the stronger cooed; “I am taking you now…” he added with finality whilst, to Tony’s growing shock, he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into the juncture between the human’s neck and shoulder.

Crying out as the skin was broken, all the shorter male could do was clutch the grass as the large, throbbing phallus withdrew by a handful of inches before rutting back in; the pace was slow but jarring until, with a blink, he was keening for a completely different reason.

Something somewhere deep within him sand as the wide cock jutted it; panting, his legs fidgeting, Tony felt his eyes roll back when the wolf growled, angled his hips and started to aim, repeatedly, for that same spot over and over again.

He’d never cum so hard in his life and, when the wolf howled at the sudden tightness, he almost didn't notice the shift in their joined bodies until, with a scream, he was wrenched back, a thick, pulsing ball of flesh jamming inside of him to release wave after wave of hot liquid which coated his insides, filling him up and claiming him completely...